Prophecy Proof Insights on the Rapture

Have You Been Misled About the Rapture?

Many have been taught that the Rapture can take place at any moment. This popular teaching has given comfort to many across the world. However, most people are unaware that many overlooked parts of the Bible contradict what they have been taught about the Rapture.

Learn the biblical truth about the Rapture so that you are not caught off guard by the events to come.

Prophecy Proof Insights on the Rapture

A Study on the Timing of Christ’s Return

Prophecy Proof Insights on the Rapture analyzes many popular teachings and assumptions about the Rapture. This book also looks at many overlooked passages and verses in the Bible that will challenge your understanding of the Rapture.

After reading this book, you may come to realize that many of the things you have been taught about the Rapture are refuted by Scripture.

Wayne Croley Author

About the Author

Wayne Croley, M.B.A.

Wayne Croley has studied and written extensively on Bible prophecy since he was a teenager. He is the founder of Prophecy Proof Insights, a Bible prophecy website attracting readers from across the globe.

What You Will Find

Beginner Friendly


You do not need to know anything about Bible prophecy to begin learning.


Easy to Read

This book was written to be as clear and concise as possible so that you can learn easily.

Scripture Index

Independent Analysis

This book analyzes popular Rapture teachings instead of promoting them.

Key Points You Will Learn

— Many popular teachings about the Rapture are unsupported by the Bible.

— The Rapture will take place, but events will not unfold like many imagine they will.

— Satan will wage war against Christians during the tribulation.

— Many people have a false sense of security.

Table of Contents

1. What No Man Knows

Christ tells us that no man knows the precise day or hour of His coming. We look at what this statement means in context of the Rapture’s timing.

2. Coming Like a Thief

Many believe the Rapture will take place before the Day of the Lord begins. The Bible tells us that the Day of the Lord will come like a “thief in the night”. We look at what this expression means.

3. The Different Wraths

Few are aware that the Greek language distinguishes between different types of wrath in the Bible. Knowing the different types of wrath is key to understanding what it really means for Christians to be spared from God’s wrath.

4. Are the End Times Only for Israel?

Many believe the Church will play no role in the tribulation and that the tribulation is mainly for the people of Israel. We will look at whether these beliefs have merit by taking a close look at the Olivet Discourse.

5. Where Is the Church in Revelation?

Some argue that the absence of the word “Church” after Revelation 3 is evidence that the Church will take part in the Rapture before the seven year tribulation. We evaluate this argument.

6. Facing the Antichrist

Many believe that the Church will not see the Antichrist’s rise to reign over the earth. Is this belief correct? We will answer whether it is possible for the Church to see the Antichrist.

7. Restrraing the Antichrist

2 Thessalonians 2 refers to a figure known as “the restrainer” who will be taken away before the Antichrist reaches his full power. Some link the removal of the restrainer to the Rapture of the Church. We will look at the identity of the restrainer.

8. The End Time Harvests of the Earth

The Parable of the Wheat and Tares is one of the most overlooked prophecies. The parable gives us crucial details about the end of the age and the coming of Christ. We examine the Parable of the Wheat and Tares in detail.

9. One Taken, One Left

Many believe that the wicked will be left behind and the righteous will be taken away when the Rapture takes place. We look at whether this popular belief has biblical support.

10. Keep from the Hour of Trial

We look at several cases where the Lord looked after His people in times of trial and relate that to what He is likely to do in the future.

11. The Resurrection of the Righteous

The Rapture will include the resurrection of the righteous. We examine when the resurrection of the righteous will take place.

12. There and Back Again

The righteous will meet with Christ in the air when the Rapture will take place. We look at Christ’s meeting with the righteous.

13. Populating the Millennium

Who will populate the Millennium after the Rapture? We identify which groups of people will the take part in Millennium.

14. Our Blessed Hope

Titus 2:11-13 refers to the blessed hope. Many believe that the realization of the blessed hope will take place at a Rapture that can take place at any time. We examine when the blessed hope will be realized.

15. Even to the End of the World

We look at the significance of an often overlooked aspect of Christ’s Great Commission.

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