electronic skin

Electronic Skin & the Mark of the Beast

Some speculate that electronic skin technology could serve as the Mark of the Beast. I will provide my insights on whether electronic skin technology has the potential to be Mark of the Beast technology in this article

holographic images

Holographic Images of the Beast?

IBM predicted that we could see holographic image technology on cell phones which may enable users to interact with 3D holograms of the individual(s) they are talking to. I evaluate this potential technological breakthrough for potential use in the future Mark of the Beast system.

edible microchip

The Edible Microchip & the Mark of the Beast

The edible microchip is a technological innovation that will help people and doctors know whether people are taking their medication and will help track/monitor physical information. Some people are concerned that edible microchips could be used in a much more sinister way. For instance, some worry that the edible microchip could be used for government surveillance.

In this article, I will answer whether the edible microchip could serve as the Mark of the Beast.

fallen angels

The Difference between Fallen Angels and Demons

You often hear the terms “fallen angel” and “demon” used by people. You may hear these terms so often that you might wonder if there is any real difference between them. I believe fallen angels and demons are not the same thing. I will explain why fallen angels and demons are different in this article.

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