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How Can We Tell When Mark of the Beast System Is About to Be Put In Place

I was asked recently how we would know when the Mark of the Beast system is in place. The concern this individual had is that the Mark of the Beast would be given to the public without anyone’s knowledge. I want to address this person’s concern in an article because a lot of people who are worried about the Mark of the Beast may have a similar concern. In this article I’ll discuss some of the main indicators we can look at to tell whether the Mark of the Beast is about to be given out to the public.

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Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

U.S. Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. Some people love Donald Trump while some believe that he is the Antichrist. I will answer whether Donald Trump is the Antichrist in this article after I’ve received comments and questions in recent weeks from people who wonder whether Trump is the Antichrist.

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