My Meeting With Evangelist John Bishop

I am sometimes compelled to write about a topic that has nothing to do with Bible prophecy or current events. I want to share a story about a man I met whose testimony can be an encouragement to many people out there who are struggling in life. If you are struggling or know someone who is struggling, especially physically, I believe this article can help you.

Introducing Evangelist John Bishop

My local church hosted a men’s conference that featured four speakers a while back. One of the speakers was a man who I will never forget because he preached the goodness of God under extremely trying circumstances. That speaker was an evangelist named John Bishop.

Bishop was a pastor of a church for many years before he lost all his long-term memory due to an unusual case of meningitis. He cannot remember anything that happened in his life before being affected by meningitis and had to relearn everything from the alphabet to what marriage meant. In addition to memory loss, meningitis damaged Bishop’s brain, slowed his speech, and causes him to suffer from terrible migraine headaches.

Evangelist Bishop travels with his wife Donna to various churches throughout the year to provide his testimony and encouragement for those who are hurting. Bishop visited my church for three days and preached each day. Bishop preached extraordinarily well despite now being legally blind, having memory issues, experiencing severe back pain, and experiencing severe migraine headaches. On a 1 to 10 scale, Bishop described his pain level at 7 to 8.

Most people in Bishop’s situation would not be preaching because the pain is so hard to endure, but God gave Bishop the grace to preach the goodness of God and how God can help people in the direst of circumstances. It was an extraordinary to watch a man who went through so much hardship and continues to endure severe pain and much adversity preach about the goodness of God in his life.

The following videos are the messages he preached when he visited my church (Note: I put these videos together myself. If you are unable to see the videos below, you can access them at the following link).

My Meeting With Bishop

After Sunday morning church service I got an opportunity to talk briefly with Evangelist Bishop. I told Bishop that God was doing extraordinary things through him, that I was extremely impressed with him, and that I would share his story with the world (which I am now).

I asked Bishop to sign a book of his I purchased, but he told me that he was unable to sign it due to tremors he was experiencing on the right side of his body. I said it was no problem and requested to have my picture taken with him instead. He agreed and even offered to stand up to pose despite being in obvious pain. I told him that I would kneel down so he could remain seated. Here is a photo of Bishop and me:

Evangelist John Bishop

Why Write An Article About This Man?

The main reason I wanted to tell people about Evangelist John Bishop is that many people are hurting out there. Many people are suffering from physical ailments, emotional pain, and enduring hardship. I hope Bishop’s story and preaching is an encouragement to anyone who is hurting.

If you would like to learn more about Evangelist John Bishop, you can visit his website at the following link: Link You can also listen to several more of the messages he’s preached on Sermon Audio, including a message on the patience of Job.

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