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Many assume they will not experience hardship during the end times. They couldn’t be more wrong. This book provides you a real sense of how difficult the end times will be.

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26 Chapters

26 chapters to give you a full understanding of the end times and its difficulties.


4,200+ Verses

4,200+ Bible prophecy-related verses referenced in this book.


5 Bonus Studies

5 bonus studies on topics like the Gog-Magog invasion and Babylon's identity.

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End of Chapter Timelines

Use timelines to easily keep track of end time events as you read.

Scripture Index

Use this book as a study guide with an exhaustive Scripture index.

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You do not need to know anything about Bible prophecy to begin learning.

Book Overview

  • Chapters 1-5
  • Chapters 6-10
  • Chapters 11-15
  • Chapters 16-20
  • Chapters 21-26
  • Appendix Studies
  • Back Matter
1. An Introduction to Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy is the ultimate puzzle. We look at the nature of this puzzle, how to study Bible prophecy, and how to understand the Book of Revelation.

2. The Seven Churches of Revelation

The seven churches of Revelation are the subject of much speculation. We look at what the seven churches represent in an end times context.

3. An Overview of the Ongoing Spiritual Conflict

Human activity occurs in the context of a great spiritual war. We look at this spiritual war and how it will escalate during the end times.

4. A Spotlight on Israel

The people of Israel are at the center of the ongoing spiritual conflict. We look at their past and their future in this chapter.

5. The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

The 70 weeks of Daniel is among the most important Bible prophecy concepts to understand. We review how Daniel’s first 69 weeks have already transpired and look at the upcoming 70th week of Daniel.

6. Forerunners of the Antichrist

We look at how Revelation 17 accounts for many of history’s most powerful empires and most infamous leaders.

7. Events Leading to the Antichrist's Rise

The world will go through much turmoil and will see many false doctrines permeate as the end of the age approaches. This chapter describes what to expect between now and the midpoint of the 70th week of Daniel.

8. The Antichrist Revealed

We examine the role of the Antichrist and identify the likeliest candidate to serve as the Antichrist.

9. The False Prophet Revealed

The False Prophet is among the most enigmatic individuals in the Bible. We look at what we can glean from the Bible about him in this chapter.

10. The Empire of the Antichrist

The Antichrist will oversee an empire that will dominate the world. We focus on how he will reign in this chapter.

11. The Great Tribulation & End Time Holocaust

Many fail to grasp how hard it will be for the Antichrist’s enemies to survive during the great tribulation. This chapter details this persecution.

12. The Sixth Trumpet Wars

The 6th trumpet will lead to conflict involving 200 million participants. We take a look at the wars that will follow the sounding of the 6th trumpet.

13. The Mysterious 144,000

There’s much speculation about the 144,000. We take a biblical look at the mysterious 144,000 in this chapter.

14. The Gospel of the Kingdom & the End of the World

The preaching of the gospel of the kingdom is one of the most misunderstood end time events. We focus on its preaching in this chapter.

15. The Campaigns to Destroy the People of Israel

The Bible describes an end time effort to destroy the people of Israel. This chapter provides an overview of this effort.

16. The Coming of Christ & the Rapture: Part 1

Many Bible prophecy commentators fail to distinguish between the orge wrath of God and the thumos wrath of God. The distinction is crucial to understanding the Rapture. We take a look at this and other often overlooked details relating to the Rapture.

17. The Coming of Christ & the Rapture: Part 2

We examine the signs and key events surrounding the Rapture in this chapter.

18. The Coming of Christ & the Rapture: Part 3

We look at Christ’s coming to rescue His people and to punish the wicked.

19. The Day of the Lord Defined: Part 1

The Day of the Lord is one of the most important and controversial end time topics. We begin our look at the Day of the Lord by reviewing the events that will precede its onset in this chapter.

20. The Day of the Lord Defined: Part 2

This chapter provides an overview of many events and developments that will transpire from the beginning of the Day of the Lord to its conclusion.

21. The Final Battle of the War of Armageddon

We detail the slaughter of the wicked at the coming of Christ.

22. Post-Armageddon: Part 1

We examine the global gathering of the remnant of Israel from the nations after Christ defeats the wicked.

23. Post-Armageddon: Part 2

This chapter provides an overview of several developments that will take place before the onset of the Millennium.

24. The Millennium: Part 1

The Bible has much to say about the Millennium. This chapter covers the early days of the Millennium and how government will function.

25. The Millennium: Part 2

This chapter looks at what life will be like in the Millennium and examines what will happen at the end of the Millennium.

26. All Things Made New

We examine when God will create new heavens and a new earth and look at the descent of New Jerusalem.

Is "Gog" the Antichrist?

Many assume that Gog is simply a nickname for the Antichrist. But are they really the same person? We look at some important details to consider when answering this question.

Identifying Gog's Coalition

Many believe that the nations that will ally with Gog will be a part of Antichrist's empire. We critique this view and identify the modern day locations of the nations who will ally with Gog.

Babylon the Great's Identity

Many speculate about the identity of Babylon the Great. We take a close look at what the Bible says about end time Babylon and its location.

Psalm 83, the Siege, and Gog

We look at whether Psalm 83 relates to the Gog-Magog end time attack of Israel and the siege of Jerusalem described in many end time passages.

The Fulfillment of Ezekiel 38

Many believe that the attack by Gog described in Ezekiel 38 will be among the next events to transpire. We examine the chapter closely to see if that is true.

Probable Sequence of Events (Timeline)

This is a timeline that lists the order of events discussed in this book and where you can find them discussed in this book.

Topic Index

Refer to the topic index to learn where you can find information about a specific Bible prophecy topic in this book.

Scripture Index

This exhaustive Scripture index lists the thousands of passages and verses that I reference in this book. This is a useful tool that can greatly aid your reading of this book and your study of the Bible.


“I found this book and bought it to give it a chance. The author always tries to use the sum of God’s word, and not only some isolated verses taken out of context. Also, he doesn’t only use the New Testament passages, but also the Old Testament passages of all the prophets! The structure is good, all the topics are presented and discussed in great detail and it is easy to follow the arguments, even for a non-native English speaker like me. I absolutely don’t regret that I’ve bought this book, because it helped me to put together a lot of puzzle pieces. I will definitely continue to use it as a help alongside my Bible for further studies.”

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Wayne is a Bible prophecy researcher and commentator from Sacramento, California. He has studied and written extensively about Bible prophecy since he was a teenager with the goal of helping people understand current events and the truth about the end times. He is the founder of Prophecy Proof Insights, a Bible prophecy website attracting readers from across the globe.

Wayne holds an M.B.A. from the California State University, Sacramento. He also holds a degree in Managerial Economics (graduating with highest honors) and a degree in Political Science (graduating with high honors) from the University of California, Davis. He is also a winner of the prestigious Clyde Jacobs and Larry Peterman Distinguished Scholar Award.