Vladimir Putin has been the central figure of Russian politics for the past decade and potentially could remain the central figure in the next decade. Although he is no longer the President of Russia at the time of this writing, there is a loophole which makes him eligible to run for a new six-year presidential term in 2012. Even if he chooses to remain Prime Minister of Russia, he still would wield a lot of influence. In fact, some argue that he is still the man that runs the country and that the current Russian President is just a figurehead.

Given his position of power in an important country like Russia, asking whether Putin is the Antichrist is a good question. It’s a topic that I’ve wanted to write about in the past, but have not found a good way to introduce it. Therefore, in this article I’ll address whether Vladimir Putin is the Antichrist.

There are a few reasons why I do not believe Putin is the Antichrist.

  • The Antichrist is characterized as the “little horn” in Daniel 7:8, which implies he is a leader who arises out of relative obscurity. Putin is a well known leader throughout the world.
  • Antichrist will not desire women (Daniel 11:37). Vladimir Putin was married and was rumored to marry again in the future.
  • I highly doubt that he is a past leader who has been falsely resurrected.
  • He also lacks the charisma that Antichrist is likely going to have. Although he speaks fluent German and Russian, he does not have a command of the English language. It is difficult for a person to gain the support and trust of English-speaking people when he or she lacks the ability to communicate effectively in English.

Instead of being the Antichrist, I think Vladimir Putin’s role in history is to help prepare Russia for the eventual rise of Antichrist.