The Difference between Fallen Angels and Demons

You often hear the terms “fallen angel” and “demon” used by people. You may hear these terms so often that you might wonder if there is any real difference between them.

I believe fallen angels and demons are not the same thing. I will explain why fallen angels and demons are different in this article.

Fallen Angels

A “fallen angel” is a spiritual being that fell out of Heaven into a sinful or corrupt state. As a result, we should view fallen angels as evil spiritual beings.

Revelation 12 indicates that Satan (the dragon) took 1/3 of the angels (the stars of heaven) with him when many angels fell:

“(3) And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. (4) And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.” (Revelation 12:3-4)

The Bible often refers to fallen angels as the “sons of God” and as Satan’s ministers. The following is a short list of the capabilities of fallen angels:

Physical Visibility

Although fallen angels are spiritual beings, they can physically appear to people (like their unfallen counterparts did in Genesis 19).

Genesis 6 records the activities of many fallen angels that fell from Heaven. The sons of God (fallen angels) married women and had children with them:

“(1) And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, (2) That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. […] (4) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” (Genesis 6:1-2, 4)

The fact that fallen angels got married and produced offspring shows that they can take on a physical form.

Extraterrestrial Travel

Fallen Angels can travel out of this world. For instance, Satan and his fallen angels one day came to present themselves in front of God in Heaven:

“Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.” (Job 1:6)

Physical Transformation and the Ability to Deceive

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 informs us that Satan’s ministers/fallen angels can transform or disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness:

“(13) For such ones are false apostles, deceitful workers transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. (14) And did not Satan marvelously transform himself into an angel of light? (15) It is not a great thing, then, if also his ministers transform themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

The Greek word for “transform” is metaschēmatizō, which means to “to change in fashion or appearance”. Fallen angels can deceive people by altering their appearance. They can resemble religious figures that people will fall prey to.

Demons (Devils)

A Demon is an unclean spirit that seeks to possess, manipulate, and to deceive people. Demons are referred to as “devils” in the King James Bible. Here are the abilities of demons.

The Ability to Control the Entity they Possess

The Bible describes how Christ cast out demons from a man to a herd of swine in a story called the “Maniac of Gadara”. The accounts of this event suggest that demons can control the entity they possess. The demons controlled the men’s actions and then the actions of the herd of swine:

“(28) And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way. (29) And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time? (30) And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine feeding. (31) So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine. (32) And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.” (Matthew 8:28-32)

“(11) Now there was there nigh unto the mountains a great herd of swine feeding. (12) And all the devils besought him, saying, Send us into the swine, that we may enter into them. (13) And forthwith Jesus gave them leave. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea, (they were about two thousand;) and were choked in the sea.” (Mark 5:11-13)

Ability to Inflict Harm on their Victim(s)

Luke 4:40-41 suggests that demons have the power to inflict illness and physical diseases on their victims:

“(40) Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them. (41) And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ.” (Luke 4:40-41)

Unusual Physical Strength

The story of the Maniac of Gadara also suggests that demons can give a person they possess unusual strength. A man possessed by the demons could break the chains that bound him:

“(1) And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes. (2) And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, (3) Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains: (4) Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him. (5) And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.” (Mark 5:1-5)

Limited Physical Movement

The physical movement of demons seems limited to the object they possess. We can deduce this by looking at the Book of Revelation.

Revelation 9:18-21 tells us that the wicked will not repent worshipping devils and idols that cannot see, hear, or walk even after being punished by the plagues related to the 6th trumpet’s sounding:

“(18) By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. (19) For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt. (20) And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: (21) Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:18-21)

The question that some people wonder is: “Why would men be worshiping devils if they are supposed to worship Antichrist, his image, and his idols?

The answer is that demons will inhabit the images and idols of Antichrist. After all, Revelation 13:15 suggest that there is some form of “life” in the images of the beast (Antichrist):

“(14) And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. (15) And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” (Revelation 13:14-15)

By worshiping an image or idol of the Antichrist, people will also worship the demon inhabiting the object.

The demons inside the image or idol of the Antichrist will be greatly limited by the item they will inhabit. They will only be able to communicate. They will be unable to see, hear, or walk. Nevertheless, the images will help bring the deaths of those do not worship the image of the Antichrist.

  • I believe the demon in each image or idol will help the authorities track the whereabouts of people with or without the Mark of the Beast. A demon will not have the physical capacity to kill a non-Mark wearer on their own. However, the demon can alert those who can kill a non-worshipper. Perhaps the demon will have the ability to sense who has and does not have the Mark of the Beast.

The Ability to Deceive

Revelation 16 and 1 Timothy chapter 4 suggest that demons have the ability to deceive people with false beliefs:

“(13) And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. (14) For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” (Revelation 16:13-14) [1]

“(1) Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; (2) Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; (3) Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. (4) For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:” (1 Timothy 4:1-4) [2]

The Origin of Demons?

Some people cite the Book of Enoch (which is not part of the Bible) to understand where demons came from. Enoch suggests that demons are the disembodied spirit of the Nephilim (giants) that perished in the great flood of Genesis:

“(8) And now, the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon (9) the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling. Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men and from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin; (10) they shall be evil spirits on earth, and evil spirits shall they be called. [As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.] (11) And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless (12) hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them.” (Enoch 15:8-12)

It’s possible that demons could be the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. However, I caution you to treat this idea as fact due to the lack of direct biblical evidence.

Fallen Angels vs. Demons

Overall, fallen angels and demons are both evil entities that work to deceive people.

The main differences between the two entities are:

  • Fallen angels seem to have more freedom of movement than demons.
  • Fallen angels do not need to rely on possessing a person to get a task done. A demon seems to need to possess a physical body to achieve a task.
  • A fallen angel can physically transform and make themselves visible if they want to deceive a person.

Do not underestimate fallen angels or demons. They are both formidable foes.

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  1. It’s unclear how the demons will resemble frogs so it’s unclear if they will actually appear in physical form as frogs to the kings of the earth.
  2. It is possible that the teachings of devils could be provided to people by religious/spiritual teachers who are possessed by devils.
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Wayne Croley
Wayne Croley

Hi! I’ve studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to make Bible prophecy easy for you to understand while avoiding the sensationalism seen elsewhere. I am the author of several end time books, including Prophecy Proof Insights on the End Times, a comprehensive book about the end times. I hold an M.B.A. and degrees in Managerial Economics and Political Science.


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  1. The vanguard of fallen angels were the watcher angels assigned to watch over mankind, but fell out of their place, in Genesis 6, b/c they had hybrid children with human women. DNA is the point of it. It is why the Bible has all the begat this, begat that, it traces Jesus lineage to Joseph (some hybrid bloodlines, but not his father by DNA), and his Mother, a pure human. satan always copies God. What else can he do? He is a created being and God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is not created.

    The hybrids are called nephilim (“giants”), the offspring of the fallen angels and human women, but also thru some type of DNA enhancement as others were born human and changed (after the flood). When God condemned them, He told them thru Enoch that their children, the Nephilim, would walk the earth as spirits when they died, with the same thirsts, hunger, lusts, they had when their souls inhabited their bodies. They were doomed to walk the earth until the end when Jesus returns. Their end is the Lake of Fire.

  2. Hi Wayne. I have a question. My wife has a Spiritual husband that is actually sexually abusing her almost all the time. We have prayed, we have fasted but the spirit seems to persist. I have already had a number of my possessions damaged by this spirit including cellphones, cars. I am asking is this a demon or a fallen angel? I also need to know how do we permanently remove this spirit from our family? It will attack her anytime even during daytime and do as it pleases with her body, at times it will inflict pain or sickness on her. How do we deal with this one?

    • I think you may be dealing with a fallen angel based on what you’ve described. Demons have limited physical movement. The entity you describe seems mobile. I’ve read that many people have success in getting rid of these entities by praying and/or calling on Jesus Christ when they know the entity is present.

    • Hi,
      Both you and your wife need to pray to God together before the throne of God, ask for God’s protection of your marriage bed by citing the marriage covenant you have with each other.
      Please also close any spiritual doorways you know about by prayer and repentance.
      Blessings to you.

  3. I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Stating this boldly, I hope you understand this account I am about to tell you is true and accurate. I live my life to please God. My husband is a man of God. A preacher of the word. Over 20 years ago, when I was seeking, I encountered what I believe was a fallen angel. At the time, I thought he was a human. We saw each other often at the club and he was of mixed race and very young looking. When he introduced me to his father, I knew something was not right. (His father was a photographer and I was soon to be married) . His father didn’t look much older than I was and he had this child who was my age? What? So, I questioned him. I questioned whether he was his father. Soon, I go downstairs and my “friend” tells me he needs to “reveal” something to me. I was not drinking or doing drugs. I used to work at this place. He told me he wanted to tell me something about himself. Then he said… Look at me. I looked at him and fangs that looked like twisted straw wrappers were hanging from the upper part of his mouth. I stood starting at him. I said, show me again. At this point, I saw them grow from the bottom lip to the chin. Then, they disappeared. I took my hands and opened his mouth. (I was a dental assistant, so I wasn’t shy) I felt he was playing a joke with me. That is when I saw it. 2 holes above his lateral teeth where the other teeth were coming from. I looked him dead in the face and I said, I can’t do this. He said, WHY. I just want to be friends. I said, no man, I can’t do this. This isn’t cool with me. He started begging me to not tell his father. That he would kill him. I started backing away. I started running to my friend who was working at the front of the club. He teleported and beat me there. No joke. So, I said, if you are, what I think you are, SHOW HER! (I didn’t want to walk away being the only crazy one in the place) . He showed her. Good, I am now not alone. She freaked out and told him to get out. He started getting angry. Telling me I was wrong. I was judging him. I wasn’t really a Christian. Asking me, What about other planets. He revealed himself to 2 other friends who ended up not thinking anythink of it. A few weeks later, I encountered him again. He was standing behind me at another club. I told him to leave me alone and that God does not want me near him. He said, Oh really Bible girl. What about Revelation Chapter 23 huh? What about Revelation Chapter 23? Well, this was a time where I didn’t know my bible.

    I never saw him again. I believe this was a fallen angel. I believe this being was trying to stop my husband and I from being together and from doing God’s future work. So many things have happened. Lives have been changed. I can tell you this, test the spirits because you have no idea who you are dealing with. I don’t care if you believe me or not.

  4. Hola! I believe that demons are angels whom fell with Lucifer during the rebellion. Fallens angels are angels whom sinned sometime after the rebellion.

  5. Dear Brother in Christ
    I endorse the idea of Nephilim from the book of Enoch and the demon or evil spirit or unclean spirit being the origin from the giants and the Nephilim. Not all the information’s are available in the Holy Bible, moreover the book of Enoch is mentioned by Jude Vs 15,16. and also there is another book called book of Jasher referred by Joshua in Joshua 10:13 and 2nd Samuel 1:18 these books contain information that are valuable and helps us understand Bible more clearly. Other books like book of Jubilee, book of Josephus, Jerusalem Talmud, Mishna etc help us understand Bible better.
    Thank you Brother for the wonderful explanation

  6. Where did Demons originate, if the “sons of God” fell from Heaven, and are considered to be disembodied spirits of Nephelim?

      • There exist no difference between fallen angels and demons. Both are spirit beings that are constantly looking for bodies to inhabit to do their ungodly actions. Men during the time of the Nephilim period were into occult practices, as some are today. These humans, who were INVITING demons/fallen angels to POSSESS THEM to produce a “super human” so to speak, became rampant. A fallen angel/demon must have a legal right to possess a human, if you study the deliverance ministry you will find this to be true. Now, there are differences between demons dwelling on earth and those found in hell. Demons/fallen angels that fell to earth do not exist in hell, but are cast into hell by Satan or Christians who have authority over “all the powers of the enemy.” When a believer casts a demon/fallen angel into hell or Tartaurus (worse torture that is feared most by demons), they are tortured by a far more powerful and ruthless demon. Demons torture demons in hell, just as they do humans. These are the demons/creatures that come out of the core of the earth during the Tribulation and when events in Revelation call for them. They are different creatures that can inflict far more pain to their prey.

  7. Frogs get their prey by their tongues. James 3:5-8 says that the tongue is untamable and evil and if not bridled will deceive hearts. I believe this is the frog being spoken of in Revelation. By the loosed and unbridled tongue many will be deceived (captured) and caused to worship (live by) lies (receive the mark of the beast).

    Society is calling for diversity and tolerance and the bible says to discern (discriminate) and be still (hold firm to truth) and in 2 Timothy 3:5 says to have nothing to do with those who are evil (go where the wind takes them). The bible teaches against tolerance. If we encounter sinners, we are to love them with the truth of the word of God and leave ot to them to accept or reject it. In Luke 9:5, Jesus tells us what to do when our words are rejected and it is further validated in 2 Timothy 3:5 that we should walk away from them, shrug off what they tell us as a testament against them and have nothing to do with them.

    The devil is teaching us that intolerance is hatred and hatred for anything is wrong but Leviticus testifies that even God hates (abomination). Abomination is something abhorrent (hated). God hates sin. To sin is to reject the seal of God and receive the mark of the beast. To love your enemy is to respond with truth and leave them with themselves. We are to serve only those worthy of our labor. If they reject and do not appreciate our words which should only be the words of God, then they are not worthy. God loves us enough to honor our free will. He is not with those who reject Him and His commands for us because they made their choice. Jesus even said the world belongs to Satan until the day He comes to reclaim it. Therefore it is comfortable to receive the mark of the beast and those who bear the Seal of God are persecuted by the children of Satan (the world) who think they are serving God in their actions/deeds.

    The frogs look like us. They use their tongues to capture (deceive) their prey. They are the false prophets, our spiritual leaders who make the bible fit in the world today, our lawyers who make right what is wrong (abortion, homosexuality, broken families, hindering acquisition of basic living). All of this leads to death. Look around and see the spirit within those who are thriving. Are they serving God or themselves. Why do they do what they offer? What is their reward, in what do they hold value, what do they keep from others and what is the wonder they have that others may desire? There is more than enough for everyone in the world to have all they need to serve the Lord but there are only a few who own it all and only share with those who will do their will.

    Give it a try sometime. Be honest, reject vengeance, forgive those who hurt you and I promise the only thing you will be left with is the word of God and the realization that Jesus was true when He said in Mark 10:18 that no one is good and that they will persecute the children of God (John 15:21) as they did the “Son of God”.

    Demons live in all people because we are born in the darkness. To cast them out is to discriminate against their lieing doctrines (Luke 12:15). The bible does not say to set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them but does say that what ever you set your mind to, you will achieve (Matt. 17:20). But be careful where you put your faith (focus) because this determines whom you serve. If your goal is to do all the things society tells you makes you a good person (ie: car, house, children, success, popularity, etc.) then you serve idols. (2 Peter 3:3; Jude 118) Jesus said follow Him (John 21:19) Did he follow the crowds? No, but crowds of tired, poor, confused, rich followed Him and those not willing to let go of their lives in order to live like Him, fell away from Him (Luke 9:24).

    The name of Jesus is powerful when it is given power by the possessor. The name is the way of, the truth of and the life of Jesus. If we possess all of this and nothing else, then we are children (sons) of God and have power over those who would cause us to turn away from God. Our very life is not worth turning away from God. So if your life is dangled in front of you and another of comfort is offered or you have to choose between your life with God or tolerance and coexistence in sin, you have a choice. To choose death over sin is righteous and eternal life but to choose even a little sin over death is eternal damnation by your own choosing. I wish more people would take the words of God more seriously instead of trying to manipulate them to cater to their worldly desires/life. To allow someone to affect/guide you is to surrender the power of God. Your very life is pocket change in comparison to the wealth of life purity and righteouness pays. God loves you but the queation is, “Do you love, honor, respect and obey all that is God?”. Become one of the chosen few by choosing God. (Matt 22:14)

  8. …a point of interest: when the angles came down to earth and had children with terrestrial women.. a hybrid (terrestial and celestial) not approved by the Lord i am assuming/God stopped it…..when those corrupt died in the Great Flood what happen to their spirits? Are they the demons?

    • Your struggle with cigarettes has nothing to do with that. However, developing a close relationship with God can help you or anyone else overcome that cigarette habit or any other stubborn habit.

  9. Good article. Did you know that the Book of Enoch was included in the early King James Bible, but was removed at a later date?

  10. It has been postulated by some that demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim, which(before they were all eventually killed off) were supposedly the resulting offspring of fallen angels & the daughters of men while others see demons & fallen angels as being synonymous. We know that angels are very much capable of taking physical form, as evidenced throughout both OT & NT Scripture, and in conjunction with Jude 1:6, it wouldn’t be farfetched to see the possibility that some of the rebellious angels took on a physical form and mated with the daughters of men. Its one of the ways Satan probably tried to derail God’s plan by corrupting the gene pool both before and after the flood.

  11. Fallen angels and demons are the same, they were all once angels that rebelled with satan against God and thrown out of heaven without there host bodies of that of an angel thats why they seek to posses people because they have no rest without a body. Im sorry to say that son of God in Genesis IS NOT fallen angel, scripture is clear if you do not follow God, be led by His Spirit you are not His Son, scripture also tells us that God never said to any angel you are my son. Demons can not have babies with humans God created each species after its kind. dogs cant have sex with cats and get pregnant, elephants cant have sex with rhino’s and get pregnant it impossible God created specific DNA structures and the two will not mix it is as I said impossible.

    • The term Bene-Ha-Elohim, or “Sons of God”, ARE in fact angelic beings. This same term is used later in the New Testament referring to those angels that “kept not their own estate” but defiled themselves with “strange flesh”(human females) and are held in “chains under darkness until the Judgement of the Great Day”, period. The notion that there was a special group of human men specifically punished by God, separately from everyone else, is not Scriptural, and in fact would contradict Jesus’s own words. However, the notion that a number of lower-watcher Angels, seeing the beauty of human women, “left their first estate” or domain and commingled with the aforementioned women-defiling themselves with”strange flesh”, and bore offspring which became “mighty ones” and “men of renown”. Renown meaning “note worthy”, or perhaps even “myth-worthy”, ergo Greek/Egyptian/Norse, etc. All the above mentioned ancient civilizations and cultures have myths and stories of “shining ones” or like- beings coming from the sky and mating with human women. Another clue would be the fact that these and many, many other cultures we’re taught “arts” which advanced their respective civilizations, such as astronomy, alchemy-chemistry/astrology/mining of precious metals and stones/ the forging of metals into weapons and armor/divination/blood rituals/conjuring of spirits/etc. All manner of occulted knowledge not meant for “fallen” mankind. This is not a theory, it is fact, and an incredibly inconvenient fact for agencies like the Smithsonian, which has attempted to suppress the evidence, unsuccessfully I might add for a generation. Yet the giant skeletons found out west in Lovelock caves, or the speech by President Lincoln at Niagara, where he referred to “that race of ancient Giants that fill the mounds of America”, give proof to the fact that these beings existed. And that upon their physical death, their evil spirits remain, and are in fact engaged in spiritual warfare to this very day. Think about it, why was it so important to include Noah’s complete genetic heritage, by name,in the Bible and not leave it at “he was perfect in his generations”? Because it wasn’t about his relations, it was about his “genes” being pure, in purely human. This proclaimed to everyone, for all time, that Jesus was also pure in his generations as well.

    • Ray it is not impossible! I have seen pictures of sheep and goats being born with human faces from the Middle East. Satan and his followers ,( god, Hebrew word 430 is Elohim) created the giants in Genesis 1, “in our image “it says.Genesis 2 is The Lord God, Hebrew word 410, formed the first man Adam! Genesis 3 is the mixing of the two species, Eve being seduced by the serpent and giving birth to twins. The Lord God cursed them both for what they did. Read it again and pay close attention, leave everything you have been taught by man and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. Things are not as they seem. The Earth is not a spinning ball, It is a Plain with water above and below, Genesis 1, Joshua 10:12. That is not arguable. John 10:34-36, Jesus said we are gods( Elohim). We are all fallen angels (aliens, sojourners)who left our first estate. Jesus came here to purchase us back to him. We get to choose again to return to Heaven( Christ our Savior) or stay and be judged. Watch the movie City of Angels.

  12. Interesting read. One major question that wasn’t addressed was if God created Angels and Satan convinced 1/3 of the Angles to come with him then how can there be a difference between fallen Angels and unclean spirits? Where does it say in Scripture that God created unclean spirits?????

  13. I have studied various books including demonology, demonolatry and black magick as well as angelic magick do not judge me but if we are to be wise and learned we must not limit ourselves to one narrow view such as using only the Bible as the ultimate reference. We must look both sides so we will be able to learn what is really the truth out there. We cannot discern the truth from just one source. The term fallen angels referred to angelic beings who rebel against the Elohim and voluntarily separated themselves, as an analogy they are like the rebellious soldiers who are separatist from the legitimate or ruling government. Fallen angels have a differing view or shall we say spiritual ideology. In truth we cannot label one or the other as evil or good per se, that is not the case, it is actually human nature to use labels such as good, bad evil and holy, etc. it makes things easier to grasp in our limited human thinking and perception. Demons on the other hand are lower spirits or entities of low nature that are of darkness. They have never been an angelic being and then fell.

    Let me cite some known spirits. Take for example Lucifer. He/she (angelic beings have no gender they are androgynous besides there is no need for them to be sexual to reproduce so we cannot apply human nature unto them) Lucifer is actually a Seraphim one of the highest order in the angelic heirarchy and he is even higher in rank as it was said a Searaphim has 6 wings while he/she has 12 indicates he/she is an angelic being of great power. Astaroth is also a high ranking spirit but was later given the label as a demon when King Solomon imprisoned the 72 Goetic spirits in a brass vessel for being rebellious and that includes Astaroth, but in no way he/she is evil. Let’s say a renegade soldier who fought against the government but he is a good man and a loving father with his own ideology and principle of what he think is right. Same as with these fallen angels. The brass vessel is not a physical vessel but a metaphor for the collective subconscious.

  14. I will get right to the point,
    Fallen Angel, the word significantly gives understanding that, this is a Angelic being that has fallen, very simple,
    -Our omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence perfect GOD, could not and would not EVER CALL FALLEN ANGELS his sons, point blank, that simple,
    Now with this we must understand the most important thing about angels,
    They are never ever called sons anywhere in Scriptures, they are called MESSANGER or STARS or ANGELS, BUT NEVER SONS,
    this term has presently been falsely applied by Christians who have become muxed up with ufologists or ancient astronaut theorist, Marzulli or Stichen
    Christ himself is called the only begotten son, this is for a very important reason,
    it shows who is permitted to be called such a thing, only MAN is given such a place in His-Story to be called a son and daughters, by the sacrifice of Christ,
    So that said, the word SON OF GOD, mentioned in the Torah is relative only to a BELIEVER, a man who obeyed God,

    We must be clear that the Bible is about mans existence in TIME as creation by GOD, more specifically, it is only based and written for man about man pertaining to mans relationship with GOD,
    the Bible is not a story about angelic beings, the Bible only mentions Angel, because after the Angelic fall there began the angelic conflict, the ALLOWED temptation of ÂdÂM, Angelic beings thrust outvof heaven, the supernatural realm and into the natural realm outside of heaven, the earthly realm,
    So the BIBLE is only about Man,
    Angels just happen to be involved in it because ÂdÂM allowed them to enter our environment, ADAM had the power to remove satan the serpent, as Adam was given DOMINION over anything in his environment, but instead ÂdÂM chose to follow his own WILLL and not Gods,
    Genesis 6
    1 An it came to pass, when ##MEN## began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
    2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose

    Before this most of MAN believed in GOD, but then MEN the disbeliever began to multiply, mean the Antichrist humanity,
    All throughout the bible the word MAN snd MEN, are distinctly used different , Man is clearly abbreviated from ADAM, as us WOMAN, were MEN IS a change in the use to describe a difference as unity and disunity accord and discord ,

    So very simplistic with no Angels involved,
    Believers married disbelievers causing man to mix with the daughter’s of men, creating a human race of disbelievers,

    Remember Genesis 6:5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of ##MAN## was great ((not men)) in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of
    ##HIS ##heart was only evil continually,

    This is very plainly only talking about MAN NOT FALLEN ANGELS,
    The part that confuses many is
    Genesis 6:4 There were ## giants## in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    It clearly states giants ALREADY EXISTED,
    We understand the word giants as big people, YES THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT HEIGHT’S ,
    But the word giant is taken from a Latin wor translated from a Greek word from the Septuagint to Vulgate meaning gargantuan or giant, the Hebrew Torah translation means not giant in height, but giant in power as a dictator or tyrant, a DOMINION state not a physical state,

    So tte confusion is made with the SONS OF GOD, by thinking men must be gargantuan or giants, because of the Greek mythology wording used to translate POWERFUL RULER or TYRANT.

