More Strange Experiences From My Dad’s Past

I described a strange event that my dad experienced in my article about how I got involved in studying Bible prophecy. My dad has experienced other strange events in his life. In this article, I will tell you about two more strange experiences that my dad has faced.

Experience 1

One day my dad had a conversation with a man that turned to the topic of Religion. The man told my dad information about a religion whose name I am not allowed to disclose but is one that most Christians tend to react very negatively towards.

Soon after the conversation, my dad went to a library to checkout some religious books. My dad had some interest in learning more about this religion, but “unfortunately”, there were not many religious books for him to look at.

My dad removed one book from the shelf to scan. He read a few passages about an ancient people known as the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls before he lost interest in the book. When my dad put the book back on the shelf he felt a stabbing pain coming from his birthmark underneath his left breast. While in pain, my dad looked around to see if there was anyone who could have caused it. My dad became perplexed when he realized that there was no one even close to where he was standing. Strangely, when my dad pulled the book back from shelf the pain immediately stopped… In order to avoid that experience again, my dad checked out the mysterious book. He felt like he received a sign to read the book…

My dad did not find a lot interesting about the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls. However, my dad was amazed at what he saw when he later got to the latter half of the book. This section of the book contained material that was so different from the earlier part of the book that it seemed my dad had checked out two books in one. This part of the book strongly refuted the undisclosed religion that my dad had just heard about from the man he spoke with earlier…

My dad literally could not put the book down. My dad received little sleep that night as he stayed up to absorb the information that emanated from the book. Soon after my dad finished the book he realized that somebody or something did not want him to stray away…

Experience 2

One morning my dad woke up to a startling sight. My dad could see an old man’s head by his bed with a big grin on his face as he looked at my dad. My dad did not say anything while he looked in bewilderment. The old man then just vanished…

This event is puzzling. I’ve read about a Christian woman who woke up to see an old man next to her bed at this link. The major difference with that story is that the old man (who was identified by the woman as a demon) paralyzed the woman and could only be defeated when the woman sung “Jesus loves me”. My dad did not have to resort to saying something religious…the old man just vanished.

There Are More Strange Experiences

There are a few more instances where my dad dealt with strange experiences. Those experiences are not as compelling as these stories I’ve shared with you, but I might share one more experience sometime in the future if I am given permission. If anyone has any idea why these events happened or has any insight into explaining what kinds of forces might be influencing these events (especially the second event described here) please let me know.

I have also had strange experiences in my life. I share one of them in the following article which you can read at this link.

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