The Mark of the Beast

Many people are concerned about the Mark of the Beast. The articles on this page provide insight on different aspects of the Mark of the Beast.
bowl judgments

The Bowl Judgments of Revelation 16

The end times will not be a fun time to be alive on Earth. Many unpleasant things will transpire all over the world during the end times. The bowl judgments (or vial judgments) of Revelation 16 are a series of end time events that will make life miserable for those directly impacted by them. In this article, I will give you an overview of the bowl judgments.

Luke 17:37

Luke 17:37: The Most Overlooked Prophecy?

Luke 17:37 may be the most overlooked Bible prophecy verse in the entire Bible. I have not seen many Bible prophecy commentators address Luke 17:37 in my many years of study. Despite being overlooked, Luke 17:37 may be one of the most important Bible prophecy verses in the Bible. In fact, studying Luke 17:37 caused me to reevaluate many assumptions I had about the end times and caused others to reevaluate everything they were taught about the end times. In this article, I will highlight Luke 17:37 while discussing several important end time passages.

end times book

My End Times Book Is Now Available

I want to announce that I have finally finished a task that has taken me many years to complete. As a teenager, I not only wanted to learn about Bible prophecy so that I could understand what will happen, but I also wanted to learn so that I could someday help others to understand what will happen. This desire to help others to understand what will happen ultimately led to a desire to write a comprehensive book about the end times. After many years of work, this comprehensive book about the end times is finally complete. The title of my book is Prophecy Proof Insights of the End Times.

electronic skin

Electronic Skin & the Mark of the Beast

Some speculate that electronic skin technology could serve as the Mark of the Beast. I will provide my insights on whether electronic skin technology has the potential to be Mark of the Beast technology in this article

holographic images

Holographic Images of the Beast?

IBM predicted that we could see holographic image technology on cell phones which may enable users to interact with 3D holograms of the individual(s) they are talking to. I evaluate this potential technological breakthrough for potential use in the future Mark of the Beast system.

edible microchip

The Edible Microchip & the Mark of the Beast

The edible microchip is a technological innovation that will help people and doctors know whether people are taking their medication and will help track/monitor physical information. Some people are concerned that edible microchips could be used in a much more sinister way. For instance, some worry that the edible microchip could be used for government surveillance.

In this article, I will answer whether the edible microchip could serve as the Mark of the Beast.

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