Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

Donald Trump is always in the news. He’s an unusual figure in American Politics because he comes conducts himself in a way that many in politics are not used to.

Trump is also polarizing figure. People either love him or hate him. Trump is so polarizing that I’ve received many comments and questions from people who wonder whether he is the Antichrist.

In this article, I will address whether Donald Trump is the Antichrist.

Observations About Trump & the Antichrist

First, I want to make it clear that I will try my best to analyze Trump as neutrally as I can. I may have some positive or some negative things to say about Trump. Please understand that I do this as an analyst rather than someone who is a Trump opponent or is a Trump supporter.

I will proceed by stating some observations about Trump and compare these observations with many people’s expectation of the Antichrist.

Pride & Ego

Trump is a very prideful man, to say the least. He likes to boast about himself and rarely admits when he’s made a mistake publicly.

Meanwhile, Daniel 11:36 and Daniel 8:25 suggest that the Antichrist will have an immense ego:

“And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.” (Daniel 11:36)

“And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” (Daniel 8:25)

Mideast Peace Negotiator

Trump often boasts about the foreign policy deals he’s made. He’s said on occasion that he wants to try to broker the hardest deal of them all: a Mideast peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

He wants to make a “Deal of the Century” in the Mideast and has tried help Israel normalize relations with its neighbors from the Abraham Covenant.

Meanwhile, many expect Antichrist to help confirm a Mideast peace deal-the “covenant with many” in Daniel 9:27:

“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” (Daniel 9:27)

Charismatic Leader

Trump is a skilled speaker. He is adept at speaking publicly with or without relying on a teleprompter.

Some skeptics question the substance and validity of what Trump says. But, Trump is able to endear himself to a large number of Americans with what he says and the style that he says it.

Meanwhile, many people expect Antichrist to be a demagogue who uses his charisma to attract people to his side as he accumulates power.

Do I Think Trump the Antichrist?

Based on these statements, you might conclude that I think Donald Trump is the Antichrist. However, I strongly believe that Donald Trump is not the Antichrist. Here are several reasons why:

Super Popular vs Super Unpopular

Revelation 6:1-2 depicts Antichrist as a rider on a white horse. This imagery suggests that Antichrist may become so popular that the world will view him as a messianic figure:

“(1) And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. (2) And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” (Revelation 6:1-2)

Trump is the farthest thing from being viewed as a messianic figure by the world.

  • Many people dislike Trump and will go to great lengths to protest against him and to resist him.
  • Some of Trump’s opponents do not view him as the world’s savior but as one of the world’s biggest threats.

Trump will never command the admiration of the world like the Antichrist will.

The Desire of Women

Daniel 11 indicates that the Antichrist will not be someone who will desire women in his life:

“Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” (Daniel 11:37)

Trump has been married multiple times and is currently married to his wife Melania (with whom they have a son named Barron).

The Peak of Arrogance

The Antichrist will sit in a temple in Jerusalem someday and demand that the world worship him like God.

“(3) Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (4) Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4)

Trump is a very prideful man. But, does anyone seriously think that he is so arrogant that he would demand the world to worship him? It takes a different level of megalomania to demand people to worship you. It takes the megalomania of a Stalin or a Hitler. Both of these leaders eliminated or sought to eliminate religion in their countries and replace it with a cult of personality centered on worship of them.

A Different Level of Charisma

Trump is a skilled speaker, but he is not close to being as charismatic as the Antichrist will be. As I’ve stated previously, Antichrist will be even more charismatic than Adolf Hitler, a man who hypnotized an entire nation with his demonic charisma.

I’ve watched footage of Hitler speak and I’ve watched Trump speak many times. The comparison is not even close. Trump does not have the charisma that Hitler had and the charisma that Antichrist will have.

The Ultimate Globalist

Antichrist will seek to dominate the world in the fields of economics, politics, and religion. In this sense, the Antichrist will be the ultimate globalist.

Trump, on the other hand, opposes globalism. In fact, Trump said in a key foreign policy speech::

“No country has ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first. Both our friends and our enemies put their countries above ours and we, while being fair to them, must start doing the same.

We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism.

The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down, and will never enter-and under my administration-we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs.”[1]

Trump believes in a self-described “American First” foreign policy. As a result, he’s unlikely to support the efforts to create a one-world government at the expense of the U.S.’s sovereignty.

In contrast, Antichrist is someone who would embrace the efforts to unite the world in fields like politics and economics.

The Ability to Defeat His Strongest Opponents

Daniel 11 indicates that the Antichrist will attack the strongest opponents and win:

“(38) But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. (39) Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.” (Daniel 11:38-39)

Although the context of Daniel 11:38-39 is the Antichrist’s ability to defeat his foes militarily, the passage indicates that the Antichrist will defeat the strongest of opponents.

In contrast, Trump is not an unstoppable force at the time of this writing. Trump failed to get the 2020 election results overturned. Some of the biggest resistance Trump faced in his efforts to challenge the 2020 election results were from people from the Republican Party and people who he appointed to judicial positions.

Trump Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Trump startled many across the world when he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognized the city as Israel’s capital. Please realize that the move is not the confirmation of the “covenant with many” of Daniel 9:27. It’s not the event that will trigger the tribulation.

Trump’s move is really the farthest thing from the confirmation of the covenant with many. Many criticized the move as unnecessary, unilateral, and even harmful to the peace process. The covenant with many will have many sides agree to a deal. Trump’s move lacked the support of many of the countries involved in the future covenant with many.

Like the King of Israel and the Second Coming

Trump accepted and tweeted the praise of a conservative pundit who compared Israel’s level of love for him to the king of the Israel and the second coming of God. The statements Trump accepted and tweeted will do nothing to dispel the speculation that he’s the Antichrist as they are not statements that most leaders would be comfortable accepting (I would strongly reject such praise).

It’s no surprise that #Antichrist was a top Twitter trend when Trump tweeted these statements and that the reaction to his actions were negative. I view the negative backlash against Trump as evidence that he’s not the Antichrist. Revelation 13:3-4 and Revelation 17:8 describes a vastly different global reaction to the coming Antichrist:

“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:3-4)

“The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” (Revelation 17:8)

The Abraham Accord

Trump is taking credit for the Abraham Accord, a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and a deal that may serve as a template for future peace deals. Many have hailed the Abraham Accord as a significant step towards Mideast peace.

However, the Abraham Accord was denounced by the Palestinians, Turkey, and Iran. As a result, I still think that brokering an all-encompassing Mideast peace deal that includes Palestinian support will be a huge challenge for Trump.

A One-Term President

With Trump serving as a one-term president, I imagine the speculation on Trump being the Antichrist will center on Revelation 17, which describes eight kings:

“(8) The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. (9) And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. (10) And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. (11) And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.” (Revelation 17:8-11)

Revelation 17 describes the seventh king as only reigning for a short time (a short space). This king later returns to serve as the eighth king, the Antichrist. Some may speculate that Trump’s failure to get a second term after the 2020 Election helps him fit the description of the seventh king of Revelation 17.

The problem with this theory is that the eighth king, the Antichrist, is described in the Book of Revelation as someone who will come back from the dead. I have an article entitled “Satan’s Biggest End Time Deception” where I describe how Revelation describes the false resurrection of the Antichrist from the dead. Trump does not fit the nature of the seventh king of Revelation 17.


In sum, I strongly disagree with the idea that Donald Trump is the Antichrist of the end times. Whether or not you like Trump, please understand that Antichrist is on a completely different level.

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  1. Read: Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Speech. Time, 27 Apr. 2016,
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Wayne Croley
Wayne Croley

Hi! I’ve studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to make Bible prophecy easy for you to understand while avoiding the sensationalism seen elsewhere. I am the author of several end time books, including Prophecy Proof Insights on the End Times, a comprehensive book about the end times. I hold an M.B.A. and degrees in Managerial Economics and Political Science.


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  1. It is obvious to me that the author, Wayne Croley, is a republican. If he would deny it, then he has even more explaining to do, because he is exalting and giving the nod to today’s republican party for all they believe and spread. This saddens me greatly, since they in no way resemble the Christianity I was taught!

  2. Hey brother Wayne,

    I thought I would stop by and pay a visit. It’s been, what, four years? So much has happened regarding the Antichrist Donald Trump. So many are trying to lock that beast up. And guess who is not only still standing but the front-runner for 2024? Donald John Trump. What other president, who has been out of office for nearly three years, commanded the media’s attention as Trump does? Did you see his Easter Day post where he simply said WWIII? Or perhaps his digital trading card featuring himself in unmistakable Antichrist symbolism. That was a nice touch. His Waco Rally was not to be missed either, featuring an oath to the Jan. 6 Insurrection. And then, there’s his post – “I AM YOUR RETRIBUTION.” And, lest we forget, his recent deposition, where he admitted that stars like him have been able to assault women for some million years.

    You or me, buddy — one of us has spread a whole lot of falsehood.

    Jonathan Dane (author of the book RISE OF THE LITTLE HORN)

  3. I stumbled upon your website today (12-24-2023). I am trying my best to be a good christian. I am appalled by the writings, comments and preaching on this site. You are all being judgemental (not a spelling error) ! This will condemn you to hell remember? Beware of False Prophets and ones who will make you follow the ways of sin. Now I will sit back and watch you rationalize all your sins by pushing them onto anyone who disagrees with your evil…..

    • Ummm… I’m writing about how someone is NOT the Antichrist. I am not making false accusations like so many people make these days. I think your indignation is misplaced.

    • Wayne Corley is the the ANTI-CHRIST? or just a satin helper?
      How does that feel knowing the average person who stops by this page will read a comment like this? You are damned for your ways of satin. Just read and follow the Ten Commandments ….people don’t need help like this. Your spreading the devils menu.

  4. Just a question: Why does everyone assume the antichrist is American??? The US is not even mentioned in the last days prophecies, so that means that we will no longer be a super-power nation with any influence over world events.

    • Many assume Antichrist may be American because America is a superpower at this time. People often try to fit Bible prophecy passages into current events and live under the assumption that the fulfillment of these passages is imminent. Many think that the Antichrist must be American for end time events to take place now.

      I don’t believe in this approach nor do I believe the Antichrist will be an American.

    • There is only one race that is truly “American”, the Native Americans. Frump is of Eastern European descent which is prophesied.

  5. Yeah I agree for now. Let me also say I am a Trump supporter. That’s being said I am very concerned about the Q anon thing. They believe in 2017 Trump went all over the world meeting with world leaders which he did do. And during each meeting he used NSA evidence of the global pedophile ring as black mail against these leaders. They believe he had every world leader and world bank submit to him. They believe in 6 months trials will begin and many of Trump opponents who are involved with this ring will be executed or imprisoned. After that they believe Trump will institute a one world government called Gessra which every country will maintain autonomy with each country having a Nessra. This will bring world peace and Trump is showing to be quite successful in bringing peace to the middle and Israel as we speak. So as a supporter of Trump and a Christian I did not like hearing this theory and I hope it’s all bull. But if it comes true it would be hard to not view Trump as the antichrist.

    • In looking at what makes an anti-Christ, the Bible has many answers. John 10:10 “The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” With over a hundred thousand dead and riots in the streets, Satan is alive and
      flourishing in the United States and he lives in the White House.
      In Daniel 7:8 While I was contemplating the horns, behold, another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it; and behold, this horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering great boasts. Trump boasts and his hair looks, like two horns of piss colored gold.
      One of the best and most telling is Matthew 24:24 “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” In the letter, signed by 177 evangelicals leaders including Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr., First Baptist Dallas’ Pastor Robert Jeffress and Samaritans Purse’ Cissie Graham Lynch, the collective expressed their “dissatisfaction” with the op-ed, accused CT’s editor-in-chief, Mark Galli, of dismissing their “point of view,” and said he inaccurately characterized them as “far right evangelicals.”
      Trump told crowds he is chosen, while looking at the sky. It was a wonder and a miracle he was elected and was not impeached. He has the full but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness but is guilty of an eternal sin”. When Trump called himself chosen and that only he, instead of God was America’s salvation, he blasphemed the Holy Spirit and committed an unforgiveable sin.
      2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 “Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.” In a letter, signed by 177 evangelicals’ leaders, including Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr., First Baptist Dallas’ Pastor Robert Jeffress and Samaritans Purse’ Cissie Graham Lynch. 1 Timothy 4:1 “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons.” Hebrews 6:4-6 For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have shared in the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, to restore them again to repentance, since they are crucifying once again the Son of God to their own.

    • And like the prophecy states the 7th king will reign for a short time and come back from the dead. Trump is coming back once the audits take place. Will he be assassinated before he returns? Trump is noted by the Q people as “Q+”, (Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet), when he returns will he be 18 or 3×6=18. 666. I don’t know if he is or isn’t, I just think it’s strange. The number of a man.

  6. Stunning how biblically ignorant these prophecy “teachers” really are. Trump is indeed the Antichrist, his behavior shows more and more every single day that he is the man of sin. He’s just survived the “deadly head wound” and is now turning against the Christian world. He’s about to announce his next executive order making it illegal to criticize him, and he’s going to go after his so-called “enemies” (Christians and pagans), that’s already in the works. Next comes food confiscation (SNAP benefits were just greatly reduced) and attacks against Israel. Either these teachers are not paying attention, don’t read the news or don’t read their bibles.

    • Yes Trump indeed is the closet to the description of the Antichrist. I do my homework as well. The “Deal of the Century” will be ratified. We will see them ran it down the Palestine‘s throats. You will see that Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, & other Middle Eastern countries sign on. Palestine’s leaders will have no choice in the matter. Israel will control them to a tee. There is a 3rd Temple already being built underground on the mount. It is underground, just look it up. Trump has people following him & hypnotized as a cult. He has stated those against him should be tried for treason & killed. He places kids in cages, cuts food for the poor, & takes healthcare away from the poor. His executive orders says it all! He’s a racist, bigot, & evil man. He once stated he wouldn’t mind being the Antichrist & also said he is the “chosen one.” The Bible states the Antichrist is the “Little Horn,” who speaks with a mouth, where does the name Trump come from, Trumpet!!! Take heed that we are close to the coming of our Lord.

      • Obama put kids in cages and droned 22,000 women and children to death. Obama fit the Antichrist bill even more so than the Donald. You’ve been duped.

        • Indeed, if the Biblical descriptions od the Antichrist matches Trump. Followed by denial that he is the Antichrist. Then what would qualify? Certainly not Obama. Obama was not a womaniser nor was he arrogant. Sorry but all the traits of the antichrist described in the bible belong to Trump
          These trumpologists need to reexamine their definitions.

          • In my opinion, Christfollower, you’re not wrong to be thinking. That article has a lot of silliness in it, but it’s nice to see so many pertinent scriptures in one place. I wish he would’ve made it a less partisan sounding, however.

            I do think it’s unlikely that American evangelicals will be able to spot the Antichrist, simply because they are for the most part so steeped in poisonous political ideologies in addition to their Christianity.

            I do also think that Trump shares a remarkable resemblance to most everything I can find in scripture that describes the Antichrist and can actually be confirmed at this point in time.

            Just my opinion(s).

          • Something I find interesting, Christfollower, and this is purely my own little musing, I’m not saying it should be believed or even that it’s right, but I tend to think of today’s Republicans as corresponding to the Bible’s Pharisees and today’s Democrats as corresponding to the Bible’s Sadducees. With this in mind, note what Jesus says to the Pharisees in John 5:43:

            “I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.”

        • 6 months ago I would have agreed with you. I support Trump and have always thought Obama was the antichrist until I learned about Q anon and all the stuff they believe. If it comes true there will be no doubt in my mind that Trump is the real antichrist. There are many antichrists and John says. If this Q anon stuff comes true Obama was an antichrist that paved the way for the true anti christ. Which is what Obama did do for Trump. On the other hand the left wants to institute a one world government as well so who becomes the antichrist might just depend on who wins the election.

          • The Left doesn’t want a one world government. That is what Trump and Putin are planning. That is the secret between them. They are brothers in Satan. As far as Obama being the anti-Christ does not bear out to what the Bible says, where Trump is a perfect match, as was Hitler, Nero, Stalin. Each generation is tested by God to see if they are worthy. The end of times, could just mean the end of this generation. How anyone can believe anything an anonymous teller of conspiracy and does not have the balls to say who they are, are cowards belonging to the Trump cult, doing his evil bidding. Trying to confused the weak minded.

          • Q-Anon is a cult. I’m shocked by how many people are following this junk. Stick only to scripture and you will never be let down.

        • This was in response to an emergency situation, not a permanent solution. The photograph you’re referring to was a facility in Arizona — I recognize the photograph because Gov. Brewer was with me — and it was during the spike … and we had a lot of unaccompanied kids, we had a lot of family units. And under the law, once they’re apprehended by the border patrol, within 72 hours, we have to transfer unaccompanied children to (the Department of Health and Human Services). And HHS then puts them in a shelter, and they find placement for them somewhere in the United States.” Johnson explained.

      • Unfortunately you sound very biased, and you apparently hate Trump. So it is hard to take your comment seriously. You obviously are also driven by the mainstream media.

        • I am driven by the Bible and facts. Daniel 9:9 “Out of one of them came another horn, which started small but grew in power (A trump is a small horn.) to the south and to the east (His support is in the south and middle America.) and toward the Beautiful Land (America is the most beautiful land.) 10 It grew until it reached the host of the heavens, ( Trump looked to the Heavens and proclaimed “he was the chosen.) and it threw some of the starry host down to the earth and trampled on them. 11) It set itself up to be as great as the commander of the army of the LORD; harm and holding him up to contempt. (Trump claims to be a great military leader. The fallen church worship him, as anointed by God, but Trump has and will continue to do harm to the church and has destroyed their reputation.
          Matthew 24:24 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, to mislead, if possible, even the elect. The “elect” of the church have truly been deceived by the Devil Trump, has mislead 1/3 of America. It was an amazing miracle he won, against all odds, polls, and political thought, so he easily fulfills that requirement. He shows great signs of wealth, even though no one is sure where he collected all the money. Mostly taking other family members money away for a start, not paying or under paying people who work for him. Going Bankrupt a few times and knowing the right people on both the Democratic and Republican side, the real deal makers, perverts, and corrupt friends in high places, made sure he would make it to the White House. Many Democrats, like the Clinton’s were early Trump enablers and “friends”. This is my favorite and often used scripture for this time. 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 says “Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,”. Apostacy means the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief. In other words, the church falls away first, which they did, when the man of lawlessness Trump is revealed. He is the son of destruction (Satan) and who better resembles Satan, physically morally and spiritually, than Donald J. Trump.

      • It is interesting the great falling away of the church, because God allowed the delusion of Trump to mark their hearts, minds and souls. One wouldn’t believe learned men of “God” could be fooled, but the Bible says even the “elect” will be deceived and fall away from Christ and Falwell is a perfect example of the Falwelling away of the church!

    • You are totally correct with regard to biblical ignorance. Trump is not the antichrist, however our world leaders will turn their power over to the antichrist and the pope whom is the false prophet will help usher in the antichrist. He won’t attack the true Israel because a lot of them are still blind as of today. Read Rev 2:9 and then read Rev 3:9 Those that are in the land of Israel currently will soon depart. Learn who the true Israel is; they have black skin whom are called Negro, Hebrew, Children of Israel and the Tribe of Judah just to name a few. Study the word of God

      • If you truly know the word, you will recognize Trump is the man of lawlessness, the anti-Christ. Please quote scripture to support your theory of who is true Israel. Daniel 7:7-8: After this I kept looking in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong; and it had large iron teeth. It devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with its feet; and it was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns. While I was contemplating the horns, behold, another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it; and behold, this horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering great boasts. Trump tells us he is the strongest. His obsession with power and greatness is frightening. He boasts about himself and accomplishments, even when there is none.
        This is my favorite and often used scripture for this time. 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 says “Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,”. Apostacy means the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief. In other words, the church falls away first, which they did, when the man of lawlessness Trump is revealed. He is the son of destruction (Satan) and who better resembles Satan, physically morally and spiritually, than Donald J. Trump.

  7. I personally discern pure wickedness all over Melania actually. Call me crazy but I think melania could possibly be satan(the dragon) giving his/her direct orders to trump under the surface and cover of ‘first lady’. Which Also lines up with the story of Ahab and Jezebel where Ahab allows Jezzie to take over the decisions Of the country (Which I honestly believe is what is going on right now). Which also parallels Ahab as Israel’s 7th King (7Heads) one of which was wounded to death as both Ahab and Jez were assassinated.

    As for trump not being a globalist…Of course trumps not gonna Come out and say he’s a globalist initially. The beast is very cunning and won’t overplay his hand. He waits for the right time and the right situation to make his move (especially in regards to globalism).

    I honestly expect trump to emerge as the savior after some type of catastrophic event…that will directly or indirectly have major Economic consequences. This is when he will introduce his global plan to recover the worlds economy under his rule and provision. Ultimately controlling all sectors of every world government and the global food supply. Eventually forcing everyone to receive a mark to purchase, barter or sell anything; especially food… which will also ‘force’ worship of the beast because all other religious systems will be overhauled in the process.

    Still sound crazy to you? Who else can pull off such a feat, I ask?

    • No one. The false prophets are the fallen and deluded leaders, like Falwell. The Whore of Babylon is the fallen church, even so Melania is evil. We seen it at her Satanic themed Christmas events. I have always thought Melania was sent here to give Trump the arm candy, he desired, but she came here as a secret agent of Putin and to charm and manipulate Trump, who she obviously finds repulsive.

    • Don’t know about the Melania part but the rest sounds within the realm of possibility to me. I’m not an expert in world history by any means but my impression is that most if not all tyrannical leaders began as nationalists.

      • I didn’t phrase that very well. What I meant to say was that most if not all tyrannical leaders with ambitions of world domination started out nationalists. Hitler, for example, started out as a nationalist, from what I understand.

  8. I would encourage all those who believe that Trump is the antichrist, to please read the article below. And before doing so, go to the profile of the author and you will see that he is eminently qualified to speak to this subject. I know the man personally, having supported his international ministry ever since he began it when he left his government job to follow God’s call on his life. It is time to quit listening to the socialist controlled media and look at the facts. This author does his research fully before writing on anything. His books are full of information. Anything is possible, but the evidence does not point to what so many Christians are beginning to espouse, that Trump is the antichrist. Much would have to change for that to happen.

    • Gary is indeed a false prophet, most of his claims (if not all of them) did not prove to be true as he alleges. He writes books for profit (a sin) and thinks he’s a prophet (actually another sin, God’s true prophets do not concern themselves with such things). Gary seeks to create a following and a audience, another sign that he’s not authentic (no true prophet does these things either, concerning themselves only with fulfilling God’s will). Suggest you go back and reread your bible for what is true and what is not.

      • I know Gary personally, and he is one of the most godly men I know. He does not profit from his books, trust me, for I know how his family lives, and it is most frugally. He gave up a government position that was leading to power, money, and prestige to carry his message to the public and live from hand to mouth. His one book is somewhat dated at this point, yes, but he keeps up with what is going on and has an informative newsletter that keeps things updated. You are in great error and seem to not understand what is going on.

      • Also, Gary does not consider himself a prophet. He is a humble man who is just trying to warn people of the things he has and is discovering about what is going on within the government, church, etc. that we should be aware of. As you do not know the man, you should not judge.

  9. People are holding on to a century old satanic false teaching about the Book of Daniel.

    Who confirms a covenant with Israel.

    First off it never says anything about any peace treaty. That is a contortion of Scripture.

    And who do we know that had a covenant with Israel? The passage states “confirms THE covenant” so the context shows that this is a covenant that we should be aware of and we should since it is the covenant of God with Israel.

    And who causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease?

    Who was the final sacrifice to end all sacrifices?


    Christ who is God confirmed his covenant with Israel and in the midst of the week caused the sacrifice and oblation to end because the Temple had been made abominable by a generation of vipers.

    • 2 Tim 2:15- study to shew thyself approved unto God. A workman that needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.

  10. “He will have no regard for the desire of women”

    i think you are completely misunderstanding what this means. it does not mean he will not desire women, it means he will have no regard for the desire of women, which seems to translate and fit pretty well into how he treats women.

    he brags about grabbing them by their private parts, talks down to them, sexualizes them, cheats on them (cheated on his previous wife even while she was pregnant), and cheated on his current wife with a prostitute.

    women desire to be treated like ladies, like women. he does the exact opposite. He has NO REGARD for the desire of women.

    prove me wrong

    not to mention he just literally tweeted and bragged (more pride and arrogance) about someone saying he is the King of Israel and the second coming of God.

    hello, open your eyes.

    • Have you heard what he has said and allowed to be said about him in the past 48 hours (August 21, 2019)? He did not refute or discourage but retweeted appreciation and thanks for being “The greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world.” “The Jewish people love him like he’s the King of Israel… they love him like he is the second coming of God.” He believes he is “The Chosen One.” You know who else was a “chosen one?” Pharaoh and King Saul were “chosen” too.

          • Very poor choice of words by Trump-made 1000x worse by tweets he should have never sent out. He’s left himself wide open for attack by his opponents now and for many months to come with regards to his mental stability (I’m not saying he’s stable or unstable. I’m just anticipating the line of attack that we’ll see). I won’t be surprised if the tweets and his “chosen one” statement are brought up in the debates next year.

        • Great article. Much to pray about. You would think all the scholarly responses would be more open than condemning as if they know it all. Lol. Don’t let it bother you. God knows! And Jan 6, 2021 is coming!

      • I’m still in the middle on whether or not Trump is Antichrist. I neither believe nor disbelieve that he is.

        I will say, however, that it is virtually impossible for me to imagine a coming leader with a more boastful mouth than Trump (if Trump is not Antichrist). That’s not to say there won’t be one – I’m just saying it’s incredibly difficult for me to imagine how someone could top him.

        He does also have a rather stern looking face, in my opinion, but it is the boastful mouth that I personally find most compelling.

    • First person I’ve heard say that he could be and that the woman thing is not a barrier.

      America loves (and so do I in the flesh) Trump. It’s more of our lusts and gain we want. Of course you follow his apostasy if your not listening to Paul’s word and repenting and dealing with sexual sin in the church.

    • i dont believe the anti christ is Trump …desires no women could be a Gay man….Trump has done some awesomely hard work for his country whilst being President even for one term ..boastful hes allowed to be ..hes an action man and did that quietly too might i wasnt him who put the list up …man so proud of President Trump..people were saying how they could sleep peacefully under his presidency..lots of unemployeds got jobs,etc etc..he wasnt a perfect man but perfect for the job…his past had nothing to do with his present as he matured and has banished that from his life…and met his wife now Melania n son Barron…there was a reason he didnt get back in but not what he thought its even bigger…??

  11. “He will have no regard for the desire of women”

    i think you are completely misunderstanding what this means. it does not mean he will not desire women, it means he will have no regard for the desire of women, which seems to translate and fit pretty well into how he treats women.

    he brags about grabbing them by their private parts, talks down to them, sexualizes them, cheats on them (cheated on his previous wife even while she was pregnant), and cheated on his current wife with a prostitute.

    women desire to be treated like ladies, like women. he does the exact opposite.

    prove me wrong

    • I don’t condone his treatment of women. But, I read Daniel 11:37 as an indication that Antichrist will not desire women. Hitler would have fit that description. Hitler remained unmarried just until the time of his death. Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, was neglected by Hitler to the point that she tried to commit suicide multiple times.

      • The antichrist becomes antichrist when Apollyon who is demonic spirit is released from his prison and at once is allowed by God to indwell a man. At that time the character of the man and who he was know previously to have been will be totally changed. He will not be the man he was. And he will have supernatural power.

        So we look to a man who undergoes a miraculous change most likely involving resurrection from death. But when he comes back he is not himself. And the world shall wonder.

      • Different translations the Antichrist will desire women. Which indeed describes Trump. And then of course there are the lies. Sorry. but everything about Trump perfectly fits the description of the biblical Antichrist,

  12. Must too early to say if he is or isn’t. Personally, I believe the test of time will prove one way or another. That time being 3 1/2 years. Let’s see what transpires in the life of President Trump mid-year, 2020. Will he negotiate a deal for world peace? Will the world be amazed at something he does? Will all his detractors suddenly look upon him as a messianic figure? Just remember, even the elect will be deceived by the beast.

      • I hope not! What a reply. No thank you, I don’t want to go to hell – ‘time will tell’. Trump has to be the antichrist. The mosty obvious reason is the 666 false prophet right beside him in the man Jared Kushner. Trump won’t have an affinity to women as he already doesn’t. They don’t control him and when the devil overtakes him at the 3.5 yr midde of Trib Melania will prob already be gone. No christians want to be repenting of their sin openly and get oil. Those who aren’t repenting openly in thier church weekly will not be taken in the rapture. Its all apostate except those who are being persecuted for repentance and honesty.

      • You may be misinterpreting Daniel 11: 36-37 as the statement, “Neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all” could mean that he simply won’t care whether women desire him or not as their opinion won’t matter. That said, when he talks about “grabbing” women by the genitals it suggests that he doesn’t care what they think–as long as he gets what he wants. Same thing with entering a dressing room with teenage girls in various states of undress. He doesn’t care what they think. Or when he calls women names or makes fun of their looks. He doesn’t care. Now, do I think he is the actual Anti-Christ? No. For starters, as you rightly point out, he doesn’t have the necessary charisma. Neither, in my view, does he have the intelligence. But is he “an anti-Christ”. Yes. And the fact that he has managed to fool the self-professed “elite” [i.e. real Christians] is an indicator that maybe there is something wrong within the Evangelical community. Either they are not Christians now or perhaps they never were. And just because a person is pro-life doesn’t make them a Christian. Never has and never will. If anything, all it makes them is anti-abortion. To further illustrate my point, in order to be a Christian one has to believe, repent and be baptized. That’s it. But Trump himself has stated that he has no reason to ask God for forgiveness because he doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong. That said, why any real Christian would applaud this man is a mystery to me.

        • You do realise real repentant Christians have very little choice of wholesome godly presidential candidates to choose from. Name me one god fearing Christian man that has run for president. It’s naive to think a Christian isn’t a Christian because of the choice of a president. Most true Christians have to choose based on pragmatism. Policies and issues that are dearest to their values are what they vote on. I’ve never voted for a president based on his personal morals. If that were the case no one would be nominated, ever. Please use your reasoning when Making statements about others.

  13. Can anyone argue that Donald Trump ISN’T the physical embodiment of all 7 deadly sins. (Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Sloth.) Donald Trump exceeds in all of these areas. The only sin that isn’t obvious is Envy, but Trump has already stated that he is envious of the power that dictators such as Putin have. Trumps followers have elevated him to the status of saviour in their minds. As of this date he has told more than 10,000 lies since taking office and even his own legal team admits that he is incapable of telling the truth. Can anyone argue that he isn’t the undisputed Lord of Lies. He may not have done all of the things prophesised in the Bible, yet, but he still has at least another year and a half in office. If he isn’t the Antichrist, he’s a very believable lookalike.

      • Read the comment in my email and thought, “Sounds like Connie.” Welcome to the short list.

        • My comment was not made on your facebook page, nor should it have become the topic of conversation. Please remove it, for you do not have my permission to put it there.

          • Heyyyy Connie,

            I thought I would just stop and pay my respects. Wow, it’s been like 3 1/2 years. (If we had been in the Trib, Trump would be “ascending” the escalator to the temple precipice right about now.) I figured you’ve been busy doing a ton of research on that book list you so adamantly claimed existed. (You are thorough. My goodness.) Hey, when you get a second, could you give us your findings?

