Why All Bible Prophecy Matters

There are a variety of viewpoints out there about when the Rapture will take place in context of the end times. Many people believe it’ll take place prior to the start or at the start of the end times while others believe it’ll take place sometime during the end times. Regardless of whether you are a believer in the Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, Pre-Wrath, or Post-Trib Rapture, I believe it is beneficial for you to try to gain a full understanding of the Book of Revelation and Bible prophecy even if some parts of Bible prophecy may not seem fully relevant to you.

In this article, I explain why you should try to learn as much about Bible prophecy as you can-even if some parts of Bible prophecy may not seem fully relevant to you.

You should try to understand all of the prophecies in the Bible if you truly want to understand prophecies about the end times and/or prophecies about the period before the start of the end times because each prophecy verse is a piece of the puzzle. You cannot put a complete puzzle together if you do not attempt to put all the pieces together. Similarly, you will be unable to gain a complete understanding of what is going to happen in the end times or perhaps even in the period leading to the start of the end times if you do not consider every piece of information available.

By being unconcerned with certain prophecies you also run the risk of developing a misunderstanding of when events will transpire. For instance, many people focus on Ezekiel 38 and Ezekiel 39 and believe that Ezekiel 38 and/or Ezekiel 39 could be an event that begins before or at the start of the tribulation (the seven year time period I prefer to call the seventieth week of Daniel). If you ignore the prophecies in the Book of Revelation and the prophecies concerning the Millennium in the Old Testament, you are unlikely going to consider the possibility that parts of Ezekiel 38 might actually relate to the invasion of Gog at the end of the Millennium mentioned in Revelation 20:7-9:

“(7) And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, (8) And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. (9) And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.” (Revelation 20:7-9)

Therefore, you should attempt to gain as much knowledge as possible so you can figure out which prophesized events are completely relevant to you (and which events are not as relevant to you) and figure out when these events will happen.

You can strengthen your defenses against false teachings by learning more about Bible prophecy. The more Bible prophecy you understand the easier it will become for you to identify when you are confronted with false teachings about the end times and/or the period leading up to the end times. The failure to identify a false teaching can be costly-not only spiritually, but also financially and personally. For instance:

  • A New York man spent his entire lifesavings-$140,000-to buy advertisements to promote May 21, 2011. Link
  • A New Jersey businessman was unable to speak with his wife for several months because of his strong belief in May 21, 2011.
  • One of the sons of the New Jersey businessman broke up with his girlfriend who he planned to buy an engagement ring for because she did not believe in May 21, 2011 like him.

If these individuals had taken time to learn what is actually found in Bible prophecy they could have avoided the financial and/or personal loss they’ve endured before and after May 21, 2011.

Finally, it is useful for you to understand as much Bible prophecy as possible just in case you end up having to deal with hardship and persecution. I know many people believe they will not have to endure hardship and persecution in the future, but the costs of being unprepared for the possibility of being wrong is too high.

  • If you are unprepared for the worst possible scenarios you risk facing a situation where you may become susceptible to listening to false teachers and false prophets who promise to “help” guide you through difficult times that you may not have expected to face. Recall, the Bible warns that there will be many false prophets who will deceive many prior to the return of Christ (Matthew 24:23-24).
  • A good level of understanding of Bible prophecy may enhance your ability to cope in a time of hardship and persecution since you will have a better understanding/awareness of the dangers you face than someone with no understanding.

I hope this article illustrates why it is beneficial to learn as much about Bible prophecy as you can even if it seems some chapters are not completely relevant to you.

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Wayne Croley
Wayne Croley

Hi! I’ve studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to make Bible prophecy easy for you to understand while avoiding the sensationalism seen elsewhere. I am the author of several end time books, including Prophecy Proof Insights on the End Times, a comprehensive book about the end times. I hold an M.B.A. and degrees in Managerial Economics and Political Science.


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  1. I see. The reasoning makes sense. Many things run on GPS now so it would make things easier to have coordinates already in place. I wonder if there is a law that would potentially allow something like this to happen. 

  2.  I am assuming it is a matter of facilitating speed of confiscation. They would already have the info logged into coordinates and could quickly disseminate the information to troops or whomever for quick dispersal to those sites.  It will prevent people from having the time to hide stuff.  They are most likely just going around to log in new ones as they are being built, but then log in any old ones at the same time. They may have to use the satellite to locate old ones anyhow, but this speeds up that process.  Maybe they’re in a hurry.

  3. I have not heard about this, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t know why they’d need to GPS the bin though. They could probably use satellites to find its location.  

  4. I just received this email message from a friend. It is quite frightening.

    Talked with a local farmer. They had
    applied for a local building permit to build a grain storage bin on their
    farm. Within a few days a woman shows up with a GPS unit and is GPSing where
    the grain bin is being built. She also GPSed the 2 other storage bins
    while she was there. She said it was so that in an emergency, the government
    would know where all the grain is at so they could take control of it. Is
    anyone else across the country reporting