Prophecy Proof Insights on the End Times

Learn the Startling Truth about the End Times

Many assume they will not experience hardship during the end times. They couldn’t be more wrong. This book provides you a real sense of how difficult the end times will be.

What Is This About?

Biblical End Time Insights You Won’t Hear in Church

Prophecy Proof Insights on the End Times aims to provide readers with the truth about key end time events, including:

  • The Rapture
  • The rise of the Antichrist
  • The great tribulation.

It’s not a book that regurgitates what Bible mainstream prophecy commentators and most churches have taught to the masses. Instead, it is a book that relies heavily on Scripture to provide Bible prophecy students of all levels a true sense of how difficult the future will be.

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About the Author

Wayne Croley has studied and written extensively on Bible prophecy since he was a teenager. He is the founder of Prophecy Proof Insights, a Bible prophecy website attracting readers from across the globe.

What You Will Find


25 Chapters

25 chapters to give you a full understanding of the end times and its difficulties.


Thousands of Verses Cited

Thousands of Bible prophecy-related verses are cited in this book.


5 Bonus Studies

5 bonus studies on topics like the Gog-Magog invasion and Babylon's identity.

Book Features


End of Chapter Timelines

Use timelines to easily keep track of end time events as you read.

Scripture Index

Use this book as a study guide with an exhaustive Scripture index.

Beginner Friendly


You do not need to know anything about Bible prophecy to begin learning.

Bible Prophecy Puzzle

What Will I Glean?

Key points you’ll learn after reading this book

Bible prophecy is the ultimate puzzle and that different end time viewpoints come from how people put the pieces together.

Many of today’s popular Bible prophecy teachings are unsupported by Scripture.

Many are at risk of being led astray when the end times arrive.

The end times will be much more difficult for Christians than what many believe.

Table of Contents

Questions & Answers

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Bible prophecy information can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, few are aware that many popular Bible prophecy teachings are actually unsupported by Scripture. As a result, many people have a wrong understanding of how many future events will unfold and will be at risk of being led astray when the end times arrive. My book exists to help you, so you won’t be led astray when the end times finally arrive.

My book aims to incorporate as many relevant verses and passages of Scripture as possible to give you a real sense of how difficult the end times will be. The reason I rely so much on Scripture is that I believe the Bible interprets itself. I believe the Bible is best able to explain what a prophecy passage means instead of relying on an esoteric interpretation. The Bible has a lot to say about the end times.

Unfortunately, many popular end times teachings fail to account for many of the verses and passages I cite in my book. For instance, popular teachings about the Rapture do not deal with Job 14:12-14, Luke 17:34-37, Matthew 13:30. Taking these verses into account, can change people’s Rapture views.

Yes! I wrote this book with the assumption that the average reader knows nothing about Bible prophecy. Therefore, I tried to explain things simply and clearly as possible so that people who know nothing about Bible prophecy can learn.

The first edition of my book was titled Prophecy Proof Insights of the End Times and was published in 2018. In this new edition, I’ve added a lot of new information and rewrote many parts to make things much easier to understand. I believe you will learn even more when you read this new edition.

Teaching people about the end times is a great responsibility that I do not take lightly. In the end, I must give an account to God for the things I teach people. Therefore, I work to ensure (to the best of my ability) that what I teach people has strong biblical support.

I am willing and able to put my own preferences and desires aside in search of end times truth. For example, I wish we would not have to face persecution in the future, but overwhelming evidence exists that we will face it. Therefore, I must accept what the Bible says and warn people about the challenges to come instead of trying to come up with some teaching that gives me and others a false sense of security.

I do not try to tickle your ears. Instead, I try to tell you what I believe the Bible says to be true.

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