Insights on the 200 Million of Revelation 9:16

The 200 million of Revelation 9:16 is a subject of much speculation. Many people are unsure what to make of a force consisting of 200 million troops. In this article, I will provide biblical insight about the 200 million referenced in Revelation 9:16.

Revelation 9:13-15 tells us that four angels bound at the Euphrates River will be released to instigate the slaying of a 1/3 of mankind after the sounding of the sixth trumpet. Revelation 9:16 references an army totaling 200 million horsemen:

“(13) And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, (14) Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. (15) And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. (16) And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.” (Revelation 9:13-16)

The King James Bible uses the word “army” to describe the 200 million horsemen, which initially suggests that every horseman is fighting for the same side. However, the Greek word for “army” (strateuma-meaning “a body of troops”) is used seven times in the New Testament of the King James Bible to mean “army” or “armies” (it’s used to mean “armies” in Matthew 22:7, Revelation 19:14, Revelation 19:19). Therefore, it’s possible that the 200 million horsemen represent the total number of horsemen from different armies rather than the total number of horsemen from a singular army. This is perhaps why other Bible versions like the New American Standard Bible (NASB) use the word “armies” to describe the horsemen instead of “army” in Revelation 9:16.

I surmise that the translators of the King James Bible elected to use “army” instead of “armies” in Revelation 9:16 because Revelation 9:17-19 describes the actions of the horsemen collectively. However, I believe it’s more likely that the 200 million total horsemen come from different armies than from a single army.

I believe the connection between the four angels and the 200 million horsemen is that the four angels are responsible for stirring up these horsemen for combat. It’s not unheard-of for spirits to gather forces for battle. Revelation 16 records that three frog-like spirits travel throughout the world to gather leaders and their forces for the “battle of that great day of God Almighty”:

“(13) And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. (14) For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” (Revelation 16:13-14)

I do not believe these horsemen are associated with the fifth trumpet locusts because these horsemen will be capable of killing men (while the locusts specialize in torture). Moreover, I believe the participants in the 200 million participants are human beings instead of spiritual beings because there are many passages (i.e. Daniel 11:40-45, Ezekiel 30) in the Bible that describe conflict between nations in the latter part of the end times.

I believe the abstract description of the horsemen is a reflection of John’s difficulty in describing them in terms that people living in his time could understand. John lived in the first century A.D. when motorized vehicles, guns, computers, etc. did not exist. Consequently, John probably faced the difficult task of describing things that people in his era had no conception of. Imagine if you were in John’s position and had to describe technological advances that won’t be around for another 1,900 years.

In any event, the horsemen will eventually kill 1/3 of the world’s population:

“(17) And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone. (18) By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. (19) For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt.” (Revelation 9:17-19)

The extreme death toll could account for the troops and civilians who will die during this time of conflict on Earth. Despite the massive loss of life, the followers of Antichrist will not repent any of the crimes or sins they’ve committed:

“(20) And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: (21) Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

In sum, I believe the sixth trumpet will be a time of large-scale conflict on the earth. The 200 million likely represent the total number of human troops involved in the different conflicts that will transpire at that time.

If you want to learn more about the four angels that will be released from the Euphrates River, click this link for my article on the topic: The Four Angels of Revelation 9:13-16

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Wayne Croley
Wayne Croley

Hi! I’ve studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to make Bible prophecy easy for you to understand while avoiding the sensationalism seen elsewhere. I am the author of several end time books, including Prophecy Proof Insights on the End Times, a comprehensive book about the end times. I hold an M.B.A. and degrees in Managerial Economics and Political Science.


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  1. the anti -christ is already in Israel with his troops at the time of armagedden he the a-c will convince the Muslims to follow him they will destroy Babylon and come to join him the kings of the east will come to stop Israel from total destruction. the insuing carnage will fill the valley with blood and bodies

  2. the sting could be biological warfare but I believe it is a blister agent that lasts 5 months

  3. their are only 58 million horses in the world I agree with them simply representing troops. also during the 1000 year reign the horses could be bred and multiplied and they could be part of GOG – MAGOG war food for thought

  4. Revelation 9’s content is talking about plagues treated by the medical field.
    This is to kill 1/3 the population.

    Revelation 9:18 clearly says these are plagues.

