Spiritual Warfare

Human activity occurs within the context of a great spiritual battle between good (God and His heavenly host) and evil (Satan and his minions). The spiritual battle is mostly invisible to us, but it sometimes manifests itself in the battle between countries, ideologies, ideas, religions, and other areas. The articles on this page relate to the ongoing spiritual warfare.

new world order

New World Order?! What Does the Bible Say?

I will address a topic that I do not write about a lot: the possible efforts to bring a New World Order. I will primarily focus on whether we can use the Bible to support the notion that there is an effort to bring a New World Order in this article.
strange experiences

More Strange Experiences From My Dad’s Past

I described a strange event that my dad experienced in my article about how I got involved in studying Bible prophecy. My dad has experienced other strange events in his life. In this article, I will tell you about two more strange experiences that my dad has faced.
strange encounter

A Strange Encounter I Had

I had a strange encounter with an individual who was so strange that the encounter has been on my mind from time to time. I will share my story with you in case any of you has some insights or ideas about what happened to me.
falling away

The Falling Away of Christians

A growing number of people are rejecting Christianity and embracing other faiths and spiritual practices. This development is unsurprising because the Bible said that this would transpire as we approach the end times. In this article, I’ll provide insight on the falling away from Christian faith that the Bible talks about.