    The think of fallen angels as sons of god was distorted during the 1800, as many cults arose Jehovah witness, Mormon, Seventh day Adventist, which all surrounded a TYPE OF ANGEL WORSHIP, which the Torah and Bible explicitly taught against, as many cults were based on angelic apparitions,

    So who were the SONS OF GOD,
    This was the blood line of Seth, how di we know this, because this was the blood line of Noah, which had enough influence by his father’s to obey God and be found righteous, by WORKS,

    The scientific study even in EVOLUTION can prove this by EPIGENETICS, I do Not believe in evolution, but I make the case because evolution even worldly can see the genetic tie from NAN TO MEN,
    Meaning it would be more likely for Noah, by his ancestors PROVEN RECORD OF FEARING GOD, That Noah would be a prime candidate,
    Basically by EPIGENETICS, the environment or the characteristics of Noah’s forefathers ENOCH Methuselah, feard God so it was more likely that Noah would have a fear of GOD,

    I’m a bit off point,
    Remembering that Noah was righteous orca believer, but right after the flood, NOAH made aa altar, basically Noah went to church and worshipped and praised, then Noah became ,not a SHEPHERD like ABEL AND SETH and his ancestors BUT A HUSBANDMAN, Which is a farmer, JUST LIKE CAIN , wholearned to get his food by the sweat of his brow like his father aADAM, then Noah became DRUNK oas SINNERS often due,

    although Fallen Angels did influence the TEMPTATION of believers causing them to fall and become corrupted disbelievers

    • Now the difference between Angels and demons is a difficult subject, Yet we can understand by the knowledge ofvthe holyghost,

      At this time in His-Story,
      MAN fell to the wickedness of MEN,

      Now angels have bodies,
      Satan as Lucifer did not lose his body but lost his ESTATE, HIS POSITION in heaven,
      So ANGELS HAVE BODIES, they merely have angelic bodies,
      Humans have Earthly bodies Angels have Heavenly bodie,

      This is were it gets interesting but confusing, because you must know your Bible,
      Purgatory is a teaching of Catholicism,
      It comes from knowing that there are souls that are not in heaven or paradise,
      This teaching comes from the FLOOD EVENT, Catholicism believers say that if you die in SIN, your relatives can pray you out,
      Complete lies and blasphemy of scripture,
      The bible says in the NEW TESTAMENT, 2COR 5:8
      King James Bible
      We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

      Okay this is written when Jesus as Messiah had come to save us from HELL,

      previously as seen in the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus,
      We understand that there is a place called the Bosom of Abraham, where believers souls went to wait until the SAVIOR came.
      This is not Soul sleep as Lazarus and the Rich man are fully aware.

      Therefore the FLOOD period did not have such a place as , GOD says clearly that,

      Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said, My ##spirit shall not always strive with (((man)), for that he also is((( flesh))): yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

      Meaning God gave 120 years for man to repent,
      More interesting,GOD made ut clear that man was flesh, therefore the BODY IS THE TEMPLE of THE HOLYGHOST,

      this was a very difficult thing for GOD, Genesis ((6:6,)) the number of man coincidentally:: And it ##repented## the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it ##grieved## him at his heart,

      Even though God iis perfect and knows all truth, this was a very hard decision for GOD, in all GODs judgment, only this time after does God never want to do such a thing to man, we know how hardthis was fir GOD because of the COVENANT PROMISE, GOD made to Noah who was the Adam of his time.

      So the ddisembodied SOULS, we deemed wicked continually by GOD,
      That said these are more likely to be what we call Unclean spirits or demons, which are different from devils, which is a corruption of demon,
      These disembodied souls who whos flesh was destroyed and were left disembodied are the best choice to be demons, as this generation was REPROBATE, unsavable,

      This is why they seach to inhabit human BODIES and they know there judgment is coming, but not yet,
      as JESUS explain
      Mathew 8:29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?

      These unclean disembodied souls, recognize GOD as JESUS and they know there doom, So they as SOULS BEG GOD, to have some Mercy,
      This mercy explained by the Rich man and Lazarus, who had no way to get to were Lazarus was, as there was a great gulf, a firmament of sorts,

      So hopefully this helps in understanding the angelic demonic difference.

    • Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.

      Job 2:1 Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD.

      Job 38:4-7 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.
      [5] Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?
      [6] Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;
      [7] When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

      None of these verses refer to human men. Humans were not around when God laid the foundations of the earth. Humans were not in heaven until after Christ ascended. Before that they went to Paradise. So the Sons of God could only be angels in these verses.

  15. Very interesting.

    I find it fascinating that Islamic eschatology says ‘djinn’ (entities capable of inhabiting people) will help make Islam the dominant world religion in the last days. I believe there’s likely a connection between these claims and Biblical claims that demonic activity will sharply increase during the last days (very generally speaking). The two just seem to fit together too well to me.

  16. I’m wondering why you say that the book of Enoch is not biblical because it is directly quoted in the book of Jude 1:14-15. Also, there are many other quotes in the bible by prophets (Jesus included) that reiterate points or statements that had previously been made in the book of Enoch. There is nothing I have read in the book of Enoch that contradicts other statements made in the Bible. It is also widely known fact that the book of Enoch was removed from original texts of the Bible. I realize that this is slightly off topic, but one can hardly do any biblical research into the history and origin of demons, fallen angels, and nephilim without being led to the (what I believe to be) biblical book of Enoch. Genesis 5:19-21 also mentions Enoch as being the father of Methuselah, which means that he was also the great grandfather of Noah. This is a topic that I am obviously interested in, and I am interested in your opinion on the matter because I have had many discussions with my father (who is a 30 year minister of the gospel with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies) on the matter. The book of Enoch seems to be something that has been disregarded by many Christians, but I am wondering why, when the evidence has led me to believe otherwise. In the times that we live in, I have found that the information given in the book of Enoch is more astounding and relevant than ever. All in all this was a very interesting article to read. Thank you and be blessed!

      • Hi Wayne, thank you for your insightful writing on the article above. As a past student in theology for two years, I amassed much learning on spiritual matters. Since then I have read many books seeking knowledge. I must share with you and your listeners that in the latter months, the most striking and influential book I have read is The Demonologist which documents the life of both Ed and Lorraine Warren. It is excellent beyond belief and one I would recommend to your readers. Best wishes and every success.

  17. I have a question about EMDR therapy and the pineal gland or third eye being opened through this method. Maybe it is a little off subject but it does have to do with opening doors for demons. I only recently have learned a bit about the pineal gland and this third eye stuff, which I am not interested in opening up or messing with. A few years ago, I went through EMDR therapy, with a Christian therapist, for treating PTSD. I had, at the time, no knowledge of the third eye chakra crap. However, I felt it was kind of odd therapy for a Christian especially, so I did not do it for very long. My question is could that have opened a door for demons? I have other things in my life that I know have opened doors, I am a Christian. I have went back into the world and find it so much more difficult to ” find myself” again, meaning the true me God knows as his daughter. I feel tormented and am struggling. I do not know if this is a god or bad thing because a lot of Christian based sites have given EMDR therapy a thumbs up and I feel that is not right. But they know more about the bible than I do. I also understand there is a lot of false doctrine these days and more to come. I am asking you because I have been reading a lot of different perspectives on all kinds of things and your article seems to be in line with scripture. And eyes tell a lot about a person. So is EMDR , (of course if you do not know about it then you may have some reading to do , sorry ) , against biblical doctrine? If not is it for it? And pleas provide scriptures. Maybe if you can not answer it you can hand it to someone who knows. Sorry I know it is out of your field of expertise but I believe we do not need to know a lot on a subject , except for the bible, to know if something is biblical or not.

    • I did not hear of EMDR until you brought it up. Before reading my answer, please understand that I am not questioning the effectiveness of EMDR. I am only attempting to address the questions you had about it. EMDR would be something I would personally shy away from because of the potential to open the third eye. Opening the third eye can make a person vulnerable to encountering evil spiritual entities. I assist a faith-based recovery program in my area and it teaches that developing one’s relationship with Jesus Christ can help a person to gain lasting victory over addictions, hurts, and a variety of issues like anxiety, anger, depression, etc. It seems that EMDR causes people to look away from Christ for help and to instead place their hopes in a type of therapy. In that sense, I’d be skeptical of those who say that the treatment is biblical. I’ll end my answer with this passage:

      “(31) Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; (32) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:31-32)

      • Okay that is what I was thinking. So, I did this therapy already years ago without knowing anything about it nor the pineal gland. The therapist I went to was a Christian, supposedly, and so I kind of trusted her. I was not comfortable with it and only had about 4 sessions maybe and I do not remember feeling different or thinking differently about my trauma. I have struggled with my walk and my faith since that time and have felt tormented , not like I have a demon in me, but attached or following me. I have also Opened doors through sin in my life. So I am asking How would I know if my pineal gland or third eye , whatever, was effected by the EMDR treatment I received years ago . And if it were , will God reverse whatever was done to me unknowingly. I do not want to open any more doors. I am trying to shut them and I have been working on my relationship with the Lord and I understand that that is the key. Will it hurt me to know if something was triggered ? Or should I just ask God to undo whatever , if anything , that was done. I have heard and read to be careful when praying about spirits and telling them to leave and naming the wrong ones can be dangerous. But , It seems to me if I shut the door on the physical strongholds , or others, that I am aware of and repent, then just ask God to take care of any thing I am unaware of, then He will. I do not want to know about anything that I am unaware of , unless God has a purpose for it then He will show me, I suppose. Meaning I don’t think I need to know the ins and outs about all that new age crap to get rid of it. Do spirits need to be named to be delivered from them? ( sorry for so many questions). Also, should I go to someone and be prayed for also? I live in Oaxaca, Mexico and I am not fluent in Spanish yet, and I am not currently attending church regularly, that’s a whole other issue, but I will do what I can to find a good place especially if I need prayer from another over this. I just really do not want anything to hinder my mind or heart especially in these days and what is to come. I do not want to be deceived. I am also going through other issues in my marriage and feel very out of control and want to stop some things but feel like I can alcohol and my anger. Sorry, again , I am really struggling. Thank for any insight you can give I appreciate your time. God Bless.

        • So many questions! I think it’s best if I just say what I’m sensing about you from what you’ve told me.

          It sounds to me that your fear/worry about this issue is weighing you down. You may not have your third eye open, but the fear/worry alone is damaging enough. The Bible instructs us to not worry in several places including:

          “(6) Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (7) And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

          I know the uncertainty is hard, but by seeking answers you risk learning things that you do not need to know. Sometimes it is best to not seek answers (especially in a topic area where you are not comfortable with) but to instead to trust that God will protect you from what you can see and what you cannot see. Romans 8:38-39 states:

          (38) For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, (39) Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

          This passage means that God will love you no matter what and that evil spirits cannot stop God from loving you. That is something you can take comfort in as you learn to trust God to protect you from the unknown.

          I also think you need to build your faith up and you build your faith up by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Strong faith will help shield you from thoughts/lies that the devil might try to put into your mind. If you don’t know where to start, read a proverb each day from the Book of Proverbs. It is one of the most practical books in the entire Bible in our daily lives. It provides wisdom about anger and other issues that people have.

          I think you can benefit if you find a good church to go to regularly. You’d have the help of the pastor and the help of the people who go there to pray for you. You don’t have to deal with this burden alone. People at church can help you to deal with your struggles. If you cannot find a good church immediately, there’s a website called Sermon Audio which has a lot of good preaching on a variety of subjects that should help your faith to grow.

          I hope this perspective helps.

  18. What about the scripture in Jude talks fallen angels? Jude 6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
    If they are chained how are they moving about? I think they used to move about… but now?

    • 2 Peter 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

      • Some would point to Genesis 6:4 as evidence that there may have been angels that fell after the flood. Genesis 6:4 indicates that the giants (Nephilim) were the offspring of human women and fallen angels: “There were giants [Nephilim] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” The first part of Genesis 6:4 indicates that there were giants during the days of Noah and after that time period as well. How could there be giants/Nephilim after the flood (giants like Goliath)? The original set of fallen angels were indeed locked up as Jude and Peter indicate. But what if there were more that fell after the flood?

        Revelation 12:7-9 depicts a future war in Heaven. The passage indicates twice that Satan has angels of his own during the battle and that these angels will be permanently expelled from Heaven in the future:

        “(7) And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, (8) And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. (9) And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

        I think Revelation 12:7-9 presents compelling evidence that there are still fallen angels out there.

  19. They are one and the same – purely a matter of perspective. I know, because one of them told me.

  20. Demons, are fallen angels. The giants in Noah’s day were the offspring of the fallen angels and human women. A hybrid offspring. No sex. The demons (fallen angels) have been alive for millions of years. They decided to follow Satan and gave into their selfish desires. To take as many women as they wanted. When the flood came and claimed their women and children (the giants). They became depressed and ANGRY!. So, they take pleasure in hurting humans, because their time is short and they are jealous that some of us will live forever. In their place. Yes, they were made to live forever! But, they have given up that opportunity, for a small amount of time to do what they wanted.

  21. “Revelation 12 records the first batch of fallen angels who fell from Heaven.”???
    Wait what? Um no. Not with what I read and know.
    Actually in the very 1st book, Genesis ch 6 talks of the first who fell.
    First off, you have to understand the 3 realms of heaven. And hierarchy. the Creator. Then 1st realm of heaven. Seraphim, cheribim & thrones. The 2nd realm of heaven is dominions, virtues, powers. The 3rd realm of heaven fell…principalities, arc angels & angels. Back to genesis ch 6.
    The “sons of god” (angels) looked upon the daughters of man (humans) found them to be fair…(attractive) *Went to them. (Fell) took wives and had children.(the nephilim) The giants in those days. When they die… demons are the disembodied souls of the half fallen angel half impure human. There was never terminology “demon” until AFTER the flood.
    Fallen angels have their own celestial body with wings. Many of them are palest skin bluest eyes blondest hair. Some are olive complexion and raven colored hair and eyes. Some described to me had me thinking of Thor and Loki! (Loki is a name of a fallen angel btw) ONLY MALE LIKE ENTITIES ARE FALLEN ANGELS!
    A demon however is constantly looking for a body to inhabit. Preferably ones that share the same addictions they had while alive! And demons can be females too. LILITH is a demon. She is responsible for still births! 🙁
    The book of Enoch is a great book to learn of the things the fallen do not want us to know. All the mythological “gods” are actually… fallen angels. And the “gods” of the people the Bible records who mistreat Gods chosen, the Hebrews… are also fallen angels.
    The original gods of messopotamia. And the 4 “most powerful ranks in hell” satan, beelzebub (original baal) astaroth and azazel. The fallen angel roots are Egypt, Assyria and Babylon.
    Now I am sure that the 1/3rd angels who fell, are constantly tempting the rest to join. But I can not agree that the 1st mention of fallen angels was in the last book. That is inaccurate. And I cant sit by quietly allowing people to be misinformed.
    Revelations however speaks of the mark of the beast. There will be something that occurs to cause the world to look @ a man that rises up and is “savior of the world”. He is to implement this mark of the beast. KJV says forces all to take the mark IN the right hand or IN the forehead (probably 4 the handless) and I firmly believe it is the RFID chip. As we have been micro chipping animals (beasts) for years to mark them and track them and learn about them etc. they have been conditioning you to comply with this by you paying for the chip for your pets. Now you can find them if they run off or get lost etc. Once they market it can protect your kids from kidnappers, and hide all your personal info on it, and you can pay for things with the swipe of your hand I am sure people wont mind going a long. It is those of us who know better that would refuse it. then because we look like we are opposing this system we would be put to death for it. I used to wonder who this one world leader would be. I thought maybe prince charles. BUT…
    I know of a fallen angel named Barakiel. His name means lightening of God, “el” in Hebrew means God. And lightening is pronounced “bawrak”. God claims satan was like lightening falling from heaven. President is also a title in hell. Just like many titles royalty stole. (royal bloodlines ARE satanic bloodlines) And military mimics, as well as ranks in free masonry! In fact there’s a president in hell called AMY. How many American girls have a fallen angel name and neither they nor the parents were aware?

    • I agree that the first mention of fallen angels is in Genesis 6. I referenced Revelation 12:3 because it gives background to the quantify of angels that initially fell. I changed the wording in an attempt to clarify things.

  22. I have met and slept with a fallen angel, I picked the entity up from an online dating site and it was trapped in the body of a woman, we drank and did drugs and had sex, the fallen angel told me it was a aphodite and was neither male nor female, when I was talking to the fallen angel it had a deep voice and was definatley not the same woman I had picked up in my car, I didn’t feel threatened and the entity told me it had been trapped in its retchard host body for years and was cursed to be stuck in this host body till the time came, it told me its name, which I forgot & spoke and answered questions freely, this happened in Auckland nz around 3yrs ago, I am not making this up, fallen angels and spirits exsist I have physically spoken to and had sex with one, it spoke of the torture of being stuck in its female host body…The voice it used was deep and unforgettable we had both anal and virginal sex….has anyone else had similar experience, at this time of my life I was living very un Christian and dealing drugs, I don’t know why this entity found me or why it spoke to me so freely….was I deceived by a demon? and why me? is this a sign?? can anyone help?? I have thoughts of seeking the female person out again as I want to question entity again as now I am single, is this a wise move, proberly not…but after that meeting I now have soo many unanswered questions and questions I have now thought of asking that I would want to ask the fallen angel, the host body liked me, I only met her once and threw away her phone number, I have since left nz but will be returning there shortly…I want to seek out the female….I speak the truth and this is true, I was brought up christen and attend church now and then. I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this.

    • i believe we are the fallen angels.remember i knew you before the womb.we were born in sin why? because we followed satan when we were in heaven i say the garden of eden.adam and eve were kicked out of the garden of eden or heaven for being deceived and listening to satan.

    • If it were not inside of a human I would say it could be a succubus and incubus. That person was possessed with a demon. Why you? Why NOT you? Demons do not care who they take to hell since they will never know heaven. Intercourse is HUGE in occultism to pass demons from one person to another. If a person you have intercourse with had 100 demons you now have 50. And that demon was lying. It would rather have a body than be expelled by a person on fire for God left to find a new body. YOU NEED TO BREAK UNGODLY SOUL TIES AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Research how to denounce and sever ungodly soul ties in the name of Jesus. You may need the help of a prayer warrior, holy ghost filled, water baptized in Jesus name. I hope this helps. Do not wonder about the unanswered questions. Get your soul right. Repent. And live right. The answers will come in time.

  23. Fallen angels were those who followed God at first and then were permanently kicked out of Heaven because of their rebellion of God and loyalty to Lucifer (Satan).

    When the fallen angels entered earth and became sinners, they also became demons. Lucifer did the same and became Satan.

    God was, is, and will always be God. The same thing applies to His Son, Jesus Christ, as well.

  24. Hello, umm i have been searching for answers since i have reached land, and noone can even seem to conprehend what has happened to me when i tell the. What i have to say sounds like a raving lunatic when i try to percieve it with this logical mind. And the mind expects others to concieve it that way, but when i tell others i cam not just telling them with this physical voice in this physical world, but i am reaching out to them from the world i was in behind the looking glass, i could never reach others in the darkest times, but when whatever it is i made a deal with started to change. and we was walking hand and hand in this body.

    I made a deal with something i dunno what i often thought i finally agreed to let the darkness in as long is it protected/left alone my spiritual sanity. And love for my being(which maybe it was a part of me) had made me it god the darkness and even everyone in this life i came into contact with made my entire being start to change. And when it finally changed it fell back into darkness because it had seen the damage it did to the world because of its new nature. Then whatever i made a deal with(covered in darknessALOT) It finally allowed me to breakthrough, but when it left and i seen the light illuminate it, I was the one behind the steering wheel not just the co pilot, i seen it all for the first time, not just in the realm of feeling but in this physical realm as well, which I had a alot of problems comming into this with the sanity of my physical mind being damaged.

    Now it has been ten days later, and oneness has been restored, when i seen the darkness it was directly after I was given the gift to experience this reality and the reality of the one who protected me.

    At first i was scared because i felt all of the pain and was putting it on myself. Now that i have remembered the words of treuth ringing in these ears when the light spoke, all is clear, and now i need to know if i am really here or if this physical mind was able to produce this idea so intensly that I moved into that reality, please if there are others like this i am willing everyday that i am here with others and we are ready to help everyone else come here , so that we can all go to the next place together after we illuminate the darkness and it recedes off the children of light.

  25. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church’s bible canon is as follows:

    The Holy Books of the Old Testament
    1. Genesis
    2. Exodus
    3. Leviticus
    4. Numbers
    5. Deuteronomy
    6. Joshua
    7. Judges
    8. Ruth
    9. I and II Samuel
    10. I and II Kings
    11. I Chronicles
    12. II Chronicles
    13. Jublee
    14. Enoch
    15. Ezra and Nehemia
    16. Ezra (2nd) and Ezra Sutuel
    17. Tobit
    18. Judith
    19. Esther
    20. I Maccabees
    21. II and III Maccabees
    22. Job
    23. Psalms
    24. Proverbs
    25. Tegsats (Reproof)
    26. Metsihafe Tibeb (the books of wisdom)
    27. Ecclesiastes
    28. The Song of Songs
    29. Isaiah
    30. Jeremiah
    31. Ezekiel
    32. Daniel
    33. Hosea
    34. Amos
    35. Micah
    36. Joel
    37. Obadiah
    38. Jonah
    39. Nahum
    40. Habakkuk
    41. Zephaniah
    42. Haggai
    43. Zechariah
    44. Malachi
    45. Book of Joshua the son of Sirac
    46. The Book of Josephas the Son of Bengorion

    The holy books of the New Testament
    1. Matthew
    2. Mark
    3. Luke
    4. John
    5. The Acts
    6. Romans
    7. I Corinthians
    8. II Corinthians
    9. Galatians
    10. Ephesians
    11. Philippians
    12. Colossians
    13. I Thessalonians
    14. II Thessalonians
    15. I Timothy
    16. II Timothy
    17. Titus
    18. Philemon
    19. Hebrews
    20. I Peter
    21. II Peter
    22. I John
    23. II John
    24. III John
    25. James
    26. Jude
    27. Revelation
    28. Sirate Tsion (the book of order)
    29. Tizaz (the book of Herald)
    30. Gitsew
    31. Abtilis
    32. The I book of Dominos
    33. The II book of Dominos
    34. The book of Clement
    35. Didascalia

    Note the book of Enoch is among this books

  26. This might be very OFF TOPIC. I wonder if deep in the hearts of some fallen angels, they want to go back to Heaven. Heaven was once their home, after all. It was just a thought. I believe fallen angels who could never go back home decided to make this world their home. They resided in the trees, rivers, etc and became its inhabitant before mankind was exiled, too. They became earth spirits (fairies, silkies, nymphs, mermaids, etc) and would punish anyone who steps foot into their domain. And they are jealous of mankind. God gave humanity a chance and choices. God loves humanity so much. In the end, only humans can choose between going to Heaven or not. Those who choose the latter will be sent to eternal damnation along with the fallen ones. My point is, fallen angels can never go back to Heaven. Their bitterness and resentments made them hate humanity and they want to drag us along their fate. How loved humanity really is!

