Yesterday I received a new laptop in the mail to replace the broken one I’ve been using for the past several weeks. I spent yesterday afternoon and evening trying to decide which computer files I should move from my broken laptop to my new laptop. In midst of my review I uncovered a couple of interesting quotes from Adolf Hitler, the seventh king of Revelation 17:10, that I believe are quite interesting because they may shed some light about how Satan/the spiritual forces of evil view people in general.

I believe that it is possible to glean information about how Satan/the spiritual forces of evil view us from Hitler’s comments because Hitler was influenced/possessed/. by an extremely evil entity. Since Hitler was influenced/possessed by an extremely evil entity it is likely that the evil entity spoke through Hitler at various times (sort of like using Hitler’s body as his mouthpiece). This suspicion was shared by some free-thinking Germans in the 1930s. For instance, German Alma von Stockhausen described a brief conversation she had with her dad about the scary man (Hitler) she heard on the radio when she was young:

“Frightened, I asked my father, who was listening to the speech with me, ‘Who is that? What is that?’ My father said: ‘That’s the Fuhrer. But whether that’s really him that’s precisely the question. Perhaps he is only the medium for something else for a dark, destructive satanic power’”.1

The evil-empowered Adolf Hitler made two comments that reveal how little he/the spiritual forces of evil regard/regarded people’s intelligence. Hitler said:

“What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.”

How fortunate for leaders that men do not think”.

Hitler’s comments reveal that he/the spiritual forces of evil were/are amazed with what they can get away with simply because people do not think. The notion that is “fortunate” that people do not think implies that Hitler/the spiritual forces of evil probably knew/know that they could get away with a lot less if people took the time to think. Although Hitler specifically spoke about political matters in these comments, the spiritual forces of evil probably share the same sentiment with regards to religious matters…


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