    Rev. 9:11 Says it comes from the king over bottomless pit, in Hebrew his name Abaddon, in Greek Apollyon.
    Breaking it down, we find Abaddon is Baphomet and Apollyon is Appolo.
    Both Baphomet and Appolo hold the same symbolism in their ability. They represent the Caduceus! Yes, the medical symbol!!!!

    What does the medical field do to prevent plagues?
    Rev.9 :1-10, talks of what is coming in great numbers. No, its not actual locusts as they don’t eat any green thing. It is something the has a sting like a scorpion. Many have taken it already to prevent the C-v-d.

    Many have brought up the number 200,000,000.
    Remember, we are talking plagues…

    The droplets from a single cough or a sneeze emitted by an infected person may contain as many as 200,000,000 virus particles.

    There is so much more here and whether you die in a day, a year, an hour, or month, the poison is incubating in the body until such a time.

    We must watch and wait for His return continually. The enemy is looking for ways to destroy you now.

  5. Wayne…The sign of the Cross is the Mark of the Beast… usually using fingers by the right hand first on the forehead……its a general knowledge…. and you are Invited to the nearest Church of Christ chapel for our sunday congregational worship service….one is available in your local area…. its just near by and nohting to loose for one attendance to observe…please … i2t

  6. The Euphrates will apparently dry up to make way to 200 million,
    Does the recent earthquack treamurs at himalaya belt with result to destroy himalaya to make further easy way to travel for final war?

    • The 200 M army are Soldiers of Christ which hails from the FAR EAST also the Kings of the East and the future King of the South with colours RED, BLUE & YELLOW representing the flag of the PHILIPPINES. Armageddon simply is HAR MEGIDDO meaning Mount Megiddo near Haifa during the early times, today it is the chocolate hills situated near the middle of the entire philippine archippelago MEGGIDO meaning A RANGE OF HILLS… the venue of modern day ARMAGEDDON the fight of GOOD and EVIL. Well that’s only an opinion…let’s see what happens…… good luck to your search….i2t

      • The events of the 6th trumpet will take place late in the tribulation. There is unlikely to be 200 million Christians, Soldiers of Christ, or whatever you want to call them alive at that point in time on Earth. Followers of Christ will be brutally persecuted during the great tribulation.

        • Wayne, is it logical to say that were in the 7th Trumphet now and the 7th Seal…. if YES then were very near….. I just want to see the next WORLDWIDE WALK…to know the numbers…. which may, perhaps, be representing only 5% of the “Army from the EAST” in my perception… any opinion on this?….i2t

          • We’re nowhere near the opening of the 7th seal or the sounding of the 7th trumpet. Your view on the 200 million is completely different than most people’s.

          • The numbers are building up Wayne.. its just a matter of time the 200 Million Army from the East will emerge and be completed over 13,000 were added to the “Army just Yesterday”.. refer to the recent Guinness Book Record for the Church of Christ dated 07 September 2019

  7. I don’t think many Islamic armies use horses anymore, but they do have planes, tanks, and an assortment of military vehicles…

    • Armageddon is not a battle of military might it is a battle of good and evil a battle of words…between theology and science… between the King of the North and the King of the South…i2t

      • Sounds like it is a lot more physical than words to me. “And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.” Zech. 14:12 “And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.” Rev. 19:21

  8. Another point is this will probably be a quick event, not drawn out for months, a hungry army will only be unified for so long.

    • The numbers are mounting as we speak… go to the watch Tower…. the Guinness Book of World Records…… especialLy the WORLDWIDE WALK…i2t

  9. Think of the Logistics of feeding and maintaining a 200 million man army! I think that this will be mostly a spontaneous gathering of many armies and individuals with the mindset of destroying Israel, all led by a Charismatic Leader who has the ability to unify, at least temporarily, the Toes of Iron and Clay……

    • The Charismatic Leader…..will come from the Kings of the EAST….from there the King of the South….. to gather and command the 200M army from the EAST….i2t

  10. It surely looks like the US is led today by demons,maybe the Anti christ him/her self? How many more foreign invasions and killing of innocent women and children will the Lord tolerate?

