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Welcome! I want to introduce myself and my website in case this is your first time on my website.

My name is Wayne. I have studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to help people to better understand Bible prophecy and what will transpire during the end times. Unlike many Bible prophecy commentators, I seek to avoid sensationalizing and hyping events and developments that take place in the world. Instead, I seek to present what I believe to be true about the end times based on many years of study and research.

My main focus is Bible prophecy, but I will also write about events, developments, and trends that will lead to the end times or any other topic that interests me.

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Latest Articles from Wayne

The Bowl Judgments of Revelation 16

The Bowl Judgments of Revelation 16

The end times will not be a fun time to be alive on Earth. Many unpleasant things will transpire all over the world during the end times. The bowl judgments (or vial judgments) of Revelation 16 are a series of end time events that will make life miserable for those directly impacted by them. In this article, I will give you an overview of the bowl judgments.
Luke 17:37: The Most Overlooked Prophecy?

Luke 17:37: The Most Overlooked Prophecy?

Luke 17:37 may be the most overlooked Bible prophecy verse in the entire Bible. I have not seen many Bible prophecy commentators address Luke 17:37 in my many years of study. Despite being overlooked, Luke 17:37 may be one of the most important Bible prophecy verses in the Bible. In fact, studying Luke 17:37 caused me to reevaluate many assumptions I had about the end times and caused others to reevaluate everything they were taught about the end times. In this article, I will highlight Luke 17:37 while discussing several important end time passages.
Who Is the God of Forces of Daniel 11:38-39?

Who Is the God of Forces of Daniel 11:38-39?

The Book of Daniel references a mysterious figure known as the “god of forces”. According to Daniel 11:38-39, the Antichrist, the most arrogant man who will ever live, will acknowledge the “god of forces”. Who would the Antichrist find worth honoring? In this article, I answer who is the god of forces.