A Video on the Political Instability of the Future

political instability

I mentioned in a previous video that I believe we still need to see a lot of political instability in the world prior to the start of the end times. This video focuses on why I believe we need to see a lot more political instability in the future.  You can view the video at the following link if you are unable to see it in this article.

The Political Instability of the Future

A Couple of Notes

  • The chart in the video showed global warfare and governance trends only through 2004. However, more recent charts show that the number of democracies in the world has continued to increase while the level of conflict in the world has remained near the same level (there’s been some increase in recent years but conflict is nowhere near the levels seen in prior decades). Therefore, I can still argue that the world is relatively calm today in terms of conflict.
  • I talked about economic instability as a key driver of future political instability at the end of the video. I believe we need to see much, much worse economic/financial turmoil than what the world experienced in 2008 and 2009 to create the type of political instability I think we need to see prior to the start of the end times.

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Hi Wayne, thanks for this video. I agree with most things you say. I think that the political instability is starting to increase right now in Europe. But I don’t think that the most important factors will be of economical nature. Of course we have a lot of economic problems but right now all of Europe is much more concerned about the migration crisis we are facing. Millions of people, many of them refugees, are coming or planning to come to Europe from the Middle East. They are anguished and very desperate. European countries don’t really know what to do… Read more »