    And the people are just apatbetic,no uprising against the evil people running washington. Funny how many in the government with dual citizenship…

  11. I would caution you or anyone against believing in visions that people have. Remember, the Bible is the only truly inerrant source of information about what is to come in the future.

    • Noted Wayne.. please take time to see God Culture Videos plus GUINNESS record of WORLDWIDE WALK…. for the Army from the East

  12. Maybe its China…and that China still hasn’t forgiven the Anglos for the Opium Wars or the Japanese for the invasion of China (WW2). Down Under we are expecting an invader out-of- Asia in the endtimes. There are many dreams, visions and prophecies about this in the Christian churches of Australia. A classic revelation comes from the 1974 book WHAT WILL BECOME OF AUSTRALIA by Jack Burrell. It’s an amazing vision and it’s on the net.

    • A man can claim as jesus. But one shall not blame all mighty for not knowing what’s to come or
      What the outcome of all mighty might be. Because look around yourself. Are you incarcerated? If so then who forced you there? Judges and prosecutors. What are 9/of 10 men imprisoned for? Well where did our rib go? To a women. Who do Jury’s rule in favor to ? Weather it be violent, custodial Battles or even divorce. Man has been stripped of all rights to protect himself and defend his women and children women won’t abide the decision of men now they don’t have to a man loves his women and his children even more so what did our pharmaceutical industry bribe us to let them inject into our bodys making men weak humble and ignorant as women grew Braver wiser and more controlling and as for our children 8 out of 10 are without a father or a figure of one in there loves caused them to run over the mother grow up how they want do as they please and next thing we knew our children are overdosing being lazy playing video games skipping skool cursing there mother and poisoning the moms bf we as men have gave our blood sweat and ribs for these women and children who just lack care and education for them selves now tell me who is in charge of our judges the president negative the police are in charge of them and then turn around and stand them in front of another judge to be sentenced to wat a we way to rule so what is all mighty is it God, government no secret service and it’s different police is government judges are kings and and secret service is those who secretly indict you secretly persecute you drug you to work your vision of biblical knowledge so it don’t go publical on a political note we can’t even say the pledge of allegiance anymore because of the same reason we cannot say God in court as if we are a custom to Boeing before them it’s either that or loss of time with our hearts which is our creations as on profit to another take s it’s stand to be a Herald of our time to bring message to weak spirit but behold the pale coat and the !an who injected lethal poisen to 1\3 of the world those pale coats are doctors to spread disease 2 the dark coat the man who ruled favor to our rib snatchers that’s judges 3 the blue coat the man who wore this coat was a Hellenic minded correction agency to enforce cruelty over justice that’s police and last but not least #4 behold the gold statue the man who shines it behind blind eyes was jesus God’s one and only true obedience to bring corruption to its knees and set the dark side on the other end of the realm they call haybou Latin for he’ll bound they been imprisoned for 1000 years the been released 1000 years ago and 24 years late a drought emergency threatens to uphold truth to the end of times from the book that reveals final judge ment from who do these creatures come they are 12 feet tall 5 times the size of men super human to there ability to rain fire and brimstone from there mouth and slaugterate all degenerate then light illuminate watch k go in front as I see killuminate they are forced of light that shine to our realm released by the head lion vs the bulls of tartaurus now I see why Daniel was spared in the lion den because those were beast of courage who saught the good in him they killed the bullatious minotaurs that would have eaten him alive don’t be to surprised when I realize this beast are real and are chained at the bottom of the Euphrates they are powerless if not ignigted so the flow of the river kept them bound drenched and weak but they are here now to replace the flood of God to the blood of Jesus who died for all !making a dry river his vessel of vengeance becare ful to trust the fate of billions in the hands and word of one mans greed to falsely prophesieat the all mighty u know who is mighty u know who is pure we know John 3:16 is promised for God gave his only son to the cross so that we may be forgiven of sin and may we not parish but live life eternal with him in paradise I believe in hope faith and God but what do u get outthe three of them is I o v e lies . Obstruction. violence. Entitlement evol isn’t evil.that is live evolve
      is short for evoluting and wat do we evolve each other choices we involve each other and we revolvesix rounds to silence these monsters before the end wat will be brutal blood for Christian faith pain agony and suffering but he did it for us men let’s fight back for jesus I allow the monsters to eat my flesh for with jesus goes soul how do we determine diffe rence.between anti and rightcheous leaders just remember if it’s to easy something is not right one day of 59745743 is tourture and is worth eternally being with Christ he did not allow his blood for nothing accept him in your heart now so I may ride the blood flow of the Jordan river Michael was an archangel who believes he can fly across the blood river that is Jordan !michael Jordan 23 remember it is 2023 now who would have thought an NBA all star from the 90s had so much to to with beginning and ending !makes no sense now but he is the one who was feed the bulls and kept them alive to live for this tragic event 23 there will be and by 24 there will be no more michael wishes to regain his wings and go to the realm with out seeing the judgment of feeding such bloodthirsty beast because the spawn himself listened to the wrong dad 1love y’all stay in that book may the true Christ be with us all I can’t promise much but I promise I this jesus Will not leave us but the devil will yearn to be us so that’s how I know when u disappear u find urself in mirror a parallel atmosphere I in the right hands one who misleads u but looks as if he well deeds walk away take the sword to the head give jesus the return he deserves bet u don’t feel a thing but let’s say u do stay
      u don’t believe bet ur bottom Benjamin I’ll ask for safety while I feel the wrath but our true liars isn’t leaving none of us not one just some need more hard headed breaching than others God bless earth for a safe land I know u never promised a safe flight I love u jesus and all my brothers and sisters may God be with us our father who walk in heaven Thu will be done on earth and heaven in jesus name I pray humanity may lay safe in God we trust with jesus blood we trust AMEN!!! DANIEL THE TRUE BEAVER IS A form believer

