Prophecy Proof Insights on the Last Generation

Christ Will Return! Will It Be Soon?

The world is full of chaos. Many wonder if we are living in the last days. Will we see the end time events described in the Bible come to pass soon? Are we the last generation before the coming of Christ?

The Bible promises us that Christ will return and gives us clues about the timing of His return. Learn which upcoming dates are possible by getting your copy of this book.

Prophecy Proof Insights on the Last Generation

A Study on the Timing of Christ’s Return

Prophecy Proof Insights of the Last Generation tackles the question: “Are we the last generation before the coming of Christ?”

We will look at often-overlooked biblical clues about the timing of key end time events. These clues empower us to identify plausible start dates and end dates for the tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ.

Wayne Croley Author

About the Author

Wayne Croley, M.B.A.

Wayne Croley has studied and written extensively on Bible prophecy since he was a teenager. He is the founder of Prophecy Proof Insights, a Bible prophecy website attracting readers from across the globe.

What You Will Find


Detail Timelines

I provide timelines for each year thru 2099 and show which years are plausible.

Beginner Friendly


You do not need to know anything about Bible prophecy to begin learning.



This book relies on details from the Bible to derive plausible timelines.

Key Points You Will Learn

— Most dates you often hear about for the coming of Christ and the start of the tribulation are not feasible.

— Key dates referenced in the Book of Daniel will coincide with major Jewish Fall Feasts.

— Satan has a very powerful deception in the works to deceive the last generation.

— The tribulation can begin soon.

Bible Opened

Table of Contents

1. The Last Generation

The Parable of the Fig Tree introduces us to the “last generation”. We examine the Parable of the Fig Tree and its significance.

2. The Heavenly Signs

The Bible tells us that signs will appear in the heavens before the coming of Christ. One of these signs calls for the moon to resemble blood. Many believe we can use the dates of upcoming lunar eclipse events to predict the return of Christ. We will answer if we should rely on these dates to forecast when Christ will come.

3. Deceiving the Last Generation

The Bible warns that Satan will unleash all sorts of lying signs and wonders at the time of Antichrist. We will look at an overview of Satan’s biggest end time deception and see why so many people will be deceived.

4. The 70 Weeks of Daniel

The 70 weeks of Daniel is among the most important Bible prophecy concepts to understand. We review how Daniel’s first 69 weeks have already transpired and look at the upcoming 70th week of Daniel.

5. The End Time Calendars

The Book of Daniel introduces us to several timelines that encompass various end time events, including the 70th week of Daniel. We will look at the timing of several other key end time events alluded to in the Book of Daniel and elsewhere.

6. Daniel’s 2,300 Day Prophecy

Daniel’s 2,300 Day Prophecy is an enigma to many students of Bible prophecy. Some have tried to use this prophecy to predict when Christ will return. We examine this prophecy and explore how it may apply to the events of the tribulation period.

7. End Time Reckoning

We combine everything we have learned in previous chapters to identify plausible timelines for the start dates and end dates for the tribulation and the coming of Christ.

Reader Reviews

Wayne is a graceful teacher of prophecy and has many very interesting points worth noting to any believer. Very open and honest approach to bible prophecy. Great book!!


Amazon Review

Totally Biblical based. The author clearly recalls the difference between Bible and his opinion. A good and serious eschatology book.

Alonso A.

Amazon Review

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