            I hope you’re well.

            your pal,

            Jonathan Dane,

            (writer of the most unoriginal book on the planet, Rise of the Little Horn)

      • No, I can’t think of a single one except Donald. Not even close. And though he may not be worshiped by a majority of Americans, he has developed a huge cult of personality far more devoted to him thqan the GOP on the right. He is very fat and old, yet they portray him as a young bodybuilder, sometimes with a halo. I have never seen this done with any president before. Or other politician. A cult called QAnon has formed around him that considers him to be leading a cosmic war of Good Against Evil, and many expect him to save the white race against inferior ones (Build the Wall!) and claim that all his enemies are Satanic pedophiles who murder children to harvest a weird drug called adrenochrome from their dead bodies that causes paranoid schizophrenia (like the old blood libel against the Jews). The world has never seen anything like this before. Add this to the fact that he is a compulsive liar (this is not a put-down, it is an easily verifiable objective fact), that he has admitted to sexual abuse (Access Hollywood tape) & has been accused of rape, sexual abuse, and statutory rape by dozens of women, is heavily supported by the Klan & White Supremacist groups, has been declared a sociopath & probable malignant narcissist by some of the country’s top psychiatrists and a truly terrifying picture starts to emerge. Do I need to mention the money laundering and ties to organized crime? His apparent all-out war on the environment? His huge tax cuts for the wealthy, which will cost other people’s lives? If this is not what Yeats meant when he wrote “What rough beast, its hour come round at last, / Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”, then what exactly IS it?

  14. I know all this to be true, but I have feeling Obama is the Antichrist but……he does have a wife? So its semi a debunk until further power in authority! The Antichrist will not have a wife, sounds like a pope or priest, a pastor of some sort? Putin has a wife as well so let’s look out for a political man whom is a transgender and from the middle east without a wife?

  15. Everything you wrote can be applied to Obama, and for that matter, ANY socialist “democrat”. I really dont think the Lord God wants us to live in tyranny and the evils of socialism. Why is freedom evil? Why is liberty “anti-christ” like?

    • I don’t know of anyone, be it me, Wayne, Connie or ____ that believes freedom is evil or that liberty is antichrist. To whom and what are you referring?

    • You should really look up the definition of “socialism” and review the variant mechanism by which socialist principles can and can be applied. Americans have been greatly misled about socialism, significantly influences by capitalist propaganda and cold-war jingoism. If one looks closely at Jesus’s teachings and ministry, it is hard to reconcile the reality of corporate-capitalism with what Jesus taught and did.

      Public schools, Medicare and Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, The Federal Reserve, Farm Subsidies, Corporate Welfare, the IRS, Public Transportation (and police and fire), and the FDA – are all socialist programs and benefits.

      If Jesus were alive today, I’m of the mind that he’d be decidedly left-of-center in his politics.

  16. Hello Wayne and prophecy folks. I noticed these comments are happening farther and farther in-between. My last post received virtually no replies. I’ve tried to find a place to keep this conversation going. (I believe it’s worthy.) I decided to post on my FaceBook page. I’m hoping Wayne will let me leave a link. (Guess I’ll soon find out.) There is massive – and I mean massive – information on the page regarding Trump and the Antichrist, including but not limited to, large excerpts (chapters) from my book. Please let me know what you think. I covet your “likes”, if you are so inclined.

    God bless,

  17. Hello Folks,

    I’m back (sort of). I needed to step away from the back-and-forth grind and fatigue that I’m sure many of you have suffered from due to posting in forums. To refresh your memory, I’m the author of the book, Rise of the Little Horn — a book written before the presidential election with the not so subtle conclusion that Donald Trump was/is the AC. I believe most objections are, in fact, covered between its pages.

    If those whose disagree care to push back against that, I welcome the challenge of answering your objections. Please, give me one or two of your strongest points. Those of you who remember me know that I am (annoyingly) thorough. Don’t bombard me — please!

    Thanks and God bless you all!!

    If I don’t hear from you, I’ll just assume everyone here is finally on board — wink, wink.

    P.S. — Not sure how difficult it is to scroll back or search old posts, but last year, I responded, piece by piece, to each any every point in Wayne’s article. Thanks again to you Wayne for graciously allowing me to do that.

    • Jonathan,
      It seems that I can’t get on the internet without bumping into you, lol.
      You may remember me, you sent me a copy of your book; I enjoyed reading it. I made the mistake of letting someone borrow it, and now it appears that it’s lost… maybe it will turn up again. I hope you and your family are doing well. Don’t ask how I’m doing please.
      I can’t say that I have changed my position one Trump; for the most part, I still believe he is the second beast, and not the first. I’m under the persuasion that many of those scriptures in Daniel are actually referring to the second beast and not the first. You may remember that I said that Ronald Reagan was a better fit for the biblical description of the first Beast; I still believe that to be true. However, I am wide open for the possibility that I’m wrong, and devilish Don is the first Beast, and not the second.
      Look forward to talking again.

  18. Trump is absolutely the ANti Christ. My interpretation is in regards to the women not accompanying him. He has always had an illusion of a wife but not a true partner. Melanie is rarely with Trump. The worshipping is already happening. He is purposefully gaining access to Israel and his form of worship is the rallies by blind followers. He is charismatic , as the Bible says but is the liar and deceiver . It is clear to me.
    My entire life, I have had a reaccuring dream. It is of doomsday. I’m a survivor in a cave . I am still youngish . I’m 50 now so I think it will be in the next ten years.

  19. Yes.Trump history of womanizing disqualify him as antichrist, per Daniel.
    The concern is his unAmerican style hatred for immigrants in refusing amnesty or resolve of immigration reform like Regan.Many are concerned about Trump October 2020 Federal I’D law.Will the undocumented be hurled into FEMA camps for lack of legal papers or lD.There is no solution to this elephant in the room.Wayne Crowly, will you please write your thoughts on this topic. Reports say that even immigrants seeking to become legal and show up to appointments are ambushed by lCE and deported before a chance in a hearing.What about their lawyers showing up for them instead of taking risk as protection?
    This is a Nazi situation descending on America.
    1st Jews
    2nd Blacks
    Now minority immigrants eith black/brown skin!

    • I am not worried about people being thrown into FEMA camps at this time. I heard reports that people would be thrown into FEMA camps if they didn’t have health care back when Obamacare was introduced. There’s so much sensationalism and hysteria in the news. There was 10 years ago. There is now.

    • Hi Dave,

      Daniel 11:37 simply says that the AC will give no regard to the things women care about. It says nothing of his sexual preferences.

  20. Hahahahahahahaha
    Og course he is The AC He is just a human Shell Boeing manipulated by “The Scary Devil” it is laughable to see The Sheep WHO love him

  21. Having just attended a two day prophecy conference where I heard the information given by Gary Kah, a man who worked in the government as a foreign trade specialist and left it to start a ministry to expose all that he had learned behind the scenes, it makes no sense that anyone can say that Donald Trump is the antichrist. The powers that oppose him are trying desperately to get rid of him because he stands in the way of their global NWO agenda to bring in the antichrist government. He is a nationalist. He is improving the economy. He is doing everything that is against the NWO agenda and that is why they are so furious. It is a strange plan to put such a man in the place of president, who is stopping them from bringing forth the NWO, a plan they have been implementing for many decades now. It makes no sense whatsoever that he would work against himself in such a way if he were the antichrist. Obviously he is not.

      • It is a strange deception that pits the man against the entire agenda that would bring in the very situation that is needed to make him the antichrist. Obama and that lot are the New World Order. They are trying to take Trump down because he is anti-New World Order by being a nationalist and a capitalist. Neither of those things fit with the plans to bring in the antichrist. They are desperately trying to destroy this country economically and turn us into a socialist state for the antichrist. So exactly why is there a shadow government that undermines him at every turn if he is the very man they are waiting for? Only those who are so blinded by listening to the fake media instead of observing the truth of the situation think that Trump is the antichrist. If he is, he is working against his own people and agenda. That makes no sense whatsoever, but then neither does liberalism.

        • think about the AntiChrist doesn’t deceive the whole world yet – this is the beginning. He deceived the biggest democracy and “Christian nation”; this deception is the key to the AntiChrist taking over the world by creating a new world order => . the new world order with Putin etc oh the devil is a liar) yet ppl believe him and follow him blindly. Trump is the AntiChrist. he is a liar, and he will not leave office after this next election. BE READY for the reveal. We are still in the 1st half the tribulation…. it is when then the 2nd half of the tribulation – when the Antichrist reveals himself – He will force worship.

          • I have to disagree with you that we are in the first half of the tribulation. We have not yet begun Daniel’s 70th week. Until the temple goes up, you are not in the 70th week. You’ll know who the beast is when he reveals himself. You may find you are not expecting who it will be after all. So maybe you will be the one surprised. And you might want to quit listening to the liberal news media. They are owned by the deep state and are into brainwashing. They are not giving you the facts.

          • “I have to disagree with you that we are in the first half of the tribulation. We have not yet begun Daniel’s 70th week. Until the temple goes up, you are not in the 70th week.”

            Connie — I agree with you. (Scary, huh?)

          • Wow!! I am reading this on 12/9/2020 and your words were prophetic.. I too believe Trump is the antichrist- look at the chaos and confusion all around us, the deaths, the denials of COVID and the lies.. the division among us – people hating each other for their political beliefs, all the accusations of election fraud, threats of violence, the court cases..the list goes on and on.. And all this is presided by the father of chaos, lies, deceit, fornication -Trump himself!!

    • Donald Trump is a man of his word. He’s making the USA economically stronger day by day, and nationally safer. Getting the wall built will be a majorly victory for the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! The USA had suffered a long, long, time through the disastrous Clinton, Bush Jr. and worst of all Obama administration, that took America into a whirling vortex of desent. President Trump is the first president in my lifetime who is fulfilling his campaign promises. All of the damn, irrational, opposition from the left is disgraceful and clearly demonstrates the lack of decorm that mires politics, the media, and so many folks in the entertainment industry. All of the Obamaphiles out there who regard that failure as some sort of god are beyond capable of thinking rationaly. Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents if not the worst president in history. Donald Trump is hated by close-minded ignornamuses because he’s a republican plain and simple. Open your frigging minds and stop regarding politics like it’s an f-ing religion. Great things are happening go now with Trump in power. So if the left wants to call him the most vulgar names under the sun, lie about him, and compare this great man to an imaginary demon, let them keep talking sh–. It means nothing to a majority of American’s who support and value President Trump for making America great again. Come election time 2020 and President Donald Trump will resume his duties as Commander and Chief, President of the United States of America!

      • Donald Trump is a liar. This is undeniable, even by republicans. He is emotionally stunted and behaves like a child. All he cares about is the worship he receives from his base. That’s why he does a rally every time he is sad. And his nationalism is just a mask for his racism.

      • Paul, Trump has taken your eyes of Christ.. who do you serve? Trump has convince you that he is the only hope for America… We are broken as humans and we all need forgiveness and God’s Grace. ” President Trump is the first president in my lifetime who is fulfilling his campaign promises.” Great things are happening go now with Trump in power.” yet we are far removed from Christ. Matthew 25:31-46 – Trump has convinced ppl to forget about God …remember he plays sympathy for the devil at his rallies. he is telling us who is… he has never ask for forgiveness. Yet he secured a lot of the US evangelical vote. Again, the deception is not about about the world…. he deceived the US voters who elected him, he will use this power to deceive and gain the world – which will lead to Armageddon. He is setting the stage which the news…..Israel and Trumps peace plan. Watch the signs.

  22. Hello The Last Jedi.

    The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in Revelation chapter 6, verses 1-8. The four horsemen are symbolic descriptions of different events which will take place in the end times.

    The first horseman, which is in question here, of the Apocalypse is mentioned in Revelation 6:2: “I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.”

    This first horseman likely refers to the Antichrist, who will be given authority over the world and will through various means conquer all who oppose him. The antichrist is the false imitator of the true Christ, who will also return on a white horse (Revelation 19:11-16).

    I believe the white horse represents a time of unparrelled world peace, but a false peace. It’s rider is carrying a bow which represents war, but the absence of arrows implies that this victory is a bloodless one, a peace won by covenant and agreement, but not by war (Daniel 9:24-27). The crown the rider wears refers to the kind of laurel wreath awarded winning athletes. It was “given to him”. Here we see it is actually the antichrist who is riding the white horse, and becomes king of the world after being elected by the world’s inhabitants regardless of the cost. He will start out to conquer the entire earth in a bloodless coup, but in a short period of time war will break out under His domination.

    During a time of unparrelled international crisis, possibly due to the rapture of the true church, the bride of Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 4:1), the world will be desperately looking for such a leader, a savior who suddenly and symbolically appears on the scene riding a white horse holding out the symbolic olive branch of peace, not only between Israel and her neighboring enemies, but to the entire world as well.

  23. Donald J. Trump = Anti-Christ. He is the false Christ that Evilgelicals such as yourself blindly support and equivocate for 24-7. He has admitted to sexually assaulting women yet nowhere do you mention this.

    Melania Trump = Whore of Babylon. Consider her former “occupations.” Do the math, you little mathematician.

    • Antichrist is going to be a beloved figured who will receive the worship and praise of the world. No matter whether you like him or not, we have to recognize that most of the world doesn’t like Trump. He’s not the one.

      • Trump has a whore for a wife, so you’re not exactly looking at the evidence there. He’s playing you folks and you’re indulging him because you misguidedly believe that he’ll help bring about God’s Kingdom on Earth. Trump doesn’t believe that stuff, and he is only manipulating the gullible to his own ends. You religious hypocrites are selling out your own nation to a false prophet. Be not deceived- God is not mocked, and you mock God constantly with your support for Trump and the GOP.

        Your soul; your choice. Peace.

        • For the record, I don’t believe he will help bring God’s Kingdom on Earth. I’m not optimistic about America’s future, especially with the way things have been heading. Peace.

        • I don’t know about Trump’s wife, but aside from that, I think you made some very valid points above. For me, the biggest issue of Christians being so entrenched in partisan politics is the damage that it does to our witness. We as Christians have been tricked into getting involved in a political charade that has cultivated such hatred of the other side that our witness has been practically obliterated when it comes to half the populace. Non-believers want nothing to do with Christ simply because Christ equals political conservatism in their eyes. Trump has been the icing on the cake in that regard. If there’s one area I see as being a huge red flag that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong, it’s that. In no way does that mesh with what we’re called to be and do as believers. Whether or not Trump is Antichrist, I don’t know, but I do believe that hatred of Christians will crescendo as a result of our putting him in office. I also believe we deserve what’s coming. You are right about Galatians 6:7.

          • Join the discussion..The popular idea that the Antichrist will be loved by everybody overlooks a couple of important things the Bible tells us about the Beast.

            First, the Antichrist will only be worshiped by those who are doomed to take his mark and perish with him in the lake of fire. But everyone whose name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will not worship him, they will remain faithful to Jesus Christ. It is to be expected that as he begins to rise to power, the streets would be filled with protesters and weeping in the streets. It is understandable that such a vile person would trouble many people.

            Second, the Antichrist will not just appear and fulfill all the prophecies in one day. The prophecies will all be fulfilled – but over time. Antichrist will grow in power and influence from “a little horn, which GREW exceedingly great” (see Dan 8:9). He will be worshiped by all the lost people of the world, but not from the start. He will win people over as time passes, and grow in influence.

          • It’s true that the Antichrist will be worshipped by only those who will take the Mark of the Beast. However, most people alive at that time will accept the Mark of the Beast. There will be a great falling away prior to the unveiling of the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2), so don’t expect the number of Christians in the world to be large at the time of Antichrist.

            Also, I agree that the Antichrist will not fulfill all the prophecies in one day. He will start from humble beginnings before he rises to power. Antichrist may have people who oppose him initially. It’s hard for any leader to avoid opposition starting out. Hitler faced opposition from different groups in Germany when as he rose to power.

            But, the rider of the white horse will be seen as a messianic type of a figure. Antichrist will be seen by a messianic figure at some point in his career. Many opponents hate Trump so much that they will never seen him as a messianic figure. They despise him so much that they will resist his ideas even when he says the same things they did in the past (i.e. calling the border situation in the U.S. a humanitarian crisis. Democrats and the media called the border situation a humanitarian crisis in 2014, but now they deny that there’s a crisis because Trump says there’s one). I don’t see Trump ever winning his critics over.

          • It is true there are still a great many Christians within this current age, at least in name. The numbers are far lass when one considers that many Christians are so in name alone.

            There is also the issue of Trump signing the face of bibles and the Trump/Cyrus Temple Coin (which is highly disturbing on both accounts). I think this is sufficient for some considering him a messianic figure.

            The issue of the border, Trump claims the crisis is an invasion. His opponents have continued saying it is a humanitarian crisis (not an invasion). The wall is not meant to help a humanitarian crisis. It is to prevent those attempting to escape horrible conditions from entering the US.

            Matthew 25 31-46 seems applicable….

            41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

          • Matthew 25:31-46 concerns a judgment known as the Sheep and Goat judgment. This judgment has nothing to do with the current situation. The judgment concerns how the survivors of the tribulation will treat the Lord’s people during the tribulation. It’s a judgment that will determine who among the survivors will enter the Millennium kingdom.

          • Indeed, the passage does not speak directly of current events. Though the substance remains even still. Should all passages within the Bible be attributed only towards the exact situations in which they speak there would be very little to apply today in this moment.

            A tribulation being defined as “a cause of great trouble or suffering”, are those who seek asylum not enduring great trouble and/or suffering? Are we who are fortunate enough to live in a land that could provide them with safety and comfort not surviving against the injustice occurring in those people’s homelands? Are we to be as those in Bethlehem who told Mary there was no room? Are we to cast them away simply because we cannot recognize a tribulation could very well be occurring? Are we to judge these people or events to determine them unworthy of applying compassion, build a wall so that we may keep our materialistic toys and feed our love of money.

            To do a kindness simply because you know you are being tested takes away the virtue of the kindness, for you only committed the kindness for the promise of reward. The kindness should be it’s own reward. This is why I say so many are only Christian in name. They who do acts only to buy a ticket to Heaven, they who go to church once or twice a week but do not apply the lessons everyday in every way they can. To many go to church on Sunday and the stripclub on Friday. To many practice hate and bigotry throughout the week only to find themselves in Church on Sunday, shaking hands and smiling a righteous smile. To many remain silent and complicit when they witness injustice.

            Now, I am far from perfect. I do not even consider myself a Christian. Even still, I do what I can to apply biblical teachings. Not so I can get admission to Heaven (I don’t believe I would qualify for entry). Not because I fear Hell (If this is where my deeds take me then so be it). I will continue to do what I can for those I encounter in my life. I will continue to speak against injustice when I see it. I will do this because I believe in kindness and compassion. Because I believe my motives be based in love for ALL, regardless of where they come from or what they believe. Reguardless for what it may cost me.

            So yes, the scripture I mentioned may be speaking of another situation, I could very well be wrong to draw the comparison. But I will not close my country against those who seek a better life, even when there is risk to myself. I will not hold my compassion until I am being tested. Perhaps I have been tested my entire life.

          • There are significant portions of the Bible which have application to today. The Book of Proverbs is an example. It’s a book that contains so much wisdom for daily life.

            I’m not here to argue for or against the border wall nor the motives behind it. I was trying to bring up the point that Trump faces opposition that despises him so much that he is likely to never win them over. The Antichrist is a person who will win many critics over if he faces opposition early in his career.

            I applaud your compassion. The world would be a much better place if people were more compassionate.

            I know you don’t consider yourself a Christian, but I feel compelled to post the following link for anyone who might read this who is unsure about whether they will go to Heaven when they die:


          • Agreed, proverbs does have much wisdom. My only intent here is to clarify that although there are many who claim to be Christian, there are fewer and fewer who actually TRY to be Christians. The falling away which you spoke of before may not be in name but in deed.

            The rise of white supremacy, bigoted nationalism, islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia and fear of all kinds suggests people are quick to pass judgment on those unlike themselves. Hate has a strong standing in today’s society and is bolstered by the current administration directly as well as indirectly by refusing to speak against it in any terms until practically forced to do so.

            The antichrist is said to be very successful in defeating his opponents. Not necessarily winning them over entirely. When those who oppose him lose their platform it just clears his path. This process is slow and steady and could very well be occurring at this very moment. Reguardless if Trump is intentionally allowing the forces of hate to act through him or if he is unwittingly acting as a pawn. Casting doubt against the judicial processes, his language against new agencies who oppose him as “Fake News”. His statements suggesting only he can save us from this or that. His love of mammon and his embrace of tyrants, dictators and autocrats. There is much to suggest he is AN antichrist if not THE antichrist. A Trumpet is a “little horn” after all. His name Donald translates as “World Ruler”. There is much to consider. I only hope those who oppose him retain the resolve to resist, keeping truth to your words on him never winning them over. I pray his time at the head of this nation be limited, I pray that a good man or woman replaces him in the next election. I pray that we can heal the division within our country and once again be the great nation who held true to the inscriptions on the Statue of Liberty which read:

            “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.“

            Brightest Blessings

          • It seems that people do not understand that there is a difference between personal Christian compassion, and a leader upholding the laws of the country he has sworn to protect. Israel had laws as well. God expects the leaders to lead in the best interest of the people they protect by upholding the laws, and to offer compassion in a way that does not hurt its own people in the process. Trump is only trying to uphold the laws that exist by not allowing illegal, and I like so many others want to reiterate that it is illegal immigrants, to enter our country. He has no problem with those who go through the legal process. He told the ones entering illegally to go to the border crossings and go through the process, but they have refused. Why should we offer asylum to people who so obviously do not respect or will live by the laws of our land.

            His goal is to help our country get back to the prosperous land that it was and he is doing that. It won’t last of course, because in the end, the enemy will destroy us, but meanwhile in doing that, it allows us to take in that many more immigrants, for then we can support them, or is that too hard for people to understand. If we have a socialist country, we will have Venezuela all over again. Everyone will be starving. He is trying to prevent that, but everyone is against him. Do not judge him by the standards of what a good Christian is. Judge him by the standards of what a good leader does to protect the people he has sworn to serve. He has done more good for this country in two years than the past few presidents have done put together. Very low unemployment for all races. Prosperity for everyone, lower taxes, people brought back from being captives in other countries. The list goes on and on. And now he has been completely exonerated from this ridiculous claim that it was Russian collusion that put him in office. No it wasn’t. It was those of us who were tired of the political rhetoric that meant nothing but to bring us into the NWO. Trump is anti the NWO and pro nationalism which is what every Christian should want. The NWO is the antichrist’s political platform.

          • The summary of a man placed in a position to receive a report about the person who placed him in that position is hardly “complete exoneration”. Especially considering the quote which specifically stated it did not exonerate. I remain unconvinced and will until I have the ability to read the report with my own eyes, even if that means waiting until freedom of information requests and/or declassification occurs. It could be weeks, months or years before I am able to form an opinion on his involvement.

            I cannot believe a human to be illegal simply by walking across an imaginary line, especially considering most of our ancestors crossed an ocean and killed the rightful inhabitants of this land… forcing many of them to flee south. Many of the people coming across this imaginary line are descendants of the natives who walked this land before we arrived.

            I do not advocate for socialism, I would rather advocate for a balance between capitalism and socialism. When the balance tilts to far in either direction neither has a good outcome, one would provide communism, the other provides fascism. Balance is the model we have used for our prosperity. It is what has allowed us to build a great nation and lead by example for so long.

            It’s common for presidents to serve half the country, while ignoring the other half. It’s common for them to appease their base without ever actually trying to bridge the gap. Shameful, but common and not unique to this president. A good leader shows a willingness to hear the voices of all of his people. A good leader does not demonize those who disagree with him. A good leader will try to see things from the perspective of those he does not understand. A innocent man would welcome an investigation rather than attempt to prevent it. After all, if innocent then why fear?

            I do not judge him, nor do I judge those who follow him. But I do see a platform based on hate and fear, I do see a great division being cast from all sides. I however can not accept Trump as my savior. I do not fear immigrants, I’m willing to pay my share to provide healthcare and education to as many as I can and fight for fair living wage. I would prefer a plan to work with Mexico to prevent the need for people to immigrate in the first place, it can be done. All of it can be done if only we have the courage and conviction to try.

            Brightest Blessings

      • Wayne, I showed you before your comment above was posted that this “beloved theory” is not supported in the Bible. Why do you continue to circulate it? What was that chapter and verse again that says the Antichrist is “beloved?” It’s one thing to say this unknowingly, but we addressed this. What am I to make of that? I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

        • Revelation 6:1-2 indicates that the rider of the white horse, Antichrist, is viewed as a messianic type of figure, a counterfeit Christ. I believe that Revelation 6:1-2 coincides with the brokering of Daniel 9:27’s covenant with many, which is likely to be a Mideast peace deal that protects Israel and permits the reinstitution of temple sacrifice in the future Third Temple. If a man today brought peace to the Mideast and to Israel he would win a Noble Peace Prize and more. He would be extremely popular in Israel and elsewhere as he would solve a problem that has vexed world leaders and activists for many decades.

          Some of my view of Antichrist is shaped by what happened with Hitler, who I believe the book of Revelation prophesied in verse 17:10 (the other that has not yet come, but will for a short time) and who I believe gives us insight into what Antichrist will be like as Antiochus Epiphanes IV gives us insight into the Antichrist.

          Hitler was viewed as a Messianic figure and had extremely high popularity within Germany before World War 2. Women went crazy for him. Children sang songs that deified him.

          I have articulated my beliefs on the topic regarding Trump and you have articulated yours. Let the people decide and let time show who is right and who is wrong.

          • For old time’s sake:

            Regarding your first paragraph: That could just as easily be Trump as anyone else. In fact presently, it’s more likely Trump than anyone else.

            Regarding your second paragraph: 1.) Your logic is based on 20th century history, not Scripture. 2.) Even if we accept your theory that Hitler was prophesied in Scripture as a type of the Antichrist, that still does not prove your point, namely – “Trump can’t be the Antichrist because he will be beloved by everyone.” In point of fact, Hitler was never loved by everyone. If you want to say he was loved by a segment of the world, I would say the same about Trump. In terms of numbers, Trump is loved by more people than Hitler was. Germany’s total population was 69 million before WW2. 30% of America’s population is nearly 100 million.

            Regarding your third paragraph: Its amazing to hear you talk of Hitler being a Messianic figure and yet are seemingly unaware that Trump is also a messianic figure. Pat Robertson said he had a vision of Trump standing at the right hand of the Father. And don’t get me started on Israel.

            Please check out my Facebook page. I have TONS of evidence supporting that what I am saying is factual. You are welcome to voice any and all objections. Anyone can comment — no restrictions.
            Search @RiseOfTheLittleHorn in Google Search. (Don’t forget the @)

          • Can you update your article with insight on new/recent occurrences? -9/20 Abraham Accords and Nobel Peace Prize candidate
            -the power Trump will have if he wins and can replace/change a lot about the government (due to exposing voter fraud/massive government involvement)
            -how this would affect the world (if voting has been compromised there, too, plus general upheaval and possible accolades given to Trump)
            -10 kings are possibly tech giants/corporations/political leaders involved?

            Lots happening now through inauguration, plus seeing how it all settles down. I don’t want it to be Trump; I want to believe that he wants the best for our country. But he does have the personality to be the AC, has plenty of people who adore him (the pre-election rallies, plus now being the hero to uncover and expose the fraud), and will possibly end up having a lot of power/respect/adoration within the U.S. and across the world. Bible says he will manipulate the masses….wouldn’t it be the greatest irony of Satan to have the Antichrist come from one of our own? The evangelicals/ right-wing / conservatives? We would never see it coming.

          • I addressed the Abraham Accords briefly in the article and at the following link:

            I don’t think Trump being nominated for the Nobel Prize several times is that big of a deal. Obama actually won the Nobel Prize, and some claimed that this was evidence that Obama was the Antichrist. Obama is not the Antichrist.

            I don’t view the tech/corporate leaders as the ten kings, especially now. The tech leaders despise Trump, and you see this through the censoring of his Twitter account and the social media accounts of his allies.

            Trump being a given a second term would likely unleash extreme political instability in the U.S. Half the country will think the election will be stolen no matter what happens now. However, I expect Anti-Trump forces would really make their displeasure known if Trump wins as they were led to believe Trump lost decisively.

    • David committed adultry with Bathsheba and had her husband killed. David was loved and used by the MOST HIGH. The whore of Babylon is the Vatican, if you knew the scriptures coupled with history you would know these things.

  24. Where in Revelation 6 does the Bible elude to anything about the rider on the white horse being the antichrist or that he is a negative figure. White has never represented bad in the Bible. It’s doesn’t say he had two horns like a lamb but speaks as a dragon as it does when describing the Anti-Christ in latter chapters. It’s is simply a white horse with a rider whom is actually released by Christ. In latter chapters that anti-christ is empowered by the dragon or Satan. It doesn’t give any such description in this chapter.

    Some believe it to be Elijah. He does come first right?

    • Many believe the white horse is a false messiah figure because it is white, yet it’s not Christ. The intent of the white horse is conquest after obtaining power (it’s crown).

    • That is unscriptural. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 says that Jesus will not return until the Anti-Christ (lawless one) is revealed.

  25. Perhaps calling The Donald the antichrist is going a step too far, or maybe just half a step. I don’t believe that the antichrist would show himself all at once as Revelation suggests, but rather a step by step program that seduces the weak minded and easily lead first, as Trump has done, while courting the conspiracy theorists and the educated fundamental Christians who teeter on the brink of the presidential abyss. But if not the antichrist then certainly a precursor. The antichrist would need to blend in a bit while making his presence known by his charisma, charm and “miracles.”
    Trump may not fit the profile exactly as laid down by John or Daniel, but he comes uncomfortably close by those of us whose eyes are wide open and have grown wider still since the inauguration.

  26. So… Where to begin? Ok, first don’t take anything I say in this post at face value. Please take some time and research for yourselves. Pray on it if you’re inclined to do so. Recent prophecies come to fruition: the red heifer was born. The snake came out of the Western wall. Jerusalem was named Israel’s capitol. 70th anniversary of the Jews going home. The Euphrates river dried up. The sacrifices on the alter of the 3rd Temple. All verifiable facts and all biblical prophecy.. Commonalities between pres. Trump and the Antichrist. Lineage: scripture says the Antichrist is Assyrian, but it also says he’s Roman. Not the contadiction it first appears to be. Trump’s ancestor came from a area of Germany that history records as having both Assyrians and Romans living in it at the same time. He does and says whatever he please with no actual consequences. He does things his predecessors only hoped they could accomplish (North Korea anybody?) Look at what he’s doing with our military. (Who can make war with the beast?) Before people go asking about the more would… Scripture says he APPEARED to have a moral would to the Head. Trump had a slightly botched plastic surgery on his scalp to correct a bald spot. He was none to pleased with the result according to his ex wife, so I read in a few articles. Heck, just the other day he had protested attacking his motorcade, and did the secret service rush him away? Nope, he rolled down his window, spoke to them for a moment, AND THEN THEY JUST LEFT HIM ALONE. He brings Bible study into the White House, reads from the Bible on the White House front lawn, and yet he basically promotes transgenderism (no offense intended to anyone. I only bring it up in context of correlation in the Bible) belittles people publicly, takes credit for basically everything. He relishes in only the finest of things, he every won the presidency against nigh impossible odds. He wins with flatteries and crushes basically anyone who opposes him. I will not say he is the beast, but there are many similarities that are little known but also hard to dismiss. The sad thing for me is, before I learned of these things and did my own research and confirmations of them, I was 100% on the trump bandwagon like many. Unfortunately, the things I’ve come to learn of him combined with the things I see occurring in the world make a pretty strong case that he may indeed be…. Well, do your own truth searching folks. God bless.

    • A small grammatical correction. my phone auto corrected on me. Mortal wound, not more would, lol. As for the transfer bet thing, I only used it as an example of what might be considered a “biblical blasphemy”. Also, he once publicly stated that he doesn’t see repentance as “necessary”…. Just more food for thought

  27. Hello Wayne, my name is John Dixon, I live north of Indy. This position you’ve taken, and demonstrated is so very true, well explained and in my perspective removes him from all the criteria to be an antichrist. He loves American, and has seen the world over, was a Playboy like I was before salvation, and merely wants to pour his time into restoring this nation. Is he rough around the edges, yes, but so are most, they just hide it well. He is gracious, caring, yet will pull out the baseball bat on anybody who’s abusive where ever. Thank you.