  13. At this point in the end times, there’ll only be those who follow the Antichrist and those who don’t follow the Antichrist. Therefore, I don’t think we can assign a specific religious label to the 200,000,000. I’m working on an article which would cover why there is such great violence taking in the world at that time. For now I can say that it does not appear the Antichrist will go unopposed at that time.

  14. Do you think it means an army of 200,000,000 Islamic terrorists? What would China be doing at the Euphrates river? That sounds more like what the USA is doing. Interestingly enough, the USA came up with the idea of robot soldiers, so it may also be referring to an army of 200,000,000 robot soldiers from the USA. China would not have the technology, incentive, or capability to raise an 200,000,000 soldiers and deploy them to the Middle East, even if they have 1,300,000 people. With robots however, it is quite possible to manufacture 200,000,000.

  15. Isaiah 19:14 – “The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they
    have caused Egypt to ERR in EVERY WORK thereof, as a drunken man
    staggereth in his vomit.”  The reason the Alexandrian scripts are older is because the Byzantine manuscripts were used so much, they had to be recopied over and over.  The Alexandrian ones were actually found in the trash.  Were you aware of that? There must have been a reason for them being there. Did your scholars tell you that? Did you do your own research or trust what they say?  Maybe God gave us this verse to warn us about what comes out of Egypt.  After all, He doesn’t have anything good to say about them in Scripture.  But feel free to read whichever version your prefer.  Personally I, like Prophecy Proof’s author, prefer the version that says that Christ thought it not robbery to be equal with God. You can keep your version that says that Christ did not regard equality with God something to be grasped.  That is the difference between Antioch and Alexandria. Do you understand the difference between what the two verses say?  Which one do you think is the truth?

    • the Truth is in the entire Philippine Archipelago….. watch the videos of God Culture Research….