    • I’m not sure so much that it is a case of the fallen angels attaching themselves to things such as rivers, trees, and etc. from their fall, as much as I believe angels were assigned right at the beginning to various parts of nature to oversee them to keep things running smoothly and carry out God’s commands when He wanted to use nature for His purposes. We know that the stars are angels (in other words, every star has an angel assigned to it). It says in Rev. that the angels control the winds. We know there are territorial angels who oversee nations, etc. I think all of nature has angels assigned to it, both on earth and in space, and they were all created to look different, so that they could be known as to their designated jobs by their appearance. Since 1/3 of the angels fell, I am thinking it was probably 1/3 across the board in all of the areas, so some of nature is controlled by fallen angels, as well as some of it controlled by non-fallen angels. I may be wrong on that, but I think it would make sense. Oddly enough, I do believe in what people call leprechauns, fairies, dryads, mermaids, etc. I think some of them, such as the mermaids, might also be nephilim. All of them fallen beings, as usually the righteous angels don’t make a habit of appearing to people, unless they are disguised so as not to be known for what they are.

  27. Very interesting stuff here. I love the way you stick to the Word Wayne. Now I’ve this question: looking at the nephilim discussion and six toys with six toys, it’s not normal that a normal person without a connection to those things can actually be born with six toys and six fingers right?

  28. you are all, very delusional and wrong for it is God who is the tormentor of man. Have you ever wondered why 1.5 million angels rebelled against God. What causes rebellion. The Day will come where the world will unite in peace and end the tyranny of the Nazarene.

    • I’m curious. Where did you come up with that number of angels? I don’t recall that anywhere it is mentioned how many angels there are, nor how many fell, other than the fraction 1/3 of them.

      What caused their rebellion? They had free will and chose to exercise it with pride, hate, jealousy, envy, lust for power, etc., (great character traits, right?) and they were dumb enough to listen to the lies of Satan who stirred them up to rebel. He was a created creature who wanted to overthrow the very person who created him. A God who created him in perfection, beauty, love, joy, and all the wonderful things that are holy and good. He had no excuse for his downfall except his own pride. None of them did.

      God does not torment people. He will pour out His wrath on the sin-filled, unbelieving, rebellious world in the end, for it is what they will deserve, and for now He may allow His people to be tormented by Satan for the sake of our disciplining and spiritual growth, just as we discipline our own children, but the tormenting comes from Satan or the consequences of our own rebellion, for we too have free will. Our prayers are asking God to intervene on that free will or on Satan’s torment and forgive us so that we hopefully don’t suffer the consequences of our sins. Without prayers, God does not force Himself upon the consequences, but let’s our free will take its toll. That’s why people suffer. They are choosing to exercise their free will against God and His holy and good ways.

      We bring on our own torment by our rebellion and actions. Man treats man abominably, God doesn’t have to do a thing except let us our free will take its course. People listen to their own rebellious heart and Satan’s directives, as his agenda is to defeat God, at the cost of your life. He doesn’t care what happens to you. God on the other hand, sacrificed His only Son so that you are absolved of all sin in His eyes, if you accept Christ’s sacrifice in your stead. Satan uses you, abuses you, and throws you away. God gave everything to redeem you.

      The choice of the fallen angels was the same choice you are making, to reject God and His love. You asked why the angels would do it? I already told you why. Why are you doing it? You will give the excuse that you blame God for the horrors of this world. It’s not His fault that in free will choice man chooses to reject him and acts in self-destructive ways. The angels had as little reason to reject God as Adam and Eve did. In fact they had less, for they were living in the very presence of God in total perfection when they were created. Eve at least had the excuse that she was deceived by an already fallen creature. The only excuse the angels have is their unmitigated pride and stupidity. Is your pride of wanting to be your own god making you make the same choice? Trust me. It won’t end well for you any more than it did for them. The difference is, God has made a way for you to be redeemed. They weren’t so blessed.

      As for the day when the world will be united, you are correct. It will happen first when Satan through his vessel of the beast or antichrist tries to unite the world under a tyranny of hate, torture, deprivation, etc. Then he will be defeated and God will unite the world in love and blessings under Christ. You may desire the first,but I prefer the second.

  29. i remember when i was a child im a wandering angel i play create and do things and a messenger told me to go home and i went to my father he has a beard and a lightning sword he said hes gonna teach me until i was sent to jesus christ with ruby crown he said ill be sent to earth to destroy the aliens/fallen angels after that he sent me to a red clothed angel that angel care me descending to earth and im born in1999 i just remember a lot of things so when im a kid5yo before my cousin died my aunt says i have full of understanding being humble and at this present moment i always remember the beautiful paradise i walk PLEASE HELP ME WHO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS THIS INCARNATION

  30. Just agree with what Wayne has to say, it all makes sense. But i havent had time to read the other comments…will do soon. Denise

  31. the above article suggest that the fallen angels and demons both are bad. but some sites say that fallen angels are the ones who fell in love with the daughters of men. that was their only fault. whereas demon are the minister of devil who manipulated people.

  32. From what I learned from the bible and the particular verses is that angels were the first created. Then humans were created(Adam and Eve) and God showed so much love to them and lucifer was jealous which led to his rebeliion and had him cast out with a third of the angels. So to make God angry at humans Lucifer tempted eve to eat the forbidden fruit. They were banished from the garden and as punishment for women from Eve’s decision that all women will give birth and suffer 9 months(interesting how that turned out since we get happy about that now). Around that time fallen angels had begun to bread with human women and the child born was one born from the darkness of both the fallen and the sins of man which lead the beginning of”demons”. The fallen ones are the fathers of demons. Its the same way succubi and incubi work. They breed with humans to be able to give birth to more demons. The fallen ones taught the demons to deceive the heart of man as they did so they could all attack our faith while the fallen ones keep ruling Hell.

  33. I don’t think there is really a need to prove or disprove the books that didn’t make it into the bible we have today. maybe they are true or maybe they have been corrupted over the centuries… who really knows… what we do know is the mission we were given by Christ. preach the gospel. make disciples. baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Unless without these other books the revelation of Christ is distorted, there is no need to prove or disprove.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, the pursuit of truth is a great endeavor and I applaud your extensive research. Have you read the Work of Dakes? He had some interesting things to say on this particular subject. thou can get a Dakes bible. interesting stuff

  34. hitler was a high-ranking sorcerer, witch, occultist, very skilled black magicK practitioner.. he was possessed, and probably by more than 1 entity.. blonde blue eyed aryan supermen.. this idea was implanted in him by the reptilians.. coporeal ( hybrids – like cain ) and noncoporeal more than likely – his supermen were the nordic blondes in alien lore ..

  35. That’s an interesting question. One where I’d only be speculating since I’ve never encountered one in person. My guess is that mentioning Christ’s name could have an impact since demons (assuming they are dead nephilim) are impacted when Christ’s name is mentioned.

  36. A random thought came to me and I’d like your opinion on it. If demons are dead nephilim, and they can be cast out of people or stopped from doing what they are doing in Jesus name, if one encountered a live nephilim, would one be able to also exert some control over it in Jesus name, or would you have no way to combat it except the way we would combat another human? What do you think?

  37. I agree on Hitler being the last head prior to Antichrist. It’s something that a lot of people don’t understand. I have quotes that I have not yet shared from people who were close to Hitler even in his last days. They confirm he was possessed.

  38. I don’t think what you said to open your eyes was out of line at all considering. And knowing how you usually respond to people, I figured you had reached the end of your patience. You sometimes get some really obnoxious and nasty comments from people, as do I on my blog, and you are far more gracious than I am at times when I’ve been in dialogue with someone for hours on end and all they do is spout nonsense. I think Middleman was overly judgmental upon you using that one comment only as his basis, and considering what he wrote?

    As for Hitler, history shows he was heavily into the occult, and no doubt was possessed. I think Revelation bears that out as I believe he was the last head on that beast before the antichrist. That demons and demon possession exist is a fact, given that Christ cast them out. There’s no arguing that, especially for a Christian.

  39. I think I responded to “Open Your Eyes” during the evening after a long day. I was really offended by what that person wrote because that individual had no idea of the hundreds of hours I had put into researching the topic of Hitler and had no idea of the additional research which I possess and have not yet shared concerning Hitler.

    Online forums sometimes have “trolls” which post inflammatory comments to get a reaction out of people. I perceived that individual to be one. I never write or speak foul language anymore. I used to when I was young, but I would get into such big trouble for using foul language that I stopped by the time I was about 12.

  40. I’m curious. Do you feel this post is supposed to invalidate your other post? Because people reading these comments might not see this one and think you are the same as the person you answered. You won’t have proven any point at all. You will just have made yourself look as he looked. And considering that you called Christians as closed-minded as you referred to him being, and used the same type of language he did, I don’t know that people will give you much credit for being a Christian and listen to anything else you might say..

    And FYI, it is our place to pass judgment on erroneous beliefs and teachings that are in opposition to the Word of God. We are not to judge the motives of people, nor unbelievers, but we are to judge the actions of other Christians for if they need correction, we are to administer it. We are also to judge the doctrines they are teaching to weed out the wolves. You can’t do that if you don’t do any judging at all.

    Yes we all sometimes get pushed beyond our limits to endure at times, and on a bad day might respond in the wrong way, but foul language should not be a part of it no matter what. I’ve never seen Wayne use language such as that, and rarely, very rarely do I see him respond in anything but the kindest of ways. I imagine he was having a bad day when he answered this fellow, and the guy did have it coming. But then, I have to wonder if you have read much of what Wayne has written, or judged him on this one response. Oh, wait. You don’t believe in judging, do you. How ironic.

  41. Just FYI, I posted the comment about BIBLE THUMPERS, I just want to clarify that yes I am a Christian, raised Baptist, but do not really identify with any denomination as being perfect, I simply believe that Christ was the Savior and son of god. I am a military vet and current police officer so I 100% back what I said about believing in everyone’s rights to be free and say what they want, just ask that all sides no matter what they believe to show each other the god given respect that comes with being a human being. Remember as Christians it is not our place to pass judgment. and if we are belittling the other side of the argument then we are no better and just as ignorant. And yes I know I bashed that person, but that was for proving a point, my whole argument loses validity the minute I lose my ability to control my temper and succumb to anger

  42. Your as closed minded as the people you are bashing. I agree with you that Hitler was not possessed, he was insane most likely. As for whether or not demons are real, that is not for you or I to say as everyone is entitled to what they want to believe. Hell you may think fairy’s are real. I Would in turn think you were the DUMBASS as you put it in your reply. But I would honor your right to think, feel, say, or believe whatever you want. So people like you are just as bad as the BIBLE-THUMPERS that always tell everyone they are wrong and are going to Hell. you know what I agree with your right to disagree with someones view, hell even argue about it if you want. but don’t debase someone or their beliefs, and hound them with belittling terms. YOU ANAL GAPED D-BAG. I will tell you the truth of the universe right here that your parents never did… YOU ARE A FAILED ABORTION!

  43. My theory is that God took the fallen angels that helped create a world of chaos prior to the flood and chained them up to be judged at a later date.

  44. When God sent the great flood, all of the fallen angels were taken. Their offspring, the Nephilim, became succubus & incubus. It is a mortal sin to succumb to one. Also, I truly believe that demons are merely creatures from another plane of reality. Scientists proved the existence of multiple universes with Mtheory & undeniable scars where they’ve collided.

  45. How do you expian Jude 1:6
    & also 2 peter 2:4? I am very curious about this subject any input is greatly appreciated

    • The banned books were among over 2000 divinely inspired literature the corrupt religious institutions, with help from the state, attempted to destroy early on. They were burned along with the possessor of the “forbidden” knowledge because the records threatened to destroy the powerful entities that sought their removal.

  46. Pretty much there are different levels within the Angel realm because there is a high hierarchy but they all share one thing in common thy are Angels When it is all said and done they will not remain that way because tables will be turned on the Angels and Humans.

  47. Really I thought it was really clear. I don’t quote the bible. But that does not mean I don’t understand it I use it as a point to reason every text I have read. And I have read it a number of times. When you compare apples to oranges you most understand God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the only ones who understand logos and you cannot understand it without it. Good and evil is the tool of Lucifer and righteousness is the reasoning behind God. You cannot get to heaven by being good enough

  48. Okay I think this blog maybe dead but I will throw in my 2 cents. First of all the book of Enoch was thrown out by the ancient Romans as being not worthy of the Bible but it was one of the favorite text of Ancient Christians. Suffice it to say the Bible itself maybe a controversial topic because the Ancient Romans were the same ones who responsible for the crucifixion of our Lord Christ To me it is a dangerous text simply for those reasons. Also represents the new tree of the difference from good and evil. Since both good and evil actions have stemmed from it.
    Okay I digress but I had to lay out a framework for the rest of my comment. First of all Lucifer is said to be a Angel of light meaning represented enlightenment of who would want to be like Christ in their own flesh. Lucifer is competing with God as being his equal not his opposite. Because in the original garden the serpent said to Adam and Eve they could be equals with God if they knew the difference between good and evil.

    Its best not to mess with Angels s at all simply because it is a war of competition not attrition. All Angels no matter who side they are on are way more powerful than us while we are living in the flesh better just to deal with the spirit of Christ and his blood. Simply because Angels on either side can harm you depending on your actual relationship with Jesus, Which probably won’t be really clear till the end of your physical being. If you do decide to be on the dumb side you can survive a Angels attack but you cannot defeat them because they are in an eternal state. But its better not to be dumb because now you have placed your soul in mortal danger just by doing so.

    Demons are much different they are a result of our sin nature Demons are truly ugly things where Angels are a thing of beauty through and through. Except at the day of judgement where they enter hell and probably be jealous of worst looking demon. There are many kinds of demons and all are incorporeal things. They cannot harm you unless you give them the right or Lucifer was given the right to let them. Lucifer has been given dominion or demons and falling angels to do his bidden to create the illusion of him being God. And demons are not eternal as a matter of fact they are not even real since they are born from sin nature.

    But to us demons are real enough since we still have sin nature living in this physical being. Its only by grace of Jesus we are even allowed to enter Heaven. Now we must talk about the 3rd nature of Lucifer which is his servants. Since like God, Lucifer must be a trinity. He has servants and I call them minions. These people are not Satan worshipers or even the occult. They are those who Jesus did like to associate with when he was in the imperfect flesh who are religious because this is the true nature of Lucifer. Remember it is a competition and men are the chess pieces but the winner takes all.
    Okay enough said but your best weapon
    is prayer. Be careful on your works to be perfect
    because this is where deception begins.
    Better to help those in need and be
    respectful of others because pretty much
    this is what Jesus did. Let Love be your cause.

  49. Not trying to DISCOURAGE you but to give you an INSIGHT… Pls kindly accept my CORRECTION… Sons Of God in Genesis were not Angels… So it is widely speculated, but not so… In the book of Job, you would fine out that sons of God gathered and the devil came in their midst… If Sons of God were fallen angels, this would be a CONTRADICTION… its like saying fallen angels gathered and the fallen angel came in their midst… This makes no meaning… But study a bit deep and receive revelation to know who these Sons of God were… its SIMPLE but not simple..

  50. I’m not against nor for Book of Enoch. But to indicate that just becoz it’s not included in the Bible implied that it is invalid is rather erroneous, in my opinion.

    Yhwh did not said He wanted a / the Bible.

    He said He wanted His WORD to be taught and written in His peoples hearts. He specifically said “ people perish for the lack of knowledge..”. Taught and “written in hearts” are VERBS, ie, ACTIONs. These actions is the ends of what the WORDS of Yhwh is supposed to do. Bible is a great tool..but still ONLY a tool. I have many a times found Yhwh’s TRUTH through Science, Art, daily lives little little stuff, etc. Information, knowledge, revelations can be through many forms. The only thing to ascertain whether these information, knowledge, revelations is Yhwh-inspired or NOT is that they are IN-LINE with His characteristics, commandments and teachings (and the fruit /result it produces in the adherence’s character)…and consistencies. Don’t rely too much on our modern-day Bibles….pls do some research on how our Bibles came about..all those codex which to include or not to include has been LARGELY dictated by MEN, ie, The Church / Papacy / The Council, etc… in other of HUMANS.

    These are the HUMANs that DECIDES what to put in it and what not..and WHO ARE THEY??!!!! WHO GAVE MANDATED THIS RIGHT?!?

    WHy else do you think there are so many sectarians in our Modern Day Christianity…and why so many codex? Why is there seemed to be endless discoveries..even till now? Why weren’t they presented to the world as is eons ago..why withhold them? Who withhold them?


  51. We are born evil, are we not? And God creates us. Nephilim are part human. Part Adam. Fallen angels do not seem to require a person or animal or even object to inhabit, as they can manifest bodies for themselves, but demons do seem to require them. Those who believe this is the possible scenario can’t be dogmatic about it as there is nothing in Scripture to actually prove it, but logic seems to draw certain conclusions.

  52. I think that demons have to be fallen angels because if they are the evil spirits of the Nephilim who have died, the question is who made the evil spirits? Satan does not have the ability to create life, and God could not create anything evil, so it follows that all evil spirits must have been good spirits at one time, but later fell.

  53. Matthew 12:36: “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”

  54. also i think people use GOD and the bibles as an excuse to commit criminal activities… “oh i didn’t choose to do that… i have a demon inside of me” “i couldn’t control myself, something else took over my thoughts” offt fuck out of here we both know you wanted to do that shit!

  55. you know what i think… i think the bible isn’t completely correct. and if you think it is that good for you!
    Rev 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

    any demon that steals stars from heaven and brings them to earth is probably a good thing! as far as eating the babies… he was probably hungry! it’s nothing for a grown woman to repopulate the world… people have sex all the time… there are a lot of things in the bible that don’t make total sense and contradict it’s self… i should record them. i just have better things to do than to argue about the end of the world… and evil spirits and shit like that! i think everyone is responsible for their own actions and everyone knows the difference between right and wrong and if you don’t you should really educate yourself and be knowledgable about what helping humanity is and what destroying humanity is… lets face it we’ve been destroying each other for millions of years and we still don’t know how to fix this issue? are we that fucking stupid? don’t go telling me it’s the devil and shit even if it was god has some serious trust issues, you think he’d let the whole eating the “forbidden fruit” thing a long time ago! also!!!! look threw out history rebellion is considering a good thing… the air plane, the phonograph, the light bulb…. everyone thought those inventors were fools. same with doctors i’m sure a lot of people thought doctors were scary at first… *shrugs* that’s what i think about it all… all i know is that death is certain for all of us. we should enjoy this time to create new memories that make us happy. not bicker and wonder why the world is falling apart…. it’s been falling apart since day one!! let it go!

  56. Very good blog. This is the only one I have read so far, but you have done a great job of it. I like how you stuck to the scripture. I will read more of your work, and I hope that you do the same in those. The truth is found in the Bible, and the truth will set us free.

  57. The fallen angel’s aversion to sexual immorality could have a big implication towards why people who claim to have been abducted by aliens say that the aliens conducted sexual experiments on them.

  58. Let’s reverse your argument… By claiming that the Book of Enoch is biblical even though it’s not included in the Bible versions that most Christians use you are implying that God cannot control what is viewed by hundreds of millions of people as His word. If He wanted the Book of Enoch in the Bible it would be included.

    Joh 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
    Joh 10:35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

  59. HEY BUDDY!…One day YOU TOO WILL KNOW its NOT A LIE!…I REALLY hope for YOUR sake that WHEN that day comes..It wont be TOO LATE for you!…My question to you..Why are you SO MAD at GOD? what did HE do or NOT do to make you hate HIM so? HE still LOVES you VERY VERY VERY MUCH!… all HE wants is a RELATIONSHIP with YOU! DO NOT let ANYBODY tell YOU WHO GOD is or is not!…find out for yourself! HE is very REAL…all you have to do is ask HIM….and I DO NOT completely DISAGREE with you on the comment about the church…the people WITHIN the church ARE NOT representing GOD JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT correctly…GOD is going to take care of them HIMSELF….HE is going to destroy all but a remanet and the rebuild it BACK to what it is SUPPOSE to be…just FIND OUT for yourself WHO GOD is and WHAT HE really wants us to be like!

  60. DUDE YOU ARE WRONG! the book is VERY BIBLICAL and was written by a PROPHET…Enoch…GOD DID NOT PUT THE BIBLE TOGETHER…man did…and like everything MAN CURRUPTS what it puts its hands too…I LOVE MY BIBLE and read it everyday…but IT IS A TOOL!!!…GOD speaks to you THREW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS…do NOT put HIM in a box and say bc it IS NOT IN THE BIBLE that it is NOT of GOD!…YOU CAN NOT understand the things of GOD from a WORLDLY POINT OF VIEW you have TO ASK the HOLY SPIRIT to tell you! You CAN NOT study the bible the way you STUDY school YOU WILL GET THE WRONG IDEA! Please get your FACTS STRAIGHT before you go around ACTING like you KNOW something about what YOU KNOW nothing about! Bible ALSO says YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for that which you teach to other people, and IF you are wrong….OH BOY…lets just say NOT GOOD!

  61. Hey dude 1 day YOU my friend WILL KNOW just how REAL GOD, the devil and demons really are. I just pray that when you DO…it wont be TO LATE for your soul! you DONT HAVE O BELIEVE…but you don’t HAVE to go to Heaven either! SO YOU might want to get YOUR facts straight BEFORE you go around Claiming there is demons devil and GOD LIKE YOU know what you are talking about!….I have I have seen them…and wrestled with them both Physically and Spiritually! I WAS NOT a believer before..IT CHANGED MY LIFE. there IS NO mistaking it!….but you keep on ACTING like you know….

  62. If you read Ezekiel 28 it starts of with The Prophet Ezekiel talking to the king of Tyre. In the second Paragraph it starts to change without warning, and starts referencing to being in the garden of Eden and talking about being in Heaven and why he was cast out, when the king of Tyre was not EVEN born yet. Ezekiel was referring to the “evil spirit” within him. Other places in the scriptures say how GOD is going to use his servant king Nebuchadnezzar to exile the Jews to teach them a lesson on not forgetting GOD! I do not think that Nebuchadnezzar thought he was being sent by GOD. Never the less GOD used him. I think the same was done with hitler. Israel had forgotten GOD again before they were taken captive by hitler just like Nebuchadnezzer. In the book of Enoch GOD tells us that the Fallen Angles and their children whom I think are demons this is their purpose. So was hilter possessed I think it is safe to say YES! but just like Nebuchadnezzar they both thought that ALL THEY HAD DONE was by their OWN power, and THEY were wrong.

  63. Are you using an Ethiopian Bible? I am using a King James Bible. If you want to consider the Book of Enoch canon that’s your decision. As for Enoch, it is possible that what is attributed to Enoch in the Bible was passed down orally rather than through a written document that Enoch wrote himself.

  64. You use the word unbiblical when it is in the bible just not yours. But that doesnt make it unbiblical. We all know enoch had writings and Jesus quoted them

  65. I am fully aware it’s in the Ethiopian canon and fully aware that different groups within Christianity consider different books canon. I have studied the Book of Enoch. I’m not spouting off an uninformed opinion.

  66. Enoch is part of ethiopian holy bible.. you might want to look into why that book was taken out of the bible you read and why does ethiopia still have it.

  67. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,…against YOU “open your eyes”.

  68. If fallen angels (spirits) had sex with women (physical beings) and they conceived, then that was immaculate conception. If they married women then what prevents them from doing it now? I believe they were named demons which means devils! There is one chief demon Satan and his followers are those fallen angels that have the ability to possess a physical body but they do not have the power to create or pro-create!

  69. I don’t know you’re education background troll, but you’re not dealing with a dummy here. You trolling the comments with your blasphemous and ignorant comments shows how little you actually know.

  70. The Book of Enoch Is Truth, Thebible is a lie wrote by a group of Child molesters that stole all their thoughts from much older work. when they saw something they did not like they just removed it. that is not Truth. That is Hiding the truth. when you sheep wake up to the lies of men and Your False God You will be free. Until then keep feeding into the Child molesters dreams where it is not ok to marry but its fine to rape a little alterboy. the church is nothing but a sickness that needs to be wiped away.

