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An Introduction to My Work

Welcome! I want to introduce myself and my website in case this is your first time on my website.

My name is Wayne. I have studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to help people to better understand Bible prophecy and what will transpire during the end times. Unlike many Bible prophecy commentators, I seek to avoid sensationalizing and hyping events and developments that take place in the world. Instead, I seek to present what I believe to be true about the end times based on many years of study and research.

My main focus is Bible prophecy, but I will also write about events, developments, and trends that will lead to the end times or any other topic that interests me.

Featured Articles from Wayne

My Meeting With Evangelist John Bishop

I am sometimes compelled to write about a topic that has nothing to do with Bible prophecy or current events. I want to share a story about a man I met whose testimony can be an encouragement to many people out there who are struggling in life. If you are struggling or know someone who is struggling, especially physically, I believe this article can help you.

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

U.S. President Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. Some people love Donald Trump while some believe that he is the Antichrist. I will answer whether Donald Trump is the Antichrist in this article after I’ve received many comments and questions from people who wonder whether Trump is the Antichrist.

Will Christians See the Antichrist?

Will Christians see the Antichrist? I answer this important and controversial Bible prophecy question in this article by using scripture about Antichrist.

Critiquing the 2018 Rapture Theory: The Parable of the Fig Tree & Last Generation

You will likely hear a lot of speculation in a few years about the potential for the Rapture to occur in the year 2018. The speculation will center on the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. You will likely hear some Bible prophecy “experts” teach at least the following three things:

(1) Israel represents the fig tree that Christ referenced in His teachings about the end of the age
(2) Christ taught that the generation that saw the creation of the state of Israel would see His coming.
(3) The generation that saw the creation of the state of Israel is ending in 2018 in a biblical sense.

In this article I will provide my thoughts on this 2018 Rapture theory in anticipation of the speculation that will soon arise.

Are Wheat Prices Near End Time Famine Levels?

Revelation 6:6 indicates that the cost of food, including wheat, will be extremely high in the future. The purpose of this study to provide you with an idea of whether the price of wheat is near the price it will be during the end times.

Is the Valley of Dry Bones Prophecy Fulfilled?

Some people believe that the Valley of Dry Bones prophecy relates to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. I examine whether the Valley of Dry Bones prophecy has been fulfilled through the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 in this article.

Is Gog of Magog’s Invasion of Israel Imminent?

Many Bible prophecy commentators insist that an attack led by Gog of Magog will transpire before the start or at the start of the seventieth week of Daniel (the seven year period that many people commonly refer to as the “tribulation”). This teaching is very prevalent, but is it correct? In this article, I critique the teaching that an invasion led by Gog will occur before the start or at the start of the seventieth week of Daniel.

Locating the End Times Start Time on the Calendar

I occasionally hear speculation about how the end times might begin on a certain date on the calendar because of some event or meeting that is scheduled to take place on that date. In this article, I will explain why I believe the seventieth week of Daniel is likeliest to begin in the fall months of a given year.

The Difference between Fallen Angels and Demons

Some people believe there is no difference between fallen angels and demons and thus use the terms interchangeably. I believe fallen angels and demons are different spiritual entities and I’ll show you why I believe this in this article.

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