    • My preference most specifically the George M. Lamsa translation…Acts 20:28….ref. to the Army of the East

  16. We have far better, earlier and more reliable manuscripts from which other tranlations come than the textus receptus from which the the king James Bible was translated. While it is true that some verses miss the mark in other tranlations, this can be saidf of the king James as well. Quit being inflammatory when u have have not done your research. Some of the best textual schaloras such as Daniel Wallace and bruce metzger will tell you this. Get John Ancherburgs king James only debate. He brings the top schalrs from all tranlations, including King James, to debate this issue. The king James only advocates on the show do not present cogent arugments at all. It is clear they are all out done in terms of schalrly research

  17. Very interesting info thank you. The Euphrates will apparently dry up-and the 200 million will be able to move with ease. I think I ve read somewhere that the Euphrates has `dried up` in some areas/ But not 100% sure. 2011 will be very interesting.

    • The King of the North…establishments are being sold all over the world coz no comes to their fold anymore…esp. Americas & Australia and all over Houses of worship are being sold equivalent to “Drying UP” and what denomination or dynamic Church takes them? See the Guinness Book of World Records …..THE WORLDWIDE WALK

  18. I always consult the King James Bible when doing research. I used to have an NIV Bible but I don’t look at it anymore because I don’t trust its translation.

    • Dear Wayne have a look at the research of God Culture… see videos…. ALL Biblical…really

  19. All bibles other than the King James bible are from satan.

    Do some research on that. It’s SIMPLE to see: is a good place to start.

    For example: the NASB has Mark 1:2 as:

    As it is written in Isaiah the prophet: “BEHOLD, I SEND MY MESSENGER AHEAD OF YOU, WHO WILL PREPARE YOUR WAY;

    Wait. “Isaiah the prophet??” Noooo…. it was Malachi. Even the satanic NASB owns itself:

    Malachi 3:1 “Behold, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple; and the messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight, behold, He is coming,” says the LORD of hosts. (NASB)

    What does the pure word of God (the KJB) have? It does not contain the “Isaiah” error:

    Mark 1:2 As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee. (KJB)

    Don’t feel too badly NASB users. Almost ALL the other non-KJB versions have it WRONG in Mark 1:2. The New(age)KJV has it in a footnote though (the whole purpose of the NKJV is to move all those silly, old-fashioned KJB users over to one of the more blatant new age bible versions, like the NASB or NIV).

    Can we say, “all non-KJB versions are doctrines of devils?” YES WE CAN! c’mon people.

  20. I think John was describing what he saw in terms that people back in his time could understand or relate to. Imagine trying to describe a piece of technology made 1900 years from now… Some people think what John saw could have been modern day military vehicles. I think 200 million is a literal number in terms of troops involved. Whether actual horses or military weaponry is involved is debatable… However, one estimate I saw has the world horse population at 75,000,000 so that would argue against real horses. But one theory is that the horsemen and horses are spiritual-I might write about that next time

    • I always thought these were some kind of military tanks, but I am not an expert on military weaponry, particularly 21st century advanced weaponry. Is there any kind of land machine that would currently fit this description in Rev. 9:17-19? What really throws me off is heads like lions? What land tank has the appearance of having a head of a lion?

      I know the cobra helicopter fits the description of the locusts with wings, and sides of iron, and a face on it.

        • Dear Wayne,

          You’ll find your answers, good luck to your seacrh. I’ve done mine.

          God Bless

          • I can’t see that this is a human army given the description of the “horses”. Seems to me it is demonic in nature, like the previous bunch. Look up what a chimera is in Greek mythology.(most mythology has a basis in truth somewhere). It has a fire-breathing head of a lion, the tail of a serpent, and a goat head rider. Sounds suspiciously similar to me.

      • Missiles.
        In their tail it would sting. War head
        Mouth like lion rocket booster
        Jacinth, is orange l, Brimstone and smoke
        Brimstone is Sulphur burns blue.
        This is describing the loud noise of a rocket and the flame blue and orange followed by smoke.

        Far more possible to have 200 million missles than a maned army. We likely already collectively have 200 million missles. And they are very capable of killing 1/3 of the population very fast.

    • What do you think of Rob Skiba’s position on the literal interpretation from the Septuagint, and that it actually reads 200 million “horsemen” or satyrs? I can’t imagine how freaky that would be.

