My Upcoming Book

I've been working on a Bible prophecy book for quite some time.

Why Write a Book?

I am currently working on a Bible prophecy-related book that I believe will be unique. I do not intend to regurgitate what other Bible prophecy commentators have taught to the masses because a lot of what they teach is not supported by Scripture. Unfortunately, many mainstream Bible prophecy teachers have given people a wrong understanding of how many Bible prophecy-related events will unfold with their false teachings. I fear that many people have false hopes and expectations that could lead them to losing faith when Bible prophecy-related events do not transpire in the manner they were taught they would.

Who Is the Book For?

My book is for anyone who is interested in Bible Prophecy. My book is an attempt to present several years of research, including my most recent research findings, into a coherent narrative describing end time events. The book is designed to educate both Bible prophecy novices and long-time students of Bible prophecy. Long-time students of Bible prophecy will likely learn new things about the end times and have long-held assumptions about end time events challenged. Beginners will likely find it easy to learn a lot about the end times given that I write this book with the assumption that the average reader absolutely knows nothing about Bible prophecy. I believe both groups will benefit greatly from the unique way information is presented in this book.

When Will It Be Ready?

I do not have a timeline concerning when the book will be available to the public yet. However, I am fairly far along in the process. I have completed several revisions of my book and I have nearly perfected the formatting of my book.  I believe the book is a project that I must complete in a timely manner given what is at stake.

Have a Question or a Comment?

Do you have a question, a comment, or a suggestion? Feel free to contact me!