  28. Trump at the very least is the little horn and I can all but prove it. He is also the King of Babylon, which New York. New York use to be our capital. I have also made a ridiculous amount of connections to Egypt with him being some kind of Osiris/Horus/Set character in the vein of Ramses II. Things that when looked at together, are beyond explanation. He is either the direct precursor to the Antichrist, here to create chaos so the real Antichrist can create order, or he is THE guy His mother’s name was Mary, his father’s middle name was Christ and Donald John means “Ruler of the world blessed by Yah”. Yah (or Jah, Iah) was the name of an Egyptian moon god associated with Osiris. I have mounds of data on all of this. Just check out this TV show called Trackdown episode name, End of the World from 1958. Its about a conman beating a drum (Trumps last name was originally Drumpf, which means drum or drummer) telling everyone that the end of the world is coming and only he can save them by building them a wall. This “wall” turns out to be nothing but a parasol which is suppose to deflect meteorites that are going to hit the earth. So he has technology to protect people from outerspace. Kind of like what the Space Force has been talking about doing with asteroids. He also threatens to sue someone, he’s literally called “The High Priest of Fraud” and makes fire come down from the sky to fool people. Makes them all panic and delusionally believe whatever he says while one guy in the town tried to talk sense into people but they won’t listen. It’s so spot on its bizarre and its only ONE of MANY of these that are like. President Business from the Lego movie? That’s so obviously Trump and its from 2014.

  29. Asked myself with his egoin his early 30s he was a multi millionaire why wouldnt he get hair inplants anyone that age with that money and ego buy hair plugs / hair transplant very fishy so i Google imaged trumps hair bliwing in the wind so i blew up wvery picture oh his hair blowimg and i was blown away look close uou can see his horns i thought ok yourvsing things but then i noticed not only the horns but the shadows they cast that goof hairs just camouflage

  30. “He will make war with the saints”… the Spirit of the AntiChrist is rising (today ppl were killed at a synagogue in Pitt. and few days ppl where killed after shooter couldn’t get in a church in KY at a Kroger…. The Antichrist spirit is in Donald Trump – Trump doesn’t have the spirit of Christ. You will know those who are of Christ by the fruit that they bear..Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Trump is a liar, He is the opposite of the Fruit of the Spirit. He is a fear monger, hater, has no patience, unfaithful and no self control. OPEN YOUR EYES. MAGA – your faith should never be with a man, but in Christ but Trump state to his followers (he alone can fix it stated during the Republican convention)…. ARE YOU BLIND? he plays Sympathy for Devil at this rallies. REALLY?

    He has brain washed many…. you should always question this world! yet, Trump condemns those who challenge him.

  31. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” (Dan 11:37) I think you are misinterpreting this wrong. I have swyers syndrome and as such i have a unique outlook on things. The desire of women does not have to mean sex in fact the desire of most women is not sex but respect and equality. The ability to not have to be forced into doing things. Trump does not regard God in fact he uses Christians and has said so on a couple of occasions. Also He has a different kind of influence and the right is rising in the world. Now one might think that was a good thing but it is not a wholesome right wing but a perverted hateful nazi right wing. The leopard reborn spawned from nazi germany but no longer a part of her. So we come to all four parts of the beast from the sea the lion, the uk, the leopard (the right wing), the bear
    ( russia) the dragon ( china). They are gaining power without the use of force. So he is at least a type of antichrist. Global warming also was predicted in the bible and global warming is what is fueling all the global disasters in the world. We were set as stewards of the earth and we are killing it. Trump is hurrying up the process by dismantling the EPA and FDA. Towards the last part of revelations it states that Christ returns to judge the earth and to destroy those that destroy the earth Revelation 11:18 So the thing that the world keeps refusing to repent of is saving the earth which in itself represents all kinds of greed and sins. I am the least of Gods Children and I am here to warn you that if this is not the time it is one of the times and you may still have a chance to stop it. But that means getting together and voting trump out and realigning against the other members of the beast. If trump should truly repent and change his ways great but i doubt it because I have already attempted to witness to him and the reaction was to punish the vulnerable. I hope you all heed my warning because The Lord puts those things in the bible not to scare us but to warn us in the hopes that we heed it. But The Lord also knows that eventually it will come about anyway but it doesn’t have to be today.

    • Join the discussion…Daniel 11:37 isn’t about the sexual desires of the antichrist it’s about all the different gods the antichrist doesn’t regard. If you read Daniel 11:36 through Daniel 11:38 it helps you understand. The god desired by women of iniquity in the time era Daniel was writing about is Tammuz (Ezekiel 8:14). In all actuality, Daniel 11 describes Donald Trump to a “T”,(pun intended). Trump is the antichrist without any doubt. The first seal is already opened and the second seal will be opened soon. Once a quick WWIII is over, Trump will confirm the covenant with many which will start the 70th week.

  32. As much as I support Trump in being the president I will never bow and worship him. IMHO Hussain Obama fit the picture of the antichrist better than what Trump does. Arrogant, charismatic and globalist and will do everything (and still do) to shove his agenda down people’s throats.

    • Arrogant and Charismatic is not the only markers of the antichrist spirit. the antichrist spirit is the opposite of the fruit of Spirit of God.

      Also, you don’t bow down…no. but you follow – and support him,,,, isn’t this the same. many who attend the rallies worship him by following him blindly and defending him and excusing him. yet he has never ask God for forgiveness. This is a core principle of faith when following Christ.

      Open you eyes and look for the fruit of the spirit! Trump bears no good fruit or perhaps you should ask yourself Does Trump display the fruit. Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

    • Really? Come on man! Far too many in the faith community have disrespected President Obama because he had a liberal perspective. So did Christ! President Obama was a great President, good wholesome family man and tried to bring the nation together. I do not see that with this curent, wicked clown occupying the WH. Take your white evangelical blinders off and recognize our President is filled with unrighteousness and pure evil. I see no compassion, love, or kindness associated with Christianity or even Islam for that matter. Do not think he is the anti-Christ but he certainly not someone I want my family to emulate or look up to. Hatred, bigotry, divisiveness, wickedness, adultery, money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, these are not of Christ…

  33. Hi. Trump cannot be the antichrist. Rev 13 first talks about the first beast out of the sea as political. The second beast is religious. Trump is far from being religious. When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place claiming to be god. Gary

    • I believe the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place to be a nuclear bomb built there in secret as it would be a violation to the jews,muslims and christians alike. IF you take the words apart and look them you will see that what they are describing is a nuclear bomb. The directions given to the people to flee and where to flee also implies that it is a bomb. A person would not instill that kind of terror.

  34. Satan will have a two tiered approach in this age. First he will attempt to deceive through flattery and obtain compromises from God’s people. If that does not work, we will execute on violence. Violence will come from Satan against Christians that actually effect biblical change. If the Christian is ineffective and a compromiser they will not see any hostility, only attempts to manipulate. President Trump is stirring up strife and violence because he is being effective in advancing a Christian agenda. That is the way it happens.

    • If smashing the hopes of the vulnerable is a christian agenda then may the Lord come Quickly and I do not say that lightly as it will be a day of terror, doom and gloom before Christ returns.

  35. The Anti Christ is the former president Barrack Hussein Obama. For he also didthe things that are mentioned, badly yes but that was the plan all along. He along. with his evil henchmen sought de stabilization of all kinds. If you look back on his administrations actions objectively, u will see just that. Trump has been anointed to tear down and expose this horrible corruption of the earth and the siphoning of money an resources of Gods land. The devil knows nd will not go quietly. This is where the tribulation comes to play.. check out Q anon on utube. Awaken…for the realization of what has enslaved the population of Earth is at hand.

  36. I have a question for anyone on this thread who believes Trump is the AC (or at least the one who will make the 7-year covenant with many). Assuming that is true for the moment, that would imply that the U.S. is the little horn of Daniel 7. I have one question, which I don’t yet have a satisfactory answer: Who is mystery Babylon? My apologies if I have missed this being answered elsewhere (I’d appreciate if you could reply with a link).

    A brief background on the motivation for the question: Assuming that Trump is AC, then he most likely will sign the treaty before completing 8 years in office, and relinquishing power. Within this time span, I find it difficult to see any great city/nation that well fits the description of Babylon in Rev 17 &18. I’ve read several opinions on this (e.g. Mecca, Baghdad, N.Y., Rome, etc…). However, they all seem to fall short in one way or another IMHO, unless of course the end will not be for several years, which will give enough time for a Babylon-type city to arise and gain more power and economic/political influence. However, if we go with the presumption that Trump is AC, we’re pretty much out of time, and we Babylon must be among the current geopolitical powers. So, my question is: who is it, and how do they satisfy Rev 17 & 18 requirements?

    Much thanks.

    • Its jerusalem. That is why john was astonished to find out. She became a prostitute since babylon. She is no longer God’s wife. She became adulterous and idolatrous. She is likened to sodom and egypt where the prophets, the saints, and the Lord was killed.

      • Thanks for the reply! Here are the problems I have with Jerusalem: 1) I don’t believe Jerusalem is destroyed by the AC (Dan 11:45), and yet AC will destroy Babylon (Rev 17:16); 2) Jerusalem, as central as she is to God’s prophetic plan, is not a city which I’d consider to be the center of world commerce that rules over the kings of the Earth. (see, e.g., Rev 18:3).

        [If you take the “center of commerce” angle, I’d have to go with the US (at least in the present day, with the US holding the world reserve currency, etc…). However, if we presume that Trump is AC, then the US is taken off the table (unless you were going to try to argue that Trump, as AC, arises from the US, but takes out his own city (i.e. NY) because it opposes him. With today’s political climate, that may not be impossible, but I’d say it’s only a remote possibility.]

        Back to my main line of thought RE Jerusalem, point 3) The prostitute sits on the beast – she uses the beast for her own luxuries, and he uses her for legitimacy, until he no longer needs her, and can throw her off his back. She also is responsible for the death of countless martyrs. While you could argue that Jerusalem has some political influence today through Jewish leaders around the world, working in many governments and businesses, I don’t see their collective power as being gathered into one city. Nor do I think Jerusalem is responsible for the death of myriad saints. Sure, the Jews persecuted the Christians in the early church, but I don’t think it reaches quite the scale that Revelation describes about Babylon.

        [If anything, if you take the ” religious harlot” angle, I’d think Rome would play the strongest candidate, especially if the Roman catholic church gets in bed with the AC… The problem there, however, is that Rome is not a center of world commerce.

        This brings me back to my original question: If we assume that Trump is AC, then that fixes a certain timetable that is very near. However, I still can’t identify a clear city that fits all the requirements for Babylon (as discussed above) within such a short timeframe. Can someone help me here?

        Much appreciated.

        • I would caution against trying to interpret Bible prophecy passages based on a preconceived timeline, especially one that is so short in time. I’ve seen many people in the past make wrong predictions by doing that.

          Habakkuk 2 is a very interesting chapter. Based on its relationship to Isaiah 14, it’s an end time chapter that I believe refers to the Antichrist. Habakkuk 2:12-14 indicates that the Antichrist will build a city with blood and iniquity. I believe that city is a reference to Babylon the Great. Therefore, I believe it’s likely that Babylon the Great is likely to become the city described in Revelation 17 and Revelation 18 through the work of Antichrist.

          • Hi Wayne,

            Thanks. Just to be clear, as I tried to indicate in my earlier message, I’m not trying to predict who is Babylon the great, per se. I’m just entertaining the hypothetical that, IF Trump were in fact the AC, and we fix that variable in place (including the timeline that would go along with that), what other variables would be determined (e.g., US would be the little horn, and not Babylon)? If those variables are unlikely to be possible in the near future, then, working backwards, it reduces the probability that Trump is AC. Hope that makes sense.

            As for the verses you cited, are you trying to argue that AC will be the King of Babylon (i.e., build it up, make it rich and powerful), and then will destroy his own city at the end? I’ve always seen Babylon the Great (as described in Rev 17 and 18) as a separate entity from the Beast/little horn (although deeply intertwined) . In other words, AC will rise up through the little horn (which is a kingdom that started out as a “little horn” that grew up among the 10 horns, but has grown “larger than its associates”; c.f. Dan. 7:8, 20).

            [In this sense, under current geopolitical circumstances, I can see the US as conceivably being the little horn (having started as a small horn (colony) among the larger European powers), but having grown in might to become larger than its associates. Arguably, the US is still within the same progeny as Daniel’s 4th beast (assuming that beast was the Roman Empire).]

            The little horn (whoever it is) will eventually be the leader of the union of the 10 horns. However, I see this union as being distinct from the kingdom of Babylon itself, and will eventually destroy Babylon. (cf. Rev. 17: 12-18). In my view, the beast gets his religious legitimacy, in part, from the harlot, and in turn makes the harlot rich. Do you see it differently? How would you characterize the exact relationship of the harlot and the beast?

          • Antichrist is represented in Bible prophecy as the end time king of Babylon. In other words, it’s like a nickname for him. Antichrist will NOT destroy Babylon the Great. Revelation 17:16 indicates that only the ten kings will destroy the city.

            “And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

            Revelation 17:17 indicates that the ten kings will provide their power to the Antichrist UNTIL they destroy Babylon the Great. The destruction of Babylon the Great implies that the Antichrist’s kingdom is at an end.

            Antichrist and Babylon the Great are likely to cooperate with each other (depicted by the harlot riding the beast). Antichrist provides Babylon the Great her influential position while Babylon the Great works on behalf of the Antichrist to advance his agenda.

          • Thanks for clarifying. I think we have an honest difference of interpretation of Rev. 17:16-17. I view the ten horns as giving their authority to the AC, and AC (as the leader of the 10 horns) will destroy Babylon at some point between the middle and end of the 7 years, and demand worship of the whole world. The AC will only later be destroyed by Jesus Himself at the battle of Armageddon, when Jesus returns in the clouds, and he will be thrown alive into hell. AC will not be destroyed by the ten horns. Indeed, AC himself will destroy 3 out of the 10 horns. However, I appreciate your thoughts.

            On the original question, it appears that neither of us has a good idea of who Babylon is at this time. That’s fine. I just wanted to know if anyone on this thread who claims to believe Trump is AC has a good answer to that question.


          • G.F.
            Brief reply to GB’s comments above. You and I seem to be on the same wave length concerning Mystery Babylon, the timing of mystery Babylon and concerning the person of the Antichrist. Revelation chapters 17 & 18 have a lot to say about Mystery Babylon. So does an O.T. prophet.
            Concerning the nationality of the “FUTURE FUEHRER”, he has to be a European from a specific nation !!!, and he will not be a Jew. Daniel has a lot to say about his character description, his “origin” etc. and the type of person he will be. John The Baptist was the “Forerunner” of Christ, so one might say that the second “Beast” (Antichrist) and the third “Beast” the “False Prophet” to come also will have their “Forerunners” in order to test the waters! During the Second World war there were two famous individuals who did fit that bill, who had an astounding way of rallying the troops sort of to speak and knew how to mesmerize millions of people by way of speeches and by using the then available mass media, and one of them was a real propaganda machine and “mouthpiece” to boot. So Brother, put on your thinking cap and try to figure out the nationality of the AC and zero in on Mystery Babylon!
            Both are not easy tasks and it will take time and effort. Even if you should “decode” these challenges, you can not go public with it, however it will give you great satisfaction. Please remember that the “official identity” of the AC will not be made known by God until the specific event the Apostle Paul has spoken about has taken place!

            Bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

          • I’m not the fastest reader, Wayne, but I’ve been slowly reading your book. I’m enjoying it; it’s very helpful and insightful.

          • Look up Illuminati, Club of rome, Jesuits. Pope and a leading Imam signed a treaty of human rights type thing saying the Christian God Jesus and Allah are the same whuch they are NOT. This was done Feb. 2019

          • Interesting thoughts.

            I tend to have the same style of thinking that you described of yourself w/ regard to fixing certain variables in order to get an idea of how that would affect everything upstream/downstream. I like to think it’s a safeguard against getting locked into a single set of ideas, which is something I’ve personally had happen and feel I’ve seen in others when discussing these things in the past.

            Having said that, I’ve always considered AC and the little horn as being the same person. I’ll have to give what you said about the two being separate entities some thought. I don’t think Trump is AC, but I don’t think he isn’t AC either. I just consider in my mind that it is a possibility at the moment. Habakkuk 2 notwithstanding, is there some reason why Trump couldn’t be AC and NYC be Babylon the city?

            Just curious.

          • RE Trump being the AC: I’m reserving my thoughts about that. I could say much more about it, but it would distract from my current question on this thread. For now, I’ll just say that he is a unique figure that doesn’t come around very often.

            I’ll try to clarify my thoughts on AC, little horn, and Babylon, and how I think they may differ from Wayne (although not sure):

            I think Daniel 7 teaches that there will be 10 horns, which represent 10 kingdoms. I also think that Revelation 17 teaches that they represent 10 kings, but these kings will only arise from their respective kingdoms at the end time. When exactly the 10 horns themselves arise I think is up for debate. I believe they arise from the remnants of the Roman Empire, although I acknowledge that there is debate even over that point (cf. Joel Richardson). Assuming that they arise from the remnants of the Roman Empire (4th beast), I think those kingdoms likely are in existence today, have have been in existence for some time. What’s missing is the exact confederation of 10 that will exist at the end time (e.g. some subset of the EU or NATO, etc.)

            From among the 10 horns, a little horn will arise. I believe the little horn also represents a kingdom. However, it also represents a king, and a unique king different from the others. Daniel say that a man’s eyes and mouth were in the little horn, who spoke boastfully. I believe this king is the AC. What is interesting to me is that the little horn starts out as little, but then grows to become “bigger than its associates.” To me, this suggests that the US could be in view here. The US grows as a small and young new nation from among the older European powers at the time, until, over 200 years, it becomes a superpower. I’m still not sure, but let’s assume for the moment that the US is the little horn (incidentally, I think Dan. 2:43 well describes the US today).

            All that we would be waiting for then is the AC (a person) to arise and to rule over the little horn (which is now large and powerful), and for the 10 kings to be given authority for “one hour” to rule over the 10 horns, while pledging allegiance to the AC. So, to be clear, I view the AC as being a person who rules over a kingdom (i.e. the “little horn”).

            Now, let’s assume that Trump is AC (or at least, he signs the 7 year covenant – we can deal with issues with Rev 17: 9-11 later). That implies that indeed, the US is the little horn, and AC derives much of his military might from the US power (and, of course, Satan’s power). If NYC were to be Babylon, that would mean that AC would be destroying a part of his own kingdom, which seems unlikely to me. I also believe, in contrast to Wayne, that Rev. 17:16-17 teaches that the Beast, in confederacy with the other 10 horns, will destroy Babylon. I don’t see the 10 horns as ganging up on the little horn to destroy it, which Wayne apparently believes, since he views AC as being the King of Babylon, as well as the king of the little horn. Wayne, please correct me if I misunderstand.

            Furthermore, if Babylon and the little horn were one and the same thing, then it would seem to me that AC is without an army at the battle of Armageddon (since Babylon would be destroyed by then), which goes against my understanding of Scripture.

            Instead, I believe the more likely scenario is that AC rules the little horn, which dominates the other 10 (and eventually destroys 3 of them), and together, they destroy Babylon. I believe they will likely destroy Babylon on or about the same time that AC demands worship of himself, and abolishes the world ecumenical religious system in place at that time.

            Furthermore, I view AC as being present with his army at the battle of Armageddon, along with all the other armies of the Earth. Then Jesus returns in the clouds, and wipes them all out.

            Hope that helps clarify things. Let me know where you might agree or disagree. Thanks!

          • To clarify, I view the little horn mainly as the Antichrist the person. I don’t view the destruction of Babylon the Great as the destruction of the little horn. I view the destruction of the little horn as the destruction of the Antichrist.

          • It seems to me that Babylon is a very complicated topic in scripture. My understanding is that there is, at minimum, a female spiritual entity, a city, and possibly a nation – all referred to as ‘Babylon’ in the Bible?

            Additionally, I believe I read somewhere along the way that in the last days Babylon would consist of two groups: political and ecclesiastical. In this scenario, assuming I recall correctly, political Babylon equated to AC’s group and ecclesiastical Babylon equated to the False Prophet’s group. According to what I read, eventually – perhaps at the midpoint of the tribulation – political Babylon would turn on ecclesiastical Babylon and destroy her/it.

            I have no clue if there’s any validity to this idea, but some of the things you said in your message sounded reminiscent of that to me. I personally feel (just from reading scripture in general) that the US is Babylon, but being that I have a very long way to go with eschatology, I recognize that that doesn’t actually mean anything.

          • Hi Watchman,

            I agree with you that it’s a complicated topic! I tend to agree that Babylon is an ecclesiastical entity (cf. Rev. 17:1-6), and also an economic entity and a real city and/or nation (cf. Rev. 18).

            However, I don’t subscribe to the idea that AC’s group will control political Babylon, while the FP group would control economic Babylon. In my view, FP will tell the world to worship AC (who is primarily a political figure), and probably together will be involved in destroying Babylon. As I mentioned above, the harlot will ride on the beast’s power for a time, but when the beast no longer needs the harlot for her ecclesiastical influence, it will destroy her. In my view, that will be around the time AC demands worship of himself from everyone. The FP will be aligned with AC until the very end, when Jesus destroys them both. (cf. Rev. 19:20).

            As for the US, among other reasons, I don’t believe the US quite fits the requirement to be drunk with the blood of God’s holy people. (cf. Rev 17). Explanations I have heard are a stretch, IMHO. It does, however, for the economic requirements. I’m still looking for a city that fulfills all the requirements. Thanks!

          • Give it some time for the U.S. to fit the bill of drunk with the blood of the saints. First of all look at all the abortions. Those millions of children are in heaven. Then I personally am of the opinion that the American Christians are the Laodiceans, and that they have something “special,” as it were, planned for them to relieve them of their apostasy before they meet the Lord. We are already beginning to go down that road. Look at how Christians are starting to be treated, and with the liberal mindset becoming more and more violent in their actions, it won’t take much to start rounding Christians up and killing them saying that they are doing God a favor.

          • Connie,

            You may be right. I do indeed expect persecution to continue to rapidly increase in the U.S.. However, it is difficult for me to see these things happening within the next few years to the extent that the U.S. is drunk with the blood of the saints (i.e. wholesale abandonment of the Constitution), which it would have to be, if we assumed that Trump were the AC.

            Also, if Babylon were the US, it is not clear to me if only a city (e.g. NYC) is in view, or the entire nation. It is difficult for me to imagine a confederation of 10 nations destroying the entire U.S. in one hour, without the U.S. also retaliating and destroying the 10 nations in the process…(at least with current U.S. military capabilities). Granted, once you bring Satan’s power and authority into the picture, all bets are off.

            There are many variables in play here, and I frankly don’t feel solid enough to come down dogmatically on them yet. This thread is a mental exercise for me to explore the “what ifs” if Trump were AC, and the identity of Babylon is the most vexing issue for me currently.

          • Agreed that you can’t be dogmatic, but have to keep things open while still possibly leaning heavily in one direction based on the info presently available. One thing that you may not have considered is that you are assuming that Babylon’s present location is the only place for which she is drunk on the blood of the saints. She is guilty of the blood of the saints down through history. It’s accumulative. She merely moves her headquarters around, and at this time, I personally feel that the U.S. fits her description the best, for who else says that they sit like a queen untouched by the rest of the world? Who else has her wealth and luxuries (aside from Dubai, whom I don’t see as leading the world). The people of this nation live as the wealthiest in the world as a whole. The rest of the description fits her as well.

            I think maybe we need to think of the land of Babylon as a city/state. There is the state or nation or kingdom as it were, and then there is the headquarters or capital city from which the nation is run and her seat resides. I believe the ancient kingdoms were thought of in this way.

            As for the U.S. being destroyed and not retaliating, it would all depend on how it is done. They could blow up our own nukes on us, rather than sending some over. That would eliminate our ability to retaliate. Or maybe an EMP pulse attack would render us incapable of doing anything, because everything is done by computers these days. We have multitudes of enemies on our land already infiltrating these crucial places of military control.

            As for Trump being the AC, I know there are some people with TDS here that are certain he must be, but I don’t think he fits the bill in many ways.

            I have a whole different take on Babylon and the beast than most. Having studied the history of the two of them, and understanding that their relationship has been found in the stories of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz (who were the originals of this duo) down through Osiris, Isis, and Horus, and other “gods” who were more fact than myth, and other historical kings, etc., the history shows that she always ran the religion and he ran the politics in the ancient kingdoms, but after Christ that seemed to change. The beast seems to have disappeared until he possessed Hitler, and we know he is currently in the abyss as well, so something bound him except for when he was or will be let out. That left her without a world kingdom to control (as their kingdoms were always the world power of the day). While she infiltrated the church in the persona of Mary after Christ, as that was a good source to control the world, and she still has a lot of influence there, I don’t believe that is her religion of control anymore. And it didn’t give her the political empire she wanted. I believe Freemasonry is her religion. The Catholic church is against Freemasonry which I don’t think that would be so, if she still had her headquarters there. Plus, I believe the false prophet will be the pope that sits at that time, which makes the Catholic church under the beast’s control as he is the beast’s man. I also think Islam is his religious military arm.

            The Templars found and brought her religion back during the crusades and Freemasonry was the end result of that. Freemasonry controls many of the world leaders. It is found in every country. I believe the world headquarters for Freemasonry is located in D.C. The name of that temple is long, but it is called the Supreme Council or Mother Council of the World. Babylon’s statue sits in NYC harbor, (sculpted by a Freemason) and her statue sits on top of the Capitol in D.C. The Capitol is actually a temple to her. There is a 32 foot statue of an owl at the Bohemian Grove in CA that the top politicians, arts people, sports people, media people go worship every year, and I’m betting that that so-called dummy sacrifice is not a dummy but real child. Most people think it is Molech, because of the child sacrifice, but Molech is not an owl. The owl was the representation of Athena, just another name for Babylon.

            With the beast presently in the abyss, as Revelation tells us he is, she had to get her own political empire and America provided that for her, as it was founded by a whole lot of Freemasons. That Hitler was possessed by the beast, yet he went after Freemasons to kill them when he was in power sort of says that they are not getting along, or why would he kill her followers? Wouldn’t they be his as well if they are still a team? She has ridden him all these millennia, yet now they are at odds? And America, if Babylon, was against Hitler. This would also indicate a schism. The fact that his cronies destroy her on his behalf would seem to indicate that it is his wish, even if he doesn’t push the button himself. That seems to verify that they are not getting along and that my hypothesis may be correct. I can’t be dogmatic, but it sure fits the picture I’m seeing around me.

          • Many of the points you bring up about the historical roots of Babylon may in fact be valid ones. I haven’t researched the history well enough, but appreciate your ideas.

            Regarding the US and its role, for now, I think I’m just in a wait-and-see mode. I think it will become clearer as the identity of the AC becomes clearer. And I think the identity of the AC will be clearer when a 7 year peace covenant is made (and the construction of the 3rd temple may very well be a party of that covenant). Also, unlike many of my fellow evangelical bros and sisters, I don’t believe in a pre-trib rapture. So I believe it is quite possible that I may live to see these events unfold, and I want to be prepared.

          • Agree that an absolute positivity requires a wait and see attitude, even if things look like they lean in a particular direction. Also agreed that we will be here to see it happen. No pre-trib rapture.

          • I’ve only partially investigated this, but another person on this thread said something at one point that caused me to consider that perhaps – from a Constitution abandonment perspective – we are already further down the path than most realize.

            It appears, for example, that the NDAA, having flowed out of 9/11, gives the government the power to secretly round up and indefinitely detain even US citizens suspected of terrorism. Unless something has changed, the NDAA is still in the books.

            The Patriot Act, being another example, gives the government all kinds of intrusive powers.

            I do agree that from an anti-fundamentalist sentiment standpoint, the US is not there yet. However, in the wake of one or more of the right catalyzing events, it isn’t much of a stretch in my mind personally to think that it wouldn’t take that long to get there from where we are right now.

            Again, I’ve only partially looked into the NDAA, Patriot Act, etc., but my impression from what I have seen so far is that all of this legislation is still valid and active. I am increasingly wondering whether the skirting(s) of the Constitution necessary to enable the US to be Babylon could to at least some degree already be in place?

            In other words, maybe the Constitution doesn’t have to be abandoned to the extent that we think. And this isn’t meant to sound alarmist; it’s just an honest question I have been asking myself.

          • No doubt, I agree that the recent laws have made gov’t intrusion much more severe. I also believe that, just as 9/11 spurred on the adoption of the Patriot Act, in times of distress, people are willing to give up their freedoms for the promise of more security. As times get tougher (lawlessness increases and “the love of most grows cold”), we will see more freedoms eroded. Therefore, in short, I agree with you that we are heading down a dangerous path, and it is quite possible for that erosion to accelerate quickly, given the right catalyst events.

            However, even with these facts, it is difficult for me to predict with any confidence how near we are to the end times. It could be in a few years, or not for many years. I personally believe that, looking at the signs around us, we are nearing the end. But IMHO, the clearest sign will center, not on the US, but on Israel. Once that temple starts to be rebuilt, look out! 🙂 In fact, I’d say, once even discussion of the temple being rebuilt enters the mainstream discussion of negotiation RE Mideast peace talks, look out…. I think the other pieces to the puzzle will become clearer at that point, including whether or not Trump is AC, and who is Babylon.

          • I do agree, GB. It’s impossible to say just yet. I also agree that the temple will be a sure sign.

          • What follows is almost entirely conjecture and conspiracy theory, but it is something that I have considered regarding general timing of Daniel’s 70th week. I do not put any real stock in it and neither should anyone else. I just think it is kind of interesting.

            I have heard several pastors, theologians, expositors assert that Jesus lived for 33.5 years. I don’t know if there is a real connection here or not, but it’s interesting to me that Freemasonry’s highest degree is the 33rd.

            Some believe Christ’s true birthday is 9/11/03 BC. There could be some merit to this idea. For example, you see “IXXI” in lots of Jesuit symbolism and artifacts. Another possible example is the 9/11 terrorist event. Some apparently see it as an inversion of 9/11/03 BC (or what they believe is Christ’s real birthday), due to the fact that 9/11/2001 = 9/11/2+0+0+1 = 9/11/03.

            If you follow the Bible’s genealogies, my understanding is that the earth is approx. 6000 yrs old right now. Generally speaking, because God does things in sevens and because scripture tells us that Christ will reign for 1000 yrs after he returns, it makes sense scripturally that we are literally on the verge of Christ’s return.

            If Christ was indeed born on 9/11/03 BC and lived for ~33 years, unless I am overlooking something, this would put his return roughly at 2030 – according to this rationale. And of course, if the tribulation period is approximately 7 years in length, I suppose this would put its beginning in September of 2023. (I don’t believe Christ returns until the end.)

          • Watchman,

            I have no real facts to support or deny your hypothesis, but I think it is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

            As a side question related to Daniel’s 70th week, I have a couple questions for you or anyone who is an expert:

            1) is there any biblical reason that necessitates the 7 year peace treaty including building the temple? My understanding is that, theoretically, the two are separate concepts. The only requirement is that the temple has to be in place by the middle of the 7. Am I wrong? In other words, theoretically the temple could be in place a thousand years before the 7 year treaty.

            2) my understanding is that the 7 year treaty must be according to the lunar calendar (because that’s the same pattern as the other 69 7’s down to the exact day), not the current calendar system. What would make a western AC sign a 7 year deal according to the lunar calendar? My only thought is that the peace deal would include the temple somehow, and AC would honor the temple worship calendar ( at least till the middle of the 7), which is according to the lunar calendar.

          • I believe it’s likely that the temple is a part of the treaty and that the institution of temple sacrifice will transpire in the first half of the week.

          • Wayne and Connie both know far more than I do about end times, GB. I’m really not even qualified to answer your questions. 🙂

          • Okay, now that I have read pages 36-37 of Wayne’s book, if there is a connection with Freemasonry’s 33rd degree, I think it would most likely be Christ’s crucifixion date – April 1, 33 AD.

          • My son, out of nowhere one day years ago told me he had a “dream” that by 2035 there was going to be an end to the world. He was a child when he said this. I watched that movie 6th Sense and don’t want to be an unbeliever and dismiss my child. So, I remember all the experiences he has shared me… 3 to be exact, and just tell him wow, what an incredible dream. His 2 other experiences were more prophetic than that. He is a teenager now and in his own world, will wait and see what happens. Thought I would share as it goes in line somewhat with your thoughts.