      • I would be interested to know where Skiba got an interpretation of Revelation in the Septuagint, seeing as it is the 3 B.C. Greek translation of the Old Testament. A satyr would not seem to fit the description, for a satyr is a goat man. What does fit better is a chimera – a beast with a lion’s head, a snake tail, and a fire breathing goat-head rider. Mythology generally has a root in fact somewhere. Demonic or fallen angelic entities could very well look like this. Cherubim are described as very bizarre looking, so angels do not all look human. Nor do demons.

      • Freakier than the Nephelim during Noah’s time. Expect it’s going to be supernatural beings and not man-made weaponry. Remember it came out of the abyss/bottomless pit. I don’t know of any military facility having a bottomless pit, if you would think the locust army is sort of a helicopter or tanks.

        I believe that the Trumpet Judgement happened at the end of the millennium. Satan is the 8th king/Gog/Apollyon/Abaddon that came out of the abyss/bottomless pit to deceive the nations (riders on the locusts) and lead them to battle against God’s people at the beloved city. Revelation 11:7, Rev. 20:7-9.

    • Rev. 20:7-8 -At the End of the Millennium

      7 And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
      8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the NUMBER of whom is as the SAND OF THE SEA.

      Rev. 9:16 – Trumpet Judgement

      16 And the NUMBER of the army of the horsemen were TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND THOUSAND: and I heard the NUMBER of them.

      200 million army encompassing the horizon from a vantage point would look like sand of the sea.

      This is just one of the key points that made me conclude that the Trumpet Judgment happens at the end of the Millennium.

      The other points are the mentioned of Abyss and Judgement of the Dead in the Trumpet Judgement which are also mentioned in Rev. 20, Satan’s imprisonment in the Abyss and the raising of the Dead in the White Throne Judgement

      • Some of us can interpret it just as it is in chronological order of the seals, trumpets, and vials with no problem. It’s just a matter of how you perceive what is happening. I don’t see the 2 witnesses at the end of the millennium, since God says Elijah will come BEFORE the Day of the Lord and they die after the sixth trumpet judgment. Given that they only witness for 1260 days, I have a real problem trying to stretch them out to the end of the millennium. I spent decades finally unlocking that book, and I’m pretty content that now it all lines up with no problem for me the way I interpret it, so personally I plan on holding on to the interpretation I have. I don’t think many people are accepting your interpretation. You might want to consider an alternative backup one, just in case you start seeing things come to pass that you didn’t expect for a thousand years.

        • Were the 144,000 Witnesses (as scholars say that they are to evangelize the nations in the great tribulation) not enough that God would send Two more Witnesses to prophesy and preached the gospel again?

          What does the Little Scroll be needed for if the Lamb/Jesus already had the Scroll that he will open once all the seals are broken? Is it more important than the one Jesus have?

          What is the difference between the souls of the martyrs who cried out to God for Justice under the Altar and the Saints at the Golden Altar in front of God’s Throne. Are Martyrs considered already as Royal Priests to offer prayers at the Golden Altar or rather the Saints are the more appropriate royal priests to minister at the Golden Altar?

          These are just one of the few issues that we need to analyze if it does goes with the popular view on how the events fit in the timeline.

          Nowhere in scriptures you will find that the Great Tribulation is 3.5 years/1,260 days/42 months in length. Jesus said it will be cut short so that there would be survivors. So does Jesus mean that the GT was supposedly 5 or 6 or 7 years in length?

          Daniel’s 70 Weeks spans from the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem up to the end of the millennium. Daniel 9:24 context is all about Israel and Jerusalem, the finishing of transgression and putting to end their iniquities, sins, and wickedness in order that everlasting righteousness will be brought in and the Most Holy will be anointed. All this did not end at the Second Advent it ends at the end of the Millennium. At the end of the millennium there will be a rebellion again perpetuated by Satan after he was released from his prison at the Abyss/Bottomless Pit.

          When I studied the book of revelation I removed all the preconceived views that I learned from other prophecy students/scholars in order that I will not fall on the eisegesis way of interpreting the scriptures.

          So yes I guess my view is sort of an invention or a ridiculous result of my imagination, just trying to be different from the prevailing ones.