  71. LMAO Hitler was not possessed he has Syphilis of the brain and it was slowly driving him crazy from the brain damage. Learn your facts before you start talking crazy. Demons are not real. But it is people like you with your dumbass comments like hitler was possessed that are destroying this world. I hope you have not breed more of your kind into the world.

  72. why is it always angels having sex and marrying Daughters of men. why are there no stories of female angels marrying the sons of man?s called a Old perv man wrote the bible after stealing its ideas from much older books. Stop Wasting your lives believing a book that a bunch of child molester’s wrote 2000yrs ago. when people start thinkingfor themselves they will be free.

  73. The book of Enoch is quoted in the book
    of Jude 1: 14-15, it has a long history in the Jewish and Ethiopian religious
    teaching, keeping in mind Judaism predates Christianity and there are a number
    of books that Judaism used that were thrown out by Constantine after 313 along
    with God ordained day of Sabbath “beginning Friday evening and ending Saturday
    evening. Christianity does not observe any of the days that were commanded by
    God to be observed as days of remembrance instead we have pagan holidays such
    as Easter, Christ Birthday which were not observed by the disciples or taught
    by Paul to be kept as commanded by God. My point is that Judaism which Jesus
    and his disciples followed knew of the book of Enoch along with several others
    books that were thrown out by the religious system of Constantine who then embarked
    on a campaign to remove all traces of Judaism and their practices from the
    Church. Judaism gives a more accurate portrayal of the history of man than the Catholic
    Church ever will and all religions came out of the Catholic Church Lutherans, Protestants,
    Calvinist and so on. So who is the more reliable authority to judge whether a
    book is authentic the Jews or the Christians, if the book of Enoch was a work
    of fiction it would have been thrown out thousands of years ago by the men who
    were ordained by God to led his people and we would never have known of its existence.
    Church history is full of men who at times did not like what was once regarded
    as fact and set out to rewrite a history more to their liking!

  74. Who said I was going to delete your comment? I’m not going to delete it because it may be possible to glean things from the Book of Enoch regardless of whether it’s divinely-inspired or not.

  75. I’ve spent a lot of time studying the Book of Enoch because I at one time thought it was very intriguing. The prophecy chapters of Enoch reminded me a lot of what was found in Daniel and some of what is found in Revelation. However, it’s hard for me to understand how the Lord would let the Book of Enoch and other books not be included in the Bible if it is indeed a part of His word. So many people look to the Bible in its current form as the Word of God. Why would the Lord allow a part of His Word be excluded?

  76. Deleting
    a comment because the truth makes you uncomfortable will not change that truth.
    I stated the true facts on the books that were removed from the bible and
    called you out on your statement that the book of Enoch was unbiblical and gave
    you facts to verify for yourself. Removing the information I gave is identical
    to what the Catholic church has done, you are preventing people from openly
    discussing the true history of the bible and its Jewish roots!

    will never really know the true Messiah until you have spent time with Jewish
    believers and they will enlighten you as to why Enoch was removed from book we
    call the bible!

    are presenting yourself as an expert on Demons and their origins without
    knowing all the history, the Book of Enoch has always been accepted by the
    Jewish community and included in their history, just because it was banned does
    not make it untrue!

  77. A lamp in the Dark documents the beginning of the
    first church Jewish followers of the Messiah Yeshua Christ, they had all the
    books of the Torah including the book of Enoch who was a scribe in his time and
    yes the man could write! Along with other books removed from the bible by those
    who were followers of Constantine, after he possession of the
    church he and his followers started to persecute the Jewish believers in
    Messiah and forced gentile and Jewish believers to stop practicing all Jewish
    holidays that were commanded by God to be observed and to stop all practices
    that were deemed too Jewish and instilled pagan holidays in their place. There
    are 7 books that I know of that were removed when the Catholic Christians took
    control and the book of Enoch is one of them. Have you read the book of Enoch,
    have you talked with Jewish Messianic believers about the early church history
    and how it was altered, do you know of the persecution and murder of the Jewish
    and gentile believers who would not submit to Constantine and his band of
    unholy priests, do you know how they turned our Messiah into a non-Jewish,
    non-Torah observing gentile?

  78. What evidence exists that the Book of Enoch is dated before the flood? and assuming that the Book of Enoch is accurate (for sake of argument) why would the Lord allow the book to be excluded from the Bible? The Lord is more powerful than those who decided what and what should not be included in the Bible.

  79. The book of Enoch was a part of the
    Jewish teaching and included in the books until the Catholic Church removed it,
    it is one of the oldest books dated before the flood and gives accurate account
    of what took place on the earth that caused God to wipe out all life on earth.
    Demons are condemned to wander the earth they can never enter Gods kingdom and
    their creation was not ordained by God but were the actions of the watchers who
    disobeyed God and created children who were half human half angel. It is
    false to call the book of Enoch unbiblical because it was removed by a religious
    body who took it upon themselves to decide what information we the people were
    allowed to have. I would trust the Jewish rabbis to give a more accurate
    statement on the history of man because these books were written by their
    ancestors and in their possession before the catholic church got a hold of it.

  80. what case of the Apostle Peter? Are you denying he was a true Christian? Sure he fell, but Christ restored him since he was repentant, and he went on to continue as an Apostle, and doing what Jesus said, “feed my sheep” and wrote two Epistles that are in the NT canon.

  81. nonsense. First off, tares are a spiritual not a physical matter. Secondly, St. Paul in I Corinthians says those who are married unbelievers, bring a grace that covers the unbelievers they are married to and their children.

  82. polydactylism occurs in animals also, like cats with extra toes. Besides, two big problems. 1st, ONLY Noah was “righteous in his generations,” so his wife, sons and daughtersinlaw were NOT purebred humans, if that is what that means.
    2. Actually, all it means is that in all the generations since his birth (he was 600 years old when The Flood came) he was the only righteous one. Elsewhere God says that only Noah was found righteous. Different phrasing.
    Before anyone goes off hunting nephilim they’d better consider, we probably all got the genes, and we DON’T KNOW (if there was any hybridization) WHAT ORIGINAL PUREBRED HUMANS LOOKED LIKE IN ALL POINTS, to draw comparisons.

    The number of plants used, MUST BE AN ODD NUMBER. It can be 3 or 5 or 7 different species but it cannot be an even number or somehow they balance each other out and leave you vulnerable.

    There are one or two that do not seem to conflict with but strengthen others and wouldn’t count in the count, but I am not sure this is reliable and I don’t recall for sure which ones they were. I am out of that situation, a made to order on site laboratory so to speak, a kind of semi haunted house I was living in, and don’t intend
    to go back to it, or anything similar, or duplicate the situation.

    The hoodoo and some witch online sites give instruction in the use of herbs that work AGAINST magic.

    Dragon’s Blood incense is good.

    Don’t keep plumbago plants around. There may be some others. DO NOT USE passion flower containing sedatives, as these have harmaline in them which increases telepathy, the opposite of what you want.

    Now, my point in all this, is that I suspect the entities, in order to build etheric bodies instead of being pure spirits, in the absence of blood will use dead insect and microbial detritus. This would explain their apparent susceptibility to anti microbial and insecticidal stuff. The body built up would have the limits and susceptibilities of the creature from which it came.

    I didn’t give them the opportunity to get solid, but my guess is, if this kept up long enough, they would.

  84. judging from some titles of some of that kind of music, a few would seem to be intentional or potential invocations to demons. Also, a spirit needs to build up a body to work with. This can be done several ways. Sacrifices of blood are a favorite, but people who do this shit posted on egroups that they had learned that sexual energy (and I would add shed fluids) will do just as well.

    In my own experience in keeping some stuff at bay, and researching experiences of others, some essential oils and fresh or dried herbs seem to be entity repellant. I say entity to incl. everything incl. ghosts of the dead and bilocators and “servitors,” artificial entities. Lets not get into all that.

    Most but not all of these are also anti microbial, antifungal and antibacterial and insecticidal. (An exception is clove oil, which is antimicrobial but attracts entities.)

    St. John’s Wort (MUST be hypericum perforatum NO OTHER SPECIES) is anti depressant, and the symptoms of depression strongly overlap the symptoms of psychic attack, either from a human or by a spell. (if you use the dry powder on your skin, and sweat gets it wet, it may be useless.)

    A girl was oppressed by a spirit who could not be kept away by prayer and fasting, though perhaps she did not do these things from her heart with faith, but as mechanistic efforts. So then another spirit appeared to her, and said to keep fresh St. John’s Wort sprig on her. This drove the first spirit away, then the second said to get rid of it, but she was too clever to go for that, and got rid of it also since she wouldn’t give up the St. John’s Wort.

    My guess is that a lot of these chemical measures do something to the human electrical system, that changes our, for lack of a better word, permeability.

    However, sin and other open doors to the entities must be eradicated. And while these measures help when faith is weak, faith must be cultivated.

    One point, if you use these measures, the number of plants or plant oils used

  85. Glory to God! but what was the heavy duty occult stuff they were doing? passive waiting for “the holy spirit” to possess them, or something more like ouija board in function if not identical like a pendulum swinging, or automatic writing or conjuring?

  86. maybe. but the demons may be lesser fallen angels, and the originally higher ranking type angels who fell would be the ones who are called fallen angels. Also there are two issues of binding. On the one hand, a particular group were bound at the time of Noah. (see Peter I forget which one, however this might refer to all the generations even as far back as his time and before, using him as a convenient reference point.)
    When Jesus was dead He was in the realm of the dead, in Hades, traversed all its parts punitive and otherwise, announcing the Kingdom of Heaven. Both kerygma an announcement and euangelion an invitation type good news are used, so this preaching to the dead Peter describes would indeed involve possibility of salvation after death.

    There are vague references which are more built on in early church traditions of the writers, pointing to satan being bound by Jesus at that time. But obviously not FULLY bound just crippled. Revelation speaks of a time when satan will be so bound he can’t even whisper to the remaining unbelieving or backsliding nations, for at least a thousand years after The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    This has been mishandled as chiliasm in the sense of Jesus’ Reign being limited to 1,000 years, which was of course denounced and anathematized in a Church Council in the first several centuries. Jesus’ Reign is unending, but will have more than one phase.

  87. The Tree of Life was not Jesus, but a physical tree whose fruit and/or leaves would unendingly restore ailing or aging life. Such Revelation says will be restored in the New Jerusalem. Jesus is only metaphorically related to the Tree of Life, He is the God Man, not a tree. The cherub guarding the way was EXPLICITLY STATED to be there to PREVENT humans from getting to it, since they would then live forever in their sin, and circumvent the curse of death on them.

  88. Oh my, I got into something similar and it took me years to figure out what the hell I had gotten into. You are the first person to acknowledge something similar to my own experience. That was helpful beyond words. Yes, God got me out of that wreck as well! I think mine were witches, definitely experienced the evil side of witchcraft used against me. I could feel in a very horrific feel sense the evil spirits coming and going and being sent to attack me.

  89. Enoch was mentioned in the bible a few times and was blessed enough to be taken up into heaven without having to die, and so my question is why can’t the face that he was mentioned in the bible be enough to say Enoch is a credible book we can accept and believe?

  90. §Demons or bad spirits are probably here, no matter their origination, but the 7000 fallen angels and Lucifer are being held captive in a pit in Paradise (the current or 2nd age heaven), until Jehovah commands Michael to throw them down to earth.
    It is my humble opinion the great apostasy has begun with the increase in religiosity and most of the signs of the end time being fulfilled, heralding the fore shortened tribulation.§
    md5hash: dda9f5207a97831e83adeed1512024e9

  91. Wayne,
    Your article here shows more ignorance than facts about Fallen Angels and Demons. Luckily we have some interesting comments and information. Maybe you were just trying to open up the topic to learn from others.

  92. Sorry but I feel I need to add a comment to my prior post below on “Sheol”, This is the Hebrew “place of the dead” that has two divisions; “Paradise” or “Abraham’s Bosom” and Hades. The Old Testament Saints who died believing in the promised redeemer went to Paradise while everyone else (human NOT angels or “demons”) went to Hades. During the time that Christ spent “in the heart of the earth” after the Crucifixion he preached to those in Paradise (including the “thief” who died next to Him) and took them all to Heaven with Him. Those in Hades stay there until the “Great White Throne” judgement after the Millennium. Paradise is empty as all who die in Christ after that go directly to Heaven..None of this has anything to do with angels or demons as they are NOT eligible for redemption. Only a Man can substitute His death in payment for mankind’s sins – the “Kinsman Redeemer” – Jesus the Christ. That is the blood line Satan tried to contaminate with the Nephilim so that we could NOT be saved as God promised.

  93. “Sons of God” always refers to angels in the Old Testament. It was God’s angels referred to in Job1:6 and NOT “fallen” angels. Satan is a special case as God allowed him to have access to Heaven (the third heaven – God’s abode) to act as the accuser of mankind but NOT to abide there. His realm was the earth after the fall. Satan’s angels or “demons” do NOT have access to Heaven.
    The “sons of God” in Genesis 6 are angels who left Heaven after their revolt to have children who are called Nephelim – Hebrew, Gigantes – Greek. Both words mean fallen ones. They were a satanic corruption of the human gene pool to prevent man’s redemption – thus the reason for the flood. Noah was saved because he was “perfect in his generations” – uncontaminated. These children became “men of renown”. They were large yes but also highly intelligent with great knowledge. The “fallen” “sons of God” were locked up in Tartatus (see 2 peter 2:4) Note that the rest of Satan’s angels are on the earth and called demons in the New Testament. Angels are organized in many ranks like “powers”, “principalities”, “cherubim”, Etc. Satan was a cherubim, the highest rank as described in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28.
    Notice also in Genesis 6:4 “there were Nephilim in those days; AND ALSO AFTER”. Jesus said that the end times will be like the “days of Noah” in the kingdom narrative in Matt 24 and 25 so look for a return of the Nephilim in the “end times” which is probabily not far off.

  94. @Julian – Evolution is a lie, and one of Satan’s most powerful tools. There are some prominent secular scientists today who confess that they lost their Christian faith after embracing Darwin’s theory of evolution. The only “reptilians” that were ever part of creation (dinosaurs aside) were snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles. Because of their repulsive appearance, Satan will use demonic spirits that often appear reptilian or snake-like to strike fear into the hearts of men.

    Remember, God is in perfect control of the situation on earth, and He and He alone knows when to bring this present world to an end and bring in the 1,000 years of perfect rule under King Jesus.

  95. I think demons are disembodied dinosaurs, which would explain the unusual strength and the portrayal of them with horns.

  96. Interesting topic. How do these fallen angels possess their freedom, because according to 2Peter 2:4 and Jude 6-7 they are chained.

  97. Need to make a correction to the 2nd paragraph above where I was referencing the TV program with Gina Gershon.  It was actually Belinda Carlisle, not Gina Gershon (I was confused), although Gina was in that same episode, but having a different type of experience.  Sorry for the confusion.

  98. in the excerpt of gen. 6:4 instead of giants it is supposed to say nephilims. u can look in any old bible and it wont say giants. but in the newer ones they took out them cuz the priest want u to believe that they are evil beings but they were the heroes of old. and if you look up nephilims, priests and pastors made blogs and articles saying that they are evil cuz they were the children of the fallen angels. so my advice to you is before you post things look in older books cuz now adays they like to change books bcuz they dont want you to know the truth.

  99. I’ve noticed that each reply to a comment gets slightly indented. It does not seem to be a problem until one specific comment has several replies. I do see there is an issue here, so I’ll have to see whether this can be solved.  

  100. Is it just me and how my computer accesses the comments or is everybody having the following problem? Each comment that is responded to keeps getting indented so eventually there is no place left to indent, so the comments completely disappear.  I’m not sure (being so computer challenged) if I need to do something to make it pop out so I can see it.

  101. Wow.  I was just re-reading my post here and was just kind of astounded by the whole thought of both the soul and spirit part of us coming from God.  I know that we are body, soul and spirit, a doctrine that most of us are familiar with, and seems to be supported by the Bible.  But, it just dawned on me that when we are born again (the moment we trust Christ), that part of us also comes directly from God, as did our soul (at conception).  That whole thought just blows my mind, and it helps me with my doubts regarding the whole dilemma of “free will” in eternity.  You see, since it can be argued that our souls and spirits are both eternal (since they both came from God, Who inhabits Eternity),  then our election and calling has to be sure, resting totally in His devine plan, even preceding the moment of our birth.  Unbelievable to think about.  What an awesome God we have!  It  is truly humbling to even consider it!

  102. my view and understand is that these dark forces show themselves as reptiles. they are not to be underestimated they have advanced understand of the human DNA structure,and very advanced methods of mind control, also there understand of consciousness within the human being far in advance of what humans know. problem in the past has been people underestimated these things by a long shot. what people need to understand is the reptiles come from the dark light a sub space dimension, or a type no mans land, they are waiting to launch a massive attack, and that will wipe out 70% of the human race, and the rest will be experimented on. as well as that many people will be teleported into space craft. god or the universe has tried many times to overcome this problem to no avail therefore it has chosen not to reform again, that was it’s last go at it.  interestingly enough there are many reptilian beings cloaked in human form, i can confurm this as i have seen them. these demons are observing us and at the right time will reveal themselves when these changes take place, very soon, as one of them said to me quote”your are only another brick in the wall” the most ruthless rubbish imaginable. one of their primary food sources is consuming human flesh and drinking blood, as far as their concerned humans are equal to cattle and they couldn’t care what they do to us. they love carving up human babys as they like the fresh new souls to feed off, because they are pure energys.         

  103. I think I’ve touched a nerve.  Sorry.  We’re really not as far apart on doctrine as you might think.  On the point of suffering, I agree with you that the Church should not imagine itself exempt from suffering as we approach the End.  In fact, the Church has suffered since its inception, so I’m on par with you there.  Speaking from my own experience, I think there is a tendency for many American’s (of those holding the Pre-Trib view) to hold an attitude of indifference regarding suffering.  Therefore, I could see how someone might jump to a different conclusion on eschatology out of sheer disgust.  There’s no doubt that America has enjoyed the blessing of God (I believe largely because of its past relationship with Israel and as a center for spreading the Gospel), and its people have enjoyed a prosperity unknown to many parts of the world.  I’m actually not living in America right now, even though I was born there, so from my perspective, I can see how some American’s may be up for a rude awakening.  Believe me when I say that I have often found myself dreaming of the way things used to be, when I lived there.  

    As far as doubting my salvation, I can see how you arrived at that conclusion, based on my comments.  Deep down, I don’t really doubt my salvation, at least as scripture lays it out, but I guess I was just pondering the possibilities of Free Will and how far it would be allowed to go in Eternity.  This is kind of a mystery to me, and a very deep subject that inspires my curiosity.  I guess I’ll just have to trust in God’s will to keep me willing.

    You hit on a very key issue, which could be summed up by asking the following question.  “How does our escatalogy affect our daily attitudes, decisions and actions?”  For this you have a very strong arguement in your favor.  An advantage of having the Mid or Post Trib belief is that one would be more mentally prepared (it would seem) for facing trials, testings, and tribulations, so that it could appear to be a “best of both worlds” scenerio.  In other words, even if Jesus appears in a Pre Trib Rapture, they wouldn’t have lost anything in being prepared in case He didn’t.  In like manner, one disadvantage to holding a Pre Trib belief is that one could become either arrogant or ignorant (if they felt they were either too good for it, or somehow managed to miss out on it), or they could become seriously disillusioned (when suddenly faced with having to endure it), and could become side-lined with unbelief (or even anger) as a result.

    Let me be very careful here.  When I say “best of both worlds” and that “they wouldn’t have lost anything in being prepared”, I’m, of course, playing the devil’s advocate against my own view.  Matt 25 paints a very different picture, and shows us that there is much to be lost.  If oil represents the Holy Spirit here, and it often does is throughout scripture, then we need to make sure we stay filled.  When it runs out we need to get refilled.  Also, the doctrine of “imminence” as it pertains to the return of Christ shows up here and other places.  The Second Coming of Christ follows a pre-determined set of events, but the Rapture doesn’t.

  104. I hope your doubts continue to fade away. 

    Just a heads up, there seems to be a technical glitch that is delaying responses from showing up. If you were wondering why your comments weren’t showing up on “Recent Comments” earlier, it was due to the glitch.

  105. Hey, thanks for your reply.  I do have to agree with you, especially on your last point, that God, Who called us to Himself, is certainly able to see us on to completion and to have the foresight in our predestination, knowing the end from the beginning.  Perhaps this is the strongest evidence in support that I’ve heard so far.  There is only one small point that I would quibble with you on, and it is such a minor point actually.  The first scripture you used in your defense seems to be addressing the destruction of Nineveh and the deliverance of Judah, so I’m not sure how far I would want to take that in reference to any future rebellions.  But I think you have made your point clear enough even without needing that verse.  Thanks again for your insight.

  106. I see what you are saying.  The potential loss of rewards that these verses speak of (IIJohn 1:8, Rev 3:11, Col 2:18)  would be incurred while we are on earth, while the actual ceremony for receiving any such rewards would occur at the Bema Seat (IICor5:10) which is a future event (according to earth time) that is in actuality an event which happens outside of Time (in eternity).  

    Exploring this idea further, we see that these rewards are stored up for us in heaven (Matt 6:20), either immediately as we earn them, or retrospectively (since they are actually stored up in eternity, it is kind of a mute point), but, either way, we can definately lose them in that location (eternity) based on our activities in the “here and now”.  Aparently the bad deeds we do (as Christians) may have some effect on the good deeds we have already done in the body, possible canceling out an inheritance earned already? (IICor5:10) I’m referring to the last part of the verse where it mentions bad deeds in relation to the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Obviously it wouldn’t be a punishment, so it must be applied to our credit for reward or inheritance?  Here is a quote from a good website

    “At the bema seat, Jesus Christ will bring to light every deed, good or bad that each believer has done on earth since he or she became a Christian. Every Christian will be rewarded based on his words, deeds, and faithfulness (see 1 Cor. 3 v.11-14).”

    As far as facing another test once we are in our eternal state, my doubts are starting to fade away little by little, and I think you are probably right on this.  

  107. Several people, myself included have given you verses and shown you that the Scriptures say that there will not be rebellion in eternity.  May I ask what makes you think there will be?  Other than your own doubts that is?  Is someone teaching you this?  Why is it so hard for you to accept that once your decision is made final by death that you would want to go back on that? Having stood by God and endured all the temptation and tribulation that this world has to offer, not to mention the coming persecution, which I hope to endure by God’s grace, I certainly would have no inclination to rebel against God once I have a perfect, sinless body and live in His presence in a sinless world, especially knowing what the consequences of rebellion are.  I doubt the angels understood the consequences when they rebelled.  There was no precedent. We on the other hand know exactly what waits for those who reject God. Do you doubt your own ability to want to continue in a relationship with God?  I am not looking to offend you, I am just trying to understand why you can’t accept salvation as being eternal when God clearly states that it is.

  108. The three verses you mention seem to relate to the time prior to the transformation of our bodies. I place the judgment mentioned in Revelation 11:15-18 after the transformation of our bodies. I don’t see any indication in the Bible that those who are in an eternal state will face another test. The Bible would have mentioned it if there was going to be one more test for those in an eternal state.

  109. God states the reason why rebellion will not rise up again after He has put all things under His feet in Nahum 1:9

    “What do ye imagine against the LORD? He will make an utter end; affliction shall not rise up the second time.”

    God says that He will make an “utter end” of all things that offend against Him. Thus God concludes the verse by saying that it (rebellion) will not rise up a 2nd time.

    God further illustrates this point in Revelation chapters 21 & 22. God says that He will dwell with man in the eternal state, thus all things that offend are outside of the dwelling place of God which is the New Jerusalem. Nothing that is unpure, sinful, vile, evil, or abominable will ever enter into that eternal rest. Thus God clearly gives us evidence that sin will be incapable of rising up again.

    This age has demonstrated to all those who will reign and rule with the Lord forever and ever that sin is an offense to God, thus when all the saints are translated at the 2nd coming we will forever be glorified and incapable of doing evil ever again.

    Those born during the kingdom age, under ideal conditions with Jesus Christ as the visible King, will also be shown the devastating effects of rebellion when the final rebellion is squashed at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ.