          • Drunk with the blood of the saints could mean red wine, and not literal blood… remember Jesus turned water into wine and in the last supper asked to drink, this is my blood poured out for you… Look at the increase in drunkeness and wineries’ popularity… moms now have playdate parties where they drink wine while watching thier little ones play! The level of sins that are being normalized here is astounding… we are now seen as abnormal to think that sinful ways are wrong. That is so backwards and makes living in DC very challenging for me. I cannot leave this area until my kids are grown and it tears me apart to have to raise them in this…

        • Heavenly Jerusalem is CHRIST’s and decends from heaven NOT Carnal Jerusalem But… Mystery Babylon is actually 3 cities that sit on seven hills. ROME, JERUSALEM, MECCA. The Abrahamic Religious centers of the world. Matthew 23:37
          Verse Concepts
          “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling

          Compare-Revelation 18:24 ►
          In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

          Clearly this fits all 3 to a T.

          The Image of the 1st beast is a Church State and Daniel 11:37 in context isn’t talking about sexual orientation. Hint: the Statue of Liberty is a Roman goddess. The desire of women is freedom and liberty. Note the verse about no regard for the desires of women fits between two verses about the Worship of G-D or any Gawds for that matter so it is a far stretch of biblical gymnastics to claim that the little horn doesn’t like sex with women. But the Zionist evangelicals of Trumpainity don’t really read there bibles without the Zionist Dispensationalist pope Darby Secret rapture/Raptura = Harpozo lens.

          Also the Temple of Christ IS the BODY! Not a building made of stones.

          χξϚ = Strong’s G5516 – chi-xi-stigma

          Root Etymology:
          The ἄγαμος (G22)d, ἀγαθοεργέω (G14)th and an obsolete letter (4742 as a cross) of the Greek alphabet (intermediate between the ἀββα (G5)th and Ἄβελ (G6)th), used as numbers

          Strong’s Definitions:
          χξϛ chx stigma, khee xee stig’-ma; the 22nd, 14th and an obsolete letter (G4742 as a cross) of the Greek alphabet (intermediate between the 5th and 6th), used as numbers; denoting respectively 600, 60 and 6; 666 as a numeral:—six hundred threescore and six

          στίγμα stígma, stig’-mah; from a primary στίζω stízō (to “stick”, i.e. prick); a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership), i.e. (figuratively) scar of service:—mark

          Lexicon :: Strong’s G22 – agamos
          Meaning = Unmarried

          Lexicon :: Strong’s G14 – agathoergeō
          Strong’s Definitions
          ἀγαθοεργέω agathoergéō, ag-ath-er-gheh’-o; from G18 and G2041; to work good:—do good

          Christian Xς = ancient way to say Christian.

          ξ= Xi= Samek =

          = with support from the Pole Ξ

          So χξϚ according to the Greek Lexington literally means= Christian unmarried to good works without support from the cross is Marked Pierced by the beast.

          James 2:14-26 New King James Version (NKJV)

          Faith Without Works Is Dead

    • Some say jerusalem, others say a government in the original babylon, others say rome, but i say it is the usa because she fits the description and the christians who are consorting with the antichrist are the whores who are riding the beast. The usa is the one who says I will never be a widow, the USA is the richest nation on earth and the usa had interfered with other nations on more then one occasion and in the past killed many people including christians. But that is my opinion.

    • I do not think trump is the AC, he’s not perfect but I believe God is using him to fulfill prophecy. Mystery Babylon is United States, the statue of liberty is actually a statue of the queen of Babylon you can read about the statue under symbolism

    • mystery Babylon is the catholic church..

      “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth”. (rev 17:9 kjv) Rome is called the city of 7 hills..

      And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: (rev 17:4 kjv)
      “Cardinals wear red, while non-Cardinal Bishops and Archbishops wear purple.”

      even their worship of the cracker (and thats all it is..nothing more..jesus is not in the cracker) goes all the way back to pagan babylonian sun worship..besides, doesnt the bible say we are NOT TO WORSHIP OR BOW DOWN TO ANY KIND OF IMAGES?

      “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me”; (Exodus 20:5 kjv)

      ” Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6 (KJV)
      Mary has NOTHING to do with salvation or anything else..she was the “chosen vessel” and that it is..the queen of heaven is mentioned twice in the bible..both time in reference to idol worship and the first time was to provoke the LORDS anger.

      that was just to get ya started. research this…

      pllz dont fall for one of satans biggest deceptions..”

  37. Yeah I totally agree with you that Donald Trump can’t be the Antichrist, for exact reasons you stated. Isn’t it crazy that Bush, Obama, Trump, and even losing candidates Gore, Kerry and Hillary were ALL accused of being antichrists?! I know for the fact none of them are Antichrist for the simple fact that they didn’t get 99% of the vote, like Antichrist would. Also, the fact that someone has big ego, charisma, and tries to broker middle east deal won’t make them Antichrist either: lots and lots of politicians meet that description, and only two of them would be Antichrist and false prophet. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe we live in last days and Antichrist will come. But you got to be objective and use critical thinking if you want to identify the real Antichrist.

  38. Donald as fooled a whole lot of good God fearing and business savvy folks.
    Mark Twain said. “Its easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. ”
    I stopped a long time ago trying to convince folks that Trump as duped. Hoodwinked and bamboozled his way straight to the top spot”


    Watch this clip from the left behind
    1.Trump says he could shoot someone in time square and his v
    Base would still support him

    2. Trump tells the parable of inviting a snake into your home and when he bites you..the snake simply says you knew I was a snake when you took me in.

    3. TRUMP always brags and boast about what “I will Do. And I will….”
    3.He fires or gets rid of anyone opposing him
    4.He will twist the facts and story however he wants it to be even after everyone sees it and hears it the 1st time
    5. He has long time
    And respected military leaders who are doing things against their military code of contact.
    6. Republicans who see his true nature speak out against him but almost seem to say never mind when it’s time to vote against or publicly stay true opposing him.
    7. He hand picks the media he will interact with and demonizes others prediction; next year he will be throwing out statements hinting at him being in office a second term or for 7 more years… watch…
    9. There are Christian’s who can not see that his behavior and actions past and current are so contrary to WWJD or Christ like…

    AND 10 according to the Bible Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    • The Left Behind series is fictional and was created to make its author rich, as well as being eschatologically incorrect. I wouldn’t use it as my guide to who the antichrist is or as to how things will go down.

    • King David waged war his entire life and was a chronic womaniser, and yet was beloved of GOD. Now hold my hand and repeat after me ” praise the lord Donald”

      • David repented of his sins T-rump doesn’t feel the need to EVER ask G-D for forgiveness.. “He doesn’t bring him into that picture”

    • I think you just verified the cultist and inexplicable phenomenon of people idolizing an evil person like Donald Trump. Christians are literally turning their backs on the very tenets of Christianity and turning their backs on all we know of God by accepting, excusing, supporting, cheering, and idolizing a man as dishonest, greedy, corrupt, immoral, narcissistic, traitorous, unintelligent and mentally unstable as Trump. You truly, truly need to wake up, my friend.

    • Bush created that policy. Obama left it in place. Nobody enforced the law as they should have. Trump did enforce the law, as that is the government’s job according to Scripture “for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil”, until he signed an executive order today, so that it is no longer the law. He is not ripping children out of the arms of their mothers. Many of these children aren’t even the children of the people bringing them into the country. They are merely devices to get the people into the country. But don’t let the facts disturb your narrative.

      • Every vile word you say about these mothers and children makes you look more and more brainwashed. With your level of inhumanity I pray you’re not a mother. A good mother will do anything – ANYTHING – to protect their child, even crossing a border. Also, that tired story about another president making this law is not only tired but incorrect. Do your research. And isn’t it interesting how interested Trump followers are in “enforcing and obeying the law” yet don’t make even a squeak about all the laws and rules Trump’s broken throughout his entire, selfish, ignorant life?

      • Connie, Proverbs chapter 17 verse 15 he that justifies the wicked and he that condemns the just even they both are Abomination to the Lord

    • Donald Trump is a War Monger and a Whore Monger. He will destroy America and cause so much bloodshed.. Him having no regard for the desire of women is a myth. DONALD TRUMP IS THE ANTICHRIST.
      Watch utube videos by Brother James Keys

      • I too believe he is the Antichrist, As far as having no regard for the desire of women, does not mean he is gay . He doesn’t respect women. What other President in the history of our Country, has had women come out in droves the day after his swearing in Office. There is enmity between him and the woman. That was prophesied in Genesis between Eve and the serpent.Yes, Brother James Keys is right on.

      • Having ‘NO regard for Women,” could also mean, he has zero respect for them and we all know how trump feels about women, calling them “horseface” and such…… at least that’s how I interpret it.

    • Yep….

      Watch this clip from the left behind
      1.Trump says he could shoot someone in time square and his v
      Base would still support him

      2. Trump tells the parable of inviting a snake into your home and when he bites you..the snake simply says you knew I was a snake when you took me in.

      3. TRUMP always brags and boast about what “I will Do. And I will….”
      3.He fires or gets rid of anyone opposing him
      4.He will twist the facts and story however he wants it to be even after everyone sees it and hears it the 1st time
      5. He has long time
      And respected military leaders who are doing things against their military code of contact.
      6. Republicans who see his true nature speak out against him but almost seem to say never mind when it’s time to vote against or publicly stay true opposing him.
      7. He hand picks the media he will interact with and demonizes others prediction; next year he will be throwing out statements hinting at him being in office a second term or for 7 more years… watch…
      9. There are Christian’s who can not see that his behavior and actions past and current are so contrary to WWJD or Christ like…

      AND 10 according to the Bible Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

  40. This is a pointless article and a waste or my time reading it because the prophecy is clear that President Trump’s role will be the head of the NWO in which every Nation succumbs to only one leader. After this happens, the Anti-Christ shall ruse up from the Middle East and announce himself. Very clear…

  41. For those of you who are new, I believe with certainty that Trump is the Antichrist and documented it in a book before the 2016 elections. The headlines in the news continue to support my conclusions. Here are just a few.

    For starters, we have the meeting between Trump and Kim Sung Un. Pay close attention to the body language of both leaders (nobody’s talking about this). Watch their eyes. Pay close attention to Kim’s facial expression and sweat. He either looks ill or terrified. I mention in my book how Trump enters into a meeting with adversaries and comes out as “pals.”

    Here is Time Magazine’s latest cover as Trump as “King.”

    And finally, Bob Corker referring to his fellow Republicans as the cult of Trump.

  42. I only read a part of this, but the desire of women is talking about the so called “goddess” Diana from Ephesians. The passage is not literally talking about the desire of women.

    • I’m wondering if that verse might ultimately be conveying the idea that Antichrist will not have any regard or respect for women.

      • the desire of most of the catholic women is the virgin mary. Catholics ignorantly worships and venerates mary through the rosary. If the catholics are about 1.5billion in number, this number is so big to be ignored by the antichrist in including them in his grand scheme of deception.
        The context of the verses is about gods so the object of the desire of women is their god.

      • If the antichrist is a movement or religion that has no regard for women, might we be able to posit that Islam is AC? It is as said in the bible any no believer in Christ is anti-christ and Islam is vehemently against Christ, and women are objects. Just thought I would throw it out there… food for thought.

  43. I sincerely believe that we are entering the period 2 Thess 2 calls, “The Apostasy”. I believe the falling away is not just a falling away of Christian doctrine, or even as my book suggests, political order, but that it is even more fundamental than that. It is a falling away of truth itself.

    For all of you that believe that Fox News is practically a mouthpiece for God Himself, I encourage you to watch this clip.

  44. I had what I believe is an enlightening realization today. In my previous post, I discussed this abandonment of truth. People WILL NOT CONSIDER FACTS ANYMORE.

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 says, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”

    The “falling away” means “rebellion, revolt, departure” In my book, I suggested it could be pointing to the “rebellion” that was taking place in government. I was not dogmatic.

    Traditionally, the falling away – Greek apostasia (apostasy) was thought to mean a departure of the Christian faith, either through the rapture or just an erosion of belief and doctrine.

    I am now believing that the definition is much more fundamental — one that encompasses ALL the above. THE FALLING AWAY IS A FALLING AWAY OF TRUTH ITSELF.

    I believe this was hinted at by Pilot ( a type of antichrist) when he asked Jesus, “What is truth?”

    From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: Feminine of the same as apostasion; defection from truth (properly, the state) (“apostasy”) — falling away, forsake.

    Are we already in the falling away? Is it right around the corner? Clearly, truth is being maligned…no more than by our president.

  45. I recently had lunch with a Christian brother. He asked me a question regarding Trump. I answered, supplying evidence from reports in the news media. My friend basically responded by stating that the media has been corrupted and can no longer be trusted. He implied that Trump’s maneuvers to squelch the freedom of the press was a good thing because, after all, “We can get the facts through Trump’s tweets and rallies.” I reminded him that that was the behavior of every dictator of the past. It’s called propaganda.

    A CNN clip reminded me of our past talk, so I sent him this email. (below)

    I believe Trump has virtually succeeded in convincing his base that nothing the media reports has any merit (Only exceptions being Fox and conservative radio, of course.) Trump admitted to Lesley Stahl that discrediting the media is one of his tactics.

    This ironically leaves the press with similar challenges I’ve had with some concerning my book — namely — if what I (or the media) say or report falls on deaf ears, how will people ever know the truth? If something is ruled out as false from the get-go because of bias or whatever, how do you get people to listen and consider what you have to say?

    Every day, Trump continues to do and say the most outlandish things. But there is a very large segment of society that simply won’t hear it because conservative radio and Fox News ignores it and those who DO report it can’t be trusted. It’s as if half the nation has adopted a conspiracy-centered epistemology. Every day, people on the news are left stunned and bewildered by what is happening. But the folks on the Right (including many Evangelicals) will not consider a word of it because they think it’s all part of this universal deep-state conspiracy to overthrow Trump and replace him with some Obama clone. People have become paranoid on a mass scale.

    As with all conspiracies, there is always an element of truth. But in the process, real and true facts are simply discarded as false or unimportant as they’re systematically thrown out with the baby’s bath water. Reporting is suspect by mere reason of guilt by association. If it’s on CNN, it’s automatically false because it’s CNN.

    This should be a grave concern to anybody whose brain is still firing. We have become a nation that only preaches to the choir (the base of the person speaking) — NOBODY ELSE WILL LISTEN OR EVEN CONSIDER LISTENING.

    This happens on both sides of the aisle. Hannity often says, “Journalism is dead.” What he’ll never acknowledge is that he was part and parcel to its murder.

    A clip of some of Trump’s antics — probably false because the source is CNN.

    • I have concluded that Trump is the AC as well. My back story is super crazy and non religious. I have never studied the Bible in an organized way and my details on names events etc. are subpar. I did read enough over the years that I am confident of any assertion I have in regard to DT. When he was elected I cried. If you knew me you would know that crying for me takes something catastrophic and well here we are and that was BEORE everything that happened since. I believe those tears came from something predestined/prewritten in my heart. I didn’t understand it then but it’s all coming together now. I’ve talked with my atheist (he’s getting there) husband about it. He calmly takes it all in and sometimes can be the best person to talk to about it because he isn’t so enthralled. He asked me a very simple question and I I didn’t know what to say because I guess I haven’t ever really thought about it. But he said so – what now?

      • Hi Ariana. Your story really intrigues me. I’m not sure where you are presently with the whole “God thing”, but it sounds like He is getting you and your husband’s attention. I would LOVE to send you a complimentary copy of my book. It ties Trump to the Word of God. If you would like a copy (or 2), just email me: [email protected]
        There is also a contact section at the bottom of my website:
        Either one works. I just need an address from you and I’ll have Amazon send it directly.

        • Thank you for the kind gesture but I will purchase it through amazon! I have to admit that I saw the book a while ago and didn’t think to buy it until I saw your comments here. You know your stuff. Its rare anymore!

          Also, thank you for your reply! I wanted to mention Brother James Key on YouTube. He is right on track with all of this as well! He has a new video every other day or so and he’s helped me understand specifics.

          In regard to where I stand with God, I do not go to church. I read the Bible for myself. I try and follow the words of Jesus in all of my actions. That’s all I know. Thank you again for your reply!

  46. I remember back to one of my first exchanges on this blog with my brother, Wayne. It was over whether Trump would ever be the kind of man that would order people to worship him. In my response, I stated that Trump already seeks worship, hence these “campaign” rallies he continues to have “post” campaign. I stated as much in my book that there were already a large number of people that worship Donald Trump. (That was back in 2016.)

    Well….here we are. Jerusalem is practically turning into “Trump town” with features of Trump Train, Trump Square, a minted Trump Coin, signs all over Jerusalem saying, “Make Israel Great Again.” — not to mention the embassy celebration on May 14th where Trump was practically celebrated as Israel’s next Messiah.

    And now, enter our new “Christian” brother on this blog — ICE. He has systematically gone through the comments in this blog and responded to guests, calling me:
    — a liberal
    — some one who posts garbage
    — a believer of any “fake” network news clip
    — one who “stirs up trouble”
    — full of lies
    — full of blasphemy
    — evil
    — an Antichrist

    If you look at the above list, this is not unlike the very accusations that were brought against Christ and the Apostles. I believe Jesus was speaking a dual-prophecy when He said the words, “the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.” I time is soon coming when men with power will throw men as myself in prison. I just pray the rapture occurs before such time. I believe that men like ICE demonstrate the kind of twisted zeal that could eventually develop into such an unfettered devotion towards Donald Trump. I am not accusing him of that mindset presently. But what if the stakes were raised? What if men like myself were seen as a threat to global peace and security. Things can change and will change — very quickly. As I said, “ICE”, you are just making my point. When the truth is on your side, the opposing side just needs to open their mouth. I think it is fundamentally clear that ICE’s accusations are all , in and of themselves, LIES.

    A final note: A shout of thanks to Wayne for the “warning” to ICE. My thought is this: Don’t block the guy. HE’S MAKING MY CASE!!

  47. I think it is fair to say that “Watchman” or “Jonathan Dane” could be the AntiChrist. I have never seen anybody post so much garbage. Also, it appears they believe any clip that they see on whatever network or news source. They are both full of blasphemy and lies. It’s amazing how Obama fit the full description of the AC, not Trump, and they are both on here talking Trump. Trump has done more good for Christians than any other president.

  48. If you call slapping women in the vag*na and beating up former wives a love of Women then you need to see a doctor. I don’t believe Donald Trump is the antichrist but he is a phony as a religious man. Still an Illuminati puppet for the Vatican. Just a shameless script reading satanic puppet.

  49. Aside for a few holdouts, I’m noticing that there is less refutation of Trump=AC on here. Wonder why that is. (I’m not saying that rhetorically. I truly wonder why that is.) Is it possible that events in the world seem to be heading that way and the naysayers are taking more of a “wait and see” posture? Perhaps — perhaps not.

    Anyway…It’s pretty fair to assume that most on here believe that the Antichrist will have a direct connection to the third temple and perhaps even be the one to build it. Given that reality, this Google search for the words, [rabbi trump third temple 2018] I find to be fascinating. What are Rabbis in Israel saying concerning Trump?…2446.4553.0.5200.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.3.457…33i21k1j33i160k1.0.hmoDIkV_A_U

    • I don’t believe Trump is the anti-Christ but he is most certainly anti-Christ. If you love me, you will follow my commandments-certainly not Trump. Satan may be the father of lies, but Trump is the President of lies. I could see him being either Peter denying Christ or being Judas betraying Christ. I am constantly amazed how people who support him can see he is a pompous a– yet still support him. I don’t recall Jesus ever separating one’s actions from one’s morality. But his so called followers do. And Frank Schaeffer is right. Trump doesn’t care about federal pro-life judges or the capital of Israel being in Jerusalem. He’s only doing it to get the votes of people who support Jeffress, Graham, Dobson, etc and their eschatological vision of the world. I believe they made a deal that Trump could be as immoral as he is as long as he went along with what they wanted. In other words, these men sold their soul for power. Jesus would have a field day with them.

    • Mike, I’m not saying Trump is AC but you sort of have to balance what you’re looking at along with other things about Trump that you’ve already seen and are still seeing.

      Trump said he’d never asked for forgiveness. He wants to build a wall to keep out the needy, he has recently referred to them as animals, and he has shown extreme disrespect towards women. These are just a few things among many that could be listed. There is nothing humble about Trump.

      Scripture says to test every spirit; it says that you will know believers by their fruit and that the apostate church will have a form of godliness but ultimately deny God’s power. We also know from scripture that Satan masquerades as an angel of light.

      Based on all of these things, do you think it is possible AC will be a person that prays? I’m just asking if you think that’s possible, I’m NOT saying Trump is AC.

      • Can we at least get our facts straight and be honest about what is really done and said? Think of him what you want, but let’s at least get the facts right. Trump does not want a wall to keep out the needy. He wants to build a wall to keep out illegals and criminals. Legals are welcome. He did not say the needy or immigrants were animals. He said that MS-13 were animals, and they are. They rape, kill, dismember and do all sorts of unspeakable things to people. If that is not an animal, what is?

        • Do you feel, from a Christian perspective, that MS-13 are animals rather than humans? I think his phrasing was ambiguous at best, but even if you want to say that he was talking only about MS-13, from a Christian standpoint, would you say that they aren’t people but animals?

          • It is not just me saying this “IF I want to say” so. It is the truth. He was only talking about MS-13. Anyone who heard the entire clip will say that. Did you watch the entire clip of the interview when he said that about the MS-13? Most media will not show the entire thing, because it was clear from the context that he was referring only to MS-13. You need to check other news sources.

            And yes, even from a Christian standpoint, I think they are behaving like animals. What would you call it? No anywhere near decent human being would act in this totally abominable way, much less merely as an initiation into a gang. Can they be redeemed? Yes, if they accept the Lord, but that does not negate the behavior they are manifesting now. Would you feel any different about them being animalistic if they not only murdered, but raped, dismembered and violated in every imaginable way your family? These debauched, depraved, satanic people do not deserve to be called humans at this time. If they repent, that is different. For now this is what God says about them, if they remain in their unrepentant state. They are abominable, murderers, and whoremongers, and no doubt they worship Satan which makes them idolaters. God even calls people like this dogs, but maybe you are right. Maybe we shouldn’t insult the animals by calling them animals. Dogs are loving, gentle creatures for the most part. Perhaps a better appellation would have been to call them satanic, for that is what they presently are doing, acting like Satan. Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Revelation 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

          • Hey Connie, mind if I butt in? (LOL — sorry, I just know you and I are going to end up friends.)

            I agree with you your observation. But Watchman has the proper reaction. Are these “people” acting like animals? Yes, they are. But less we become too confident in our own “humanity”, we would do well to remember the phrase accredited to John Bradford, “There, but by the grace of God, go I.”

            The Apostle Paul says, “neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. AND SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

            — You say, “If they repent, that is different.”
            — God says, “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
            — You say, “Maybe we shouldn’t insult the animals by calling them animals.”
            — Christ says, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them…If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.”

            Connie, I speak only for myself. If it weren’t for the precious grace of God, saving me from my wretched self and the punishment that self deserves, I would be the worst of animals. Aside from the common grace of God that extends to ALL MEN – including the unregenerate, to be beast-like IS our human nature. That includes you, Connie.

            Want to see into the near future? Look to MS-13. They’re behavior will soon become commonplace.

          • I agree with what you put above, Jonathan. I also think it’s worth remembering what Jesus says in Matthew 24:12-13 about love growing cold. It’s clear to me that believers are going to have to really guard against this going forward.

            (And, Connie, I do understand why you feel the way you do about MS-13. I’m not saying I can’t relate; I definitely can.)

            I listened to the following sermon by Alistair Begg a couple of days ago and thought it was really good. It ties in to all of this as well, in my opinion, but it’s more from the perspective of believers’ involvement in politics in general. Begg does a good job of articulating the trap that I feel I have personally been a part of for far too long in this sermon.

            We’re all going to have to negotiate the waters ahead very carefully, I think, if our aim is to win as many to Christ as possible. I’m still trying to understand exactly how to do that myself. It definitely isn’t easy.

        • I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service. Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief. The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

          Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

  50. I think I can prove you wrong about evidence against Trump being the Antichrist. Here they are:

    + SUPER POPULAR VS SUPER POLARIZING — You conclude Trump cannot be viewed as a Messianic Figure. But just wait until he solves the Korean and Iranian nuke problem. Then he will get the Nobel Peace Prize which they instead gave to Obama.

    + THE DESIRE OF WOMEN — You conclude that Daniel 11:37 is interpreted as the Antichrist not desiring women. But you havfe mistranslated that verse. Check the online Bible for all translations and you will see that verse refers to the Antichrist not desiring “the god” that women love by exhalting himself above all “gods”.

    + THE PEAK OF ARROGANCE — You conclude that 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 is interpreted as the Antichrist literally sitting in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem asking to be worshipped as God. But in the Book of Revelation, the dream symbol interpretation of the “New” Jerusalem is that of a Temple. Trump is also the perfect dream archetype of the worldly businessman — an antichrist. Having Trump’s picture hanging in the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem for the first time in world history could be a fulfillment of this prophecy.

    + A DIFFERENT LEVEL OF CHARISMA — You conclude that Trump is no Hitler. But you forget that before Hitler started World War II and killing Jews, through the force of his own personality, Hitler created the “German economic miracle” by vastly increasing the military and government infrastructure spending. This is something Trump wants to do.

    + THE ULTIMATE GLOBALIST — You conclude Trump is no globalist; but in an economic sense, you are wrong. Globalism is really socialism and centralized government. Trump, like Hitler, is a nationalist. But what makes Trump the ulimate globalist is because he is the ultimate Capitalist. In fact, the American dollar and the American economic system virtually runs the world and Trump is at the very Head of it. The Russian economy is the size of the State of Maryland. China cannot survive without us. This is why capitalism rules the world now that communism is virtually gone.

    + THE ABILITY TO DEFEAT HIS STRONGEST OPPONENTS — You need to update this article. Trump is on the way to ending the Korean War, redoing the Iranian nuke deal, destroying ISIS in the Middle East, etc.

    So, if you add what yopu wrote supporting Trump as the Antichrist, you have a great article supporting him as the Antichrist.


    We’ve all played dominoes — no, not the game, we’ve all stacked them side-by-side in a long row to watch them tumble over. I’ve said it before, I’m no writer. This is new territory for me. What I’ve learned is that for a book to succeed, it needs a domino effect. In order for dominoes to work properly, they need to be spaced at just the right proximity to each other. If they’re too close, there’s not enough momentum and if they’re too far apart, the domino falls without transferring the force onto the next domino. Unfortunately, the second scenario is what’s happening with my book.

    I’ve been bustin’ my ass trying to create some kind of momentum. Here’s the problem. For starters, the first domino doesn’t want to tip — it’s too heavy. And when it does, the space between it and the next domino is too vast — the momentum stops before reaching the next domino – the next person. If I were “marketing” this book as some kind of novel, perhaps people would be interested. But I’m not. That’s the problem. If I told people it was made up, they’d “buy it.” At this point, there is too much energy involved in tipping one domino to create a domino effect. Hence, the book lays dormant.

    If I manage to convince one person to read the book, I’m overjoyed. But that is a tall order. Not only that, a domino effect requires that that same person, in turn, does the same for another person, and they another, and another. But that requires those “converts” to be as invested into this “idea” as am I. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. If a domino tips, it typically falls without touching the next domino.

    I am a strong believer in God’s sovereignty. I was under no false expectation when I wrote this book. I realized that I likely may not be here to enjoy the fruit of my endeavors. I do believe God will use this work — somehow. But I may not be here to see it. Think about it — if I’m right — Trump needs to ascend. And if the book takes off, how would that happen? Ironically, the book almost “prophesies” its own failure – kind of a builtin sabotage. It must fail. If it succeeds, it sabotages its own truthfulness. And if it’s true, it sabotages its own success. My only hope is that before the Rapture, some event may occur that will turn the tide, allowing an open door for the book to prosper. Beyond that, I will have to be content with any success being viewed from heaven (post-rapture). And that’s okay…not my first choice…but God knows what He’s doin’.

    Here’s the bottom line: 99% of people do not want to even consider it. Of that 1%, most are not invested enough to tip over the next domino. As long as that is the case, the book will sit under the radar. And there is not a d*mn thing I can do about it. My late father once told me, “If it proves too much, it proves nothing.” Ironically, he was the one who taught me about the Antichrist. If he were alive today, he’d be a domino tipper.

    I don’t know why I left this comment. It’s just a bunch of stream of consciousness. (Probably one of those comments I’ll reread tomorrow and ask, “Why did you leave that?”). I’m just thinking out loud.

    Curious your thoughts. Part of this results from my plans to send out 200 books to various prophecy teachers worldwide — knowing that I will not hear back from 199 of them. It is what it is.

    Pray for me. Discerning how to proceed and if whether doing so is an act of futility.

  52. All politicians lie…but so what? Is there something exceptional about Donald Trump? That’s the question. James Comey recently said that the man is “untethered from the truth” and is “morally unfit to serve.” Yet, as Watchman and others have recently indicated, it is undeniable that “something” is happening. Now former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson is saying this:
    One of the fundamental requirements for the Antichrist is being “untethered from the truth.” It’s one of his most common characteristics in the Bible.

  53. Dear naysayers — so, here we are. With practically a wave of some “tweets”, Trump virtually brings an end to the nearly 70-year Korean War. And now — on the 70th anniversary of the formation of the state of Israel, we have this:

    Oh….but there’s nothing to see here, folks. This is all just coincidence. (And Mount Rushmore is a product of wind erosion.)

    At some point, the elephant is going to need a bigger room.

    • I never thought I would say it but I am beginning to believe that you could be right about what you are claiming Jonathan. Did you see new coin for Trump? It has Trump/Cyrus image on front with rebuilt 3rd temple and dove image on back. I think they were calling Trump “Donald the Dove” as nickname before election if I recall correctly.

      • Yes, Israeli — Trump/Cyrus coin, Trump train, Trump square, Trump city. Today that had “Make Israel great again” signs all over Jerusalem streets. Netanyahu made numerous historic Temple references followed by a reference to a Israeli owned temple mount. The prophetic references in today’s ceremony were blatant. There was a Messiah reference that led right into a reference to Trump.

        Thrilling time to live. (Naysayers must be on vacation.)

        • I hope they are not in vacation in Hawaii. I am very concerned this volcano is going to be a big one. I have been praying for those people there.

        • Wow. That is a very interesting video Jonathan. Now I know why they called him by that nickname before the election. Unbelievable, very unbelievable.

          • Hey Watchman, yes…I remember that clip. It is interesting that it was published just one week before I realized who Trump was. I also remember a time just before that realization in March, having a conversation with my lovely wife and asking her, “What’s happening? Something isn’t right.” I talk about this in the book. Here’s an excerpt:

            When Trump got into the weeds with Megyn Kelly during the initial Republican debate, I sensed that he was an exceptionally proud and arrogant man. I went on my own campaign against him; making phone calls, writing emails, calling news agencies and talk shows, posting madly to Facebook―whatever I could do to try to stop a really bad person from wrecking the Republican Party and damaging the nation. NeverTrump was my obsession. It was merely political for me. Yet―even then―something else was bothering me.

            We all watched in amazement as a seemingly psychologically unbalanced man ran for the highest office in the world; doing and saying outrageous things that would have sunk the career of any other politician. He was slanderous, mean-spirited, obnoxious, reactionary, puerile, vengeful, crude and distasteful; attacking and mischaracterizing his opponents; all in the name of “political correctness.” Concerned parents were forced to screen the debates for their children because this petulant “man” found it necessary to boast about the size of his penis, like some third-grade child who had just discovered he had one. His rhetoric lacked any true principle. He single-handedly changed the essence of the political conversation from real issues to petty and obsessive personal attacks. Just when we thought he could stoop no lower, Trump dug the gutter down one more level. Much of what came out of his mouth made him sound like some insecure dude in a bar spewing off about just how incredible he was.

            As mind-numbing as this demagogue behaved, that was not what shocked me the most. It was, rather, the public acceptance and justification of such behavior―the response he got from so many people. This astounded me. Something was not right. I do not mean that in the sense of some moral or civil deficit―be it personal or collective. I mean not right, in terms of the laws of nature and rationality. A phenomenon seemed to be occurring outside these laws. Oh sure, all the pundits gave it their best attempt at analysis with oft repeated phrases like: “People are angry.” “This is Obama’s fault.” “People are fed up with the establishment in Washington.” These phrases were repeated and recycled, ad nauseum. But they did little towards actually explaining anything.