          It took more than 200 years for John Darby’s view to become popular and accepted by the pretribbers. Mine I guess will take even more than that because I am just an eaglet trying to level up with the Eagles of Bible Prophecy. I am just trying to give my share in putting the puzzle pieces together.

          • Rather than tackle all these questions here, I have a blog that covers the subject as I understand it, from Genesis through the book of Revelation. You can check the archives for any particular passage that you want to see how I interpret it. I’m not pre-trib by the way, I am last trump. Whether or not you are interested enough to go there is your choice.

          • Yes Connie, I know you are a post-tribber from what I read from some of your posts. I am a post-tribber too, but here are the scriptures that convinced me to become one:

            Rev. 16:15 – Sixth ANGEL Pouring the Sixth BOWL Judgement

            Behold (LOOK AT ME), I (JESUS) come as a thief (TO STEAL/SNATCH AWAY). Blessed is he (VIRGIN) that watcheth (DOES NOT SLEEP), and keepeth (SAVE/BUY MORE) his garments (OIL/ROBE/HOLY SPIRIT), lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

            Rev. 9:1 = The Bride was shown to John at the end of the Millennium

            9 ONE of the seven ANGELS who had the seven BOWLS full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the BRIDE, the WIFE of the Lamb.”

          • As the definition of post trib goes, I am not a post tribber. I am a last trumper, for lack of another term. It comes at the seventh trump. What you are not understanding about the narrative in Revelation is that while it is mostly chronological, it is done in sections. In other words, one subject is covered to a certain point, then the next subject is covered. It would not be an orderly narrative if every subject was jumbled together. You have to think of some of the narrative starting with the words, “In the meanwhile” for that is how God does things. Look at Genesis and the story of creation. Many people claim they are two different narratives and creations, but they are just two different perspectives on it. The first gives a general overview of the six days. The second gives a detailed view of things.

            The reason the warning is again given that Jesus will come as a thief, is because atHis coming at the Last Trump He merely takes His Bride to New Jerusalem, which has to be a satellite city due to its extreme size. It can’t come down to earth then. While the Bema seat judgment goes on (Rev. 11:15-18) the bowls are poured out on the world which consists of the unbelievers, and the now believing Jews who have no idea what is going on. At Christ’s Second Coming it says that they finally believe in Him, but His taking His Bride to New Jerusalem and remaining there until the bowls are done is an unknown factor to the Jews. They need to be told that He will return again for them, and that they need to be ready, just as the Church needed to be ready. And then He returns with His Bride at Armageddon.

            New Jerusalem is shown to John at the point it is, because the description was saved for last, rather than inserting it in the middle of the narrative of something else. That doesn’t place it chronologically after the millennium. Just as many books will have one chapter telling you what some characters are doing, while they ignore other characters, then the next chapter goes back and tells you what the other characters were doing during the same time, so does the book or Revelation relate things. It is so that there is easier understanding of the order of events with the subjects under discussion. Think how confusing it would be if the subject was changed every other verse so that you were told what everyone was doing simultaneously. Even TV shows do it act by act. That’s just how story telling goes. You just have to understand where one act ends and the next begins.

          • The bottom less pit….. the south pole…. with a passage to the inner earth.. which was discovered by the Nazis during WW2…..where general Byrd’s US Navy fleet was defeated…i2t

    • Well in my opinion they’re all symbolic but the army will definitely emerge as ONE Group of People from the Lost Tribes of Israel who went far to the River Pison to find the Garden of Eden… the far away land… the far east..i2t

    • No military hardwares here… the army will all be just human beings in one unified organisation…..fighting Evil…..from the FAR EAST….i2t

    • the locusts (fallen angels) looks like horses as described in rev.9, so there you have it the 200 million horses ridden by 200 million horseMEN (from the deceived nations) attacking God’s people at the Holy mountain.

    • Obviously it will take a long time to breed 200 million horses. Symbolically, what the Apostle John saw could be 200 million soldiers in battle tanks that can literally breathe out “fire, smoke, and brimstone”. Battle tanks can fire missiles (“fire, smoke, and brimstone”). But “fire, smoke, and brimstone” can’t literally come out of the mouths of literal horses.