    Then God will be vindicated when He has demonstrated to all of creation that rebellion always ends in judgment. So when the final judgment takes place, all mouths will be stopped because God will true, righteous, and holy in His judgment upon all those who chose to rebel against Him. After the final judgment is over the final thing thrown into the lake of fire is death itself. Thus, the very thing that is the direct result of rebellion, death, will be forever cast away into the lake of fire; never to see the light again because affliction will not rise up again.

    All the saints who will be accounted worthy to partake in the eternal kingdom will be perfected and incapable of sinning. We will all have full knowledge throughout the trials that we went through in this age, that sin and rebellion brings death. Knowing that and finally being able to dwell with God Himself forever, the thought of rebellion will not even come into our hearts or minds. Because if it did, that would make God out to be a liar. And of course He is not. Thus He can tell us the end from the beginning because He already sees it. Amen.

  110. Okay, good point.  Something just came to mind, and I think you hit on the key issue here, which is the issue of judgment.  The real difference between us and angels (at least in our earthly state) is that Jesus Christ died in our place, as a man, taking the penalty and judgment that we deserved.  Since He died for all the sins (past, present, and future) of any human being who puts his faith in Him, that means that there is nothing that we could ever do while in our physical body to disqualify us from eternal life (rewards is another story, however).  The angels have no reconciliation, that we know of, so those that rebelled have no provision for judgment, except to bear it themselves.  Once saved, we immediately become the “sons of God”, even while we are still on earth in our sinful bodies.  Of course, we will eventually have new, glorified bodies, but that is more of a formality at that point.  So, then we can see from this perspective that God will eventually bring us back full circle into what Adam and Eve had experienced in the Garden,  and maybe even in a similar way, what the other “sons of God” had experienced before their fall.  Whether or not we will have exactly what they had is, of course, speculative.  Great, so now we are back where things started.  Do you see what I’m getting at?  Who’s to say there could not be another rebellion of some kind later?  Of course, one could just as easily argue the contrary.  

    This judgment that you are referring to in Rev 11:15-18 looks like it could be the Bema Seat judgment (for rewards), but it appears that this verse lumps a whole lot of events into one statement, so that these may not necessarily be in sequential order here.  The Bema Seat is based on our performance while in an earthly body which resides inside Time and Space.  There are some passages (2 John 1:8, Rev 3:11, Col 2:18) which seems to indicate that it may be possible to suffer loss of rewards that are already waiting for us in heaven (outside of Time and Space, in eternity).  This would appear to us as if yet future while we reside in our earthly state, but in actuality it could be happening simultaneously, since from God’s perspective (outside of the dimensionality of Time altogether) it has already happened.  Just because we will have been judged with regard to rewards doesn’t mean we couldn’t undergo another test after that point.  In other words, it doesn’t seem to make sense to me that we would suddenly become robots without a will of our own, just because we are now complete “sons of God” inhabiting eternity with new bodies.  Yes, our sin nature will have been delt with and removed, but remember, even Adam and Eve were created perfect, without a sin nature, just as were Satan, and all the other angels who sinned.  The only difference I can come up with is the fact that Jesus ever lives to intercede on our behalf, thus He would remain our redeemer even in eternity.

  111. Could you elucidate for me how you see an earthquake in Jer. 51:29-33 and how you know the rumor in Jer. 51:45-46 is supposed to be next year?  I do not see the earthquake in that passage, unless you are seeing the word “tremble” as an earthquake.  I see that as meaning the people of the land trembling with fear and sorrow, not the earth shaking. And I see no time designated for the rumor.  How did you come to the conclusion that it is next year? Just curious.

  112. Just so you understand where I am coming from so that you can appreciate that at least I am not unfamiliar with the defense for pre-trib, (although I imagine everyone that comes here knows it, as it is so prevalent)  I was brought up pre-trib in a church where it was actually a topic that was discussed and taught as a major part of the church’s teachings.  By that I mean that we had every well-known eschatology teacher known in that day come and do week long seminars on the pre-trib doctrine.  I have more tapes (we used audio tapes in those days before CDs) than you can imagine from every pre-trib teacher going, plus a library full of books.  About 25 years ago, I really started getting into my Bible to study the subject on my own rather than just reading what other people wrote and taught, as I wanted to really have my defenses grounded so I could argue with the post-trib and other groups.  As I studied apart from the directives of commentaries that interpreted everything for me, I came to find verses that could not be reconciled to the teaching, and problems that didn’t fit.  The more I studied, the worse it became.  I started going to various pastors (who were pre-trib) to get answers for my dilemma.  Instead they blew me off and said that my problems with the Scriptures were just something I shouldn’t worry about.  Well that was not an acceptable answer to me, as I feel all of God’s Word is important and should be reconciled to get to the truth.  I then started having serious doubts about what I had been taught and decided to throw everything out and start fresh with no preconceived ideas.  When I did that a whole new understanding of the end times started to take form.  One that included and reconciled all of the Scriptures.  It has taken these 2 1/2 decades of study to get to the understanding that I have now, but I am solidly grounded in my belief now.  If you feel completely sure believing pre-trib, that of course is your privilege, and I have learned that to try to convince a pre-tribber otherwise will just lead to wrangling that would not be productive.  I would like you to understand how I came to my conclusions though, so that you may understand why those of us who do not take your view have reasons for the views we take.  As Prophecy Proofs so generously already posted my blog address, I don’t feel funny asking you to take a look at my blog to just understand how I came to my position.  You don’t have to agree, just understand.  I warn you that it is as long as a book and that to really grasp what I have written, you have to actually start at the introduction and work your way through the archives as I have laid out a very organized defense for what I believe.  Skipping through it will only bring up questions that are probably already answered in my writings somewhere.  If you have the time and inclination, please go to and check it out. (watch the double “ss” in the middle)

  113. Thanks for commenting. Just to be clear, the views expressed by people who comment are their own. I may not necessary agree with everything each person says all the time.  With regards to the recent discussion on Babylon the Great, the reason I haven’t commented more is that I plan to work on an article providing my full thoughts on the issue.  I don’t want to give away too much of what I think because I know I’ll need to use all the verses that are available to defend the view I plan to present.

  114. Okay.  Great comment and insight!  Thanks for your input.  To answer your question, Perry Stone is definitely Pre-Trib rapture.  I’m quite familiar with most of his teaching.  I’m very solid on this issue, but I’m open to other viewpoints, and will always study to see if those other views can hold water.  So far, nobody has been able to shake me on Pre-Trib, since I see plenty of evidence from both Old and New Testaments.  Your other points sound good, but I need to “study like a Berean” to “see whether those things be so”, if you know what I mean.  I’ll be back later to add some follow up comments.  Thanks.

  115. I need to go back and figure out where I heard that, because I could be way off on that point.  In the absence of any real scripture to back it up, I’m going to stand with you on this.  

    I appreciate all the responses, especially the lenghy one’s from Connie.  

    It appears that I opened up a can of worms on this too.  What I mean is that some doctrines surfaced that I had no idea were being held here.  The one that comes to mind, and that was actually quite shocking to me, is that the Pre-Trib rapture is an “end times deception”.  The other was that Mystery Babylon might be America.  I’ll spare you the detail here about why I hold a very different view on the first issue, since it would require lost of scripture, not to mention time.  Maybe in the future I may decide to lay out my scripture backing for this, but for now I’ll just summarize that I feel very confident that many Christians (possibly even the majority, or all Christians) will not have to go through any of the 7 year Tribulation (doesn’t mean we’ll be exempt from some heavy trials and persecution leading up to it).  I also know there has to be a literal “End Times” Babylon located on the banks of the Euphrates river which will receive its judgement in a total destruction, never to be inhabited again (right now it’s inhabited, and being rebuilt).  Mystery Babylon, however, appears to allude to the Roman Catholic Church, but on this last point I’m feeling a bit less qualified to be as dogmatic, since I haven’t actually read Dave Hunt’s book “A Woman Rides The Beast”, and I’ve got some more studying ahead of me for sure.

    I want to say that I really appreciate all the different views, and feedback to my questions, as it really makes me think and search the Word more dilligently.  And, I can say that I’ve already learned a ton.  Thanks again.

  116. I wasn’t looking for a plug, honestly.  I was just making a comment as to why I spend so much time interacting on your blog.  But thanks for the plug anyhow.

  117. As of this time, I believe America is Babylon unless and until I am shown differently.  How do I reconcile staying here? I have been told to stay for one thing. I try to be obedient as you do.  As for the timing of her demise, I will look at the verses you have offered, but God has shown me a different timing than you.  I see America as still having a purpose that God has yet to carry out.  What is important at the moment is that we do what we are told to do.  If you are to go, God will provide the way for you to stay, but I am not called to go.  Nor do I think a mass exodus of Christians from America would be accepted by Israel at this time.  I think when the time for Christians to come out of Babylon arises, those who are to flee will hear God’s unmistakable call and will flee. I have not heard that call.  It is not because I do not think there is a time to flee, I understand that is the directive, but I do not think the time is now for the rest of us, though it may be for you.

    As for changing to a Judaic/Messianic/Hebraic, whichever title you prefer, Christianity, it probably started about 17 or so years ago when I first came into contact with Jews for Jesus.  It peaked my interest and I found myself pulled toward it, but I was not aware of Messianic Gentile Christianity at the time. We lived in an area at the time which has a heavy occultic influence in the way of New Age centers, Buddhist, UFO hot spot, etc. and the churches had all become heavily apostate. We were home-churching (greatest thing we ever did for our children’s spiritual growth).  A few years later we moved to where we are now, which is a very rural area.  To get our children into a Christian academy for high school (I had homeschooled them until then) we had to belong to a church, so we attended a small church until they were out of school.  By then I had become immersed in studying how paganism had entered the church and knew that we had to move back to a Judaic form of Christianity to be pleasing to the Lord, although there are no Messianic congregations around here. I believe there are 10 commandments, not 9. We are currently back to homechurching.  It’s a little lonely for fellowship, which is why I like this blog.  I get a lot of people hitting my own blog, but never any interaction.  Nobody makes comments like they do on this one. Probably not enough interest, although I did get a couple of comments by a well-known Christian author who stumbled onto it, amazingly enough.  It’s not a lot of interaction commenting here, but it’s better than nothing.  I’m looked upon as an apostate by most of the Christians I know locally, for my beliefs, so I leave to your imagination as to how they interact with me.

  118. “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I
    will be exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of
    Jacob is our refuge.” Psalm 46:10-11

    Not Isaiah.

  119. I am aware of that Connie. Thank you. God has already opened up a door for me that will allow me to visit real soon. When I go to visit I am trusting that God will reveal to me the means to the end that He has for me there. That’s why we walk by faith and not by sight. God will move mountains if you believe. The power is all in God and it’s up to us for us to believe in that power! I’m trusting in God for great things Connie! And I believe that God is going to make a way for the redeemed to pass over! I believe a great migration to Israel is in store for those who love Him. I believe it with all my heart. Amen.

  120. One piece of advice.  If you are not Jewish or living a Jewish lifestyle, I suggest that you change your lifestyle immediately and learn about their ways and the country, if you want to live in Israel.  It is a Jewish nation and you will have culture shock otherwise. If they even consider your application to move there, they will ask why you want to move.  If you say that you are there to spread the gospel, be a missionary, preach or anything of that nature, you will be rejected immediately. You have to have what they consider a legitimate reason and spiritual ones will not be acceptable. Just a heads up.

  121. I don’t think Israel is letting Christians move there anyhow, so it’s a moot point for Christians at this time regardless of what they believe.

  122. I do live in America, but my instructions are to remain here for now.  If yours are to go to Israel, then by all means you must go, as if God has something for you to do there you are obliged to do it. However, are you aware they are not letting avowed Christians move there to live?  At least that is what I have been hearing. I have heard they are only letting in Jews.  Even Messianic Jews are not welcome. My instructions as I understand them at this point is that I am to remain here until after the tribulation (provided I survive it).  I do not believe every Christian is guaranteed surviving that time.  There are a vast majority of Christians who will die.  While the Philadelphians will survive, the Smyrnans, who are as equally righteous as the Philadelphians, are martyred. (Not that am saying I am so righteous, I see myself as sinful, but I at least have an ear to hear.)  So even some who are on target with the Lord will not survive. Nor do I believe that every Christian is called to go to Jerusalem at this time.  Yes, we must flee Babylon(and some debate who that is) but the time appointed to do so may vary for each Christian who is called to do so, depending on the job they are to do, until the time of her destruction demands that all those who are going to leave, go.  My job is for here, as far as I know at this time.  Will my job have to do with Jews?  I am pretty sure the answer is yes.  God began calling me into a Messianic or Hebraic Christianity a number of years ago, but I didn’t make the  switch over until a few years ago.  I know the reason is that I needed to familiarize myself with Judaism (albeit my worship style is not orthodox Jewish as some Messianic Christians do, it is based on New Testament Scriptures and the rules laid out there, not the Torah regulations) and the holy days, Sabbath, etc.

    It is obvious you feel strongly about going to Israel.  I hope things work out for you, as I know the country will not welcome you with open arms, if they let you in at all.  As a visitor? Yes. As an immigrant? Probably not.

  123. I agree and when the AOD happens, that is when you must flee to the wilderness.

    you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by
    the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoever reads, let him
    16Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains:”

    Jesus Christ gives this warning for those who will be living in Judea at this time. They will have direct knowledge of the event and will be able to react the quickest, which is to RUN IMMEDIATELY without looking back. Remember lots wife!

    If your living someplace else that is outside of Judea when this event happens, there are no instructions given about what to do. The only instructions given is to refuse the mark of the beast because that will be coming next. But those who are in Judea are given an escape plan. And I believe that escape plan will lead to the deliverance spoken of in Revelation 12. Once that escape plan is realized and complete, Revelation 13 comes next and all those who are outside of that deliverance will be forced to endure it.

  124. You may be able to survive in the land of Israel during the first 3 1/2 years of the seventieth week of Daniel without too much trouble with the “covenant with many” in place. However, I believe that will change once the abomination of desolation is established.

  125. I agree that Jerusalem would not be a safe place seek refuge and that the woman in the wilderness is strictly speaking of Jewish people. 

  126. Interesting Connie. I see Israel as the safest place to be in these last days prior to the abomination of desolation. Right now I am located in Mystery Babylon and the last warning God gives to those who live in Babylon is to flee to Jerusalem.

    “Ye that have escaped the sword, go away, stand not still: remember the LORD afar off, and let Jerusalem come into your mind.” Jeremiah 51:50

    God also gave instructions to those who are wise, listening, and who will be living in Judea at the time of the abomination of desolation. The instructions were given by the Lord Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives in Matthew 24:15-20. Daniel 11:41 also gives the route of escape for those who flee to the mountains. And once in the land of Jordan, God will deliver those who have fled in the wilderness deliverance spoken of in  Revelation 12.

    Is God able to do anything? Of course. Can God deliver from any point on earth for the wilderness deliverance spoken of in Revelation 12? Yes He can. But my heart is leading me to move to Israel. God has told me that my destiny is there. I have a work to accomplish there for the Lord Jesus Christ. What that work is? I don’t know yet. Once I get there I will know though.

    But the first order of business for me is to finish the work God has given me to do in Mystery Babylon and that is to preach the soon coming destruction of it. Do you live in America connie?

  127. If you think Jerusalem is the place to be, you have every right to think so and go there, but personally I don’t think it is a good idea to get to Jerusalem now, as when antichrist declares himself God, people will be slaughtered by the thousands there (as well as elsewhere as time goes by) as his troops go through the city.  I think the time to go to Jerusalem is after the tribulation is cut short and the world is preoccupied with the trumpet judgments, especially the 5th one. It is my belief that the woman in the wilderness is speaking strictly of Jewish people, not Christians, as the woman stands for Israel (non-Messianic, but believers in God) in my understanding. So Christians in Jerusalem would not be under that umbrella.  That is why Satan goes after Christians, after the woman escapes into the wilderness and he can’t get to her.  That is not to say that there won’t be Philadelphians that will be protected during this time in places around the world, I think there will be, but Jerusalem does not seem to be the place they should be during that time for that to occur in my opinion.  You are entitled to your opinion though.

  128. I agree Connie. Very great insights you put down. I don’t see evidence for a pre-trib rapture either. Rather it’s part of the deception in these last days. When tribulation comes to the church, those who are not prepared will fall away just as Paul stated in 2 Thessalonians 2. The love of many will grow cold and brother will betray brother, father will betray children, children will betray father, etc. 

    The sealing of the 144,000 is very significant. I never equated them with being part of the wilderness deliverance of Revelation 12 but I will need to study some more to see what God reveals. I do know that the the wilderness deliverance will be the only arc of safety in the last days though. That is the only place where believers in Jesus Christ will find shelter during the great tribulation. Everybody else outside of the wilderness deliverance will be subject to the wrath of the serpent. The chances of survival outside of the wilderness are miniscule. There will be pockets of surviviors, but they will have endured unimaginable suffering.

    That is why it is imperative that believers get to Israel. God says that He will gather all the seed of Israel in the last days and sift them. The church has been grafted into the branch as a wild olive tree and we are made partakers of all the promises given to Abraham as children of faith. Therefore those in the church of Philadelphia will also be part of the wilderness deliverance. God says that he will keep that remnant of believers from the hour of trial, which is the time of Jacobs trouble.

    God has clearly marked out the path of deliverance in His word. Now it’s up to us that we put our feet to faith by believing God and His word. Not some cunningly devised fable, but every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Noah had to build an ark, Lot had to get out of Sodom, Daniel had to defy the ways of this world, the 3 Hebrew boys had to be true to God; and just like them we have to take a stand and do whats right in these last days. Amen.

  129. I’m not aware of any passages which suggest the 144,000 will be resurrected. My understanding is that the 144,000 receive a seal which identifies them as God’s property and are given divine protection as demonstrated by the fact that those who do not have the seal of God are subject to the pain of the fifth trumpet judgment (Revelation 9:4).

  130. Revelation 11:15-18 indicates that the saints will be judged/given their reward prior to the start of the Millennium.  It’s hard for me to see how the saints will be subject to being deceived during the Millennium after judgment has been made about them.

  131. I think you are probably right here.  But remember, the angels that rebelled (as well as Lucifer) were created perfect.  To my knowledge they had no sin nature to begin with, nor were they weeping or with sadness either.  In fact, there may have been some that were deceived after Satan’s initial rebellion.  But, maybe we won’t have to endure the same choices (will to obey or disobey) that the angels do, because of our subsequent glorification and elevation to a higher level than angels after the rapture (1Cor 6:3)??

  132. Thanks for your reply, Connie.  I pretty much follow you all the way through on this.  You present good logic to back up your points.  There’s just a couple things that I need to go back and research again.  

    One of your points that I would beg to differ on (but I’m not sure where the passage is) is that there are only two resurrections.  I have heard someone teaching (not sure if it was Dr. Chuck Missler or Perry Stone) that there will be a translation or resurrection of the 144,000 Jews that have been sealed, where they are caught up to God during the Tribulation?  Like I said, I need to go back and check that reference to make sure I know what I’m talking about here.  But, if that is true then wouldn’t that make at least three resurrections?  And, that’s not including the souls from Sheol (captivity lead captive) taken to heaven with Christ after the resurrection.  Wouldn’t that also be counted as a type of resurrection?  Although, as far as the John 5:28-29 passage, that could certainly be speaking of two separate events with a gap in between.The other thing I’m not so sure of, even though you present a very good case for it, is that glorified saints won’t be tempted to rebel against God after the Millenium.  I guess my main reasoning for this, albeit I have to admit I don’t really have scripture to back this up at the moment, is that Satan was created perfect, and so were the angels that rebelled.  I guess they must have had a will (like us) or sin would not have been an option.  Since the angels are also known as the “sons of God”, even the fallen one’s were, and since we (as believers in Christ) are now the “sons of God”, what’s to say that we could not at some future time be presented with an opportunity?  Another thing to ask is “how can we be so certain that other angels haven’t fallen since the first batch that Satan led astray?”  Actually, we know he was able to deceive 1/3 (I think it is?), but we don’t know how long this took.  It is mentioned in one of the book of Enoch that a 2nd group of angels fell, who were involved in creating Nephilim with human women, and they made their earthly decent at Mount Herman, specifically at a place called Ardis, which was at the top.  Now, this is not scripture, so I won’t pretend to even be dogmatic at all about this theory, but I guess it just serves to feed the logic that, possibly, Satan would be a good enough deceiver to cause a few “sons of God”, fresh from the Millenium, to attempt a similar rebellion???

  133. My viewpoint on Ezekiel 38 and Ezekiel 39 has changed drastically since the start of the year. Without giving too much away (as I still have to write a series of detailed articles about the topic), I think it is possible to distinguish between aspects which are fulfilled during the end times and aspects which are fulfilled in that future time.

  134. I have a feeling that Ez. 38-39, as we had mentioned before in other discussions, has a lot of info about it, but until the first fulfillment of those prophecies take place, and I don’t think they have yet, we don’t know what refers to coming Gog/Magog war and what refers to the last rebellion.  I’m sure there are other prophecies that will also seem relevant to that time as that day approaches, but it will be that generation that sees it, not us, just as we see the prophecies that relate to our time, but the people who lived back in Bible times would not understand them. We don’t need to understand what is scheduled for then, because it doesn’t relate to us now. So God may not give understanding about that time, even though the information might be under our noses.  I think in some cases He treats it as a need to know basis, and all the studying in the world won’t reveal it if He doesn’t think we need to know.  What He is concerned with is that we understand our own times.

  135. I think relatively little is understood about the rebellion at the end of the 1000 years. One of my goals in my ongoing studies is to account for what’s going on in Revelation 20:7-9.

  136. I totally agree on the nations being the ones who are prone to sin and will rebel against God at the end of the 1000 years.  We are told that Jesus will execute judgment daily.  After 1000 years of Him ruling with a rod of iron, there will be a lot of people just itching to rebel. If the majority of the world rejects Him now, imagine how they will hate Him when He rules so strictly and they have to worship Him against their will. I guess that is why the glorified saints will have to be judges.  People will have to be kept in line.  Just because Satan is in chains doesn’t remove man’s sinful nature.  People won’t have to have him around to be tempted.

  137. I agree with you on John 5:28-29. I see the first and second resurrections coming at a
    different time.

    I also agree with you about those who have glorified bodies not rebelling during the Millennium. Revelation 20 talks about Satan deceiving the nations. Isaiah 65:20 implies there will still be some sin during the Millennium as death will still be present. I think it will be those who live in the nations and are prone to sin during the Millennium that could be vulnerable to Satan’s deception at the end of 1000 years.

  138. I thought I had clicked on reply to answer your comment, but when it posted, it didn’t post to you, so I just want you to know that I did respond, it is just at the end of the list of comments.  I’m having glitches with my computer for some reason and it is acting all wacky.

  139. Okay, I’m feeling the need to make another correction to my earlier post.  Here’s what I came across.  Above I wrote that I felt that the Rev 20:5-6 passage somehow related to the John 5:28-29.  I don’t believe that any more. But, I still think the Daniel 12:2 passage may.  After re-reading these passages, I really think there may be something to this theory or conjecture that there was more to incident of Jesus’ visit to Abraham’s Bosom (possibly even to Sheol) than most of us might be aware of.  The reason for my view is the following.  I’m sticking my neck out here, so be kind to me, since I may be off on this.  But here’s why.  Please excuse the capital letters in this instance.  I’m not shouting.  I’m only trying to emphasize those parts of the text that, when taken literally, make the difference in conveying my point.  In John 5:28-29 says that “AN HOUR is coming in which ALL WHO ARE IN THE TOMBS shall hear His voice, AND SHALL COME FORTH; those who did the GOOD DEEDS to a RESURRECTION OF LIFE, those who committed the EVIL DEEDS to a RESURRECTION OF JUDGMENT.”  I’m trying to think of any other resurrection like this (when both the good and bad hear him at the same time, and both are simultaneously rewarded accordingly).  Maybe I’m missing something or forgetting another passage.  If so, I stand corrected.  

