A reader asked how does one spiritually prepare for what is coming besides watching. I am not sure if there is a specific way to spiritually prepare that can be equally effective for everyone. However, I’ll tell you some of the things I do to spiritually prepare so you have an understanding of what I mean by spiritually preparing and an understanding of how I approach things.

I view spiritual preparation as conditioning yourself so you are ready spiritually to face the spiritual challenges that we face between now and the Rapture. Spiritually preparing yourself is not the same as physically preparing yourself. Physically preparing yourself means that you have the physical resources to endure the physical challenges ahead.

  • What good is it to have the physical resources to endure the challenges ahead if you are not spiritually prepared? You risk being deceived if you are not spiritually prepared, and being deceived could cost you relationships, possessions, money, and even your life in extreme circumstances.

Obviously, one of the things I do to spiritually prepare is to watch events. I am not really looking for a sign of the end times when I watch events because I do not expect the end times to begin for awhile. I am instead looking for certain trends and developments that could lead to something important in the long-term-something that could prepare the world for the start of the end times.

I also spiritually prepare by educating myself. I obviously study Bible prophecy because that is the best resource of information for the spiritual challenges we face and events we will see. I also study politics, finance, economics, and science because these subjects help me understand how the world can get to the point where some Bible prophecy events can be fulfilled.

I also spiritually prepare by thinking about all the tricks that Satan could use in the future. For instance, here is a small list of tricks and tactics I expect Satan is going to use in the future to deceive people:

  • A major UFO/Alien invasion on Earth
  • A False Prophet who will bear a striking resemblance to Christians’ conceptions of what Christ looks like.
  • An Antichrist who will appear to be resurrected from the dead when he really will not be.
  • Fallen angels posing as major religious figures to persuade people to follow the Antichrist.
  • Lying signs and wonders

By thinking about the tricks that Satan could use, I drastically reduce the possibility of me being overwhelmed emotionally by these tricks when they are performed. People who succumb to these tricks are likely going to be thinking emotionally rather than with a skeptical mind. Eliminate the emotion and think with your mind.

Finally, I do not spend 100% of my time watching what is going on or thinking about the future. I believe it is important for people to have different interests that are completely unrelated to studying the Bible, watching the news, thinking about the future, etc. For instance, I am a huge sports fan who spends a lot of time following sports like soccer, basketball, American football, baseball, etc. It is important for me to have an outside interest like sports because it keeps me from becoming burned out from watching and studying the future. When I pursue or follow an outside interest my mind completely changes to the point where I feel like any other normal person and not feel like a worrywart. Thinking about a single subject a 100% of the time is unhealthy.

When you have other interests it helps you to enjoy some of the things this world has to offer. I know the Bible says do not love the world. I am not saying to love the world. I am just saying that there are some things in life that you can enjoy during the time you take a break from spiritually preparing.

I believe it is important to pursue your interests now because a time will come when pursuing your interests may be much harder to do…