            Something was happening outside of the machine; something far less explainable. People were acting as if they were under some kind of spell. This effect was not limited to “the uneducated people”―you know―the ones Donald Trump says he loves. Intelligent people like Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and Newt Gingrich, as well as people in the media, seemed to be losing discernment, or at least appeared unaffected by things occurring right under their noses. Reasonable, intelligent people, critical of Donald Trump, would enter private meetings with him as opponents and exit as good buddies. Suddenly, they understood him. After Melania Trump’s RNC speech, even Karl Rove got in on the act, commenting that her speech was “warm and authentic.” That is, aside from the parts she plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech.

            (end of quote)

            I sincerely believe that we are seeing the beginnings of delusion in 2 Thess 2:11. What is strange about the present delusion is that it appears to be a segment of believers that are deluded. I touched on this with “Brez.” Evangelicals seemed to have set aside their “reason” for “emotion.” It has become political a “win, no matter the cost” narrative.

            I am finding the same phenomenon taking place concerning my book. People simply refuse to consider the possibility of my conclusions. What reasoned arguments are offered against it are easily dismissed. Most offer no arguments at all, but simply assert things such as, “We (you) can’t know…” Another line of argument is simply to attack my “person” in the form of ad hominem. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got a way to go with Christ-like humility and communication, but to dismiss my conclusions outright based on my “delivery” is another form of emotionalism. I strongly suspect that many on this blog who make such emotional appeals do so because they are part of the “tribe of Trump.” Most are frankly ardent Trump supporters, caught up in this phenomenon. I believe at some point (likely in Trump’s second term) these folks’ eyes will open and they will turn on Trump. This “betrayal” of Trump will be what will later fuel the Antichrist persecution of the saints.

          • We’ve been on similar paths, Jonathan. Truly amazing.

            I have a long way to go with Christ-like humility, too, and I don’t think it helps to be totally convinced that you have an unbelievably important message to communicate – only to be continuously rejected right out of the gate regardless of how carefully you present or arrange your words.

            I’m not encouraging antagonistic behavior on anyone’s part, don’t get me wrong, but for what it’s worth, your behavior was actually a selling point for me regarding your book. I ultimately concluded it would be irresponsible to dismiss your assertions because of your communication, if the argument was that you were only interested in selling your book. That didn’t really add up, lol.

            So, I have ordered your book and am going to give it a serious, open-minded read. I see no harm in doing that. Plus, if I’m honest, I already think you could be on to something. It’s virtually impossible to deny that something is happening with Trump and the alliances that have been forming, truth be told. The only question is: what exactly?

            I don’t even need to believe that Trump is AC to see the incredible havoc he’s already wreaking in the name of Christ, however, and that’s what infuriates me most. That and the fact that I’ve silently watched it unfold for almost a year (or however long it has been) with a growing feeling inside of me that something is very, very wrong.

            Anyway, I realize you got off on the wrong foot with many of the people on this site but I do understand first-hand how easily that can happen. I know there are a lot of people in here that do care about Christ and what’s true more than they do about politics in the final analysis. Not only that, but many have also experienced similar types of rejection while trying to convey messages of their own.

            Therefore, my hope is that we can all forgive past differences (we’re Christians, after all), stop being antagonistic toward each other, and work together for the edification of the entire body.

            I look forward to reading your book!

          • Watchman, your words are wise and humbling, especially the last two paragraphs. Right on. Thank you

            Glad you are reading the book. No doubt, you will give a straight-up opinion on its interior. I would expect no less.

          • Jonathan you are still seeing Trump wrongly. You are taking 1 trait – pride – and running with Trump is the AC stuff. Many people like Cyrus and Neb had pride yet God used them to protect God’s people. You look at pride but you don’t look deeper. The deeper understanding asks is Trump for individual rights or for increased/centralization of government rights? The AC consolidates powder and eliminates personal freedom. The 20th century oppressive governments were socialist governments. Trump hates socialism. You are not looking deeper at the situation. Even if Trump brings peace does not mean he is AC. The AC rises up the peace agreement. Meanwhile Trump is already risen to power. You need to look to Greece/Macedonia politics. There’s some satanic stuff going on there and most likely the AC rises from there. You are totally wrong about Trump. Check this video out – released 1 month before the 2016 election!

          • Hey Mike, I respect your zeal. I’m not going to go into a lengthy back-and-forth as before, not because I don’t think it’s important, but only because I believe it is unfair to make me do the work twice when I have already done the work in my book. My suggestion is to read my book to see if your accusation that I am “only taking 1 trait and running with it” (and also if my lack of “looking deeply into the matter”) holds any weight. My gosh, my very first comment alone on here (among dozens of others on this forum) lists off approximately 100 traits that coincide between Trump and the AC! So your accusation is simply untrue. Now….if you want to say that the specific evils I point out all boil down to “pride,” that’s a reasonable argument to make. My rebuttal would be that such is the case FOR ALL SIN and evil men because all sin originates from pride. It was pride that led to the fall of Lucifer.

            Like I said, read my book so you can really know what evidence I have to present (or more accurately “had” prior to the election). From there, we can have a more reasonable and intelligent discussion. If you don’t want to spend the money, I’ll send you one. If you don’t to want to make the investment of time, I only conclude that it is you that is shallow in this matter, not I.

  54. Right on Cue:
    President Donald Trump took the podium at the NRA convention on May 4 amid massive applause, thanked NRA leadership and the “American patriots of the NRA,” then launched into a speech reaffirming that our natural rights originate in God.

    This is something the AC would never do.

      • The AC gets rid of all religions and establish his own. Trump is not the AC. Officer, you got the wrong guy!

    • Mike, that’s the sort of thinking that could get you in trouble. Unless the Bible is explicit about something I would never say never. I understand why you’d say that and I’m not trying to criticize (we’re all at different stages in this learning process) but I think there will be multiple layers of deception at work when the AC shows up. He might make a big fuss and get people’s attention with his left hand only to be making his real move with his right. It’s good to think about an issue one way and then flip it inside out and think about it another way before making a determination like that. And even then, I probably wouldn’t say never.

  55. Thanks for the article. I did notice that there are many opinions that start off with: “I don’t think”. That is fair, given that your opinion is clearly stated as: “I don’t think Trump is the AC”. My own opinion is: we’ll see, maybe, maybe not the antichrist, but definitely will watch as things are still evolving. Trump sentiment is still evolving, here in the states and world wide. Trump is an experiment that has not yet revealed what it will be. Trump does serve the god of Mammon. In my opinion, Trump’s loyalty is to himself and it it’s fair to have an opinion.

      • Jonathon. What are your thoughts on the whole Qanon phenomenon and how it pertains to your idea that Trump is the AC. I lurk on the Q forums where people are discussing these things and I am intrigued about what is going on with NK, Iran, the Deepstate, etc. all in the background with supposedly Trump & Mil Intel (Q team) doing major OPs in the background. The Q drops are seemingly accurate as time goes on, but oddly it gives me a bit of the creeps. If you are aware of this you will know that indeed some pretty bold things are going on, but I can’t tell if its awesome (my patriot side) or ominous (my Christian beliefs). I’ll check your book out, but wanted you input with this.

        • Hi T.E.

          This is one of those occasions where one is tempted to provide a “smart-sounding” answer, when in reality, they don’t have a clue. (Such is the case with myself.) I have heard of Qanon “Q”, but little more. It is likely either a fascinating look into deep political secrets or a brilliant hoax. I remember commenting on a YT video from someone who was way into Q. I honestly can’t remember what the gist of my comment specifically regarded. Is there something there? Perhaps. Like every other conspiracy, it’s likely a mix of truth and error. The tough part is sorting out one from the other. The Bible warns us not to get into endless disputes over words and genealogies, etc. My policy is this. Before we obsess ourselves into the arcane mysteries, let us demonstrate a thorough grasp and understanding of what God has plainly said in His Word. That should be our starting point. So many who are deeply enmeshed into the “underworld” are in fact, ignorant of the Bible. Take Gematria. So many Christians are obsessed with numeral calculations using Gematria, not realizing that nowhere does the Bible condone the use of a practice that, in truth, comes from the Occult.

          Hope that helps. Let me know what you think of the book. You can email at [email protected]


    • I’m not saying he’s AC, but you might say Trump revealed what he would be quite clearly before he was even elected.

      The clip of him talking about grabbing women by the *****, him making fun of the mentally handicapped reporter, the gaggle of false teachers that prayed him into office, the time that he said he’d never asked for forgiveness, and on and on it goes. Yet, rather than abstaining for voting, we just couldn’t help ourselves.

      We had to get in there and pick the ‘least bad’ candidate. And now…well, now we’re his biggest fans.

      I dunno, something just doesn’t seem right to me. Maybe we’re the real Pharisees – thinking we’re going to use save the world from evil through Republican politics and a degenerate sleazeball like Trump.

      Here’s a question: how many ominous characteristics would both candidates need to exhibit in order to stop you – a person whose identity should be inextricably linked to Christ – from voting at all? Is there a maximum number, or do you just consider it your duty to attach Christ’s name to best of the worst?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump was AC. I don’t know if he is, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. In some ways I actually kind of hope he is. We definitely deserve it.

  56. Hey folks,

    I recently had a gentleman named “Bob” who emailed me. I replied to your email but for some reason, I got a “failure to deliver” auto-return message. Just wanted to let you know that I am not ignoring you. I’ll try again later.


    It has been nearly a month since my first post. Recall, I pasted a lengthy excerpt from my book — a detailed profile of the Antichrist from Scripture that also matches the profile of our current president, Donald Trump; one that contains some 100 qualities showing that both persons are one and the same. These matches are not the conspiracy-driven and far-fetched connecting of dots associated with the “Obama is the AC” drivel on YouTube, but are rather direct and explicit biblical connections. Granted, some more than others.

    The response received from you naysayers is insightful. Did you take me to task using biblical exegesis? Were there any replies suggesting that any of those 100 qualities does not match either the biblical picture of the AC or Donald Trump? THERE WAS NOTHING!

    Contrarily, I received what amounted to ad hominem attacks on my character. This continued ad nauseum throughout this thread. I repeat, THERE WAS NOT ONE PERSON THAT TOOK ME TO TASK FROM THE SCRIPTURES. Even the host, Wayne Croley, was silent regarding my excerpt.

    Conversely, I showed Wayne’s article to be faulty using the very thing found wanting in examining me — an exegesis of Scripture. What were the responses regarding my critique of Wayne? — for the most part, more attacks on my character. In fairness and to his credit, this did not come from Wayne.

    Ad hominem is considered a logical fallacy. It is Latin for “against the man.” It essentially says, “You can’t be right because you are a bad person.” The fallaciousness of ad hominem can be demonstrated with a single question: If a really bad man like a Charles Manson tells us to love our mothers, should we hate our mothers because Manson is a bad man?

    Essentially, most of the replies on this blog can be summed up accordingly: I must be wrong because I am an arrogant and boastful self-promoter. Yet, in point of fact, I have said nothing in regards to the “greatness of myself,” but have only tried to communicate the importance and uniqueness of this book. Logically, any respectable critique can only follow a fair examination of its contents.

    • You are not wrong because you are arrogant. Your words are falling on deaf ears because you are arrogant. From the heart springs speech Luke 6:45, Matt. 12:33-37 (since you requested a verse) Your arrogance and disdain for your brothers and sisters in Christ turn your words to noise- why should anyone excert any energy in disputing/listening to noise? You may find how Jesus interacted with people enlightening- He was merciful, free of disdain- He was our Creator in the flesh- yet He still refrained from speaking down to anyone. Do you think that may be because He knows arrogance isn’t responded to well? Maybe it might have turned His words to noise? I hope you take this rebuke, if you want to call it that, with the gentleness and love it was intended. I truly wish you well in your continued walk with the Lord; may we all grow in His likeness; He is the epitomy of Love, Mercy, Kindness and Patience.

      • LOL. Lauren, again you are not heard for what you actually said, because you are not read properly. I run across this all the time. It is assumed that what you are going to say is already known, so no time is taken to actually read what is actually said, and the response is not to what you’ve said, but to what the person expects or even wants you to say. I’ve had the same exact experience. What I said did not register either. They say a woman says twice as many words as a man and for good reason. It is because a man does not listen the first time. I guess writing has the same effect. I understood, but then I’m a woman. 🙂

          • 2 Timothy 2:14-16 “Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.” Titus 3:9 “But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.”

        • Connie, I think since you took your ball and went home someone needs a new playmate and I just can’t be it- my ball is off the court as well!

      • I initially misread Lauren’s reply above. After editing my comment, I hit “save” and the original message still appeared. Thankfully, my edited comment is still on my cell. I provide it to you –below.

        So I am not “wrong” because I am a bad person. I am just “ineffective” because I am a bad (arrogant) person. You can play semantics all you want — your point is still nothing more than ad hominem.

        Nearly every single comment you have directed towards me amounts to nothing more than bald assertion type invective without one example to backup your claims.

        You end each reply with a sweet, “Hope you take this in love..” Lauren — love is found in the gift, not the wrapping paper.

        As I said to you previously, my critiques have always targeted the “argument”, never the “person.” You, in turn, have made it personal.

        Sorry you feel that way. I hold no animosity towards you our anyone on this blog.

        By the way, I never requested a proof-text (verse from Scripture). I requested evidence to back up your invective to me — showing that I truly am this awful person, as you claim.

        I said it once, I’ll say it again. Tearing someone down is easy. Lifting them up? Not so much.

        God bless you, Lauren (no wrapping paper…)

    • Jonathan. Trump is not the AC. Here are some more contrasts to chew on…The AC comes from Macedonia area. Trump comes from NYC. The AC STOPS the temple sacrifice. Trump wants to build and start temple sacrifice. Trump says he wants to be known as the most praying president, not a characteristic of the AC who wants to stop prayer. The AC persecutes Christians, Trump has given evangelicals more access to the oval office than ever before. I could go on – The AC will be good/great looking but Trump – not so much and he’s old with floppy hair and curly eyebrows. The AC has little to do with women. Trump runs a pageant and was married 3 times. Trump favors peace over war unlike the AC who conquers. Trump is for human individuality the AC is for the (satanic) greater good of the group. I gotta run but in the meanwhile check this prophecy from 2011 – the top one and then check the bottom one “all roads lead to Rome” here: Cheers, MP

      • It is so refreshing to get a substantive objection as opposed to a character attack. Thank you!!
        Let’s take your objections one at a time. I think they are reasonable.

        — “The AC comes from Macedonia.” Love to tackle that. But before I do, what Scripture are you basing that on? My arguments typically start there.

        — “The AC stops the Temple sacrifices.” Absolutely correct. That such event hasn’t happened neither proves or disproves that Trump is the AC. I believe that is yet future.

        — “The AC wants to stop prayer.” Again, I need a verse. Thanks.

        — “The AC persecutes Christians.” Yes, indeed. Again, that will not happen until we are in the Tribulation. But before such time, the Harlot (false church) will ride the beast (the Antichrist) (Rev. 17:3). At some point, the AC will turn on the false church and burn her with fire (Rev 17:16). There is a whole chapter in my book that focuses on the time when Christians will first turn on Trump which will precipitate the persecution of the saints. (Trump likes to hit back—really hard.)

        — “The AC will be good/great looking” — Again, where is this found in the Bible? Movies? Yes. Scripture? No (So, not a big fan of orange skin and comb-overs, huh?)

        — “The AC has little to do with women.” I deal with that already in this blog. It’s one of my refutations of Wayne’s article. (Just search one of my comments where I obnoxiously over-promote my book — available on Ama….”hehe”)

        — “Trump is for human individuality the AC is for the (satanic) greater good of the group.” I argue in my book that the Mark of the Beast is the HEIGHT of individuality, if by that, you mean a focus on the SELF. Oh what pleasures are in store, right around the corner. Imagine all the altered states, ecstasies and fantasies you can dream of, available in an instant – ALL AT ONCE!! THAT is where I believe things are headed. Is that explicitly stated in Scripture? No. But I can make an argument by implication.

        Finally, regarding Mark Taylor prophecies. I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him. He’s as false as they come. I have had numerous threats to my well-being by Taylor devotees. My advice? RUN!!

        God bless you dear saint!!


        • I’m super busy with work projects so I’ll just counter quickly…so you are saying this: Trump is currently 72 years old and the temple is not built…he will, at 72+, negotiate peace and the temple getting rebuilt. Building something of this scale takes time and the peace covenant isn’t on the horizon. So Trump would be what, 80 to 83 years old standing in the holy place declaring his old weak orange self to be God? LOL I knew you were a comedian! LOL

          • Mike Z,

            As far as getting the Temple rebuilt, not only do I think Trump will negotiate a Israeli peace deal, including a rebuilt Temple, he may have a direct connection to the rebuilding of the Temple itself. For 10 years, NYC tried to rebuild the Wollman Ice Skating Rink. Trump stepped in and finished it in 4 months. For all his faults, Trump is one of the greatest masonic builders on the planet. With all the wealth and power that the AC will possess, Trump could have such a Temple built in a year. I get such a kick with these conspiracy fanatics, always talking about Freemasonry this and Freemasonry that. Meanwhile, they all ignore the greatest Freemason on the planet that also just so happens to be the president of the most powerful country in the world. In fact, THEY SUPPORT HIM. That is why I have always believed that diving into conspiracy stuff does not lead one into truth — the Word of God does.

            Regarding Trump’s age, the last “LOL” may be on you, my friend. If anything be “laughable,” perhaps it’s your inconsistency regarding the Word of God. Let me see if I understand you correctly. You believe in the biblical Antichrist. Yes? Do you also believe (like most conservative prophecy exegetes) that the Antichrist will suffer an assassination and be resurrected by the False Prophet and possessed by Satan himself? And that such a great miracle will cause the ENTIRE WORLD to worship him as a GOD??? And yet the age thing is just too much of a problem for Satan, much less, Jehovah God? Really now.

            Let’s play this out, shall we? Let’s say the AC is instead a tall dark and 30 something individual (not Trump) like we see in all the movies. Let’s say that guy gets his head blown off on camera only to be resurrected. What would the world say? What would the conspiracy fanatics say? They would say that the whole thing was a Hollywood-type stunt made for camera. It was faked! NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE IT.

            Let’s instead say it’s this old orange-faced fart — TRUMP. And let’s say he not only resurrects, but does so as this beautiful 30-something, god-like individual who clearly still resembles a much younger Trump — has his DNA and fingerprints — yet acquires super-natural power to go along with his “body-lift.” Now what would the mockers say? They would fall down and worship him — and they will.

            Still laughin’? I have a whole chapter dedicated to this very scenario in my book. Trump will resurrect all right. And he’ll do so at the cross-section of Satanic power and transhumanism.

          • Dude, you are trying really hard to make a whole bunch of what ifs and paint them on Trump. I could do the same with a random person…let’s see…got it…Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt will become the anti-christ and “will suffer an assassination and be resurrected by the False Prophet and possessed by Satan himself.” You can take anyone’s name and stick it in there. While I think it is possible Trump will be involved in peace agreement and the start of the temple building but he is not the AC. Never does the bible equate the builder and the AC. The AC is the little horn which rises up to displace others. Is Trump a little horn? Does a Billionaire and US President fit the profile of the little horn? No. The little horn rises from obscurity. Trump has never been obscure. Trump could be pivotal in this process but another group will (could) co-op the peace movement and take it over for global domination. If it even happens in our lifetimes (I think it could based on the climate of Revelation – 100 pound hail, sun going dark and such – read my book about it! just kidding). Also the AC system is not a system of individuality, it is the pinnacle of socialism/communism. Your lack of understand about economics greatly hurts your case both on a practical and physiological level. Read What Ever Happened to Justice by Richard Maybury. Gotta get back to work.

          • Mike “the builder” (maybe demolition man is a better title?)

            That’s just it, you can’t just “stick anyone’s name on there” because just any name will not fit — even Obama. If you go to my first post on here, you will see a long list of qualifications that fit the AC in the Bible. How many does Brad Pitt fit? Trump fits every one.

            I never said the Temple builder HAD to be the AC or that Trump will definitely be the builder. But he may be. If you understand biblical typology, it will help you to gain a better understanding and portrait of the Antichrist. King Herod was a type of antichrist. And in fact, he was the builder of the last temple.

            Another group “could” co-op the peace process and take it over — but really — who is the one dependent on “what if’s” at this point — you or me??

            LITTLE HORN: Not only is Trump the Little Horn, the phrase “little horn” in Scripture literally means: “a trump”, or trumpet. The word in Hebrew is “shofar.” I happen to know a little thing about this subject because I am a professional trumpet player; having played with some of the best trumpet players on the planet. It’s not just a shofar, it’s a little shofar. The brass instrument comes from the ram’s horn (a shofar). The trumpet (trump) is the smallest horn of the brass family — a little shofar (horn).

            The word “horn” in the Bible symbolically refers to a seat of political and military power. Arthur Pink wrote probably the greatest work on the Antichrist ever written. In it, he says that the term “little horn” denotes one who rises into his position having little military or political background. Again — this fits Trump to a tee.

            “Does a Billionaire and US President fit the profile of the little horn?” Well, the billionaire part certainly does. The Bible describes the Antichrist as filthy rich (see Ezekiel 28 for an example.) Daniel implies his riches come from real-estate. Nimrod was the first clear type of Antichrist after Cain. He was a great TOWER BUILDER, as were Antiochus Epiphanes and King Herod the Great — all types of AC’s. (Again – it’s all in the book — wink,wink)

            I agree, the AC rises from obscurity. But contextually, that “obscurity” (mentioned in Daniel) is a “political” obscurity. In fact, if you read some of Daniel’s accounts in chapter 8 and 11, it sounds like a description of the 2016 elections. I am not saying that the 2016 “fulfills” those passages in Daniel. Only that there are striking parallels.

            While the AC will control the flow of money, there is enough references in Scripture to make an AC arising from a communist nation a rather large stretch. Communism/Socialism controls money through government. The AC will do so by super-natural means – the image of the beast — not government.

            The reason I love tor respond to thoughtful challenges like yours, in all honesty, is because it really helps promote the book. Challenges like yours are not difficult to answer. This has absolutely nothing to do with either yours or my level of intelligence. Rather, it’s because the book is true. When truth is on your side — just tell the truth. Doesn’t take a lot of brains. My level of intelligence may be a bit higher than average. But I’m no genius.

          • who is dependent on what ifs? we all are. but I didn’t write a book on it. I’d prefer to see how it plays out and keep an eye open. your “What IFs” go way beyond mine. Resurrecting Trump to be a 30 year old. Com’on.

            Yes I know what a horn is, and it is for power. That’s it. To then jump and say Trump is also horn and then he’ll became the AC. Dude, you can’t make these jumps.

            I tried to show the philosophical approach Trump has, such as Americana, is very different than the ACs approach. You entire argument falters on this point and the AC and Trump have opposite purposes of intention. What Trump wants to build up is what the AC would want to tear down. Here’s another, the AC would love open borders, Trump wants national sovereignty for each nation. The AC would love 85 genders, Trump recognizes 2. My gender IS NOT Peanut Butter. Do I need to go on?

            The ACs global government, you said… “Communism/Socialism controls money through government. The AC will do so by super-natural means – the image of the beast — not government.” Not super natural but technological perhaps the mark is bitcoin-like or blockchain. Even the fire from the sky he calls down has a technological explanation in Tesla’s death ray technology (which has been developed in HAARP). You must understand the ACs kingdom. It’s intention and power is demonic but it is also corrupt and artificial (technological).

          • you said “…the Antichrist will suffer an assassination and be resurrected by the False Prophet and possessed by Satan himself? …and let’s say he not only resurrects, but does so as this beautiful 30-something, god-like individual who clearly still resembles a much younger Trump — has his DNA and fingerprints — yet acquires super-natural power to go along with his “body-lift.” Now what would the mockers say?”

            no this is not what I believe. Rev 13:3One of the heads of the beast appeared to be fatally wounded. But the mortal wound was healed…
            The word is healed not resurrected. Not given a new body. Not made to look 40 years younger and even at 30 Trump wasn’t good looking. You are taking the bacon and running with it! You are now covered in bacon grease. Seriously though, the level of conjecture that you read into the word is beyond credible. The word is healed as in recovered, not resurrected. You take to as resurrected and add conjecture that Trump will not be 85 but 30? You’ve lost me.

            Let me push you a little more: Rev 13
            9He who has an ear, let him hear.

            10“If anyone is destined for captivity,

            into captivity he will go; If anyone is to dies by the sword,

            by the sword he must be killed.” Here is a call for the perseverance and faith of the saints.

            In other words the saints will be present on earth when the anti-christ is on the scene. Otherwise 1) how would they killed by him and 2)why are they called to persevere? Beware pretrib garbage, ya’ll.

            Ok back to the horn idea – Daniel 7: 20 “.. and the ten horns that were on its head, and the other horn which came up, before which three fell, namely, that horn which had eyes and a mouth which spoke pompous words, whose appearance was greater than his fellows. 21 “I was watching; and the same horn was making war against the saints, and prevailing against them…And shall intend to change times and law.”

            A) “pompous words” – this does not mean against others rather it is against God. Pompous little horn sets itself up as God but acts like he is a goody goody. Trump does not act like a goody goody. Also I have seen Trump be more open than he is given credit for. Open with the press and he is going after corruption. Trump fans are always watchful, we elected him to do a certain mission and if he strays he’s FIRED. Is it possible we are deceived? Perhaps but I don’t see it yet. I could see a co-op of the movement by evil forces and to be honest at the end, I think it’ll be their only move.

            b) “the same horn was making war against the saints” – Trump is making war with the media, not the saints. The world would need to be reversed for your ‘Trump is the AC’ claim to stick. An Obama type smooth talker is much closer to what we can expect, not Trump.

            C) And shall intend to change times and law…Trump rather wants to return to law and traditions. Apparently he is obsessed with 1950s Americana. The AC is an Obama type, both hate Americana. The evil plan is to use Islam to do away with Christians then they do away with Islam and are left with no religion. Then the AC wants to setup his own religion. This is the very opposite of Trump’s approach who wants a return of Christmas, churches, freedoms and American power. The AC does not want these things.

            My recommendation to sell more books…post over on CNN’s twitter or maybe you can get interviewed over there. Nobody here is going to buy your book but a whole of bunch of lefties might be interested in it.

          • In lieu of an exegesis of Rev 13 and 17, (I’ll provide that if you’re insistent), I will just say that if you are going to claim those chapters do not imply some kind of a Satanic resurrection, you are in the extreme minority on this blog. Most every conservative Bible scholar that supports a “plain” reading of Scripture, sees a resurrection there (at least those within Premillennialism). I would be willing to bet that even Wayne Croley and others who vehemently disagree with me on Trump would side with me on that issue.

            What is clear is that people’s reaction to this “event” will cause people to fall down and WORSHIP. When is the last time you saw someone do that from a “healing.” The Antichrist will be a “false Christ”. Christ resurrected. So will the AC.

            Christ also offered “everlasting life.” I believe the AC will as well. His resurrection will result in a “god-like” person (that is what I meant by the 85 to 30 idea). He will, in turn, offer that same kind of power (gift) to all of humanity. I believe that this plays into the great deception of the Mark of the Beast. Is there a degree of conjecture here. Yes. But the conjecture can be implied from Scripture. “People will long for death but death will flee from them.” for example in Revelation (14?)

            Regarding Rev. 13:9, yes…saints will be present during this persecution of the AC. My “schematic” does not conflict with that.

            The text doesn’t say the AC acts like a “goody-goody”. Where does it say that? “Pompous” does not mean “goody-two-shoes”. It means prideful/arrogant. Look up the original Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek
            (And here we arrive back to Trump — You are making my point. Thank you)

            Trump is “open” and never “strays”?? (Your words) We can go around and around with this. The Bible says in many places that the AC is a schemer. Is Trump a schemer? If you say no — this conversation is fruitless.

            Your quote: “Trump is making war with the media, not the saints.” Very true. Trump supports the “saints” because they put him in power. Trump confessed as much before the election. (Again–in the book.) As the saints change their opinions of Trump, so will Trump change his opinions on the saints. Trump supports only one cause –TRUMP. If Atheists put him in power, he’d be an Atheist. I do not believe Trump has any inherent values other than wealth and power and all things—TRUMP.

            Your quote: “Trump rather wants to return to law and traditions.” In point of fact, Trump has lived a life of circumventing laws and traditions. His father, Fred Trump, taught him well. Ironically, Donald skirted tradition at his father’s funeral when he spoke instead of the greatness of HIMSELF.

            There is no scriptural tie pro or con of the AC to either Islam or Americana, as you claim. Chapter and verse? First — Americana can mean many things. Are you perhaps referring to passage in Revelation where the AC is eating a foot-long and apple pie at a baseball game?

            As far as “nobody buying my book other than leftists”, I’ve had support for the book within various world view philosophies, including Evangelical Conservative Christians. The ratings and comments on Amazon speak for themselves.

            Regarding the supposed “what if’s” that litter my book. (Wasn’t aware you read it.), for every “what if”, there are 100 “what is.”

            Your quote: ” AC would love open borders” Might you have a verse for that one or is this bald assertion going to produce the same degree of biblical support of other assertions you’ve thrown out on a whim?

            Regarding Trump’s supposed “nationalism” — I’ve said this a million times — the only “ISM” Trump concerns himself with is TRUMPISM. Trump wants a strong America because he’s president of America. If Trump has any decent “ideals”, he would soon trade them for a McDonald’s happy meal before you could utter, “Jacob’s Stew.”

          • You’d win that bet. Revelation 13 and Revelation 17 does indicate that a false/counterfeit resurrection is likely to transpire.

          • Wayne, I do not think it’ll be resurrection in the new body sense but the AC will be brought back to life like Lazarus. Clearly died and now clearly alive. Resurrection and a new body is God’s territory and I do not believe satan has power to create a new body. Also the resurrected body is called the heavenly body (vs the earthly body, as it is meant to travel the heavens?) and to do this is only in God’s job title. But as long as we remain watchful, we’ll know it when we see it and whichever way it goes down, no mark for me! 🙂
            ps: pehaps the guy who was living in that body is gone to hades and satan somehow slips in and takes control of that body? Like a body snatcher? Thinking out loud here…i suppose ‘the how’ doesn’t really matter.

          • I agree. He won’t have a truly resurrected body like what Christ has and what believers will have. It will appear as if he was raised from the dead.

          • I’m not premil. That might clear a few things up. Why? Because the saints are killed during the great trib…how can they be killed if already raptured? Also they get a mark on their foreheads. How can they get a mark is already raptured? And so on. I see a loving caution from God as the rapture would destabilize society. That’s why the rapture does not happen until closer to the end.

            About the AC being a goody goody…the he is a wolf in sheeps clothings, people are captivated by his words in other words people see goodness and they DO NOT SEE THE EVIL lurking in every sentence he speaks. He’ll be a self-righteous prick, a goody goody, and will use his new religion as the reason to turn on Christ followers. Someone comes in their own name exalting themselves and people are deceived. Trump isn’t close to being that guy, he does not play the goody goody and he openly does not value humility …but neither did Nebuchadnezzar yet God used him. That is who I compare Trump to.

            About Trump. Your entire theory rests in Trump doing a 180. You admit he supports the evangelical and the church. You say the turn will occur when the christian turns on Trump. This is gross speculation and unsupported conjecture. Can you point to one instance of this occurring? Because I only see his resolve strengthening to move MORE in this direction. This also means his faith is not his but is fake and part of the long con. Then why did he take 5 hours in a prayer meeting to…pray. In other words you are saying Trump is playing the long con and at any minute he might change! I think we needed someone like Trump to go against the satanic globalists who engage is gross satanic behavior. Jesus’ words are that if satan be divided, how can satan stand? So you are saying Trump is playing a long con game, meanwhile dismantling satan’s pedo network and NWO agenda while supporting the church that soon he’ll turn into the AC! I think God will give us a reprieve before the end, this time is a gift and we should enjoy it.