  140. Connie, I agree with you on each point, and that matches my escatological view as well.  However, it doesn’t really clear up the questions I have from the text.  I.E., where did the millions (or even billions?) of people go that were tainted with “angel blood”, and who perished either before or at the time of the flood of Noah?  Did they all go to Sheol, or were they (their evil spirits) allowed to roam the earth seeking rest?  Were some or all of them ressurrected to a type of judgment (roaming the dry places of the earth)?  If so, why were some kept in Sheol and other allowed to roam?  See the problem?  You brought up a very interesting conjecture, however.  That is “Did some of the evil spirits/souls in Sheol have a chance at redemption if they trusted and believed in Christ?”  Also, “Did the righteous souls in Abraham’s Bosom have a chance to reject Christ?”  Believe me, I don’t want to believe this, since it actually kind of scares me to think of it, but I only bring it up since you mentioned that the jury was still out on it?  Also, that opens up another terrifying door.  Can a righteous “son of God” (I’m referring to believers that have been redeemed and glorified) have the opportunity to rebell against God after Satan is released at the end of the Millenial Reign?  This has always terrified me, since I know what is in my own heart, and the sin and deception that I’m susceptible to.  It might sound kind of crazy to think of a glorified believer with a perfect nature (no sin) who, given the opportunity, would fall right back into the mess that he has been redeemed out of.  But, isn’t that what we kind of do when we rebell against God in our sins here on earth now (as redeemed, but not yet glorified son’s of God)?  I may be way off here, and I actually hope that I am, if you know what I mean.

  141. The end times will be a difficult time on Earth, but it is important to recognize that evil cannot win. God is in control. Satan cannot win the battle between good and evil. There will be survivors

  142. that is why these type of spirits hiss like snakes, they where the fallen race, Reptilians, possibly what was here before or during our early evolution, i have seen them, one of them person i saw in a mental hospital, one of the most highly possessed persons i have ever seen, he talked to himself about snakes to quote “their all snakes don’t trust them” repeating over and over he said, then he changed, and i felt i was being watched by a dark powerfull force, it had a good laugh at seeing an high angelic being bought to it’s knees. what we must understand here is that it is now living out it’s experience through us because we are fighting killing each other, wiping out peoples energys (souls), it wants to utterly wipe out the human soul, consume it, so it makes us live it’s suffering or it’s plan so to speak, understand?, and there is a good chance by the time this is over there will be no one left!! i feel these forces are building up for one massive attack on peoples energys, which will result in people, mankind coming to their knees,!! many people will be bed ridden and society will not be able to operate, in otherwords everything will come to one hell of a stop, i feel that this is not too far away now, we are going to face some terrible dark forces, people like SAI BABA (SATAN) in human form, have already put these forces well in place. we can see this in the leaders, and system of war mongering all over the planet. all this is caused by the very dark Ruleing class. but would we really want to live in a world that was this dark anyway? things must change, there are some beautiful things mankind has created also, not all things are bad there is much good knowledge, understanding, science and many good people to be saved, working together that will save us!!. 

  143. I don’t know if this will be of any help to you, but this is how I understand some of what you have been discussing.  Hades (the place of the dead) has two compartments.  Sheol is the place reserved for the unrighteous, and paradise was the place reserved for the righteous before Christ died on the cross.  It would appear according to Scripture that it is located underneath or in the center of the earth.  The parable of the rich man and Lazarus tells us that the two compartments were separated by a great gulf so that they could not cross between.  The reason people had to go to paradise, is because Christ had not yet died for the atonement of their sins, therefore they could not come into the presence of God.  We do have a spiritual body as well as a physical one and it is the manifestation of the spiritual body that we inhabit until the resurrection, when we will receive a new glorified corporeal type of body.  When Christ died, he descended into Hades or Hell – but the paradise side – to preach to those who had died before, as even those who were righteous needed to accept Him as their Savior.  When he was resurrected, he took those who had been captive in paradise to heaven, as they now could enter into the presence of God, but still only in spiritual bodies (as we now do when we die).  At the time of Christ’s return there will be a resurrection of the righteous at which time the dead in Christ will receive their glorified bodies, and those few who are still alive will be raptured and escape death to receive their bodies right then.  At the end of the millennium, God will resurrect the wicked for judgment and throw them in the lake of fire.  Sometimes the way the two resurrections are spoken about it seems that they are at the same time, but they aren’t.  Revelation clarifies that for us.  Just as the Jews think there are two Messiahs – a suffering one and a kingly one each with one coming, we now understand from the revelation of Christ’s coming and the New Testament that there is only one Messiah, but with two comings, and those comings are 2,000 years apart.  Some things are progressive revelation.

    As for answering the question as to whether Christ entered Sheol to preach to the wicked dead, He may very well have, to make sure they were without excuse on the day of judgment.  Everyone except Noah’s family seems to have had some angelic blood in their system and the jury is still out on whether or not they qualify for salvation, although I have recently come across some information that has given me reason to think that they may, as they have inherited the sins of their father’s like they did Adam’s, but they are still part human and not the ones who chose the original sin. That’s just speculation though.

  144. Well, I just realized I need to make another correction to my own assumptions here.  I guess that means I must be learning something, huh?  Here’s what I came across that has shaken the foundations of my view of John 5:28-29.  I was speculating that it could have been somehow related to when Jesus went (the same day of his crucifixion) to either Sheol??? (1Pet 3:18-20, Eph 4:8?), or Abraham’s Bosom (if that is what is meant by Paradise???) Luke 23:43, John 20:17, Eph 4:8? to “lead captivity captive” and “preach to the spirits in prison”, and having also taken one of the thieves on the cross with Him to “Paradise”, but this could not have been to heaven, since John 20:17 says he had not yet ascended to the Father.   Daniel 12:2 and Rev 20:5-6 seem to shed more light on the passage in John 5:28-29, in my opinion.  In other words, these may be two completely different events, that have nothing to do with one another.  This sort of makes me lean away from the view that the “dead” (as in either the souls of normal, human, wicked, dead men, or the evil spirits of the rephaim) were somehow raised inbetween the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  I hope I haven’t lost anybody in the technicalities of this, but I’m just trying to be very precise.

  145. The Bible commentaries I’ve looked at with regards to those verses don’t really attempt to define the term beyond how the term is translated in the text. They speak of the “rapha” as individuals (i.e. kings, tyrants, etc-particularly in Isaiah 14:9). I’m not sure how to further define the term beyond the meaning “the dead”. Regardless of what the correct definition is, the individuals spoken in Isaiah 14:9 and Isaiah 26:14 appear to be wicked.

  146. I think I need to make an important correction to my own comments here.  Above, I mistakenly wrote that I lean towards the view that the word “dead” or “rapha” (in this particular case, Isa 14:9, 26:14) may simply mean (departed “SPIRITS” of normal, unsaved, dead men).  I think the correct terminology would be “SOULS” instead of “spirits”, since men are only born of the spirit by being born again supernaturally.  In other words, an unsaved man is dead spiritually, and only has a soul, or possibly an evil spirit that may have gained an entrance, but when we are born again, we actually become “the sons of God”, and  obtain the spirit part of us, which is directly from God, just like the “soul” that also comes directly from God, but is joined at conception.  Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think it’s more technically accurate to view it this way?

  147. There appears to be a future destruction in store for Egypt based on how I read Ezekiel 30:1-9, Jeremiah 46:2-10, Jeremiah 25:19, and Daniel 11:42.  Therefore, the possibility exists for at least some parts of Ezekiel 32 to apply to the future as well.

  148. I think you are right, and I think I may also lean this way on the Isa 14:9, 26:14 passages now too.  Luke 11:24 seems to allude to the fact that evil spirits are treated differently than the souls of men when they depart from the body.

  149. Very interesting passage, by the way.  I’m examining the ramifications of this as it relates to what’s happening in the Middle East right now.  Has this destruction ever happened to Egypt yet in past history?  It’s like Ezekiel goes on a tour of Sheol and he includes some revealing descriptions of what is down there.  The question is whether some of this is yet future?

  150. I’m not sure why “rapha” is used there. I think the way the word is translated to mean “dead” makes sense given the context of the verse.

  151. Interesting.  Thanks for the Albert Barnes commentary link.  

    Well, you may be right (Nephilim being kept in Sheol), in light of the alternate translations of this word.  I guess if I were deciding based soley on what Barnes had to say, I might lean towards the view that the word simply means dead (as in departed spirits of normal, unsaved, dead men).  There are times where double meanings are used prophetically (Isa 14:12-17 and Eze 28:12-19 seem to speak of the earthly ruler, but go beyond that to Satan).  It appears that Barnes doesn’t pick up on this, but others do.  I.E., it could be that both are correct (Nephilim spirits and unsaved souls of men were confined in Sheol.  Also, it seems that God likes to operate in prophetic cycles, meaning that events repeat themselves, so that Isa 14:9 could refer to both Beltashazzar, the AntiChrist.

    Another interesting speculation that I keep running across in scripture is the notion that there may have been a release (or resurrection) of some of the dead from Sheol in conjuction with Abraham’s Bosom at the same time that Jesus went and preached to them immediately after His crucifixion.  I just came across another verse that seems strange.  Isa 26:19 contains the word ‘rapha’ at the very end.  I believe this verse is an O.T. reference to the rapture of the church, but why is ‘rapha’ used here?  

    • Hey my names hayden and I’m having a reallllyy difficult time getting rid of my attachment. It’s been with me, since I started counting atleaset, for 9 months and no matter how much I apply god Jesus the arch angels, chkra clearing, and salt baths….I returns almost imediantly. It’s highly intelligent, choice words are “I hate you” or”im playing a game” and from its game of life it’s evolved and branches off playing games in games making it difficult to avoid it’s constant loud voice, if I’m not listening I really know what I feels like to think clearly anymore. It’s caused me pychiv pain, using various voices or changing it’s one voice some overbearing loud, some times ittoned it down but it causes me various levels of mass confusion

  152. Here are some things to think about:

    The Hebrew word for “dead” in Isaiah 14:9 (râphâ) is the same word used to translate the words: “Rephaim”, “dead”, and “deceased” in the Bible. Albert Barnes has a lengthy discussion about how the word is translated in different places in the Bible in his commentary on Isaiah 14:9.

    Isaiah 14:9 is a Bible prophecy verse which relates to the End Times. The verse suggests that the “râphâ” in sheol will meet the End Times King of Babylon after he is defeated. Given the multiple meanings of the word râphâ, one could say that there are Rephaim/Nephilim in sheol who will meet the End Times King of Babylon.

    I mention this because you say that the Nephilim are not in sheol at this present time. If you do not believe “râphâ” in Isaiah 14:9 refers to the Rephaim/Nephilim then what makes you think “râphâ” in Isaiah 26:14 refers to the Rephaim/Nephilim?

    I provide these observations in hopes that they help you with the questions on your mind.

  153. I have not forgotten about your questions. In fact, I’ve spent some time recently trying to come up with some answers. These are challenging questions. A Bible study panorama I have on the topic of angels and demons says hardly anything on the origins of demons.

  154. I just revisited this blog again, and I had another thought on this.  Some believe that there may have been millions or even billions of people on earth between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 (in other words the Gap Theory).  There are two particular passages that are often used as evidence for this are Isaiah 14:12-15, and Ezekiel 28:12-19.  Could some of the disembodied spirits have come from this destructive event?  I’m not sure, and it would depend on the activity that took place before Satan’s fall (if one believes the Gap Theory at all).  I guess the reason I thought of this is because I’m in a bit of a pickle trying to explain how or why Nephilim spirits would be allowed to just continue to roam the earth after those particular Nephilim were destroyed.  Why weren’t these spirits confined in Sheol?  I know some would say that a Nephilim spirit did not come from God in the first place, so they are not the same as men’s souls, thus Sheol doesn’t apply.  In Luke 11:24 Jesus explains that the evil spirit can leave the body of it’s host and then come back with more of it’s own kind, and this was before the ressurection that took place after Jesus went to preach to those kept in the underworld.  So, the mysterious question remains.  Where did the evil spirits come from, and why are they not confined?  For that matter, I guess there are fallen angels not confined yet either, so I shouldn’t be surprised at this.  It’s getting late and my brain is clouding over to where I can’t think straight.  I’d better end it here before I get way off.  Okay one more question.  Why did Jesus give permission for the legion of demons in the demoniac man of Gadarene to endter the swine, and why did they then immediately rush over the ledge and into the sea?  This has puzzled me for some time.  Part of me isn’t surprised to see demons acting as crazy and destructive as they are, but part of me is wondering if there was something about the sea that attracted them?  Why would they destroy their hosts so quickly if they would then be “searching for rest and finding none”, unless the dry places were not a problem here, because of the sea?  Ever thought about this?  Alright, I’m going now, I promise.  Enough craziness for one night.  As you can see, I must have lots of time on my hands to be pondering such things.

  155. The reference is Enoch 40:9, which (wrongly) claims that there is an angel in charge of repentance and eternal life. Enoch 40:9 (wrongly) suggests that there is another mediator in the matters of eternal life.  This contradicts the belief that the only way a person can obtain eternal life is through Jesus Christ.    

    Excuse me if that does not make a lot of sense. It’s late… Another explanation of what I’m trying to convey is available in the following article:

  156. Unbiblical? How is an angel dealing with matters of eternal life unbiblical? At adam and eves fall ,did God not place a cherub and a sword to guard the way to the tree of life. I dont understand how there is confusion here. Scripture is very clear on this. The tree of life is Jesus. The sword is the gospel of Jesus. The cherub is obviously a being that allows people access to the tree of life. Everyone knows that! Lol!!

  157. Daniel 2:43 is a very interesting verse. I feel the argument that “they” is a non-human entity is one that merits serious consideration.

  158. There’s no question the entities will be evil, as that is exactly what they are.  The good angelic host does not appear to us in that way, because God does not want angelic worship.  I agree that these prophecies were laid down centuries ago, as Satan had his plan laid out way back then and was conditioning people right from the start.  From what I have been able to glean, it appears that they may play the good/bad scenario with one group promising to help us fight the other group.  What I have found so far seems to point to the Nordics & possibly the grays helping us to fight the reptilians. That way we would trust the one group. The possibility does exist of course that these groups actually hate each other and the fight between them would be real.  As some are half-human and some are probably angelic (fallen), there is probably some animosity between the groups.  That is exactly what the Roman, Greek, and Nordic myths all teach, that the “younger” gods and the “older” gods who were their parents did not get along and there was a war between the two. The only thing we do know for certain is that creatures from out of the abyss will torment man, so people will see non-human creatures sometime during those seven years, and we know that people will not assume they are demons or fallen angels, they will assume they are aliens, as that is what they have been programmed to believe.  What else will go on in the world to set up that scenario does not seem to be explicitly given in Scripture, so we can only hypothesize based on the myths, etc. that Satan has taken so much time to lay down.  He obviously has had a reason for doing this, so we shouldn’t just ignore the information.  We need to see if it can fit any way into what we do know will actually happen from Scripture. Most people assume the passage in Daniel about the toes made of a mix of clay and iron is different nations coming together.  Of late, and I think there is merit in this thought, some are saying that because it says that they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men, it must mean something other than man is mingling itself with the seed of man, because it would not make sense to refer to another nation as something other than the seed of man, because all humans are the seed of man.  Therefore whatever mixes itself with the seed of man, is not the seed of man.  Many people who claim to be abducted say that they have had sperm or eggs taken, or women have been implanted and then the fetus is taken out of the womb, and sometimes shown to them later when they are children. The use of the word clay in the passage in Daniel becomes even more interesting when knows that the word Titan (which refers to the Greek gods) apparently implies by its etymology “white clay men”.  Granted all interesting coincidences, but it makes one wonder.

  159. The similarities between all these legends, myths, etc you’ve mentioned are quite interesting. Perhaps I’ll take a special look at these similarities and others when I’m done with this major Bible studying I’m working on.  My suspicion is that these predictions concerning the coming of these entities may be part of an effort to condition people to expect for something to actually happen in the future and to deceive people about what they’ll be dealing with.  In the Mayan’s case, their prophecies claim that the coming “ancestors” will be “good” entities.  In my opinion, these “ancestors” will be evil entities.

  160. The Hopi Indians also talk of the return of the ancestors from the stars.  As the original angels that fell did come from the “stars” it would make sense that they believe the returning ancestors would come from there too.  The controversial translation of the Sumerian hieroglyphs by Sitchin also talks about the return of the “aliens” from the planet Nibiru.  In both the Hopi and Sitchin cases the ancestors are reptilian in form (the Hopi say they are descended from snake people or something similar to that, if I remember correctly) , which is interesting as the Maya also have reptilian persona (as well as the white skinned golden haired gods) in their ancient drawings (as do the Egyptians).  That would mean that there might be more than Nordic nephilim to be expected to make an appearance.  The Orient also has a belief that they are descended from snake god-people. Satan is supposedly reptilian in appearance and I am sure there probably are angels or demons who have that appearance.  Of interest is that the so-called “aliens” present themselves as various types depending on the “planet” from which they come.  There are the Nordics, the grays, and the reptilians.  In some of the Norse mythologies they speak of little people (whose description is similar to the grays) that serve or work with the Norse gods.  The gray “aliens” often are said to keep company with the Nordics by the “alien abductees”.  It’s just strange the way all these myths, legends, hieroglyphs, and “alien” appearances all seem to be so eerily similar. What is also interesting is that I found a sort of connection between the myth of Santa and his elves and the Norse myths with their little people.  As it appears that the nephilim that migrated north into Europe kept going north it makes one think of the myth of Santa (who has magical powers) living at the North Pole with his elves.  People think myths and legends and strange creatures such as fauns and centaurs are just imagination, but there is much truth behind all myths and legends.  When you read the description in Revelation of the locusts who have the body prepared like a horse and a face of a man you can think centaur.  Today demons appear to people as aliens.  Years ago people may have called these angels/demons by names which we attribute today to being mythological creatures.  The desert goat devil mentioned in the
    Bible probably looks like a faun.  People today do not acknowledge the reality of the spiritual world the way they did years ago.  All these spiritual entities now pass for “aliens”, but they are very real and will most likely take part in the greatest battle between God and Satan at the end of this age as they have a vested interest in the outcome (which we know will not go their way).

  161. Interestingly, the Mayan talk about the “return of our ancestors”, which one person who works directly with the Mayan say are the nephillim…

    Ezekiel 32 is quite an interesting chapter. The latter portion of the chapter looks like there’s End Times potential too. 

  162. Gibborim can also be translated giants.  I have studied some other passages where that word has been used, in relation to the end times and it seems to imply an army that is either superhuman or not quite human.  As Ez. 32 7-8 seems to refer to the heavenly signs that occur in Revelation, it seems that this is speaking of that time too.  What is interesting is the Norse myths of Thor and Ragnarok say that the “gods” will be returning to earth at the time of Ragnarok to fight again.  Ragnarok being the counterpart of Armageddon.  If one starts looking at the Scriptural passages that speak of a mighty (gibborim) army or the mighty ones, one sees that there seems to be something a little more powerful than humans being spoken of in them. Usually people take it to mean just a really strong or famous army of humans and interpret it as such, but when you start looking at the passages through a different eyeglass, you start to see they may be referring to a nephilim army.  It would not surprise me to find that it is that to which these passages refer, although one can only speculate.

  163. I just want to mention that one of the chapters I’ve been examining recently is Ezekiel 32. I’ve read some say that “mighty that are fallen” in Ezekiel 32:27 is “gibborim nophelim” in Hebrew which almost spells out “nephilim”. This part of the verse seems to be somewhat controversial…

  164. Thanks for the reply Connie.  Very wise words.

    I only asked the question because of the total madness that I see around me.  A lot of people are also lonely and desparate for a partner and as most of the congregations are rather dead these days i.e not very deep in God- people tend to take matters into their own hands and marry whoever they can link up with. I have seen it first hand that’s why I was wondering about this.

    I totally agree with you that not everyone that say they are christians are true christians and I do believe that God is able to preserve is own seed.

    Don’t forget there are two scenarios here. 

     1) The tares who are satan’s seed which would include all the fallen angels and their seeds down through the generations. Therefore if we believe that God is preserving his seed all the inter breeding would have to be with the tares and not the wheat.

    2) True Christians can be used by demons/devils but cannot physically mate with them. In these cases in may be construed that they are not true christians at all but they are as in the case of the Apostle Peter.

  165. It just dawned on me to mention this in regard to the marrying problem.  That is probably why God made the rule that both Jews and Christians not marry outside of the faith.

    • I totally agree. I have had this exact same thought before.
      People really don’t like hearing this. Any time I bring it up, it’s an instant flash-point. I personally think it’s fascinating.

  166. Who said anything about a Christian marrying these people?  True Christians tend to be in the minority in the world and those who truly belong to the Lord generally only marry those who also belong to the Lord.  He is able to keep the bloodlines clean. He did it for Noah.  Do you not know any Christians who were stopped from marrying a person they wanted to marry?  I was stopped myself, and it was from the Lord’s intervention.  I never knew what happened to cause it’s ending, and obviously I do not know that it was for that reason, but it ended abruptly with no explanation and I accepted it as the Lord’s doing and will. Often people who are not Christians have the same thing happen. Is it because God is protecting not necessarily them but a future progeny that will be His within that person’s bloodline? We don’t understand the workings of God. There are also many who call themselves Christians who are not. God looks on the heart and knows the real truth, so if a person who is supposedly a Christian gets involved in these bloodlines, whether knowingly or not, I would wonder about the true state of their spiritual affairs.  I do not know how God takes care of this problem, but it is obvious that the nephilim bloodline still exists in the world.  The physical evidence is there. 

  167. Does anyone believe that a christian can marry and mate with a Tare which would be a seed of Satan.  As this would make any offspring doomed to hell.

  168. The giant baby you mentioned reminds me of the giant baby that was in the news recently. Last month, a Texas mother gave birth to a 16 lbs and 1 ounce boy who was 2 feet long and had a 17 inch chest. He is reportedly the largest baby to ever be born in Texas.

    • So if it is genetic, and I could see that, what does that mean for these people’s souls? What does anyone think the end game of the Nephilim could be and where they may be currently?

      • Lots of speculation out there about the Nephilim. I admit the Nephilim is not an area of expertise for me at the present time since I haven’t studied the topic in awhile. Revelation 12:7-9 indicates that Satan and his angels will be banished to Earth during the end times. This in theory would create a situation where new Nephilim could appear in bunches, especially when Christ compared the time around His coming to the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37, Luke 17:26). Daniel 2:41-43 is a passage that some see referring to the Nephilim.

      • Lauren, from what I have been able to ascertain,, there are at least two groups of nephilim, if not more, and they do not necessarily have the same objective. Some seem to want to eradicate humans and the others seem to want to live more peaceably with us, but still overlord us. I think their endgame is to try to stop prophecy from coming true, as when it does, their final doom is assured. As for where they may be currently, there are several possibilities on that. One is that they are hidden away on this planet in unexpected places that we wouldn’t look for them (like underwater facilities, as at least some of them are supposedly highly technologically evolved.) Another possibility, due to technology, is that they have spacecraft. They pose as aliens and come and go in these crafts. There are other possibilities that I won’t go into. As for the souls of people who have some nephilim blood in them, I have no idea where they fall in God’s eyes and plan. The ones who were giants at the time of Israel conquering the land of Canaan seemed to all be Satan worshipers. Whether a nephilim could be saved because of his human blood is not something God has told us in Scripture. None of those in Scripture seemed to turn to God, so maybe they can’t. There is no way to know that I have found.

