After many years of deep research and writing, my comprehensive Bible prophecy book is complete. Learn the truth about the end times, so you will not be led astray when the end times finally arrive!


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Welcome! I want to introduce myself and my website in case this is your first time on my website.

My name is Wayne. I have studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to help people to better understand Bible prophecy and what will transpire during the end times. Unlike many Bible prophecy commentators, I seek to avoid sensationalizing and hyping events and developments that take place in the world. Instead, I seek to present what I believe to be true about the end times based on many years of study and research.

My main focus is Bible prophecy, but I will also write about events, developments, and trends that will lead to the end times or any other topic that interests me.

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Will the Rapture Take Place in 2019?

Will the Rapture Take Place in 2019?

Will the Rapture take place in 2019? Some believe that a 2019 Rapture might actually happen! Could the Rapture take place this year? In this article, I answer whether a 2019 Rapture is possible.
The Four Horsemen in Revelation

The Four Horsemen in Revelation

Who are the four horsemen in Revelation? It’s a question that I know some people are asking. Many people see the four horsemen of the Apocalypse depicted in popular culture and in art, yet these sources do not provide a biblical explanation of who they are. In this article, I’ll explain who the four horsemen are for those who are wondering about them.
Revelation 13: Who Is the Beast of the Sea?

Revelation 13: Who Is the Beast of the Sea?

I’ve seen a lot of questions about Bible prophecy on Quora. One of the topics that comes up frequently concerns the beast of the sea described in Revelation 13. I will answer who is the beast of the sea in Revelation 13 in this article.