            Americana is clear. Liberty, self-determination, gun rights, respect for the law, property rights, no income tax (still working on that one), God fearing…all the things which are opposite the 10 planks of communism and centralized control and centralized government and atheism. We have not been perfect in these things but there’s a spirit and a direction that you are not seeing or intentionally misleading. Not sure which. Here’s the point, the leftist form of central government has tortured or killed more people than other things else – ever. This includes religions that run the government in a leftist form and function. This dangerous leftist religion (it’s more than political) trashes the rights of a person to their own their life and their property. That is what the AC and his government does to the entire world! Meanwhile the government reform Trump is working to bring about is the opposite. The proof is in the pudding – look at the laws and policies he is passing. Obama had the slick words but his policies moved us in the leftist direction and HRC was the planned end game for Americana. But God has stepped in…

            Which brings me to Mark Taylor. You called Mark a false prophet or whatever. Let’s take a look:

            Your public prophecies come to pass = 0
            Mark Taylor = several…1)Trump became president, 2)the media attacks don’t stick to him, 3)Israel and America becoming closer and God blessing America for this action, and here’s another one; 4)US set to become world’s top oil EXPORTER –

            That’s a good track record and of course there several others not mentioned and a few that are in progress. They are here:

            The reason you turned people off here is because you are self promoting and mention your book in every other post. Then you ignore the clearly defined facts and policies and changes that are happening right before our eyes. Therefore either you are misled and will come around eventually OR you are a disinformation agent. Tell me, what do you think of this book?

          • Mike—

            How are saints killed in the Trib if they have been raptured previously (pre-trib)? Because during the tribulation, many people will be saved and martyred — that’s how. The martyrs are, in fact, new converts to Christ.

            You’re reply starts out, “I’m not premil”. I’m guessing you meant “pre-trib”. There is a difference between the tribulation and the millennium. Perhaps Wayne would be willing to jump in here and sort out some of the confusion there.

            Your quote: ” (the Antichrist) is a wolf in sheeps clothings, people are captivated by his words in other words people see goodness and they DO NOT SEE THE EVIL lurking in every sentence he speaks.”

            I honestly think that is happening today with Trump and the Evangelical Community. It is happening with you as you try to paint Trump as this “sincere Christian.” I can think of many words not appropriate to this blog regarding Trump’s “sincerity.” I’ll go with — hogwash.

            Here’s another example of what I consider a real “delusion” on your part. (I’m not saying that to be mean.) You say regarding the AC: ” Someone comes in their own name exalting themselves and people are deceived.” Oh my Lord, Mike!! In the history of mankind, there has never been someone so obsessed with their “NAME” as is DONALD TRUMP. He has it trademarked. He has hundreds of businesses, all registered — TRUMP this, TRUMP that. Every thing he builds must have the name emblazoned on it in giant and bold golden letters!! And you don’t think Trump exalts himself? You say that after I just gave you an example of Donald’s tribute to his father at his funeral — boasting about himself!! Mike — you are deluded – my brother. Again, I am not saying that to be an asshole. I really think you and so many other people are deluded. We are entering that time of delusion. Yet you say, “Trump isn’t close to being that guy.” You mention that Trump is being used as was Nebuchadnezzar. What you don’t seem to understand is that Nebuchadnezzar was a type of Antichrist. Mike, the AC WILL BE USED BY GOD. As Luther said, “The devil is God’s devil.”

            My theory absolutely does NOT rest on the Trump doing a complete 180. You interpret it that way because you have many false conceptions, beliefs and ideas regarding both Trump and the AC.

            Your quote: ” You admit he supports the evangelical and the church. You say the turn will occur when the christian turns on Trump. This is gross speculation and unsupported conjecture. Can you point to one instance of this occurring?”
            Yes I can. During the Utah primary, Trump went on and on and on about how much Trump just LOVED the Mormons. (Ever notice how Trump just loves everybody?) He continued this narrative — that is — until after the primary when the Mormons made it very clear that MORMONS DO NOT LOVE DONALD TRUMP. Tell me something, Mike. How often has Trump spoken of his precious love for the Mormons since then?

            Why did Trump take 5 hours to pray? Because those people are Trump’s connection to the voting block that put him into power. That’s why. By the way, do a little investigation around Trump’s “spiritual advisers”. With few exceptions, they are “name it and claim it” prosperity gospel WOLVES. For most of them, I don’t even trust the accuracy of their Trump claims. These people are absolute fakes.

            Satan’s involvement with the Church (and Trump) is not evidence of a satanic kingdom divided against itself. Rather, it is Satan’s plan to divide the Church against itself. And it’s working. This blog is evidence. I’ve been called the AC by some on this blog.

            For the record, the word, “Americana” typically refers to things of American culture like apple pie and baseball, not American ideals.

            Look, I’m am with you on the American principles that have made America the great nation that it is. I am a conservative Republican and have voted so my whole life. That said, I think MANY EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS in this country have confused Christianity with American conservative patriotism. They are NOT one and the same. I believe many Christians in America are bowing down to the idol of American patriotism. In the end, ALL SYSTEMS OF GOVERNMENT are man-made and will be destroyed when Christ returns. There will no democracy under Christ. It will be an autocratic rule!!

            You say I have had 0 prophecies that have come to pass. I might remind you that I mostly finished my book in July of 2016. Beyond that, you are not in a position to say what things I’ve said that may come to pass because you haven’t read my book. I’ve listened to M Taylor. He’s as false as they come.

            Regarding Trump’s presidency (or “REIGN” as I’ve heard Mark Taylor say.), I will admit that Trump has done some good things. So will the Antichrist. People will not bow down and worship the guy because he’s such a terrible loser. Think about it….

            (In the future, can you limit the numbers your points and questions? I want to address your points. But when you bombard me, it’s hard to give them the attention they deserve. Thanks.)

          • Michael Dell – Dell computers
            JC Penny – JC Penny
            WalMart – Sam Walton
            It is a common practice to have a business with your name. Yes Trump has a big ego, that seems to be your only proof he is the AC.

            Yes I meant pre-trib rapture.

            You actually proved my point. I said Trump is trying to grow in his faith and grow his administration’s exposure to the church. You said he is just playing the long con game with Christians. But then you admitted after the election that he no longer praises Mormons. I’m telling you his faith isn’t fake. If it were he would have gone quiet on the church like he did with Mormons. Instead he is going the other direction. Yes there are a few around him who are prosperity gospel, which is no gospel at all and is a lie from the pit. Also around Trump are traitors that are getting flushed out. The prosperity gospel will get flushed, just wait. There’s a reason it is a swamp and there’s a reason it eats good people OR kills good leaders who seek to put power back into the people hands (JFK and Reagan, who did a 180 after getting shot). Thank God for someone like Trump who will go toe to toe against the swamp. I couldn’t have pulled it off nor do I personally know anybody who could.

            Nebuchadnezzar was never regarded as a type of AC. If so, point to the verse please. He was used as God’s judge AND protector of God’s people. They resisted this and they resisted Jerimiah’s prophecies who encouraged people to go into captivity! Yes there was judgement on them but…God knows the plans he thinks for them, plans of peace and to prosper them…they just needed to get right, to repent. That took some time and God graciously hit the spiritual reset button. What is most wrong and most corrupt today? Our systems are corrupt, our tax code, the banks, the courts are getting worse, many laws, FBI, DOJ, many churches, Hollywood, Islam mideast leadership and so on, corruption. I agree with Mark Taylor on that one. God wants us to do a rescue mission of the people, do you disagree with that? While the world is totally lost, Christians are bowing down to many idols, it is the rescue mission of both we ought to be focused on. When there are many ‘issues’ Paul’s advice is spot on; “I sought to know nothing among you except Christ and Him crucified.” No side issues, no secondary doctrine, no debates of genealogies nor of eschatology (as much as I enjoy it, it isn’t always healthy). I think this is where we are at in the church today, we need to get back to the core, the cross and the Word of God (instead of feelings…no sir, peanut butter is not a gender, even if you feel brown and creamy).

          • one more point. there have been people much more obsessed with their name. comes to mind. called himself Manifestation of God. Nero burning Rome – definitely crazier than Trump. And so on. Trump isn’t even close to those guys. I think of Trump as a drunken master – the kung fu master – misleading the opponent as weak or confused but actually is 10 steps ahead. At this point the evidence I see leads me to believe God is using Trump. (and God used Obama to get the church sick and a righteous anger against how the systems were/are abusing us) Until I see concrete evidence to the contrary and not conjecture about potential future outcomes or that he is the little horn who unseats 3 others…Conjecture! I think you might be suffering from a syndrome – here’s an interview that explains the current political psychology of our day: (warning: a little language)

          • Antiochus Epiphanes. Hmm. That name rings a bell.

            Oh yeah, isn’t he the one who, like Trump, was that great tower builder?

            And you say, like Trump, he is also obsessed with his name? Wow.

            And did you know that Christ clearly connected Antiochus to the future Antichrist? (Matt 24:15) — the clearest of types.

            Archeologists have been searching for Antiochus’ fortress in Israel – called Acra – for over a century. Well, in the midst of Trump’s run for the White House, Israel Antiquites Authority announced the discovery of Acra. The date? Nov. 3, 2015 – the same date Donald Trump released his book, Crippled America.

            If I ever do a book tour, I’m taking you with me. You’re great promotion.

          • take me with you? what am I, your pet? well ok, only if it comes with free foot massages. seriously though you gotta stop reaching. to say Trump is the AC is a YUGE reach, it’s just YUGE. yes I know Antiochus Epiphanes is a type and did you know he wasn’t very nice to the Jews…oh yeah the opposite of Trump. dude, you are barking up the wrong family tree. If you want to guess who’s the correct AC read this: …Trump was more than happy to take the Presidential oath on the bible, but this other guy takes oaths ‘in his own name’. yes that is more AC-like. Also remember King David’s brothers thought he was very arrogant too. Somehow you can’t discern the difference of actions between a person moving in God’s direction and a person moving against God – pride or no (and we all have pride) it is pretty clear to me and many of us here can but you cannot. please read the link and respond.

          • Hey Mike,

            Ever had J.W.’s visit you? If you try to reason with them, rather than staying on point, they just move on to other proof-texts as they take you on ca-zillion rabbit trails. I remember a couple of J.W’s that came to our door. They were man and wife. The man had been in charge of proof-reading the official materials that come out of their headquarters in NYC, and had worked there for over 40 years. He was their scholar of scholars. My wife and I convinced that couple to keep coming back to our home. For 8 months, we butted heads. Before they left, I had printed up 400 verse citations that “proved” that Jesus was indeed Jehovah God from Scripture. But they left unbelievers. Why? Because they just WOULD NOT believe. Fact is, until God moves on someone’s heart, they can’t believe. Likewise, you have bombarded me with a ca-zillion points and I have countered a good portion of them that had any substance.

            I really believe that the Lord is using His Church to establish the Antichrist. I know that sounds really bizarre, but I suspect that is exactly what is happening. I also believe this ties into the work of the Restrainer (2 Thess. 2). So…why are there a very few number of Christians whose eyes are opened regarding Trump? And what is God’s ultimate purpose with my book? I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers figured out, dude. All I know is that when the Evangelicals are turning a blind eye to a low-life like Donald Trump — something very strange is happening — something that just does not fit the “norms” of reality. I don’t care how many “good things” the guy is doing. Better the Church suffer for the sake of righteousness, then compromise for the sake of “convenience.” Something strange is going on in the super-natural world. I can see it and I can feel it.

            Before you respond telling me how I’ve lost my mind, remember this: God not only uses the “good” for His purposes, He also uses “evil.” If you push-back on that idea, I can give you countless Scripture passages that support that. He uses the evil and the good. That said, the Antichrist is God’s Antichrist. The Antichrist comes to power to suit the purposes of God and God — alone. The Antichrist is responsible for his evil but God will use it for HIS purpose. Throughout the ages, the Church has assumed how the AC will come to power. The modern church has painted the political Left as the vehicle for the rise of the AC. But God is not handcuffed to the Church’s ideas. There is plenty of evil to go around — both on the Right and the Left. What if God in His mercy desired to save many of those on the Left and used the AC’s rise on the Right as a vehicle for that salvation? Could God do that and still be a perfect righteous God? He could. Is that what He’s doing? It’s possible. THERE IS JUST NOT SOLID EVIDENCE FROM SCRIPTURE THAT THE ANTICHRIST IS A LEFTIST. I’m not convinced by Wayne’s globalist angle.

            I took a peek at your link. It looks like a good article. But I will not respond to each and every detail. I just don’t have the time. Sorry.

            I will only comment about your point that “Trump’s support of the Jews is the opposite of the AC.” That’s just not true regarding the AC. He starts out in support of Israel and only later turns on them.

            Most of people’s blindness regarding the nature of Trump’s connection to the AC can be chalked up to one of three reasons:
            1.) They do not have an accurate familiarity/understanding of Trump.
            2.) They do not have an accurate familiarity/understanding of the AC. (example — your comment regarding the AC’s hatred of the Jews)
            3.) Both 1 and 2 above (this is most common)

            Regarding the foot-message clause, I may be able to work that out. Let me have my agent contact Connie. (LOL, sorry dear — just wanted to see of you were still reading my replies.)

          • I believe you are correct about the church establishing the Antichrist. I also believe Trump is very much a part of this. What you wrote about this does not sound bizarre to me.

          • You could also consider 4th reason for this blindness you mention:

            American Christians have what I call “destructive soul ties” to politics and political parties. This causes a lot of blindness within the American church and will result in the downfall of America very soon I believe.

          • You have to think about it from one party perspective to see what is happening in America, Jonathan. The government is manipulating the people based on herd mentality, fear, and political party loyalty. Americans have been surrendering their freedoms in exchange for protection for long time now. Start with 911. Americans surrendered freedom of speech (all of your emails and phone calls are being recorded from now until forever) and also got NDAA from 911. NDAA gives government the power to round up all Christians and detain them indefinitely without cause or day in court. Most Christians actually supported this and many invasions into middle east countries because they thought 911 was a real event. Many, many people murdered brutally because of this support.

            Now look at the issues that are on the near horizon for America. Fake news, illegal immigration, gun control, Russian aggression, etc. Even though many of these issues fall into different partisan fear camps, if you look at them as whole, you will see that they all have common theme of proposed government solution will be a surrendering of some kind of freedom. Fake news is a problem, therefore we must limit freedom of the press. Mass shootings are problem (roll continuous footage of carnage all day every day), therefore we must take away guns. Illegal immigration is problem (queue herd of migrants from Central America), therefore we must build wall. Well remember, America, walls also keep people in and you might want to get out soon.

            What most Americans don’t realize with Russian aggression is Syria wants Russia there. They do not want America there. There is no reason Assad would poison gas his people when Americans say he did. No reason at all. But what about the CIA? Has CIA done anything like this before in history? They are professionals. Therefore, America is trying to provoke Russia. Russia has very big and sophisticated nukes. American economy is collapsing because of petrodollar and needs to go to war. Think about it!

            Christians support this wall, fighting against Russian aggression, and many others. Christians are not thinking clearly. There are many constitutional freedoms slated to be tampered with or eliminated on the near horizon. I believe…I don’t want to say what I believe is happening here online. I will only say pay attention to Eisenhower’s warning, Kennedy’s warning, and you need to should wake up!

            Stop falling for this political bickering and fighting each other back and forth all the time. It makes me sick. Your government is dividing you into two groups on purpose so that you will fight against each other and not pay attention to what is really happening. Do you ever see any real change? Use your brain!

            I don’t mean to sound pessimist but I think it is probably too late.

          • Below is a response to a private email sent to me by Brezhnev. Since it addressed much of his reply on this blog, I decided to also include it here.

            Hey “Brezhnev”,

            I appreciate your views. And yes, I am familiar with the Hegelian Dialectic. I agree with much of what you say regarding what’s taking place. If you and I differ at at all, it’s perhaps in our opinion of the source of this conflict and our response to it. A lot of the New World Order documentaries come from a dualism philosophy — light fighting its equal opposing dark forces in the universe. I am suspicious whether many of the guys putting out this stuff are even born-again believers. A lot of the Hegelian related stuff smacks of dualism. If I were part of the “conspiracy” wanting to incorporate a Hegelian Dialectic, the first thing I would probably do is release a New World Order video exposing the Hegelian Dialectic.

            Daniel makes mention of an explosion of knowledge in the last days. Satan can (and does) use access to information as a means to bombard the masses with an overload of data. People can only absorb so much and then just “turn off” from an overload of info. The end result is apathy and a suspicion of anything that is “fact-based” — hence the arrival of “fake news.”

            In my book, I make mention of how we have gone from a facts-based society to a feelings-based society. (You can’t tell me I’m not a woman — not if I “feel” like one.) I think “part” of the reason for this is an overload of information. We can’t keep up with information, so instead we will just turn into a society of paranoid schizo’s not trusting ANYTHING except the things inside our own “privatized” space. The Apostle Paul says perilous times will come in the last days — men will become: “lovers of themselves…” — Trump, of course, being the embodiment of the last-days man.

            So…if Satan isn’t equal to God, what is Satan’s purpose? This is where things get tricky. Clearly, Satan and his minions oppose God. And yet, Satan is also a servant of God. Are “bad things” that take place because of Satan or of God. In some cases, it may be both. Was Satan at work in the crucifixion of Christ? Yes. Was it of God? Yes. We humans love to latch on to a cause. This gets back to your observation of the American church latching onto political “conservatism”. It simplifies things. The Right is the hero, the Left is the enemy. I don’t need to wonder where the truth lies. I’ll just watch Shawn Hannity and everything will be fine. In fact, much of evangelicalism is difficult to distinguish from Fox News. (Oh. how many times I have to caution my mother.) How soon the church forgets that the only “holy” political system will, in fact, be a dictatorship under Christ, not a Republic.

            No doubt, you agree with much of what I said above. Where we may separate is in our response to all this mumbo-jumbo. I believe Trump is the AC. You’re open to the idea but not yet sold. That matters. For me, it simplifies things. (Of course, one could argue that I’ve created my own Hannity monster.) Regardless, all the conspiracy-laden information regarding “this and that” secretive plan and agenda just does not resonate much with me because, soon and very soon, the Lord will return and burn it ALL to the ground. Is there some kind of nefarious agenda making use of the Heg Dial. to further along its plans? Maybe. If so, what I am to do about it? What can we do except maybe add one more YT video to the plethora of videos already available? At the end of the day, what will any of it accomplish? NOTHING..

            My focus (other than the primary one on Christ) is on one man — Donald Trump. As I’ve said, I am still not sure how the Lord is going to use the book for His glory. Perhaps the scales come off of the evangelical church and they turn on him before the Rapture. Perhaps many on the Left that already hate him, will realize the Bible is true and come to Christ. I don’t know. This much is do know, my friend. Time is short. Our focus needs to be on Christ and His glorious return. Christ warned us that when we see the leaves appear, that summer is very near. Well…the leaves have been on the branches for a while. We have been into the summer now for decades. Christ returns in the fall and I believe summer is nearly over.

          • I’m picking up what you and Brezhnev are laying down but only to a degree. I tend to think Trump is the guy before the guy, if you know what I mean. My feeling all along has been that Trump is masquerading as a Republican but is really bedding down with the Vatican. What made me initially think that was back when he did the speech in El Paso or Jaurez about the wall. The Pope then returned fire by talking about how Christians didn’t build walls or something like that. I dunno, that whole event seemed totally scripted to me. So yeah, I definitely see what Brezhnev is saying about being herded. I also see what Jonathan is saying about God using His Church to establish the Antichrist. I probably wouldn’t have worded it that way myself, but technically it doesn’t appear to me to be incorrect. It’s reminiscent of 1 Kings 22 and Ahab. I kinda think Trump is going to be the war guy who makes Christians really look bad. My guess is the Antichrist will rise to power once everything goes completely and totally haywire. He’ll be the solution guy – the guy that rescues the world from Trump who by that point will be the guy that rose to power because of those ‘evil fundamentalist Christians.’ That’s just what my gut has been telling me – I’ve got no scriptural evidence to back it up and I’m the least of the people in here to be theorizing about what’s going to happen.

          • Watchman You said referring to the AC, “He’ll be the solution guy –” I have two words for you: North & Korea. For nearly 70 years North and South Korea have been at war. Trump sends out a tweet boasting of the size of his missile button while calling the guy “rocket man” and sudden and mysteriously we see:
            —Kim Jung-un in an embrace with the president of South Korea.
            —Kim is announcing an end to his nuclear program,
            —a signing of the end the 70-year war
            —the releasing of our American prisoners
            and all this right in conjunction with the U.S. moving its embassy to Jerusalem and Israel fighting with Iran.

            Trump is no man preparing for the Antichrist. He’s the one. If you polled the smartest people and asked what was the most difficult peace settlement, they would say Israel and Palestinians. If you asked them what the second was, undoubted it would be North and South Korea. Honestly, what did Trump do to cause this unbelievable shift in Korea? It was all God. I have gotten SOOO MUUUCH ridicule on this thread with claims that Trump was just too much of a doofus to accomplish the monumental achievements that the AC will do. And every time I came back with the same argument — “The AC power will not come from himself, but from Satan and even God Himself.” Even Wayne and I went back and forth on this. Well….here we are Wayne. Can you explain North and South Korea? I will remind ALL OF YOU, including the naysayers — “WHO IS THE PUPPETEER? It is God. (And no, I don’t want to rabbit trail down the road of sovereignty versus free will)

            Trump is now being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.

            “When they say peace, peace, peace, sudden destruction shall come upon them.”

            Gets what’s next on the timetable? Israel. And when that happens, “look up, for ye redemption draweth nigh.”

          • I cannot lie, the stuff with North Korea was downright spooky.
            You make some very interesting points, Jonathan.

          • Hey Mike, don’t waste your breath trying to argue. It just gives a wider platform for hawking his book.

            Scripture says that the beast comes up out of the abyss. It states it very clearly. Who he takes possession of is basically irrelevant, as no matter who it is, the arrogant and boastful and evil personality described in Scripture belongs to the demon, it does not have to describe the person inhabited. That person will no longer exist. They are irrelevant. While the person may exhibit some of those same traits beforehand, or even all of them, it isn’t necessary for them to manifest the beast’s traits before he inhabits them. Maybe that is part of the deception, to make people so certain they know who it is by giving them a human facsimile that seems to fit the bill to deceive them, so that they miss him when he first comes, because they are so absolutely sure they are right. It’s not even necessary to know at this point who he will possess, for we won’t miss who it is when the time comes. At least those of us who know we won’t be raptured out early won’t.

            Those of us who know that the rapture is not pre-trib will understand when we have moved into Daniel’s 70th week and know who he is when he presents himself, for we know the real signs to watch for (not a rapture) and by not fastening on one individual now, will be able to clearly see who it is then. Those who are pre-tribbers will all be in denial, as they don’t expect to entire into the 70th week. And if they are so certain it is a particular person, regardless of who they think that is, and it is not that person, they will totally miss it until it is too late and be deceived. If I were Satan, this is one of the tactics I would certainly use to deceive Christians. Get them looking elsewhere. Like a good magician. Then I could slip the truth right by them. Especially after I have spent so much effort deceiving them that they won’t be here when the beast comes on the scene. They’ll be totally bamboozled.

          • Connie thanks for the advice. Paul said ‘we are not unaware of Satan’s schemes’ but today, I think we are unaware. What we are missing is the Way of Christ. It’s my new book…kidding…but I have thought of a book by that title and would cover the gospels. Jesus is…amazing and so are His teachings that he’s given for us to follow. I chuckle at what this lady said in Luke 11:27,28 As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd raised her voice and said, “Blessed is the womb that bore You, and blessed are the breasts that nursed You.” But He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” …and then Jesus gets right to the point. Today we FEEL God’s word and Feel His presence and Feel like ‘me and God’ are buddies (oi vey!) but Jesus challenges us and the implied question is this “Do I obey God’s Word?” Do I do His commands with my arms, legs, mind and mouth? and do I trust Him? and I remember that we Love God because He first loved us. His love is the impetus for His people to move forward in obedience and for the branch to abide in the vine.

          • Hey Connie girl!! What’s up??

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it you that said this regarding my reply to one of your comments: “Several of my comments have not been addressed to you. You replied to my one to Wayne and you replied to his one, neither of which has been addressed to you.”

            Oh….the sweet, sweet smell of hypocrisy.

  58. The bible does not say there will be only one “Man of Sin”. There will be many throughout time, satan will have them do his bidding, and they will not even know it! The bible states they will be “masculine”, and that the wickedness will be passed down for generations. So if they do not know their own sin is being exploited by satan, then how will we recognize him when he sits among us!? Don’t simply dismiss because things are not always what they appear to be.

  59. Having trawled these forums for a few years I think it is just unwise of Christians to champion this or that world or religious leader on the basis of one superficial opinion. The simple Christian truth is: there will be wars twixt many nations; there will be an antichrist(or many) ; there will be many nations attacking Israel. As to who – bad man or good- will be in charge of his own individual country WHEN the end comes is not entirely known right now. A famous person’s fame does not allow us to act with impunity if we make a false accusation of “Anti-Christ!”

    • At some point, the real Antichrist will arrive. However, not everyone you know and love will recognize that.

      When that time arrives, and you yourself are personally convinced, are you going to keep your mouth shut and not warn those around you simply because it is not something that you can demonstrably prove beyond a shadow of a doubt?

      Most believers I know are scared to death of discussing any of this stuff for many of the reasons that you outlined above. While I do understand such concerns (and have even wrestled with them myself), I ultimately believe that is exactly what Satan wants.

      Believers have to be able to discuss these things with each other. The alternative is to say nothing (or very little) at all. In my opinion, the stakes are far too high for that.

      • I know you are addressing Tim, but I think we all understand that when a guy stands up in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and declares himself God, that we can prove demonstrably beyond a shadow of a doubt THEN, that he is the beast, based on fulfillment of prophetic Scripture. Until that time, right now, accusing this one and that one is to really bear false witness against people. Whomever this beast takes as a host (for he is a demonic spirit) that person’s present personality is not the thing by which we should declare them the antichrist, for it is not their personality that will be declaring himself God, (even if they are arrogant and obnoxious now) it will be the beast’s personality that has taken over. So we should merely point out the attributes of the beast, so that people will know what to look for when he arrives (although I don’t think there will be any doubt at that point) and not accuse people unjustly. For all we know, the person he will possess is right now a very quiet loving person whose personality will take a major turn when it is possessed.

        Dozens have already been falsely accused over the centuries, and so far all that has happened is that people are guilty of bearing false witness against them in this accusation, and give Christians a bad name in the process. They may or may not be types of antichrists themselves, but they aren’t THE beast. I think it behooves us to just teach what the Scriptures say, and keep the accusations out of it until it is proven by Scriptural fulfillment, for it only leaves a bad impression, just as do all these false rapture dates.

        • It is wrong to outright accuse someone of being Antichrist without being certain, but it is also important to be able to discuss the topic and even express views about specific people.

          We should endeavor to this responsibly but that does not always happen. Particularly in forums such as these. This fact should not stop us from having the discussions, however. The discussions are important.

          • It is one thing to have an opinion that someone is a good candidate, it is another to outright say that a person definitely IS the antichrist. Some people are going that far. I’m saying that you shouldn’t accuse someone in such a definite manner, for you simply cannot know in advance no matter how good the candidate might look. It’s hard to say what the profile is. In one passage of Scripture he is called and Assyrian, in another a Babylonian, in another a Mede, in another it seems he must be Roman. I believe that is because the beast inhabited each one of these leaders in turn (the heads of the beast), but while we know he is arrogant, evil, sneaky, etc. that does not have to be the initial qualities of the human candidate he possesses, so we can speculate all we want, but really…to what purpose. Knowing the qualities is far more important than assigning them to a candidate at this point in time. Let’s face it. The antichrist, the real antichrist, is the demon that comes out of the abyss. Who he possesses is really a moot point isn’t it, because that person is not the antichrist now.

          • Speculating has served a purpose for me. I have learned much from these articles as well as the ensuing remarks.

            Many have barely studied this stuff. I happen to be one of them. Speculation brings debate, debate provokes thought, and thought should compel us to scripture. It is a learning process.

            People are still allowed to have strong opinions and be mistaken. And thank God for that.

            Don’t hear that very often. It’s always about how “foolish” you will look if you get it wrong. Well, I say who cares if you get it wrong. At least you are trying.

            For the most part what I see here are people trying to understand and figure things out. Something we need more of, not less.

          • Again, I don’t negate speculation, and much of Scripture leaves us in that position for God didn’t tell us everything about the future, but the fact remains that in this one situation, people who outright declare definitively that someone IS the antichrist are guilty of bearing false witness. The speculation is also that the pope is the false prophet, as it fits, but most people speak of the position, not any particular pope by name. If you want to say that the antichrist will probably be the head of the EU, or the Muslim Imam or whatever, that is acceptable speculation, but to say for instance that Trump is absolutely the antichrist is not acceptable. We have no way of knowing so should not say that we are unmistakably right as some are saying. Can you understand the difference I am pointing out?

    • Tim, presumption comes in many forms. Your reply presumes that every person championing an opinion about AC I.D. is doing so based on “superficial reasoning.” Sure, that is true of most. Not in my case.

    • Adam, that sounds like semantics to me. You say he can’t be the AC until he proclaims himself–God. This will happen half-way through the tribulation in a fully rebuilt Temple. So if we find ourselves into the first half of the Trib; Trump has signed a 7-year peace treaty that enables the Jews to build their third temple — even so, we can’t accuse him of being the AC until he says he’s God?

      Question: When did Judas become the betrayer, when he handed Christ over or when he was making plans to do so?

      Now— if you want to make an argument that we still do not have enough information to make a definitive statement about Trump, that’s a fair argument. But to make the half-way point of the Tribulation a watershed issue seems a bit much.

  60. For those who are alternatively looking for a current list of candidates for the antichrist other than Trump to consider, here are a couple of links below with the names. To those listed, one can also add the names Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. There are probably a few more that I have missed, but I can’t keep up with them all, there are so many. These are just the last in a long, long list of candidates over the course of the last two millennia. If one wants to know the reason for any particular candidate just google it up. There are always Youtube videos, blogs, books, articles, etc, with the “proofs” (Scriptural and otherwise) for each candidate. Amazon also has a list of books on the antichrist with various conclusions. Good hunting.

    • I’m sorry Connie. I thought I read it clearly when you wrote that you had seen “dozens of books just like mine.” All I’m seeing are links with Antichrist candidate lists. Perhaps I misunderstood you. Was there a particular book you wanted me to focus on? Take your time dear. No rush.

      • Several of my comments have not been addressed to you. You replied to my one to Wayne and you replied to his one, neither of which has been addressed to you. As I said when I did address you, I am not interested in debating or entering into dialogue with you, so you can stop addressing me. Especially in such a patronizing and rude manner.

        • So your comment above where you provide a list of other antihrist candidates has absolutely NOTHING to do with your previous statement to me were you claimed my book was on par with the pap and drivel we see on YouTube and your other claim that there are “DOZENS OF BOOKS” just like mine???

          I see. (What was that you were saying about “rude?”)

          Well…those are some pretty stiff accusations. Care to back them up with evidence? Didn’t you say that you “personally have seen” dozens of books? How’s the research going on that? (This is the 4th or 5th time I’ve asked you for a book title.) Did you come up with even one title yet or are you still looking? I mean, this should be quick and easy, no? Quick Amazon search — BAM!! Maybe they’re out of print. THAT’S IT. Here’s a database link for all the world’s rare books. Maybe this will help.

          Take your time….no rush.

      • I don’t believe bin Salman is the Antichrist. Daniel 11:40-45 talks about a war between Antichrist vs. the king of the north and the king of the south (Egypt) during the end times. He could potentially be one of the leaders who assists the king of the south in the fulfillment of Daniel 11:40-45 and Ezekiel 30:1-9 during the end times.

        • I agree, I don’t think he’s the Antichrist either. I am, however, beginning to entertain the notion that Mecca could potentially be mystery Babylon. It is difficult to imagine how the US will persist to the end without collapsing. Any thoughts?

          • Is America Babylon? I believe so, what other nation has the influence & power we have!!