  169. There are also some babies who are basically giant babies and pre-school toddlers that are 4′ tall.  I even saw a giant baby myself once.  He couldn’t have been more than a year old if that, but was easily 3 feet tall. Poor mom carrying him around. You have to wonder if there is some DNA in these people’s lineage that is not quite human.  On one Native American’s website that I visited while researching this, the man told how either his grandfather or great-grandfather, can’t remember which, was a giant that fit this description.  His Native American grandmother (or great-grandmother) had married this man and told her grandson all about him. He had come from a different place. There are people in the world who may have this DNA and the traits are skipping generations and then popping up unexpectedly in people who have no idea of this in their heredity.  The scientific world applies a medical term to these things because they have no other explanation, but that does not mean it is a mutation in human genes. Maybe it is additional DNA from nephilim genes.  They’ve certainly been around long enough to taint the gene pool. Even the god myths speak of the fact that they (the half-human/half gods) married normal women (as does the Bible).  After the Flood there was nothing stopping these genes from getting into the human gene pool, as God did not destroy all of mankind again, nor did the Israelites destroy all of the giants. 

  170. Just throwing this out there. I know of a former Major League Baseball pitcher who had six fingers and six toes. He was around 6 ft 5 inches. His condition seems to be genetic as his grandfather also had six fingers and six toes. According to this article about the pitcher, polydactyl-the condition where there are extra fingers or toes-occurs about once in every 500 births.

  171. I think the link to the Nordics may come through their god legends of Thor and that whole group.  It would not be difficult for Nephilim who were large and probably had powers (or at least technology that looked like powers to a non-technological people – think Thor’s hammer) to convince people they were gods.  I think the Roman/Greek/Nordic legends of gods who were larger than life all really reflect the same group of people, as many of the stories are quite similar. Some of the myths may be stories of what happened in the antediluvian world that Noah’s sons passed on to their children, but many may be from after the flood when the Nephilim again lived in the Mesopotamia area.  Some no doubt migrated north leaving these legends behind them.  Then this northern group must have migrated over to North America, via the Arctic route while some must have migrated to South America across the ocean directly from Africa, which explains the giant “inexplicable” ruins that are similar to the pyramids of Egypt. (which obviously were built by giants who either could haul these stones or had the technology or supernatural powers to do it).  It’s the only explanation for all the evidence and stories.  There seems to be a difference of sorts between the giants reported to have been seen by the early European explorers in South America and the giants that the North American Natives describe. There being  two different groups (northern versus Egyptian-like) would explain this difference too.  There is much interesting information to be had on all this.  The archeological evidence from the pyramids in both Egypt and S.A., as well as the mound-builders in N.A., not to mention places like Stonehenge, is very interesting and points to this conclusion, as the only other option is to believe in extra-terrestrials as the world thinks of them, and which we know is not truth.  What is also of interest is that many of the reports from “alien abductees” say that some of the “aliens” that took them are larger than human-sized Nordic looking people.  Too much coincidence here.  I wonder if any of them ever noticed how many fingers these Nordic “aliens” have.  There seems to be a genetic code for Nephilim that includes an extra finger and toe on each hand and foot.  That’s both Scriptural as well as first hand reports from everyone from the Native American legends to this guy in Tennessee recently.  Again, too much coincidence to be ignored.

    • many of the so called nordic gods or aliens are shapeshifters, which makes them liZZies ( reptilians ) , angels are not like humans at all, if 1 was to see a real angel in its real form one would die of fear ( scared to death ) — it does make sense to me that demons are in fact disembodied souls of the angel human mixing …. the white aryan race has close connection to all of this, reasons why are various, still piecing it together … the aryan human seems to be moreso joined, compatible genetically with the serpent lizard entities, this is not a racist claim in the least, if we are to talk about such serious matters than we must not hold back nothing that is worth consideration, i´m not cliaming all white people are devil hosts or anything remotely close to such ignorance, other specific groups of people fall victim to demonic influences as well — fallen angels = draco reptilians perhaps ( seraphim – cherubim ) , it is interesting that enoch speaks of lucifer and satan as 2 distinct different personalities, sorry about the aimless structure of my posting.

  172. I have heard the story about the buffalo before, as well.  Sounds like there could be some link to the Nordics.  I would suppose (although I haven’t checked yet) that Norwegian legend would address this, if that is where some Nephillim are alleged to have come from?  You have inspired to kind of poke around and investigate the Tennessee stories, as well as the Norse legends now.  Thanks for your input, Connie.  God bless.

  173. Thanks for the link! I’m not sure why you can post a comment by itself. Perhaps it’s a temporary issue since others seem to be able to post separate comments without a problem.

  174.  For some bizarre reason, I can’t post a comment unless I post it as a reply, so I will just post this here.  I came across an ebook that contains a great deal of information on a whole lot of things related to end times.  One of the chapters deals with the “alien”/nephilim subject.  The other chapters deal with things such as the Illuminati, the Luciferian wolves in the Christian church, weather control, etc.  It is a book, so is fairly long to read.  I have known most of the information contained in it for a long time, but I do not know how much you are familiar with.  The part about the abuse of children within Satanic cults is horrible, but as someone who has had much interaction with the occult over my life, I can tell you that this information is valid.  I knew a family whose daughter was used as a breeder to have babies for human sacrifice.  The information is not for the faint of heart and may be too much for any new Christians to handle.  You may find it of interest though.  It is found at ; As always, I know you will check on everything said to verify it and not just believe whatever is written, so I do not have to caution you to not just accept everything as truth, however your other readers may need the warning.

  175. Interestingly, in reading more of the legends of the Native Americans, the giants they speak of were Nordic in appearance.  Supposedly they could wrestle buffalo to the ground which would make them quite large.  They were cannibals and used to eat the natives, so the natives attacked one group who were living in caves and killed most if not all of them. The Norse myths are similar in legend to the Roman and Greek myths.  This might indicate that the same people are responsible for the source of these legends, and which would confirm the idea that these giants who were “god/demigods” did migrate north and then over to the Americas.  There are also accounts of the European explorers running into giants in South America.  This would explain the gigantic ruins at places like Machu Picchu where huge multi-ton stones were moved to the tops of mountains from miles away. These giants would also explain the accounts from people who were abducted by “aliens” who say that one group are very tall Nordic types.  Too much coincidence to be imaginary.

  176. Thanks taking the trouble to research this.  In the last few days I did come across another passage that struck me in a rather strange way.  I’m not quite sure what to make of it.  John 5:28-29 mentions two different resurrections occurring at what appears to be a specific point in time.  I just got done using the Blue Letter Bible to look up the meanings in the Greek, and I’m still left in the dark and kind of puzzled by it.  Really, that entire chapter is quite interesting, and there are a number of things in there.  Whenever Jesus speaks, it is always profound in many ways, of course.  After all, He is the Word of God.

  177. This is an issue that is likely going to require a lot of time and thought. I just looked at a Bible panorama written by a specialist in the subject manner and he does not address the issue. It might take me awhile to come up with some ideas of my own

  178. Demons are the disembodied souls of the offspring of the fallen angels and women.  With the Giants being half fallen angel their souls were not alound into heaven there fore left here on earth to roam and terrorize humans.

  179. The following is a response I gave to someone’s posting on a different blog site.  Basically that person feels that 1/3 of the fallen angels are known as demons/nephilim.  I am including it here, since it deals with this topic, and I hope to stimulate some speculation and possibly get some answers to some of my questions.  Here is my response:

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with
    the specifics of your posting.  Here is why: 1/3 of the fallen angels are NOT
    also known as demons/nephilim, because the bible draws a distinction
    between all three. First, angels (sons of God) left their proper
    abode, took human bodies, and came into the daughters of men and
    produced the Nephilim (Gen 6:4, Jud 1:6-7). However, Nephilim (also known as
    Anakim, Rephaim, Emim, Zuzim, Zamzummin)(Deu 2:10-11, 20, Num 13:33, Deu 9:2, Gen 14:5), unlike the
    fallen angels who created them, could be physically destroyed (Deu
    2:21, Jos 11:21-22, Deu 3:11, Gen 14:5, Jos 13:12), but their spirits
    (not being from God) were not eligible for resurrection to heaven
    (Isa 26:14), so they were destined to roam the earth, seeking
    embodiment (Luk 11:24). This last state of the Nephilim (spirit) is speculative, but it seems to fit with
    scripture and explains where some evil spirits may have come from,
    and why they seek embodiment. One possible explanation for the
    Nephilim spirits not remaining in Sheol, where scripture says the spirits of the dead go (Isa 14:9, Job 26:5-6, Psalm 88), is that Jesus went and preached to them, along with the OT
    Saints (Abraham’s Bosom), before releasing them in a type of
    resurrection back to the earth, so that they could fulfill the plan
    of God dealing with the ungodly.

    Just exactly why the evil spirits (from
    the Nephilim) are not still in Sheol, where scripture says the spirits of the dead go (unrighteous),
    is the part that I’m trying to understand now. If my theory is to
    make sense, then I have to find the
    answer for this question. I think it could possibly be that
    they were released back to earth after Jesus went to preach to them
    in Sheol right before His resurrection. This is highly speculative,
    and I may be way off, but I’ll be back to post scriptures for this.

    Okay, here are some scriptures that I’m
    wrestling with regarding how or if the spirits of Rephaim (Nephilim)
    could possibly be on the earth now, instead of in Sheol. Job 26:5,
    Psa 88:10, Isa 14:9, Isa 26:14, Isa 26:19, Rev 16:13-14, Luk 11:24
    (here is an example of an unclean spirit that was never confined
    after leaving, and this last example was before Jesus’ visit to Sheol
    to preach to or resurrect any

    Compare Deu 3:13 with Psa 22:12, Eze

  180. Speaking of Legends, I’m originally from Minnesota, and we have several giants depicted in statues, such as “Big Ole” which is a giant, 28ft tall, blond haired, Viking statue in Alexandria, MN.  Another that I remember was “Paul Bunyan”, who was supposed to be a lumberjack further up north.  There is some evidence that the Vikings may have actually made landings up around that area before Columbus had discovered the Americas.

  181. Here’s something to consider.  Israel did not kill all the inhabitants that they were supposed to when they entered the land.  There is much evidence that the hybrid giants or what I call nephilim did not cease to exist, but moved first north then over to the Americas.  Think of all the myths about giants and demi-gods that exist from Europe.  Then consider the legends of the American Indians that speak of a people who were giant in stature and had six fingers.  That last is important as the Bible describes some of these giants as also having six fingers.  It is apparently part of their DNA.  As the white man came over and conquered the Americas, these giants “disappeared”.  I have an idea where they went, but I am not offering that speculation up at the moment.  In recent months it is interesting that a mountain man from Tennessee made the news as he claims to have seen not once, but several times a 10′ giant with long beautiful hair and (get this) six fingers.  The news reporters scoffed, but the sheriff in the town said that he had heard reports about just this sort of thing ever since he was a child.  These creatures have angelic DNA (albeit fallen angelic).  We don’t know the intelligence and power at their disposal.  There is also much evidence through the ancient records that the fallen angels not only procreated with man, but experimented on crossing DNA of multiple species, not only animal with animal, but man with animal. This type of experimenting with genetics did not stop with them; it was being carried on by the Nazis with people like Mengele.  Cloning is not a new science, believe it or not.  It has been tried for years. Maybe this will give you food for thought.

    • Have you heard of or read any articles on supposed archeological discoveries of giant skeletons all over the US, but mostly in certain areas? Do you think these are reputable claims? Everything I have read on this claims our Gov. is covering up the evidence.

      • Considering that the number of nephilim killed during the Flood would have been vast, to discover some of these is not outside the realm of possibility. Then there were giants after the Flood as well, and some of them would have probably been buried at death (mummification and cremation was probably also done). There have been skeletons of giants found all over, and yes I do think the government would cover it up, because that’s what they do with things like this. They have a historical narrative of evolution that they do not want to tamper with and cause questions. Especially questions that would show the Bible to be a true narrative. That would deconstruct the mindset that they want people to have. If you want to see some skulls that are not entirely human though, there are a number of them that were found in Peru. A good video telling about the pre-flood nephilim is found on youtube. The guy doing it (Trey Smith) is a little peculiar and it takes a while to adjust to his manner, but his info is very good and he has pictures of the skulls and explains why they are not entirely human.

        • I can follow you on that. For some reason the Nephilims end time role interests me. Maybe it is because I have been spiritually naive and only recently realized their return was a possibility. I have seen a lot of what I feel is convincing evidence of these skeletal remains existing. Also as a believer that every Word in the Bible is true, I have often wondered about as you say, after the flood, natural causes, battle, where are the remains? I have seen research on the remains in Peru, but not this link, I will check it out, thanks! I have believed anything of our Gov. since I stopped believing the official narrative on JFK, and I won’t say any more about that, lol. When you look at our founding Fathers beliefs, I am fearful of Satan’s end time plan for our Nation, I fear it may have been laid with our foundations.

          • I believe it was laid with the foundation. Satan has a long endgame. I believe Babylon, who I believe is actually a real spirit, not just a political system or religion, chose this country to set up her new political system a long time ago.

          • I think there are a lot of things that point to that. Certainly our history points to that, in my opinion, a well as our dogged belief we are such a Christian nation when we worship Santa and materials at Christmas, a Bunny and Eggs, go figure, at Easter. I think it is fairly insidious to make good hearted people think they are believing when they are blind- all in the name of Christ. We lost the culture war because instead of Christ’s Love we showed Satan’s Hate. Now everyone is showing too much tolerance and confusing it with Love. I never thought I would live in the World Revelations describes. But, yes, there is a lot, I think to support your belief of a spirit Babylon, and I think there is a lot connected to that/ her and NY.

  182. The following reply is just some of my speculation…

    I would not be surprised if fallen angels could take on a form other than human. I do believe “aliens” are fallen angels since I’ve heard about how some aliens look human while others look non-human.

    I’m not sure whether a fallen angel could invite demons into a transformed body to enhance its abilities. I don’t know how to evaluate that theory using biblical evidence.

    With regard to your last thought, I can definitely see the enemy operating in that manner. They would probably want to save their elite for special assignments and use the others on other tasks.

    You mentioned to view the enemy as a criminal. Since you have a military background perhaps you may find it interesting for a moment to think of the enemy operating like a very sophisticated military organization or intelligence agency. Just offering another way to view the enemy…

  183. I guess I may have answered my own questions after thinking about the events that I just described.  The “creature beside the house” for lack of a better name, could have been a demon, since no physical body was seen, and all I heard were the sounds and felt the presence.  The “fondling in the dark” experience could have also been a demon, since I’ve heard that spirits can do some minor poltergeist type of activity (knocking stuff over or moving things around the room).  As far as the “long, blond, woman’s hair on my bed” experience, again there was no body seen, but one was felt (at least once in a sexual dream), and there was physical evidence (or what appeared to be) left from a human body that seemed to match the woman in my dream (if I recall accurately enough).  However, I can’t rule out for sure that the hair was not from some other source.  

    In the case of the other sightings that others have had of such creatures as Bigfoot, it seems that there are enough reports around that it seems credible, even as UFO sightings are believed to be (at least a percentage of them) real.  Do you think these are just fallen angels causing mischief, or do you think it is something else?  I know there are several passages in scripture where angels take human form, but what about “other than human” form?  I recall an experience reported by a rather famous person (an actress named Gina Gershon), which was documented on a TV program, that describes a spirit entity attacking her at night and attempting to choke her.  She said it first appeared in the form of a fog or mist, but then the shape of a head appeared and then two hands that were actually choking her for a while.  In this case it would have to be an angel, right?  Since demons can’t just manifest physically out of nowhere, or can they?

    A couple more speculative thoughts before I leave.  It occurred to me a few days ago, after thinking about it for awhile, that angels could utilize demons in some situations, at least it seems plausible to me.  In other words, an angel could invite one or more demons inside of its transformed physical body, thereby utilizing some of their power, possibly enhancing its own powers or abilities, although I think scripture indicates that angels are more powerful than demons, so why would they need to?  I can already think of one such example from Rev 16:13.  

    The other thought I had involves placing yourself in the shoes of the enemy, or thinking like a criminal for a moment.  Suppose you had a limited number of fallen angels at your disposal (let’s say at least 70) (Duet 32:8), but you had many more (let’s say millions) of disembodied spirits.  Wouldn’t you try to get the demon spirits into as many important human bodies as possible to gather intel from them and to gain some level of remote control over them, and save your angels for spec ops type of missions where a rapid response is needed?  

    Well, let me stop before I get way out in left field here.  As you can see, it is sort of fun to speculate, but that’s really all it is until God’s word sheds some light upon the subject.  Thanks for your insight, and I appreciate your blog.

  184. Is there anything you feel comfortable sharing which makes you wonder whether there are other types of fallen entities? 

    Thanks for reading

  185. This is a interesting subject that I still sometimes ponder over.
    It was only last year I realised that there were different groups of fallen angels.

    What started me thinking is where I read that God had already got some of them in chains until the end of the age. i.e some is also chained in the river Euphrates.

    This just doesn’t make sense if you do not use the extra-biblical books like Enoch.

    Things are certainly not as straight forward as we might think. There is a lot going on that we don’t know anything about.

  186. Thank you so much for sharing your story! That’s an amazing story you tell! It’s also a warning to all Christians to not practice the occult. Stay way from it!

  187. Interesting article. I have in fact seen both demons and fallen angels (not by choice), and it fits both the scriptures and what you have written.

    I have a bit of doubt for the nephilim theory, since John 3:6 says “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.” However, the context of that scripture is being born-again as a Christian, so it may not be specifically applicable to fallen angels, or may not have been at that time in history.

    The fallen angels I saw were in the lives of professing “spirit-filled” Christians who were practicing heavy-duty occult stuff. The people connected to them (including me at that time) came under deception not just through regular demons but through fallen angels too, appearing as angels of light in full angelic form and giving people messages supposedly from God. It was an awful mess, but due to the level of deception it took time to become clear. What made me suspicious all along, though, was the frequent appearance of very weird-looking angels that other people assured me were on the Lord’s side. Those “angels” failed the simplest test – the 1 John 4 test.

    Since God got me out of that wreck, He can get anyone else out of it who truly desires to be free. God bless you all!

  188. Yes, some people who believe in that cite the Book of Enoch’s chapter about them. I think it is possible that demons could be dead Nephillim…

  189. some seem to think that demons could be the dead Nephilim. Where the angels came down and mated with human women and created giants.

  190. I have a giant Bible study panorama focusing on Angelology. The late Christian author of the panorama was an expert on angels (good and bad), Satan, and demons. The author differentiated between fallen angels and demons.

    The author wrote that Satan led a revolt in Heaven where he tried to supplant God. Apparently some angels joined Satan leading to their fall.

    With regards to demons, the author stated that the origin of demons is unclear. I acknowledge too that it is unclear how demons originated based on what is in the Bible. The Book of Enoch’s explanation of the origin of demons is possible, but it is unwise to be dogmatic about that.

  191. Interesting….

    Well can I then ask, (since we’re on the topic, and I’ve been wrestling with this lately…), what in your view are the origins of these two distinct kinds of fallen beings? How did we get fallen angels, and then seperately demons? I’m only asking because my whole life it was always presented to me that they were one and the same thing, and so now to consider this idea of them being different, it makes me wonder how that could be…

  192. The New Testament talks about demons and fallen angels in different terms. In verses like 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6 the actual Greek term for angel is used: “aggelos” when discussing fallen angels. The Greek word in references to devils in the New Testament like in Mark 5 is “diabolos”. If they were the same entities the Greek terms should be very similar if not the same.

    • HI.
      I’ve just come on your very interesting site. You certainly try to be as thorough, as Scriptural and as logical as possible, as far as I can see so far. That’s good, considering the times in which we now live.
      The idea of demons and fallen angels being different entities is a new one on me. Still. I’d have to say that I’ll need to think more on this.
      I personally know a man who is very much a follower of a “signs and wonders” group and he wanders very far from Scripture–to the point that his leader is going to soon raise Princess Diana and fifty other people from the dead for God to veryify his ministry (in spite of Luke 16:31)! This man claimed that he almost distinctly heard a voice telling him to switch off a radio. He ignored it to find, he claimed, himself thrown across a room. So it would appear that this demon/fallen angel could not materialize but could still make use of a force to interact with humanity. I have heard of similar things with seances.
      Though these are, of course, second hand statements and I have not witnessed them personally, I have witnessed a case where a lady who had bulimia or anorexia lived in a house which partly felt like the inside of a freezer even in the summertime. This lady told us that she would often have nightmares, where she saw Satan in a corner of her bedroom. On having her cupboard open, my wife and I observed that it was like opening a freezer door. Remembering what Jesus said to His disciples about casting out demons, their being subserivent to us, I commanded the demon to leave and never return to the house. We then prayed over the lady, who had shown us where she had also “self-harmed”. On entering the room to tell us of snacks, her father was astonished at how warm the room had become. Also, the lady sat down to eat a meal for the first time in ages.
      Anyway, my point is, what would be such a spirit that could affect the lady physically and in dreams but not actually appear?
      This is why I am not so sure that demons and fallen angels are different.
      Thank you.

      • I too ventured onto this web site by accident. I’ve been searching the web to find out the difference between a fallen angel and a demon, also to find out where demon’s come from. I will share two (2) personal experiences I’ve had in the past. A few years ago I was traveling quite a bit and spending multiple nights in various hotels. The first experience I had was in a hotel in the New Jersey area. I was in bed watching TV. I had just turned off the television and the lamp next to the bed when all of a sudden something grabbed my right leg and tried to pull me off of the bed. This entity was very strong, but I could not see it. As it was trying to pull me off the bed I began saying “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to let go of me and leave this room”. After saying these words a couple of times it left. Right after that the Lord spoke to me and He instructed me to begin praying and to do a spiritual cleansing of every hotel room I stayed at from then on. The Lord told me that we as Christians do not know what went on in the room we are staying in. So from then on I did as the Lord instructed me to do and I never had another problem. The second episode happened just a couple of weeks ago. I was in my own house and I was in bed. My wife was asleep and I had just turned off the television when all of a sudden I felt this entity climb on top of me and started holding me down and was acting in a disgusting sexual way, it was so perverted and I felt violated. I was not able to call out to my wife or to call out the name of Jesus. This battle went on for a good 7 to 8 minutes. I knew what I wanted to say in my mind but when I tried speaking out the words they came out of my mouth all mumbled. I was able to free my right hand and I went to grab my wife’s hand but it was the hand of this entity I grabbed. My wife was finally awakened by my struggling and as she laid hands on me and began praying I actually saw the entity, it was a female and it was laughing at me as it departed. Throughout my Christian walk I’ve seen dark black entities a few times but what I just shared has only happened twice.

        • I’ve had this same thing happen to me a 2-3 times. Succubus is a female demon for men and incubus is for women. However, your story seems to depict this happening while you were awake. I ‘ve been asleep when this happened to me.

  193. (continued…)

    Yes, I understand the implications if we were to suggest that the “scholars” who canonized the NT made a mistake… (oops!) Because if there really is such a thing as a “canon”, then you can’t have “mistakes”! To admit a mistake would be to destroy confidence in your entire scholarly authority. But Jesus, nor any of the apostles, ever instructed us to turn to a bunch of scholars to tell us what was really from God, and what was not. Did He…?

    Having read the article you linked to by David Stuart, it makes me wonder if he’s actually even read the Book of Enoch, because he resorts to calling it things like “a bunch of mumbo jumbo” and so on… (there’s some astute criticism for ya…) But the more you read, the more you see why he really rejects this book, just like most other people… Not because it teaches some gnostic gospel (quite the contrary!) or because it teaches a vague Christ (it doesn’t, it actually points to Christ more directly than most O.T. prophetic books!), but because he already rejects the idea that angels could have offspring with humans… I understand, because I was raised to think such a thing was “absurd” as well. Such an idea is laughable, right? I’d heard all the same verses quoted that he quotes, (angels don’t marry, etc.) and that was that… But the more I looked at Genesis 6, the more I could not accept the explanation I had been given my whole life (about the sons of “righteous Seth” marrying the “wicked daughters of Cain”…) The old explanation just doesn’t hold up. The text of Genesis 6 is clearly saying that angels came down, took wives and had giant children (sorry, that’s just what is says! like it or not!) And of course, the Bible says angels do not marry, that’s why it was so wicked for these angels to do this!!! And of course the bible says that there are different kinds of bodies, celestial and terrestrial etc., (1st Corinthians 15:39-40), that’s why it was unnatural for these fallen angels to do this, and that’s why they had freakish kids!

