7th Trumpet

Wrath of God

The Rapture & the End Time Wrath of God We Avoid

Some of the most persuasive items that seem to favor the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view are several verses that state that Christians are not appointed to wrath. Despite these verses, there are some who argue against the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view. Are these people blind? Are they ignoring Scripture? We will see by looking at the wrath of God we are not appointed to in this article.
end times book

My End Times Book Is Now Available

I want to announce that I have finally finished a task that has taken me many years to complete. As a teenager, I not only wanted to learn about Bible prophecy so that I could understand what will happen, but I also wanted to learn so that I could someday help others to understand what will happen. This desire to help others to understand what will happen ultimately led to a desire to write a comprehensive book about the end times. After many years of work, this comprehensive book about the end times is finally complete. The title of my book is Prophecy Proof Insights of the End Times.
vial judgments

Seven Vial Judgments vs Seven Trumpets: Compare & Contrast

Some believe the seven trumpets and the seven vial judgments describe the same events, but from different perspectives”. I will evaluate this theory as I compare and contrast the seven trumpets and the seven vial judgments in this article.

Revelation 16:21: The Largest Hailstones Ever

Revelation 16:17-21 tells us that an unprecedented hailstorm will occur after the pouring of the seventh vial judgment. The plague of hail will be so severe that men will blasphemy God. I provide insight about how large the hailstones falling to the earth may be in this article.