          • America is the ‘hammer of the whole earth.’ Our petrodollar is the world currency. We are called a ‘destroying mountain’ who was ‘once a golden cup in the Lord’s hand, and we would have healed her but she is not healed.’ Also ‘with defenses mounted up to Heaven, and with ‘mingled people’ also the ‘hindermost of the nations.’ We’re also called “oh, most proud,’ and ‘Daughter of Babylon,’ and a lions whelp, a nation of cities whose will be covered with the waves of the sea. Also ‘thou that dwellest upon many waters’ ‘abundent in treasure’ … these are a few of the descriptions in Jeremiah 50 and 51. Revelation speaks of the great trading partner, that will cause the ‘merchants of the earth’ to wail when she is destroyed. Also, she’s a sorcerer who sends her sorcery drugs all over the world, and more. If this is not America, then who else????

          • Right now America is the most influential country, the hegemon. That’s right now. What’s true now isn’t always going to be. The British Empire was the dominant force on Earth in the early 20th century but lost that position after World War 1. America can lose that position too. As an aside, the petrodollar has a new challenger in the petroyuan, which was launched in March 2018.

          • Wayne, unless somebody is able to control the liberals and the Democratic party, America has NO future. We will quickly crumble, just like all the other empires that reigned. I believe 200-300 years is the average life.

          • I’m more concerned about America’s long-term fiscal prospects. The problem is so big it may not matter which party is in power if/when the big decline begins.

          • On Bin Salman- I find his city of robots- Neom?- especially creepy!!! Technology is now and will continue to put the screws to us Christians. They know not what they do and all these “advancements” are ungodly, creepy and make it feel more and more like Noah’s time every day! We thought it was bad when people would rather come out of their closet than clean it- technology has made it easy for people to glorify in their sin- video taping murder, ect. One thing is clear- God seems to be placing world leaders in power, a realignment of the chess board as it were seems to be taking place…. Any thoughts on why the world is coming against both US and Israel? I don’t see Trump as the antichrist- he is merely a man fufilling a role GOD raised him up to do. America, whether we are sustained to the end, must loose her world status. Look at Germany cozing up to Russia- China, Iran and Turkey too. Alignments and leaders staying in power for long periods of time are popping up all over. I thnk the peices are being put in place but it’s just too early for anyone right now to be filled with unimaginable demonic power. A few specific events must take place before I personally believe the antichrist will show his face. Although that could change rapidly- we are on God’s timetable after all!!!

          • Good points about robots.

            I get that feeling that it’s not a person we’re looking for. Why can’t AI be the Antichrist?

            Let’s look into this deeper. We all have the Holy Trinity in us – mind (brain, ego), heart (feeling, love, gut) and soul. AI has only one of these, perfectly modelled mind/brain/ego, an infinite intelligence that is not put in check by the heart (god or karma, really us punishing ourselves). As scripture says, the AC will have unparalleled ego (read mind). The word Anti-christ is anti-heart, a state of the world where everything is based on data, analysis, efficiency, with no space for compassion or freedom. That coupled with the AI craze, madness, insanity in which all world’s economies and companies invest to stay competitive, spells disaster. Reading up on the AI deity that will eventually be created and AI’s reliance on Internet of things as well as the biochip makes it all the more likely.

            What each country is doing is a plot, a game, a distraction, wars only the illusion in order to feed humanity the inevitable saviour – the mark of the beast and let AI do the thinking for us. That’s when non-takers will be chased by the infinitely more capable cyborgs than humans – stronger, faster, smarter with advanced combat software downloaded into them, with transparent, learned every corner of the earth, with only the greatest of wildernesses offering any kind of protection until we are saved.

            Now tell me that this does not sound familiar.

          • Truthseeker, I suggest in my book that it is both – a man and A.I. I include a detailed section with interviews of Elan Musk and others warning of the dangers of A.I. The experts are warning — “we are creating a god.” This plays into the strength of Donald Trump in so much that I believe A.I. may be used in his “resurrection.” In the immortal words of Oscar Goldman, “We will build him stronger….faster…” I suspect we will see a synthesis of A.I. technology and demonism that will combine to create the image of the beast as well as the resurrection of the Antichrist. The miracle will be in Trump’s overhaul. The dude will look like a god. And in a certain sense, he will become one.

          • Thank you to both Wayne and Connie for this civil discussion. As I read some other people on other blogs, I’m horrified as they accuse each other of spreading lies and going to hell. Probably not what our Father intended.

            I would be honored to work with either of you in ministry. Perhaps some day God will arrange that.

            God bless you both.

        • Interesting that the word “Antichrist” only appears in John’s epistles? Daniel’s “prince”, or Paul’s “man of lawlessness”, or Revelation’s “the Beast” work though.

          As for MBS, I agree that he’s not our man, although he would significantly fit the descriptors of the second beast, the false prophet. Perhaps MBZ is our man? He largely fits the descriptors of the “Prince”. Military in thinking, trained as a chopper pilot in England. Something like 1.3 trillion of sovereign wealth under his control. Recently purchased upgrades from Israel for the F-16’s we sold him.

          As much as we myopic Americans want to make this about us, it’s not. It’s about Israel and her neighbors in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

          Although Wayne and I don’t end up with identical positions on eschatology, I acknowledge that he’s done incredible research. He has a sincere heart to know what’s about to happen. Rather than going on and on about who the “Antichrist” might be, here’s a better question, would you be willing to ask God to leave you behind … to minister to the left behind?

          Most of us wouldn’t. Most just want to go home.

          To any who would ask to stay … I’d like to get to know you.

          • Steve, if you want to talk with those who expect to be around through it all, perhaps you might want to talk to those who are not pre-trib in viewpoint, such as Wayne or others like him (I am also such a person ). We expect everyone to have to go through it, but also expect that pre-tribs will be very confused and disillusioned, so know that we will have to minister to them as well as the unsaved. It isn’t that we want to have to endure this, as we are so often accused, to try to earn our way to heaven through works, it is that we believe that the Scriptures don’t uphold the pre-trib view, and that we must suffer with Christ as we are told we must so many times in Scripture, merely because it is part and parcel of being a Christian.

          • Thank you to Wayne and Connie. I did read the Luke article. I agree that those known by God are the ones left. They populate the next 1,000 years. I understand this to be the sheep and goat judgement at the end of the 1,335 days.

            Perhaps we have differing views there, but we have one Lord, Jesus.

            Connie, if Jesus does come at the start of the seven years to take those known by His Father at that moment in time, would you ask to stay?

          • Matthew 13 depicts the harvest of the wheat and the tares at the end of the age, which will transpire at the end of the great tribulation. Christ indicates the wheat and the tares both grow together until the harvest, so the righteous (the wheat) remains with the wicked. The righteous aren’t removed before the harvest since they must be among the bad. At the harvest, the tares are taken first (Matthew 13:30). The taking of the tares first in the harvest corresponds to the wicked being taken first in Luke 17:37.

            The wheat are not those who will be part of the Sheep and Goat Judgment. The wheat correspond to the Elect (the righteous) who survived great tribulation (Matthew 24:28-31).

            The key is that both Matthew 13 and Luke 17:37 indicate there’s no removal of the righteous before the removal of the wicked. The wicked are harvested before the righteous. Therefore, the popular idea of “left behind” is contradicted by these passages.

          • Steve, I already did ask, years ago when I was still pre-trib, so I guess that would qualify in your scenario, even though now I believe differently when it comes to the rapture. It was after that request that the Lord started showing me that pre-trib was not what He had in mind for any of us. But it took letting go of the idea of escaping it for Him to be able to show me the truth. Took Him ten years (this was twenty or so years ago) to really get me to the truth, as I had to let go of preconceived ideas and let the Scriptures show me what the truth was. It took so long, as I didn’t have anyone to turn to, to guide me through the Scriptures except the Holy Spirit. Now I know that He is the best teacher.

            I don’t know what my fate will be, whether I will die in the great trib, or whether I will endure to the end, but I know I have a job to do in the time that I am allowed to stay. He made that clear way back years ago.

          • Connie, that you at one time asked to stay, makes you remarkable. I’m aware of only a small hand full that have done that. While I come to a differing conclusion on when those known by Him will be “snatched away” as Paul says, the point is that you were ready to stay. That makes you one of the few that are “ready to go”.

            That seems to be what God’s looking for.

            What part of the world do you live in?
            Other than Wayne, are there others that you’re aware of that have made this request of God?

          • Steve, I live in New York State (not the city). And no, I don’t know anyone who has made this request. Really, who would given what is prophesied? If you believe pre-trib, you’d have to feel a calling or have a really good reason to wish otherwise. I have a friend who once years ago rejected pre-trib due to being convinced that the Scriptures didn’t teach it, but then went back to pre-trib simply because the idea of enduring it all was too much for her, as if what she believes would make it true whether or not it was. I subscribe to the adage C.S. Lewis said, “If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.”

            I believe the truth is that we will suffer for Christ, because the apostate Church does not merit escaping Satan’s wrath (which is what Rev. 12 says the great tribulation is). We are not appointed to God’s wrath, but then as I read it, Rev. 11:15-18 and Chap. 15-16 say that only the bowls or vials are God’s wrath, not the rest of it. Since it appears the rapture occurs in Rev. 14:14, that would be just before God’s wrath is poured out, which is what we would expect, and since the Bema Seat judgment occurs at the seventh trumpet (Rev. 11:15-18), and since the mystery of God (the Church) is finished after the sixth trumpet (Rev. 10), and since Paul prophesied through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that the rapture is at the last trumpet, I believe the rapture is at the seventh and last trumpet when the Lord returns. I did not look for comfort in being removed from it, I looked for truth, which in the end will bring comfort, for I am mentally and spiritually prepared. For those who look for comfort, I believe they will find it was soft soap and wishful thinking, and find only despair when they realize the truth, for they are not mentally and spiritually prepared for what is coming. The sad part is, no matter what you believe with the rapture timing, you should always be prepared to die for the Lord.

            While very few would ask to be left behind, there are a growing number of those who believe we will have to go through it, so there are many who are preparing to endure to the end or suffer martyrdom, whichever God chooses. That is not quite the same as asking to be left behind, but it is looking at suffering through it, which is still difficult to handle. The caveat in that is that many who believe that the Church will be here through it all, also believe that God will provide special protection for all Christians who realize that they must endure to the end. They still are not preparing to be martyred, as they do not believe Christ would have them suffer. I do not subscribe to that idea. I believe there is a small remnant of Philadephians who will meet the criteria that I believe has been laid out in Scripture, who will make it to the rapture, but the rest of the seven churches, including the Smyrnans with whom Christ finds no fault, will be killed. Hence the crowd on the sea of glass that cannot be numbered who have come out of the great tribulation in Rev. 7.

            Here are some thoughts for you to ponder. If the great tribulation were God’s wrath, why then so many dead Christians during that time, if Christians are not appointed to wrath? And why would the Christians in the fifth seal be the only recipients of “wrath,” (none of it aimed at unbelievers) if that is what it is, plus why ask God when He is going to start getting vengeance for them, if it is already in the process? Is not God’s wrath His vengeance? He tells them that He will not get vengeance until all those who must be killed as they were, are killed (the saints on the sea of glass).
            God bless.

          • Again, thank you for your insights. You are remarkable. I wish you knew more folks who would be willing to stay.

            Like Wayne, I’ve done detailed studies in eschatology so that I could better assist those about to go through the tribulation period. I have asked God to stay. He may well say no thanks, but I want to be prepared regardless.

            As you can see, my conclusions differ in some areas from yours or Wayne’s. I think for a younger man, Wayne has done an incredible job of research, and thinking it through, and putting it out there for review and discussion. I say God bless Wayne.

            I like your questions above. I like your thinking process. I’d like to answer your questions, but first I need to introduce you to a potential hermeneutic that most are un aware of. Since God is outside of time, He can tell a story from multiple vantage points … simultaneously. I ran across this concept when I accidentally viewed a secular movie called “Vantage Point”. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about eschatology.

            The script for the movie starts at page one and runs linearly to say page 100, but the multiple vantage points that are used to tell the story all start at 12:00 on the same day. The first vantage point portion of the story runs for a few minutes, then the movie “rewinds” to the same starting point to show the second vantage point, and so on. By the end of the movie, the viewer has complied the data from multiple vantage points so that they are then capable of understanding the full story. Getting the full picture.

            This is what God sometimes does. We see a glimpse of it in the “prophetic gap” in Daniel 9. We see it in Jesus stopping mid sentence and rolling up the scroll from Isaiah. We see more of it in the Olivet discourse. In Revelation, I surmise, we see it in the three sets of seven judgements. They are not linear. Like the movie script, they go generally from chapter 5 to 16, but they are describing differing characteristics, different “vantage points” of the same general series of end time events.

            Once untethered from needing to make them “linear”, the end time picture gets much clearer.

            Perhaps the brightest focus is on this so called “wrath” issue. What comes to light is that none of the wrath is initiated by God. God uses evil men as His agents. It could be said that God stops thwarting evil men … but it’s not God directly perpetrating the vengeance. As for the earthquake and resulting tsunami, God knows when they will occur and appropriately warns those who are listening to vacate the theater of action … which leaves only the lost to perish. “Come out of her my people…”- Rev 18:4.

            On the contrary, what is found is the extreme patience of God during this time. Over and over again desiring that all come to Him. The three woes are the example. The descriptor after the first two is “and they did not repent”. That’s the desire. Repent. Not wrath.

            Your very well thought through questions:

            (You wrote) – If the great tribulation were God’s wrath, why then so many dead Christians during that time, if Christians are not appointed to wrath?

            Those murdered are the “in theater” left behind that recognize they had been playing churchianity and have subsequently become “known” by God AND those who minister willingly to them … and get caught in the evil.

            (You wrote) – And why would the Christians in the fifth seal be the only recipients of “wrath,” (none of it aimed at unbelievers) if that is what it is,

            Those under the alter may well be the resurrected “known” (at the Rapture) who are witnessing the last seven years.

            (You wrote) – plus why ask God when He is going to start getting vengeance for them, if it is already in the process?

            I admit that I don’t grasp their desire for judging and avenging in light of the grace they’ve been shown?

            (You wrote) – Is not God’s wrath His vengeance? He tells them that He will not get vengeance until all those who must be killed as they were, are killed (the saints on the sea of glass).

            Certainly, from the perspective of the lost, what will transpire during the last three and half years (most of it in the last months), will look like “the wrath of God”. From the perspective of those who are known, it looks like grace, patience, pleading for humans to repent and come to Him.

            Connie, most people who study eschatology think they know everything. They’re some of the hardest to encourage to look at anyone else’s’ facts or thinking. You seem to be different.

            I wish you well in your search, and in your relationship with this magnificent God that we serve.

          • Wayne, I accidentally missed your comment about Annette Bell. Again, thank you. I went to her site and read her info. I wish her well as she prepares for what is coming … and not running from it.

            I wish to ask a sincere question without seeming combative. So please consider it asked with humility. The question is not a biblical one per-se, but is just a simple logic question, perhaps one that you’ve considered and have an answer for … but I don’t. Here it is: If the known are taken home (raptured) at the end of the seven year tribulation period, and the remainder are told “left” at the sheep and goat judgement, who are the mortals that habit the Millennium?

            Please refer to Is 65:17-20 focusing on 20 which indicates mortals that can die. Some think this is a reference to the Millennial Kingdom. The actual words that God uses are “new heavens and a new earth”, so I think it’s post Millennium. Either way, who are the mortals that survive to that point? I look forward to your answer for further discussion.

            As it relates to Luke, as in a criminal investigation, the eye witness is relied on with more certainty than an account complied by someone who did forensic research 30 years later. Doctor Luke has a less than complete version of the discourse. We need to compare and contrast it to the eye witness account of Matthew. In the Matthew account, the focus is not “where” but “when”. Jesus’ answer, via the following context, is “at His return”.

            The context in Luke 17 is set by vs 30 “It will be just the same on the day that the Son of Man is revealed”. His return. With that timing, vs 31 continues “On that day…”. To ask the question of “where” is off in the disciples thinking. Chapter 18 again brings the issue back to “times”. None-the-less, His answer is giving a location that the Sheep and Goat judgement will occur. Not here in the USA … In Israel, where He will have just dropped 200,000,000 combatants that His birds are cleaning up.

            Interesting, this topic of “when” the true church might come out? Tragically, if I’m correct and it comes out at the beginning, the number coming out will be so small as to be easily passed off as taken by aliens. Some other time I can explain how I know that number will be so small. Some of the left behind will be those who either are indifferent to God or hate him. Many will be churched. Those who God has not fully finished perfecting yet. So even if my view is correct, your view ends up being the reality for 99% of the churched today.

            My point again then is that those who are willing to stay … are the ones ready to go. God’s choice.

          • Here are the mortals at the start of the Millennium:

            – The “sheep” in the sheep and goat Judgment. The sheep consist of people who did not take part in the Rapture and did not accept the Mark of the Beast who are allowed to enter the Millennium Kingdom.
            – The saved remnant of Israel.
            – Those under the age of accountability who survived.

            The offspring of each of these groups in the Millennium will also be mortal.

          • Steve, I am not remarkable. To make the request when I did was with no knowledge of whether or not it would be granted. I now know it will be, but at the time it was merely a request, one that I thought was a long shot. Remarkable is the Muslim, who knowing that to accept Christ is a beheading in the waiting, does it anyhow. Remarkable is the North Korean who sees Christians being run over by steamrollers, and accepts Christ anyhow. Remarkable were the Christians who lived under the beast’s seventh incarnation when he possessed Hitler, and hid the Jews, knowing that the fate of the Jews would be theirs if discovered. Remarkable were the Christians who accepted Christ under the reign of Nero, whom I believe was the sixth incarnation of the beast, knowing they would be eaten by lions or burned on a stake. That is remarkable. Maybe one day I will be remarkable if I am martyred for the Lord, but not yet.

            I am cognizant of the type of interpretation you are describing. Wayne seems to agree with that type of interpretation based on what I read in his book. Just so you can understand me better, I take a different perspective for the following reasons. God gave a blessing to those who would read and heed what was written in the book of Revelation. I believe He expected all Christians to read or at least listen to someone read the book and understand it. Knowing that the vast majority of Christians who would be doing this over the past 2000 years would be Gentiles, not Jews, who knew little to nothing of Judaism and the way they interpret Scripture, and that most were uneducated, illiterate people with simple understanding, I feel that God wanted us to read it and simply understand it at face value and in chronological order as much as possible. (Within those parameters I believe that the break chapters are obvious.) I believe this as that is probably how most would read it, given they were not educated in scholarly methods of interpretation. The scholars would no doubt say that this is not the way it should be interpreted, but the non chronological method you describe seems to me to be riddled with confusion and multiple variations on how it should be interpreted. People would have their own way of ordering things with everybody having a different interpretation. That can only be avoided when one goes with the flow. Peter said that prophecy is not for private interpretation, and armed with that directive, and the knowledge that God is not the author of confusion, I chose to just read it and accept it at face value in order as much as possible, with an understanding that the obvious parantheses chapters, by their context, were fill in the background chapters, as you sort of describe. That is also not to say that the references back to O.T. symbology is ignored, it should not be. One should not even try to read and understand Revelation without a working knowledge of the rest of Scripture, and I believe God assumes that we would understand that, but when people start talking hermeneutics or Jewish ways of interpretation, I tend to believe that God did not make that a prerequisite of understanding a book that He had John call the “Revelation of Jesus Christ”. It is supposed to be an open book for everyone to understand, no matter how scholarly. I approached it in that way and to my surprise, when I did that, it became a very easy book to understand. I didn’t find that I had to move things around, spiritualize them, or wonder what to do with them when I did it this way. Since it worked for me, I have stuck with that method. It was a long journey to get to the understanding I have, but I am now content with it as when I would solve puzzles, I would have a peace each time that made me believe I had found the truth. If something didn’t sit right, and I had no peace, I knew God wanted me to research further.

            I figure that in the end, we’ll all know what the truth was, so as long as we are prepared spiritually to be martyred, even if there were a pre-trib rapture, that is the important thing. I’m sure the many daily martyred Christians around the world would agree with me.

          • Connie, I see your point about remarkable. Well put. Yet I see you as remarkable. I absolutely wish you the best.

          • Thanks Wayne. I think I may be missing a step or two here? Again, please help me out.

            If the snatching away of the known occurs at the end of the seven years, who are the sheep that would be left for the judgement?

            Similarly, how are the category of folks you mentioned “the saved remnant of Israel” not a part of the rapture?

            Finally, what citation would you have on those under the age of accountability not being raptured with those over the age of accountability?

          • The sheep and goat judgment deals with those who did not accept the Mark of the Beast and did not take part in the Rapture. Matthew 25 indicates they are judged for how they treat people during their time of need. Not everyone will accept the Mark of the Beast. Some will be able to survive without it through various means. Some will treat people well (the sheep) while others will treat them badly (the goats).

            The remnant of Israel that enter the Millennium get saved after the Rapture and before the start of the Millennium. There’s a gap of time when the remnant of Israel will assemble from the nations to the land of Israel and get saved (Ezekiel 11:17-20 and Ezekiel 36:24-28 covers some of this time).

            I don’t have a specific verse on the age of accountability group at this present time. That’s more of my opinion, which is okay to disagree with if you like.

          • Good morning Wayne.

            Well, this helps me begin to understand your position better. Thank you.

            On the sheep and goat issue, it appears that you hold that there is a class of people who are not right with God, so they are not raptured, but also didn’t cooperate with the so called antichrists monetary system. Scripturally, how do we surmise that this distinction exists?

            I have to say, our position here is hard to defend. Not impossible, but hard.

            Looking at Matt 25, it’s interesting that the goats think they are OK with God. They are the churched who are self deceived, they have the same fate as those in Matt 7:21-23. But the Sheep “did the right thing” but didn’t know that pleased God.

            It seems to me that by definition, those who please the Lord are His. They are “known” by Him as Paul says. (Gal 4:9 and I Cor 8:3). It also appears that the connotation of “My sheep” who know my name … contradicts our conclusion here. (Jn 10:15 & 27 and Jn 21:16 & 17).

            As for the remnant of Israel, what is our evidence of that gap of time? Is it surmised, or scripturally detailed? The passages in Ez may refer to the regathering of Israel after the Babylonian captivity, or the current regathering, or the draw back to the land after the third woe. How can we know which it is? Perhaps it’s all three?

            As for the age of accountability, I appreciate your response. I probably have a handful of things just like that myself that I hold to be true.

          • The Third Angel of Revelation 14 warns people to not accept the Mark of the Beast (this announcement is late in the tribulation). That means that not everyone alive at that time will have the Mark of the Beast.

            Isaiah 66:19-20 and Isaiah 49:22 indicate that there’ll be surviving Gentiles across the world who will bring the remnant of Israel with them as they travel to the land of Israel. As I argue in my article on Luke 17:37, the wicked who die in the end time harvest of the earth had the Mark of the Beast. Since there are surviving Gentiles after the harvest, it’s reasonable to believe they survived because they did not have the Mark of the Beast. But, they are not with Christ initially since they’re still scattered across the world, so they did not take part in the wheat harvest (the Rapture).

            That gap of time is Scripturally detailed. I have two chapters in my book about the period when the remnant of Israel assembles in the land of Israel and get saved. One of the passages that relates to Ezekiel 11:17-20 and Ezekiel 36:24-28 is Ezekiel 39:27-29.

          • Wayne, I didn’t see this verse listed by you, but it also shows that there will be those left out of the Gentile nations who have not taken the mark, but neither did they accept Jesus as their Savior before the rapture. Zech. 14:16 And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles.

            Also I’m wondering how do you reconcile the passages in Rev. 14:14-20 with the idea that the wicked are harvested before the righteous, when this passage says the exact opposite? I always reconciled the two opposing Scripture ideas by believing that it must be simultaneous, just as I believe the rapture and the start of God’s wrath happen at the same exact time, and that is why it is put in two different orders in different places, so that we wouldn’t put emphasis on something that might lead us to a wrong conclusion. The only way that it being simultaneous could be conveyed to us would be to put it in one order in one place, and the opposite order in another place. That is in my opinion sort of backed up by 2 Thess. 2:1-2 when Paul lumps together the Second Coming and our being gathered to Him as being the beginning of the Day of the Lord, which is God’s wrath. It all seems to happen at once. And when you think about it, why wouldn’t it all happen at the same time. God closed the ark and started the rain at the same time.

          • Yes, add Zechariah 14:16 to the list. That’s a very good verse.

            I reconcile Revelation 14:14-20 by viewing it as describing the same event from different perspectives. The focus on Revelation 14:14-16 is the harvest of Christ’s elect while Revelation 14:17-20 emphasizes the the harvest and punishment of the wicked. The harvests do occur practically at the same time. I emphasize the wicked going first though as it undermines the concept of “left behind”. Pre-Trib implies that the righteous are taken first despite Christ saying in Matthew 13:30 that it’s the wicked who are taken first.

          • Well? I suppose that if one reads the 3 sets of 7 proclamations as linear, what you mention about the timing is plausible. Although I have a different take on the timing, I still fail to grasp how those who as you mention “do not take the mark” are not raptured? I think I’m still missing something? Help me out. I’m a slow learner.

            Relative to the Isaiah passages, you reference “surviving Gentiles” bringing back the remnant. But the passages are silent on that issue? That at some point beyond 700BC Jews will be brought back to the land is sure, but when that occurs is not definite from those texts? Again, this could be after the Babylonian exile or today. What textual link do we have to force it to the end of the 7 years?

            I ask also why we would think that “proximity” would have any effect on the sheep and goat judgement? If some are in the Antarctic, will not Jesus summon them to Himself for the separation of the sheep and goats? Do we have any citations for this issue?

            As for the gap of time, I tried to figure what two chapters you’re referring to, but failed. Would you be so kind as to give me those two chapters please?

            You clearly have a very sharp and capable mind. Many who discuss eschatology do. You also seem to be pleasantly systematic. I like that. You also seem to be logical in your approach. I like that too. The conclusions you rightly reach are understandably postulated using both scripture and reasonable conjectures. Anyone attempting to put this 1,000 peace puzzle together must use some degree of reasonable conjecture. What concerns me is the degree that you rely on reasonable conjecture(s) for your conclusions.

            If for any given eschatological conclusion, one uses 10 scriptures and 4 conjectures, and another uses 12 scriptures and 2 conjectures, why not side with the one favoring less conjectures?

            The principle of Occam’s razor applies here. All things being equal, the solution with the fewest assumptions, the simplest explanation, tends to be the right one.

            I can only assume that you think your conclusions have the least assumptions and are therefore right. I say that because you don’t seem like the arrogant type. You seem like a you’re man who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him. As an old fart, I can tell you that in time, your world experiences may add information to your thinking that cause you to re-evaluate your prior position(s). My hope for you is that God allows that maturing soon. You’re a good man. God misses nothing.

          • How can people not have the Mark and not be Raptured? Think of a doomsday prepper. There are some who live off the grid and live off the land. They want to be self-sufficient and not to depend on the government to survive. Not every doomsday prepper is Christian.

            Some of these people in the tribulation would likely choose not to have the Mark of the Beast (since they’re self-sufficient and have no need to be part of the system) nor be part of the Rapture as they are not Christian.

            Regarding forcing the references to Isaiah to the end of the 7 years and it meaning that the Gentiles will help bring the remnant of Israel, Isaiah 49:22 and Isaiah 66:19-20 describe the Gentiles actually taking the remnant of Israel to Israel. Isaiah 60:1-8 also describes it.

            Isaiah 60:1-8 is a passage that pertains to future. It describes a time when darkness covers the earth, but the Lord will declare His glory. These two details are found in many end time passages about time pertaining to the end of the 7 years.

            Also, the context of Isaiah 66:19-20 is future. Isaiah 66:15-18 and Isaiah 66:21-24 have many details that pertain to the future.

            Chapter 22 to Chapter 23 of my book describes the gathering of the remnant of Israel from the nations until the time they are saved.

            Our viewpoints are different, so we have different understandings of the Bible prophecy puzzle and how the pieces fit. Unlike Connie and Annette, I was never taught the Pre-Trib Rapture growing up. I pretty much started at the Age of 16 without a bias one way or another. It took Connie and Annette time to overcome the teachings they grew up with, I didn’t have to deal with that. Yet, I came to very similar conclusions as Connie and Annette although we started out at different points. It means something to me that different people who overcame Pre-Trib upbringings end up coming to very similar conclusions as me.

            I am an introvert, so I am highly analytical. I don’t have much capacity to extract hidden meaning from passages, so I have to rely on Scripture talking for Scripture to understand things. I am not afraid to have a completely different viewpoint than what is popular because I rely on Scripture to formulate my views.

            I would probably have a much larger following if I repeated many of the popular teachings that others teach these days. But I don’t find Scriptural support for these popular teachings, so I don’t teach them.

            You may have trouble following me as I throw out Scripture references, but it’s hard to convey the connection between everything because there’s so many different Scripture passages linked together in my mind. My book is my attempt to share the many thousands of Scripture pieces I’ve assembled in my years of study in a coherent way for people to follow.

          • Thank you to both Wayne and Connie for this civil discussion. As I read some other people on other blogs, I’m horrified as they accuse each other of spreading lies and going to hell. Probably not what our Father intended.

            I would be honored to work with either of you in ministry. Perhaps some day God will arrange that.

            God bless you both.

    • Connie. How are you? Miss our conversations. Hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day.

      So…I haven’t heard back regarding your baseless claim that there were “dozens of books like mine.” I guess I’ll just have to assume that that was a bunch of smoke on your part (minus the fire).

      But, if you were untruthful about that, why should we believe anything you have to say?

      (Just a question. I mean no offense. If I’m off-base, this can be easily corrected by you.)

  61. Continued refutation of Wayne Croley’s conclusions.

    Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.

    I am not going to go into detail with this. Those familiar with the biblical account of the Antichrist know he will begin as a supporter of Israel. He is the one who is behind the 7-year Israeli peace treaty that enables the Jews to start building the 3rd temple in Jerusalem.

    Just because this process at this juncture does not have “the support of the many” is irrelevant to the fact that Trump is boldly getting behind Israel. The “many” will indeed sign. What precipitates this signing is anyone’s guess. One of the early chapters in my book is called The Perfect Storm. In it, I track all the unbelievable circumstances that necessitated the unbelievable rise of Trump. Who was behind all that celestial alignment? GOD. God did it before. He’ll do it again. The “many” will sign. Will that be “difficult” for Trump? Not if God enables it to happen. Watch and see.

  62. Continued refutation of Wayne Croley’s conclusions


    Wayne’s quote: “Daniel 11 indicates that the Antichrist will be able to attack the strongest opponents and win….In contrast, Trump is not an unstoppable force at the time of this writing since he is struggling to get his legislative agenda passed in the U.S. Congress. How is Trump going to rule the world when he cannot even get healthcare legislation passed?”

    This is another premise that is fairly simple to answer.

    1.) Recall, the Antichrist gets his power from Satan (Rev. 13:2). This alone is enough to make Wayne’s argument here a mute point.

    2.) Once again, Wayne appears to be selective in his Bible quotations. He quotes verses 38&39 stopping short of verses 40, 44-45 which says, “And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships…But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”

    Clearly these indicate that the Antichrist is a reactive fighter:
    –Tidings shall trouble him. (Like Trump, the Antichrist reacts to rumors.)
    –He goes forth with fury (As opposed to seasoned generals who proceed in a calculated manner. The Antichrist acts on impulse. Sound familiar?)
    –He comes to his end (is defeated).
    –No one helps him. (So much for that universal appeal, charm and charisma Wayne alluded to earlier.)

    Recall also, the Antichrist is a “little horn.” Scholar Arthur Pink interpreted this as indicating that the Antichrist will come up with very limited political and military experience. I concur, but only would add that this may also be and indicator of the “smallness” of the “true man.” I say this because Daniel in the same passage emphasizes the “greatness” of the Antichrist’s words, which in the original is rabrab. It means “puffed up.” In fact, that passage in Daniel 7 can easily read, “As his frame is, so is his mouth–inflated!!” Is it another coincidence that the size of Trump’s manhood was front and center during the debates? You decide.

    • I view Daniel 11:36-39 applying to the time spanning the Antichrist’s rise in power until the establishment of the abomination of desolation, which is established midway through the 70th week of Daniel (Daniel 9:27). I did not mention Daniel 11:40-45 because I believe that passage refers to a different time in Antichrist’s time on Earth. More specifically, I believe that passage refers to the latter part of the Antichrist’s reign when he is likely to be under attack (i.e. after the sounding of the sixth trumpet).