    We must remember too, that just because angels have “celestial bodies”, this doesn’t mean they can’t interact with the physical world. In Genesis 19:3, it says that Lot made the angels dinner, and they ate it… (?) Do angels need to eat? Wouldn’t think so… But can they? Apparently, they can…

    Anyways… I’m not trying to say that the Book of Enoch IS scripture… I’m just saying that if it’s to be rejected, then it’s not based on any of the objections made by Stewart…

    However… One thing still puzzles me… You say that you now reject the Book of Enoch as having any truth, yet that leaves me wondering then how you arrived at this conclusion that fallen angels and demons are two seperate things… Where in the Bible do you find evidence to suggest this distinction? Just asking out of curiousity…


  194. Yes, I have heard these objections before. Particularly the one about the “satanic” teaching about an angel who is “set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life”. I can see why that would be something we should be treat with a great deal of scrutiny, as you are absolutely right, Jesus IS the only mediator between God and man!

    However, we should also be cautious not to make quick assumptions as to what it means by “set over” the repentance of men… What does “set over” really mean? It doesn’t go into any more detail, and there’s nothing in the text which would suggest that this means that an angel is actually the one choosing who repents and who doesn’t, or acting in any sort of judgemental role… In the Bible, we see angels “set over” all kinds of things, but this merely means that they have some sort of “administrative” role. We see angels being involved in the 7 trumpets, the seven bowls of God’s wrath, even the Great White Throne Judgement, but this involvement doesn’t mean that the angels themselves are usurping God’s role as Judge or Savior…

    Look at Revelation 8:3,4…

    Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, with the prayers of all the saints, on the golden altar before the throne. The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of the saints, went up before God from the angel’s hand.

    An angel carries the prayers of the saints and presents them to God? Isn’t that a case of an angel trying to act as a mediator betweeen man and God? No… He simply has been given a task, and he’s carrying it out in obediance. The fact that this angel is “presiding over the prayers of the saints” doesn’t mean that he is somehow interfering in God’s direct relationship to mankind… The angel here is not an intermediary, (although someone could make that accusation, as easily as they could about anything in the Book of Enoch…)

    Also Revelation 14:6 says,

    “Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people.”

    What? An angel has the eternal gospel, to give to everyone on Earth??? But the Gospel originates from God Himself! Isn’t this blasphemous too? No… Because once again, this is an example of an angel being given an “administrative role”. It doesn’t mean that an angel is the originator of the Gospel…

    Yes, this David Stuart guy does seem pretty offended by the idea that any particular book that might be true could actually be “excluded” from the canon, and honestly, I have struggled with that ramification as well, and in the end, we have to ask some tough questions… Did GOD actually instruct anyone to compose an official “canon”? Was that an instruction that Jesus gave before He left? Did any of the apostles give any indication that they believed there needed to be an “official version” of what would become the “New Testament”, or did they preach the truth of the Gospel itself, relying on the Holy Spirit to give hearers discernment and open their hearts to the truth..?

  195. The Book of Enoch has some teachings that are completely unbiblical like how there is an angel that deals with matters of eternal life. The contradictory elements within the Book of Enoch is one reason why I cannot take the book as something I can quote comfortably.

    The fact that the Book of Enoch is not a part of the Bible’s cannon is a big deal. I believe that if God wanted us to take the Book of Enoch seriously as the books in the Bible it would have been included in the cannon.

    There’s the possibility that Enoch had teachings which were passed down from generation to generation which the writers of the New Testament knew about. However, these teachings do not exactly have to be linked precisely with the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch could have just been an attempted to record some of those teachings.

    For more:

    • Well,the book of Enoch was noteworthy enough to be quoted verbatim and referenced Apostles Jude and Peter. Most importantly Jesus Christ himself quoted from Enoch. Obviously, you think your opinion is higher than Christ’s and His Apostles in which the church foundation is built on. I think I’ll stick with Christ and the Apostles.

      • I don’t think my opinion is higher than Christ and the Apostles. What kind of accusation is that? Just because the Book of Enoch records some things that were also taught by Christ and the Apostles does not necessarily mean that the entire Book of Enoch is true, especially when there are some parts of the Book of Enoch that contradict the Bible. I used to believe that the Book of Enoch was undeservingly left out of the Bible until I realized that there were parts of it that contradicted the Bible.

        • Wayne, yes my man- very correct. The book of Enoch contradicts so much of the Bible, that is how you know it is counterfeit, that is the litmus test. Our God is not a God of confusion.

          • It contradicts to you because you haven’t searched the scriptural references between these books and fully understand. I know the Bible is the author of all books. But many people don’t even understand the Bible they claim to have read. If you say the book of Enoch contradicts the Bible, why would the authors/writers of the bible allow Enoch words in the book of Jude in the Bible? Remember, God never contradicts or confuses. Let me tell you, the hidden mysteries of Genesis Chapter 1,2 and 3, is far larger than any other book of the bible, even in the book of Daniel and Revelations. You say these because you don’t know the words. The Lord Almighty will make you see the mysterious of His Word. Amen

        • A question for you Mr. Croley. I often read souls tormented by Demon like creatures by people who seems to be having experienced going to hell for a short time period. They were different nationalities and they spoke the same thing. However, the Scriptures says, that Satan and his angels will be tortured together with the false prophets, antichrist, unbelievers into hell. So, how come that these demons are tormenting lost souls?

          Can you enlighten me more on this?

          • Perhaps there are spiritual beings that are designed to torture the wicked? For instance, Revelation 9:1-11 references locus creatures from the abyss that will be released after the sounding of the fifth trumpet. After being released, they will torment the wicked on Earth for five months.

          • The hell God created from the beginning is a place of darkness and shame for Lucifer and his ministers (demons), However, they’re not tortured, rather they torture the unsaved because they see humans as the arch enemy which God created to replace them. God took them from the brightness of His Glory into darkness. The torture in hell prevails over unsaved humans who didn’t gain Salvation in Christ Jesus. After the White Throne Judgment that will be done by God in His anger On the last day, Lucifer himself and the false prophets, the Anti-Christ and the unsaved souls will be tormented forever according to Rev. 20. There are mysteries I can’t fully say here but by God’s revelations I pray you all understand. But I will say this. Many ancient beings live among us. Not only would God judge the human race. We have many races of the old worlds and this new. It’s not only angels that fell that day. That’s why I said, I have many things to say but I can’t say. Many mysteries can’t be fully understood by humans. Deut 29:29 says: the secret things belong to God. Don’t worry, by and by afterlife, you’ll understand all your questions. Let me end with this. The theological ethics preach and write many things in error. Who told you that the mysteries of angels, God and demons, even Lucifer isn’t in the Bible, even apart from the obvious scriptures? Many of the preachers and people have read these scriptures that contain these celestial facts but they fail to understand its spiritual revelations: or perhaps because of their little human comprehension. Remember Christ told Nicodemus, if you can’t understand the terrestrial that you can see, how would you understand the celestial? (John 3). According to Eph 1:18,19, ask for the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Many things Christ unleashed to Paul about these matters you are debating: even unto Peter, but I discover that many of you lack the spiritual understanding. God bless you! .

      • I have a questions for you Mr. Croley. I heard a lot of testimonies about demon like creatures tormenting souls in hades or hell. However, Scriptures does not say so.

        Revelation says, that Satan and fallen angels, false prophet, anti Christ and unbelievers will be together on the final judgment in hell. so, how come these demon creatures torments souls in hades or hell?

        Can you enlighten me more on this.

  196. I have been wondering about this topic quite a bit lately, interestingly enough, and I happened to come across your blog quite accidentally… It’s funny that you mentioned the Book of Enoch, because I just recently discovered this writing, and it’s only since then that I have even contemplated there being any difference between demons and fallen angels. My entire church life did not ever present me with any reason to ask such questions, their interchangeability was always taken for granted…

    There is still much I don’t understand about demons, and why there would be these wicked spirits that long to have bodies in the first place… And while I’m not totally convinced that the Book of Enoch is true, I have a hard time seeing where it contradicts the rest of scripture (and you already mentioned Genesis 6, and the literal interpretation of those verses is usually the biggest objection most people would have with the content of the Book of Enoch…) Do you not accept the Book of Enoch as true, simply because it was excluded from the biblical “canon”? How is it that Jude directly quotes it, calling it “prophecy” (i.e. a message from God)? Didn’t the majority of early Christians accept it as prophecy? (and wasn’t the “canon” of scripture supposed to be merely an acknowledgement of what was already accepted as scripture by most people? so much for that idea…)

    Anyway, still have lots of questions, but overall I’m just feeling encouraged that I’m not the only one who’s interested in talking about these things!


  197. I have documentation from witnesses who saw Hitler first-hand (like Joseph Goebbels). These witnesses wondered if Hitler was actually human. These eye-witnesses describe what amounts to Hitler being possessed by something very evil and something quite powerful. Therefore, I am 100% confident that Hitler was possessed.

    What’s amazing is that occult sources suggest that Hitler was possessed as well. According to the messengers used by the spiritual forces of evil, Hitler was influenced by the spirit of Antichrist. Hitler’s abilities far exceeded Joseph Stalin’s (another man who was possessed) so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that something very high up had a role in influencing Hitler.

    • As a witness to spiritual warfare, to my savior fighting for me, I can tell you that the same kind of evil that influenced both Stalin and hitler now resides both in Obama and muslims but in the entire anti-American pro-atheist/pagan/heathen democratic party. muslims were mentioned in the book of Revelations as coming out of the abyss if you recall. anyhow, Obama is the beast of fraud like described in Dante’s inferno and the Pope is the false prophet (the little horn speaking blasphemies against God almighty). I said it years ago and I even repeat it again here, and even Hillary Clinton is one of the devil’s workers. don’t fall for their lies they have very satanic ties, they are children of the devil do not stoop to their level. anyhow. thank you for the article. keep praying. and remember that Jesus will win, God already wrote the end of the bible and Jesus wins! yay!

      • I regret Laurada that you see demons in anyone who doesn’t agree with your racist or ideological beliefs

        • “Mass Healer” :

          Do you regret the abortion of millions of babies that the Demoncrat party has wholeheartedly supported? Or do you regret the true words that were spoken by Laurada? You showed your true colors by name calling. That is what the liberals are taught to do when confronted with facts. Demo rats supported and fought for both slavery and Jim Crow laws. Racist, that is the pot calling the kettle black.

          And there will be hell to pay. But you can escape that through Jesus, by laying down your life and following Him.

      • Laurada’s got bars though

        “don’t fall for their lies
        they have very satanic ties,
        they are children of the devil
        do not stoop to their level”

    • Yes Remember hitler targeted Jews gods chosen people and killed millions f them wad this a curse god put on the jews for crucifying jesus his son is this a curse that they will have to endure till the end of time

    • I do believe that these evil people are possesses by the devil or evil. There was one testimony to this kind.

      My lady pastor’s husband when went under deliverance, the tongue grow longer up to his stomach and spoke the name of Lucifer. Her husband was a businessman who has so many vices. After the deliverance he became a pastor.

      From that story I believe people whoever do wicked things is possessed and can only be delivered once he/she accepts Jesus and follow His ways

  198. I try and read your research and blogs as much as possible good work by the way. I seem to be interested in the Antichrist topics. I’m curious as to your take on if Hitler could have been possessed by demon or high level fallen angel. You made a reference that he was possessed by a high ranking entity right?

        • Hi i totally agree that there is a distinction between fallen angels and demons.. But my understanding is that there are 2 groups of fallen angels 1st those that fell with Lucifer before man 2nd those that left their place..and are in chains in darkness who reproduced with daughters of if demons are the spirits of nephillim who are children of the 2 nd group of angels that sinned why are they obidient to the devil..because they seem to be obedient to him in evil workings..their angelic parents sinned later after creation and were not working with the devil..i believe they were watchers. Christ even said the devil has his kingdom Matthew 12:26 when He said, “And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” This world and this world’s kingdoms are under the domain of Satan…something to think about..ultimately i believe scripture is spiritual and we must approach it from a spiritual point of view…logic we never uncover Gods mysteries..Christ said He would send the Holy Ghost who would teach us ALL things

          • Nephilms has no soul!

            “”This is a last effort waged by the enemy to destroy man’s ability to receive salvation,” the Lord explained to me. “The soul-less ones do not have the ability to become or to experience salvation; for they have no soul.”

          • How can you say Nephilms had no soul..! They were also humans, but with exta-human nature. Their mothers were human women but fathers were supernatural. Please note it all happened at pre-flood period. At that time only the spiritual beings were able to physically access humans. But after flood God made some genetic changes on humans. It’s apparent from reducing human life span. So logical is, the departed souls of Nephilms are also accomplices with fallen angels and they are also evil spirit. Also some of the presently departed souls are working as ghosts.

        • Hi i totally agree that there is a distinction between fallen angels and demons.. But my understanding is that there are 2 groups of fallen angels 1st those that fell with Lucifer before man 2nd those that left their place..and are in chains in darkness who reproduced with daughters of if demons are the spirits of nephillim who are children of the 2 nd group of angels that sinned why are they obidient to the devil..because they seem to be obedient to him in evil workings..their angelic parents sinned later after creation and were not working with the devil..i believe they were watchers. Christ even said the devil has his kingdom Matthew 12:26 when He said, “And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” This world and this world’s kingdoms are under the domain of Satan…something to think about..ultimately i believe scripture is spiritual and we must approach it from a spiritual point of view…logic we never uncover Gods mysteries..Christ said He would send the Holy Ghost who would teach us ALL things

          • You view is more correct Biblical. There’re 2 groups of fallen angels. One mentioned in Bible as fallen with Lucifer. Another is mentioned in Book of Enoch. The former is still left free by God but the latter is bonded. Also along with them the departed evil souls of pre-flood era and even the souls of present time is working. Out of them, some dangerous souls are bonded in hell, but some are left free.. This is the most reliable picture.

        • I don’t know what others may think, but I have found through my studies that demons can attach themselves or be attached through people cursing things, to most anything, including inanimate objects or things like music and TV shows to influence people through the use of the object. That’s why you don’t use things like Tarot cards. Animals are no different. I think in many cases, animals can see the spirits that we can’t. During times when my family was under spiritual attack, we would pray for God to place protection around us, including our entire property. The funny thing was, when we did this and we walked our dog, she would get to the property line and not go any further, just like Balaam’s ass. She would dig in her heels and we couldn’t even pull her past the property line. She acted as if something was in her way that she didn’t dare go past. This happened multiple times when we would pray like this, but other times she would have no problems. We learned that there must have been angels (not sure if they were good guarding us or fallen being kept from crossing over) at the line that she could see that we couldn’t.

          As to the mentally impaired, I don’t know that all people who suffer mental and emotional problems are demon possessed, but I would say that it is a distinct possibility and probability in some cases, where there is violence or they blaspheme, that they are. What we would have called multiple personality disorder, Jesus called demon possession and cast out the Legion. There is also a possibility that some physical disorders are demon controlled or influenced. It doesn’t always have to be a complete possession of someone to inflict problems upon them, either. They can also torment people through these things without totally possessing.

          Christians can open up themselves to demonic influence by what they watch, listen to, play with, etc. It’s not possession, but they can get a foothold in your life in areas, if you open a door to any area that God considers sin, or is something that is demonically oriented. That’s why it is so hard these days. Practically everything going on around us that enters our lives on a constant basis can lead to opening doors, as this world is like it was in the days of Noah. People’s thoughts and actions are wicked all the time. All the media is saturated with it, and we are constantly assaulted by the media.

      • I beg to differ the fallen Malachims or angels were the son’s of Elohim who came down on earth, and mated with the daughter’s of man. Also animals as well. Which created the Nephilim Giant’s and hybrids that Elohim YHWH said was abomination to earth. Enoch is not unbiblical at all. A matter of fact everything in the book of Enoch is accurate on what took place in Genesis. There was Giants before and after. All through the Bible you see that war that was in heaven happens on earth. I do believe that Giant’s our demons and disembodied beings that roam around preying on the weak looking for a host body to physically live again. Joshua and his boys rage war on these Giants and was told to kill all woman children and animal. Leave no trace of them. But Joshua didn’t get all of them. Even in the Torah Moses separated the one true Elohim from what we know as shade or Demons. All the prophets knew about Enoch’s teachings and all knew that the Giant’s were Demons. It’s hard to swallow but that’s the reason why things been covering up scientists creating human and animal hybrids during 2003 and why they been tampering with DNA to enhance humans this been in the work’s. Like the days of Noah were, shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Daniel makes a strange phrase and he says “They will mingle with the seeds of man. And with scriptures it’s there and not only that scientists evidence shows that they per taking in the hands of prophecy.The spirit of the Giant’s will rise up and with the Anti Christ will rage war with Yeshua Jesus and the angels. We not wrestling with flesh and blood but principalities in high places.

        • My man tell the truth and shame the devil, and his hidden agenda. That’s how he goes about to deceive the whole world,by hiding the truth. You hit the nail right smack in the mouth, some people are ignorant to the truth,they donot want it to be known.
          why would Enoch be mentioned in hebrew scripture, if his knowledge and wisdom was not important for us, for a time such as this.
          Satan used ignorance and prejudice, to hide the manuscripts of the truth which we have come to know as hidden Hebrew scripture.

          • Abandoned, Lucifer,morning star,satain, some scolery journals have indicated that they are different fallen one’s working towards the same goal, other journals say that they are different names to describe the same fallen one. Honestly the details all here or anywhere matter not. Remember that the abandon know nothing but the vengeance and anger that they have allowed to swallow them whole. Do not be taken in by these same emotions. Those who do are foolhearted and will fall. Be filled with light, forgive even when it seems undeserved, love even when those who you are love are cruel, give even when you have little or nothing. Be kind, just and fare beings. There are angels, fallen and otherwise that walk among us, some are walking in the path of light even though there is no path of salvation for them. Abandon is a fool for to stand against god, ungreatful to have questioned and douted. To be given the gift of showing the light of god, this was lucifers gift, to be the light of god. This might have gone to his head, has he wanted to be god. Could he not just be content to stand by elohims side. He could not and fall he did. The evil scare tactics are a ploy to scare us away from what he failed to hold on to. God undieing love. Abandon is filled with so much regret and anger and spite but it is all for himself. A scared stuburn child he is. It is a sad story if you think of it, really. The Lord God will always guide us, love us and protect us, as long as we remain in his arms, do not turn from God or be taken over by greed or doubt or you will sol follow the fallen. Behave. May the archangels watch over us all and may God bless us all. Amen.

      • Absolutely, I agree with you very much.

        Only the Trinity knows when Jesus will rapture the church, and when Jesus raptures His church, the seventieth week of Daniel begins, and for the next 7 years the Tribulation period occurs. During this time, the antichrist will rise and rule this world through the power of Satan.

        Understand this now, that Satan has no idea when Jesus will return, so therefore, he has to have someone ready to rise up at any time. This is why I agree with you.

    • Fallen angels or demons represent the same beings who are classified as principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world and wicked spirits in the heavrnlies.

    • Spiritually demons and fallen angels are the same. They however differ in their assignments against the children of God and God work.

      If you have have fought a demon or fallen angel before you will see that their ways are similar.

      I dreamt I climbed a tree to pick on my soccer ball that got stuck on it. As I got up on the tree, I saw a multiple colored huge snake(Python-like) in the tree coming after me when I got the ball. I jumped down and the snaked pursued me and bit my in my groin.

      I awoke from the dream and got into intense prayer in the spirit. Before I began prayer I was angry and said things like how dare you. As I prayed I saw a vision of the same dream with a continuation of dream. I was in fierce battle with the snake. I ended up defeating the snake when I invoke the sword of angel michael of old and cut it’s head and invoked fire to burn it.

      As the snake burnt, another vision stated with further intense prayer and supplication.

      This time I saw a beautiful full figured later with her backside turned on me. But as I prayed further she turned to face me an saw that she had a hollow face. In other words there was no face. I battled her and with further prayer and after a while I could see her scream in frustration as if to say ‘who is this that just won’t go away?. After her scream I saw that she burst like a busted balloon with her skin all torn into pieces and out came a fallen angel with whitish/dark grey colors and wings.

      The battled had become more fierce at this time and I was sweating profusely but was still deep in prayer praying in the spirit. I could see my weapons were nog that effective in the fallen angel and hd just kept shrugging everything I threw at him. And at some point I saw little knives ( the type thrown by expert knive fighters) come from nowhere and pierce the left upper shoulder going down into from neck to chest area and fell and groaning. I could see the angel did not die yet but was totally on the ground moaning in intense pain. I was given a flower to swallow to heal me from the snake bite. And that’s when I came out if vision.

      To be honest, I realized that demons and fallen angels are similar in the spirit but it’s their assignment that determines what form they take to do their bidding.

      A fallen angel is more like a senior demon. All fallen angel could be demon but not all demons are fallen angels. A demon could any spirit in the army of lucifer revolt that got him and the third of the angels cast down awaiting judgement.


    • Very close, but nit exact… Demons most definitely can be repelled by using the name of Christ as long as your faith is true. However, fallen angel’s have no such limitations… Experience is the teacher here. I have dealt with both. A fallen angel follows most if the rules for non-fallen angels. They may feign repulsion but are nit required to. Demons don’t make deals. Fallen angels do. There were never any giants either, but men of renown,legends, much like heroes of the Greek myths, which are only partially embellished, a wholly human trait… Deception is definitely a trait of the fallen. It is more for infiltration and continuance of nephilim bloodlines. Many famous and/or powerful people are from these bloodlines. The “anti-Christ” is not human but appears as one, respected, loved by many, if not most. He presents himself as a healer, a leader, humble… A virtual savior. Anti does not imply evil or opposite but replacement or surrogate. More to come…

      • Exactly how tall would someone have to be before you would consider them a giant. King Og of Bashan was 13 feet tall. Is that tall enough for you to call him a giant?

      • What you said about fallen angles not being under the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is unbiblical and is erroneous teaching.
        Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
        Do not put limitations on what the name of Christ can do.
        Every unclean spirit is in fear of His Name.

    • there is a record out there, and it was on a documentary about Alfred Kinsey called “The Kinsey syndrome”, a small clip in that video does suggest that a witness did in fact see hitler become possessed by a dark entity/fallen angel type of being. also as a young woman and as a Christian I have experienced these my entire life and I have openly rebuked them in my nightmares and they usually vanish like clouds. a fallen angel can even disguise themselves as people you know such as what this one particular entity in my nightmares has done and a demon usually either doesn’t even have a form or doesn’t take on a humanoid form, the only kind of face a demon has if any is glowing eyes if that but the fallen angels particularly lucifer/aizen/apollo/ra is very handsome and seductive but I always run from him. I can’t control my sleep or what I see in it but I always run from this particular entity. I do rebuke in my nightmares but I can’t even controlwhen I do and when I don’t. I see celebrities too in my nightmares and my own family alot but as I keep saying, I don’t get to control what I dream about or stop it when I want. Jesus is fighting for me though I know that much. I have seen him fighting. keep praying and never compromise your faith no matter what. spiritual warfare is…….indescribale and yet very freightening too. but my God protects me I see that.

      • I was dying and I was tormented by Satan until I called to the Lord! Then I had a dream to pray for a sick stranger I did what the dream told me to and I was told that they expected me to come!

    • Thanks for your work, I appreciate it.

      The Word of God has to be our focus from Genisis to Revelation if we are to understand our purpose here on earth.

      I strongly recommend Chuck Missler and Derick Prince for two entirely different approaches to the study of our Lord’s Word.

      They both have you tube information, I have no connection or benefits for recommending them. Chuck is an information scientist with many years teaching the bible and Derick has gone on ahead of us to Glory and taught I think for over 50 years, he’s more old school but very solid in my opinion.

      May God richly bless you as you seek and obey His perfect Word through the Grace and Blood of Jesus Christ ????

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    • I know someone who has a spirit, soon as I recognised it she left my house with due hast ! I imagined after to ask its name! It would have known I was aware of its presence and that might have been passed on to her