“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

We live in a time when false religious teachings are on the rise, including in the area of Bible prophecy. Unfortunately, few are aware that many of today’s popular Bible prophecy teachings are actually unsupported by Scripture. As a consequence, many people have a wrong understanding of how many future events will unfold and will be at risk of being led astray when the end times arrive.

Prophecy Proof Insights of the End Times aims to provide readers the truth about key end time events, including the Rapture, the rise of the Antichrist, and the great tribulation. It is not a book that repeats what many people have been taught about Bible prophecy. Instead, it is a book that relies heavily on easy-to-follow Scriptural proofs to provide Bible prophecy students of all levels with a real sense of how difficult the future will be. Learn the truth about the end times, so you will not be led astray when the end times finally arrive.

What You Will Learn

The Truth about the Rapture

There’s so much speculation out there about the Rapture. Nevertheless, the Rapture remains one of the most misunderstood Bible prophecy events. You will learn the truth about the Rapture and the events surrounding its occurrence.

The Truth about the Gog/Magog Invasion

A future invasion of Israel led by Gog of Magog is one of the most hyped Bible prophecy events today. However, many misconceptions about the invasion exist. You will learn about the invasion, its participants, and when it will transpire.

The Truth about the Antichrist

Who is the Antichrist? Will he actually rule the world? Will Christians see the Antichrist? You will learn the answers to these questions and learn more about the Antichrist.

The Truth about the Great Tribulation

What is the great tribulation? When does it begin? Who will endure the great tribulation? You will learn the answer to these questions and gain a sense of how bad the great tribulation will truly be.

Book Features

For Bible Prophecy Students of All Levels

This book is beginner-friendly so you do not need to know anything about Bible prophecy to begin learning about the end times. Those of you who are longtime students of Bible prophecy will likely learn new things about the end times and have long-held assumptions about end time events challenged.

No Sensationalism. No Hype. No Nonsense.

How many times have you heard a so-called Bible prophecy “expert” hype a certain date or development and then nothing happens? Unfortunately, sensationalism is rampant these days. However, you will not find sensationalism in this book. This book adheres to the biblical text without dramatizing current events and setting dates.

End of Chapter Timelines

Most chapters conclude with a timeline displaying the chronological order of events discussed and the relationship between different events discussed. The purpose of these timelines is to help you to easily understand how many different end time events relate to each other, including how they relate chronologically.

Specially Formatted Text

The specially formatted text found throughout much of this book will help you understand the relationships between different Bible verses and passages more clearly. You will learn quicker when you can easily recognize the relationships between various Bible verses and passages.


“I found this book and bought it to give it a chance. The author always tries to use the sum of God’s word, and not only some isolated verses taken out of context. Also, he doesn’t only use the New Testament passages, but also the Old Testament passages of all the prophets! The structure is good, all the topics are presented and discussed in great detail and it is easy to follow the arguments, even for a non-native English speaker like me. I absolutely don’t regret that I’ve bought this book, because it helped me to put together a lot of puzzle pieces. I will definitely continue to use it as a help alongside my Bible for further studies.”


“Open your Bible and your heart; forget about what you think you know, forget about what you want to believe, and I guarantee you this book will transform your understanding of end times. It’s transforming mine…”

Scagnetti, Amazon Reviewer

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About the Author

Wayne Mugshot

Wayne Croley is a Bible prophecy researcher and commentator from Sacramento, California. He has studied and written extensively about Bible prophecy since he was a teenager with the goal of helping people understand current events and the truth about the end times. He is the founder of Prophecy Proof Insights, a Bible prophecy website attracting readers from across the globe.

Wayne holds an M.B.A. from the California State University, Sacramento. He also holds a degree in Managerial Economics (graduating with highest honors) and a degree in Political Science (graduating with high honors) from the University of California, Davis. He is also a winner of the prestigious Clyde Jacobs and Larry Peterman Distinguished Scholar Award.