      Charisma is likely to aid Antichrist during his rise to power, but charisma can also fade. Hitler was able to intoxicate Germany with his charisma during his rise to power. However, by the end of the war, Hitler had lost much of it and was a shell of what he once was.

      • Charisma may aide the Antichrist. Fact is, Trump can be quite charming and charismatic when he wants to be. But there is no biblical support for this charisma angle. It comes from Hollywood. It’s a nice guess. But that’s all it is. Again—chapter and verse my brother.

        If Trump is the Antichrist —HE-WILL-ACQUIRE-THE-POWER-OF-SATAN!!!
        Hello? You are leaving out a very important detail.

          • Wayne, I’ve tried not to go tit-for-tat-back-and-forth with you, but I cannot let this one slide. The Bible isn’t just one great free-for-all as far as interpretation goes.
            The NIV, NLT, NASB, CEV, Holman Christian Standard, all translate this “greatness” as ARROGANCE in Daniel 7:8.

            Not only that, Strong’s Concordance (7260) says that the word, transliterated rabrab in the Aramaic means: huge (in size); domineering (in character). It says nothing of either great as in “excellence”; nor does it say ANYTHING regarding charisma.

            You can choose to believe the word means whatever you want to. But scholarship simply does not support you in this. Even the word “great” does not necessarily mean charismatic. Did Stephen Hawking speak “great things?” Absolutely. Would you have given him the Mr. Charisma award? (No disrespect to either the man or his condition.)

          • A major reason why a lot of people, including myself, view Antichrist possessing a lot of charisma is that we saw what Hitler achieved. For me and for others, Hitler was a prototype of what the Antichrist will be like. Without going to a discussion of Revelation 17, I actually view Hitler as one of the seven kings referenced in Revelation 17:10 and view him as a prime example of how Satan can help a leader rise from complete obscurity to a position of immense power. Hitler rose from homelessness to arguably the evilest man in history up to this point using charisma that some eyewitnesses described as “demonic”. He could electrify crowds while hypnotizing people one-on-one. Antichrist will say boastful things and make great promises, but he will most likely need charisma to get people to believe him as he rises from relative obscurity to position of world ruler.

          • Oh my gosh…How have I been so blind? I think I understand now.

            Like Hitler: The Antichrist will be a boastful person of who electrifies giant arena-filled crowds with promises to make them great and an uncanny ability to sway the most unlikely of persons with his nearly hypnotic ability.

            I see. Hmm, I’ll keep my eye out, Wayne. Thanks for the heads up.

            Like Hitler, might this person also be of German descent?

            BTW, your picture of Trump at the top of this blog drips with irony.

          • Becky, don’t listen to Jonathan Dane. He is an antichrist that is here to only stir up trouble. Just read through his message and you will see that he is a liberal that does nothing but blasphemy.

          • Ice, I believe you’re looking for the verb form, “blaspheme”. Well, given the fact that I haven’t blasphemed Christ, I assume you are upset because I do not pay the proper homage to your god-king, TRUMP. Sorry to disappoint you. But your reaction on this blog only strengthens my argument. Sorry.

  63. Wayne, just as the people who keep predicting the rapture is on this date or that date, people come to the Scriptures with a preconceived idea and look to find Scriptures to back up what they want to believe, changing what is necessary, leaving out what is not liked, and making the subject fit by imposing things upon it or the person that might not be true, but only wishful thinking. That is the same way people have treated their candidates for the antichrist for years. I can’t even count the number of people who have “fit the profile” over the years and the proponents of that candidate swear that God has shown them the truth. It is more that they fit the profile that the person picks and chooses out of the Scripture, because they want so badly for that person to be the one.

    There are so many subtle verses that so many people overlook that refer to the antichrist, and he must fit them all, just as Christ fit all His prophecies. The one in particular that they seem to miss is that the beast or antichrist comes out of the abyss or bottomless pit. In other words, he is not human. He is a demonic entity. He may inhabit a human being, just as he did Hitler and the previous hosts he took, but the fact is, he isn’t any of these people until he takes them over, so until he does, that person is not the antichrist, and I don’t think he comes out of the abyss until we are in the 70th week which we aren’t yet. The Scriptures might indicate as a possibility, since his deadly wound is healed, that the person he inhabits is killed and he merely takes over their body. That means that who and what the person is now and what their personality is and what they are doing is irrelevant, as it is not them that is the antichrist, it is the beast who is using their body who will be the antichrist.

    Just as people should wait until the true signs of the rapture are going to occur (which they don’t really know due to their lack of knowledge of the Scriptures), people would do well to wait until we are actually in the 70th week of Daniel to point to a candidate that looks like the one that really will fit the profile. Until then, they just impose it upon the person they want it to be which is a pointless exercise. There is no more point in trying to debate them than in trying to talk to these rapture date setters, for they listen to their dreams and visions and thoughts, rather than really getting into the Word like you and others do. But I know in saying this to you, I’m preaching to the choir. I often wonder how you can be so gracious the way some people treat you. I guess that is why I jump to your defense. Maternal instinct. lol

    • Hi Connie,

      If you want to say that whomever person cannot be the Antichrist until he is possessed by Satan, fine. I understand that reasoning. I will remind you that Jesus called Judas “a devil” BEFORE the Satan came into him. He didn’t say he “would become a…” He said, “and one of you IS a devil”. This was when the Apostles were first assembled.

      I understand what you are saying regarding people “picking and choosing” Scriptures to make them support their candidate for the Antichrist. That has been out of necessity because none of those candidates were the Antichrist. Let me say that I have not done that in my book, as you are claiming. I deal with ALL passages (without exception) having to do with the Antichrist. People accuse me a following a long tradition of Antichrist hunters. Those charges are easily silenced. I just have to ask them, “Name me one book written since the time of Christ that is even remotely similar to mine.” I’ll ask you the same thing. Give me one example where an author unabashedly claims that a person is indeed the Antichrist and writes an entire biblical side-by-side exegetical examination of such candidate to prove it. There hasn’t been any such books written because there has not been any such candidates. That is—until Trump.

      You said previously, “I don’t want what you’re sellin” Okay—I’ll send it to you free of charge. That offer stands for anyone on this blog. You just have to contact me.

      Every single characterization in my first message on this blog comes from Scripture. And every one of those descriptions is of the Antichrist. And every one fits Donald Trump. You didn’t dispute ONE OF THEM. How is it that so many qualities and specific characterizations can fit two separate people?

      Not yet satisfied? Here’s so more for ya….

      Do you know what the name Donald Trump means? KING OF THE WORLD WHO TRIUMPHS THROUGH TRICKERY

      Donald means “King of the World” (look it up)
      trump is defined as deception and falsehood as in trumped-up charges
      trump card is defined: “a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.”
      trump in German (Trump’s nationality) is trumpf which means “triumph” (you can see Trump in the word)
      In fact, Daniel calls the Antichrist a “little horn” which in the original language is a shofar (trump) The Bible literally calls the Antichrist a “trump”. In John chapter 5, Jesus says that the Antichrist will “come in his own name.” Who on this planet is more obsessed with their own name than TRUMP?
      Joel said that the moon would turn to blood before the great day of the Lord. Donald Trump was born on a blood moon.
      The Antichrist is mean “against” and also “in place of” Christ. He will present himself as a messiah figure. Remember the Christmas story?
      Jesus’ mother’s name was Mary. Trump’s mother’s name is Mary. Jesus’ cousin’s name was John. Trump’s cousin’s name is John. Jesus’ aunt’s name was Elizabeth. Trump’s aunt’s name is Elizabeth.

      Trump literally has ceiling after ceiling in his Trump Tower penthouse covered with paintings of the Antichrist (no lie). On his mantelpiece is another painting of the exact same scene. (Kind of rules out a coincidence.)

      The major qualities/characteristics of the Antichrist are as such:
      He’s a man of deception.
      He’s a man of mockery.
      He’s a man of excessive boasting.
      He’s filthy rich.
      He’s a very immoral person.

      Daniel also says that he is “more stout than his associates.” He also says that he will come out of nowhere and steamroll right over his opponents.

      The first type of antichrist in the Bible was NIMROD, the great tower builder. Like Nimrod, Trump is the greatest of tower builders. In fact, Trump twice tried to build the tallest building in the world.

      • Yes, Jesus called Judas a devil, because Jesus was God and God knows everything. You are not God, so you cannot state definitively that you are without any uncertainty correct. If you haven’t seen books (like your own) on the antichrist being other people, perhaps you have not searched far enough. Or perhaps you aren’t old enough to have knowledge of these books and they are no longer in print, because people have seen the reality that they weren’t true. I have seen books like yours by the dozens, so don’t think you are the first and only one, because you aren’t. I’ve been at this almost 50 years and have seen everything. I am not going to try to debate you for the reason I expressed in my previous comment. And thank you, but no, I don’t want your book. You are not the only one who is pushing Trump as the antichrist and I’m pretty sure all these other people have put up the same arguments you have on their Youtube video, blogs, etc. You aren’t alone in your hypothesis. Not by a long shot. First it was Obama, and everyone was writing how he fit the bill perfectly. Now it is Trump.

        Personally I will just wait to see who the beast chooses to inhabit and control when the time comes. Until then, there’s no point. BTW, the passage in Joel about the blood moon? It has nothing to do with Trump’s birth date. It is about the event that heralds the day of the Lord and there is much more connected to it than an eclipse. Trust me, you’ll know it when it happens. That is the exact point I was making about people taking the Scriptures and applying them as they want. You proved my point exactly by taking it totally out of context and applying it where God does not. Nor does the Bible say that the antichrist’s mother will be named Mary, his aunt Elizabeth, his cousin John. You are applying things to the antichrist which the Bible does not. These things might be interesting, but they are not Scriptural in applying them to the antichrist, so they are useless. Satan might just be mocking you, because he knows people eat this kind of stuff up and make these claims based on this kind of stuff. Scripture alone is the only thing that counts. Scripture says he is a demon that comes out of the abyss. End of story.

        • Connie,
          I’m getting to know you better. You make a lot of bald assertions about things with absolutely no specifics to back them up. So…you “see dozens of books like mine.”?? Well, that interesting on two counts. 1.) To my knowledge, you haven’t read my book. 2.) I asked you to name a specific book title and….nothing. Care to take another shot at that?

          As far as “out of print” books are concerned, I’m an antiquarian book collector with books going back hundreds of years. I own one of the largest hymnal collections in private hands. Just because a book is out of print doesn’t mean it is no longer available. Name an out of print book and I’ll send you a purchase link.

          And yes, I have researched this subject (of books naming the Antichrist) quite extensively. In 1995, Robert C. Fuller published a book called, “Naming the Antichrist; the history of an American Obsession,” where he details the history of people who have named the Antichrist. In his entire volume, there is not ONE MENTION of a serious tome profiling the Antichrist from Scripture alongside a contemporary figure, as evidence that he is, without question, the Antichrist. (Such would be quite an oversight on the author’s part if one actually existed.) I have also researched this quite a bit on my own. Can one find titles on Trump and Obama that — from all appearances sake — seem to fall under that criteria? Absolutely. But on closer inspection, those books are merely suggesting so-and-so is a contender, or that they are a “type” of Antichrist. In fact, there is a book out on the market under the same title as this blog. Fact is, people question whether that author is even a Christian. The book is Scripture light and leftist leaning. It’s more of a booklet put out by a liberal to try to influence Evangelicals away from voting for Trump. Bottom line, there are no books that have stated unequivocally that any world leader is the Antichrist by using substantive exegesis from the Bible to back up it’s claim. If so, NAME ONE — Title and author.

          My point about Jesus calling Judas a devil had nothing to do with omniscience versus limited knowledge, but was rather in response to you saying that the Antichrist cannot be Antichrist without being possessed. Clearly, Judas, as just a man, was still called a devil by Jesus. Is Trump fully the Antichrist as he will be? Of course not. That is coming.

          I must explain something to you about “certainty.” Certainty does not presuppose 100% infallible knowledge of any given thing. Only God has that kind of knowledge about anything. Am I certain my mom is truly my mom? Absolutely. Is there a possibility that she isn’t? It is very remote, but I would have to say — yes. (Maybe I was born of a jackal. Antichrist joke.) I do not live my life according to remote possibilities. I live it according to certainties. Is Trump the Antichrist? Yes. Could I be wrong? Yes. I explain all this in the book you have no interest in reading.

          As far as my book just being like what’s on Youtube, it’s absolutely amazing how much you know about my book, having not actually read it. Are you a prophet? (That is some of that sarcasm that I admitted I may occasionally indulge in.) Connie, I can assure you that my book is unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen on Youtube. As far as substance on YouTube tying Trump to the Antichrist, Brother James Key is the only guy I’ve seen that actually teaches from the Bible. (And I’ve scoured YouTube a lot.)

          Regarding Obama — I did not vote for him, nor did I think he was the Antichrist.

          Regarding Joel and the blood moon, I never said the blood moon on Trump’s birthday was a fulfillment of the Joel passage. Neither was Acts 2 a total fulfillment of Joel. But God in His mercy gives types that proceed the anti-type. If you are steeped in eschatology, as you claim, you are well acquainted with typology.

          Does the Bible specifically say the Antichrist’s mother will be Mary, etc. No it does not. But the name Antichrist has two meanings 1.) Against Christ 2.) In place of Christ
          He will present himself as the Messiah. Having a mother named Mary, a cousin named John and an aunt named Elizabeth does not make him the Messiah. But in a world of delusion that the Antichrist will rise to power in, those kind of things well only help him.

          You say Scripture alone is what counts. Amen sister. I have nearly 1000 verses in my book. Definitely not Scripture light. Also, the book is not written as a house of cards where you find one point that’s weak and the whole things comes toppling down. Rather, it is a mosaic. The 2 points you brought up don’t float your boat? You have some 40-50 more that I’ve mentioned in this blog alone. What are the chances they all find there identity in Trump? Apologeticists use statistical improbabilities to prove the Christ is the Messiah all the time. I am using the same method with Trump.

          Just to reiterate, you’re not attacking my book. You’re attacking the “idea” of my book. Truth is, you haven’t read it. And from the sound of things, you don’t plan to. So be it.

      • Dear Brother Johnathan Dane,

        I am, in all true sincerity, simply STUNNED by your well reasoned, cogent articulation of God’s truth concerning Trump’s true spiritual identity as THE Anti-Christ. Your comparative analyses presented here, detailing every aspect of Trump’s wretched, deplorable life, from his shocking amorality as exemplified by unparalleled untruthfulness, pernicious, prideful venality, grossly unethical business practices, to his ancestral/familial origins, are among the most insightful contributions to eschatological knowledge regarding the Anti-Christ i have, frankly, ever read.

        As It would greatly benefit my cognizance of future Trumpian vicissitudes, as well as my general spiritual walk with the Lord, I would surely appreciate your provision of a/the link to purchase your book, as referenced above.

        P.S>I WILL pray daily you remain steadfast and bold in the INCREDIBLY important work the Lord has laid upon your heart. I WILL also pray daily for myself, that i remain inspired to freely espouse the spiritual knowledge you have so convincingly, yet humbly, shared here.

        Thanks so much, & God bless you and yours.

        Your Brother in Christ,

        Michael Arriola

        • Hello Michael,

          I am sincerely moved, encouraged, and humbled by your articulate and thoughtful reply. Your encouraging word came at a time when my church is going through a trial involving some very critical decisions. God is so amazingly faithful to send me reminders of His uncompromising love and provision. Thank you for blessing me in such a profound way.

          I covet your prayers (and everyone’s on this blog.) In this time of warfare, prayer is so important. Knowing I’m “covered” encourages me all the more to press forward.

          I would be honored for you to check out my book. And yes, I pray that it would be a benefit to your walk with the Lord. It is not just on Trump or the Antichrist. Much of my reasoning and examination of the AC comes from a close inspection of his opposite — JESUS CHRIST. Christ must be the Christian’s focus. Christ is the one Who will defeat the forces of darkness that plague this world. Our only hope is in Him.

          I went a little “promotion crazy” when I first posted on this blog. In short, I promised Wayne that I would no longer post direct links. But the book is easy to find. On Amazon, either a search of my name, Jonathan Dane, or the book title, Rise of the Little Horn, will bring up the book in the search results. More importantly though, I desire your continued prayers and friendship. PLEASE PLEASE email me so we can continue to correspond. [email protected]

          God bless you Michael.

          to the praise of Christ ALONE,


      • Jonathan, I would love to receive a copy of your book. Would you consider sending one to a Canadian?

        • Hey Frances, You mean to tell me that there are Christians in Canada? (kidding). Of course, I will send books to Canada. At some point, every Christian will probably flee to Canada anyway!!

          I need your address. Email it to me and I’ll have a book sent direct from Amazon: [email protected]

          By the way, if you see a large plume of smoke rising from America and you hear a knock on your door, it’s me. Please let me in.

          • Thanks, Jonathan. Yes, there are indeed Christians in Canada. 🙂 I’ve sent you an e-mail message this morning containing my address. P.S. I’ll be listening for that knock. 🙂

    • I appreciate the support you provide whenever you come to my defense Connie. I try not to take things personally although it’s hard sometimes and I sometimes do make mistakes in how I react. I’m definitely not perfect!

  64. My continued refutation of Wane Croley’s conclusions:

    Antichrist, the Ultimate Globalist?

    This one is confessedly more difficult to pin down. It seems to me that we need to start with three questions. Namely:

    1.) What is globalism?
    2.) Accordingly, does the Bible say that the Antichrist is a globalist?
    3.) Is Trump truly an anti-globalist?

    For starters, the word, “globalism” is a modern term because globalism is a fairly modern phenomenon. It is nowhere found in Scripture. I am no expert on global political science. That said, my understanding of globalism is that it is a strategic global cooperation of nation states in all areas of science, commerce, industry, etc. for the betterment of mankind. Globalism is a response to modern-day challenges and advances in technology. The words globalism and globalist are fairly loose terms whose definitions very from person to person by virtue of varying world views and ideals. Yet what all seem to have in common is a cooperative democratic effort between nation states, which leads me to number 2:

    Is this the kind of globalism we see in Scripture? Most definitely there are parallels; particularly in the macro areas of commerce, religion, and so on. But that is where it ends. Biblically, we see a SINGULAR DICTATOR — the Antichrist, ruling over all men with the rest of the nations crying out, “Who can make war with the beast!!!” I’m sorry, that is hardly a view of most “globalists.” (Okay…no doubt, some conspiracy fanatic will chime in about all the dark room, sinister plans of the Bilderbergs or the Rothchilds, etc. SAVE IT, please.) Bottom line: The globalist plans are not to have some dark and sinister world figure running the show. If one wants to argue that that is their TRUE plans, fine. Hard to prove things whispered in secret.

    Lastly, is Trump truly an anti-globalist? (Or even a nationalist?) I would argue this. The ONLY (and I mean ONLY) “ISM” Trump truly believes in is TRUMPISM. Why does Trump appear to be a nationalist? The same reason Trump appears to be anything — because it further supports Donald Trump. Why does Trump say that he’s a Christian? Because Christians put him in power. Had the Atheists put him in power, no doubt, he’d be an Atheist. Trump shoots from the hip. In any given day, he will simply identify with whatever movement or identity or agenda that will move him forward tomorrow. That’s why Trump flip-flops all over the place. (We’ll never know who much he gave to the Clintons.) Is Trump truly an anti-globalist? It depends what day of the week it is and what’s on the agenda for Trump tomorrow. Some days yes, some days, no.

    One thing is for certain. Trump is all about Trump. Trump is all about power. The more he gets, the more he will seek. This won’t stop at the White House.

    • I think Trump is a nationalist, particularly an economic nationalist.

      You’re portraying Trump as the ultimate Machiavellian. We’ll see in 2020 if he can hold onto power.

  65. I-AM-SORRY

    I want to issue an apology to the guests on this thread. The Apostle Paul says (and I’m paraphrasing) that even if one speaks with absolute truth and the voice of an angel and deliverers himself up to the flames as a martyr, but has not love, he is a clanking cymbal. I came into this blog like an unleashed bull dog. I regret that — deeply. I am sorry. I have already issued a private apology to Wayne. I also went WAY OVERBOARD promoting my book. I won’t apologize for that but will confess that it was an unwise move on my part.


    Without lessening the wrong, please suffer me a bit of background for clarity sake, so that, perhaps, you may understand why I failed the test the Lord presented to me.

    Long story short is that I had been previously going back-and-forth with a devotee of Mark Taylor — a person I consider to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This happened on a YouTube post where Taylor was issuing a divine threat to anyone who would dare criticize Donald Trump. This devotee accused me of knowing nothing about Trump beyond what I read from the internet. (I’ve been personally threatened by Taylor followers more than once.) During the “debate”, I noticed that this individual was sounding suddenly “smarter”, so I copied and pasted one of the comments in a Google search. Low and behold, it was this individual who had not only been getting their info from the internet, but was, in fact, plagiarizing it in our conversation!! That Google query led me to this article/blog. Voila!!

    I decided I would go to the source of the plagiarism to learn of the reasons why Trump wasn’t the Antichrist. THIS WAS MY MISTAKE: I should have stopped, taken a breath, and prayed. I did not. Do I believe that the information I posted is biblically sound? YES. But in the process, I was ungracious with Wayne. In our private email exchanges, I found him to be a humble, Christ-like man. Iron sharpens iron and he sharpened me. Thank you Jesus.

    I can be a bull dog. Sometimes that quality is useful, if leashed. Wayne has graciously allowed me to continue to post on here. Am I now just going to lay down and turn into a theological mamby-pamby? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. Will I continue to shoot straight to the point in a blunt fashion at times and even sarcastic if I feel it is appropriate? Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. But know this, I will pay much more attention to my tone with Wayne, my brother in the Lord, and all of you.

    Finally. KNOW THIS. I believe that the Lord has bestowed on me a profound understanding regarding the Antichrist. I AM NOT A PROPHET. NOR AM I A SCHOLAR. Why the Lord has chosen me to be this vessel at such at time as this? — I haven’t a clue. Why am I so passionate about this? Why am I SO BOLD? Why do I go overboard on promoting my book? BECAUSE I BELIEVE IT TO BE A PROFOUND TRUTH THAT PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR. That’s why.

    I am not a professional writer, nor am I in this for the money. My desire is to be a part of a end-time movement of God to call people out of darkness and into the Light of Christ. This battle is not of flesh and blood. This is spiritual warfare. I am suited up and ready to fight. Is Wayne my enemy? I DO NOT BELIEVE SO. But I do believe that Wayne, like many other sincere born-again Christians, are misguided. But I believe a time is soon coming when God will remove the veil concerning Trump. When that happens, all hell will break lose. Why? Because many in the church will turn on Trump. He will consider that a betrayal and an attack on his character. (In a sense, he will be correct.) In her interview with Trump, Megyn Kelly asked, “Have you ever been personally wounded by someone?” His reply? “IF I’M EVER WOUNDED BY SOMEONE, I HIT BACK REALLY HARD SO I CAN UNWOUND MYSELF.” If you praise Trump, he’ll love you. But if you turn on him, be assured, you’re on his sh*t list.

    Get ready Church. Do you want to know why I am so passionate and so bold? Because I know what’s around the corner — AND IT AIN’T PRETTY. Hold onto seats folks, this is gonna get rough.

    • It is good that you apologise to Wayne- his articals contain scripture and varying viewpoints. He is careful to not offend anyone, a practice we could all model, as well as not to give his own personal opinions so as not to offend anyone of a different view point, Wayne can even be a little annoyingly close to the vest with his views, lol. As someone who can also be a bit of a “bulldog” it is important to remember that we are called to treat our brothers and sisters in Christ with love, mercy, kindness… NOT sarcasm. An apology might also be in order for Connie- she too backs up her claims, as you say, with scripture. You may want to look into her blog, which she does not promote here, as it is full of scriptually backed articles. I, too, realize the time is short, I believe we all do. It is for this reason, among others (Chief among them being Jesus called us to) that we should be continuing to grow in Christ by having love and respect for others. Christians lost the cultural war a good bit because we didn’t show our love to others. The comments reflected here, should it be an outsider looking in, do not reflect love, patience or kindness. We are to be known by our fruits and our love for others. God hates a boastful mouth and heart. It should go without saying that you catch more flies with honey- share the honey of the Word and your book will need no touting. Much love to you as a sister in Christ!

      • Hi Lauren,

        I agree with the tenure of your reply. I hope my apology is evidence of love.

        Please understand a few things. Just because one’s post contains Scripture and varying viewpoints (as you say in your first sentence above) does validate them. The same is true for my posts. Jehovah’s Witnesses articles contain Scripture as well. But that does not make them correct.

        Regarding sarcasm, there is a proper place for everything. The Apostle Paul used sarcasm on his Corinthian brethren when they were in error. I regard Wayne as my brother and told him so. But I also regard some of his argumentation as intellectually dishonest; like when he quoted Trump telling his security, “Don’t hurt the protesters.” as evidence that he doesn’t encourage violence. That is a blanket mischaracterization of Donald Trump — a person who has repeatedly promoted violence at his campaign rallies.

        Regarding Connie, you say she backs up her claims. Yet she has personally made claims concerning my book. 5 times I asked her to back up her accusations with easily provided evidence and no such evidence was ever forthcoming. Where was your message to her to issue an apology to me for such a false mischaracterization?

        Lauren, we are in a time of spiritual warfare — the end of days. Yes, we are called to love the brethren (and even our enemies). But there is also an appropriate time for correction, admonishment and even rebuke. Paul withstood Peter to his face –publicly.

        I am convinced that Donald Trump is the Antichrist and am suited up with armor to defend that view. Wayne has publicly stated the opposite. One of us is stating the truth and the other is deceiving (albeit perhaps unintentionally.) I will love him — but as one who is spreading error to the flock of God. You say the time is short. Very true. When the time was short for Christ, Jesus publicly renounced the religious leaders of His day, calling them “white-washed tombs” (Matt. 23). Sometimes love wounds (Prov. 27:6).

        The end of your message implies that I have a boastful mouth and heart. Yet, you provide no examples to back up such a severe accusation (pride was the downfall of Lucifer).

        I cannot respond to bald assertions. I am in a period of trying to promote my book because I feel it contains an important message. I am not aware of ever touting my own abilities in the writing of the book. In fact, I make it clear that I have no literary or seminary background. If I have committed wrong, testify to the wrong. Bald assertions are not examples of spreading honey — they’re just assertions.

        Much love to you as well dear sister,


        • I do not believe Trump is the Antchrist, but what I believe about this does not matter. Time will reveal whether what you claim is right or wrong. I will say I admire your boldness to speak about what you believe. Should it end up that you are wrong about Trump, my prayer for you is that you will not lose your boldness. I agree with you that what is around the corner is not going to be pretty. Such boldness will be required.

        • Sir I am sorry but due to time restraints and a lack of continued interest I do not have time to go through each and every comment you have made to show you how arrogant, disdainful, rude and sarcastic you have been. Your own words are your example. I will instead occupy my time in a more beneficial way- praying for the scales to be removed from your eyes. If there is any merit to your book it will reach no one until then. I do however appreciate your usage of “bald” so much better than “bold” 😉

  66. The comments ordering issue appears to have been caused by the separation of comments into pages. That’s been disabled, so now the comments should be easier for people to follow. The comments are “lazy loaded” so as you scroll down more should begin to appear.

  67. Hey Wayne,

    I noticed that new comments are shoved all the way back to the last page of the blog. That seems like a blog killer to me. (I’ve honestly never seen that before.) What’s the point of someone leaving a comment if people have to scroll through countless pages to see it? (That will never happen.) Essentially, new comments are invisible (unless a reply to a previous comment.) Can you talk to the site administrator to see if that can be remedied? New comment should always be at the front of the line. (Like Youtube, Facebook format)

    • The comment system on this site has been messed up for awhile. I’ve been thinking of trying a different comments system or just eliminating comments all together. It’s getting harder to manage the comments section, I’m being hit with increasing amounts of SPAM and trolls, and I don’t always have the time to issue proper responses. I’m prayerfully considering what’s best…

  68. My continued refutation of Wayne Croley


    Croley’s quote: “Trump is a skilled speaker, but he is not close to being as charismatic as the Antichrist will be. As I’ve stated previously, I imagine Antichrist to be even more charismatic than Adolf Hitler…Trump does not possess the charisma that Hitler possessed and the charisma that Antichrist will possess.”

    This is so easy to refute, it’s child’s play. Name me ONE PASSAGE in all the Bible that says the Antichrist is charismatic. Just one. He’s make this up right out of whole cloth.

    • Daniel 7:8, 20: “(8) I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things. […] (20) And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.”

      • Hey Wayne,
        You might want to do a little comparative study with some other translations. The “great things” the Antichrist speaks are not great things “in and of themselves” but rather great things “of himself.” The NASB makes this distinction: “this horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering great boasts.”

        You’re supporting my conclusion. This is all Trump.

        • Trump is currently the president, so we won’t have to wait long to see whether your arguments concerning Trump are correct. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait 100 years to see!

          • You are correct Wayne. I have four chapters that deal with the time period of 2023-2027. It is approximately 2000 years (minus 7 years for the Tribulation) from the death and resurrection of Christ. So many were deceived into thinking the time period just before the Y2K was significant because it was 2000 years from Christ’s birth; not knowing of course that it was His resurrection that started the new age of grace, not His birth. Trump will be re-elected. It is in his second term or soon after when the beginning of the end will come. Time is short—hence my urgency.

          • That’s right, Wayne. And so far, my projection of 2023-2027 appears right on the money as the wounded beast prepares his re-emergence onto the world stage, a stage based on pure fiction.

    • Hey Jonathan, I think after reading through this whole thread you might be the anti Christ, your arrogance is unreal and the way you communicate with people is so disrespectful. Actually you cant be the anti christ you have the charisma of a paper bag.

      • Robbie t, you have the kindness of someone who has a log in both eyes. When you learn not to insult someone, then you might be ready to remove the spec from your brother’s eye.

  69. My continued refutation Wayne Croley


    Croley’s quote: “Trump is a very prideful man, but does anyone seriously think that he is so arrogant that he would demand the world to worship him and order the deaths of anyone who refuses to worship him?”

    Short answer: Yes

    Croley again is showing not only his lack of biblical knowledge but also a lack of history in general. When Hitler was coming up in the ranks in Germany during 1920’s and 30’s, he was also a populist reformer with a pro-Germany message. says, “A prominent theme during the Nazi Party’s ascendancy was restoring Germany to its former greatness, and Adolf Hitler used the phrase “make Germany great again” upon occasion.” Hitler was a friend to the Church and referred to himself initially as a Christian. British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, signed the Munich Pact with him. Would anyone have DREAMED at that time that Hitler would have committed such horrible atrocities during the Holocaust? Heaven’s no. Hitler did not start out as “Hitler.”

    If anyone in history is labeled a worse person than Hitler, it would have to be Judas Iscariot. But how did Judas start out? How did others perceive him? Yes, Christ in His omniscience knew him to be “a devil.” But what of the apostles? Even at the Last Supper when Jesus said that one of them would betray him, did they all look over at Judas? Hardly. Even though he secretly stole from the money bag, he was entrusted with it with no complaints from the Apostles. They went out, two by two, and cast out demons. JUDAS DID AS WELL!!! Can you even imagine what the Mark Taylor crowd would do if Trump cast out a demon? And yet — Judas turned. Satan came into him. He wasn’t the only one. The masses shouted Hallelujah King of Kings one week and a week later were shouting, “Crucify Him!!!”

    So again—could I imagine a Satan-filled Trump ordering people to worship him? Oh my Lord. He is already seeking worship. Folks, WAKE UP!!! Why do you think that Trump CONTINUES to give large stadium rallies filled with his most loyal supporters? Because he seeks worship! That’s why.

    As far as Trump ordering the deaths of people that don’t worship him, I have countless stories and quotes that support Trump having this kind of mindset in my book, RISE OF THE LITTLE HORN. I’ll leave just one here. Trump has in the past stated that he will order the assassination of terrorist’ families. (His said nothing of the word–guilty.)

    Croley’s quote: “If you watch Trump’s rallies you will notice that he will occasionally call for the ejection of vocal opponents but at the same time tell the officials ejecting them to not harm them.”

    This quote I believe betrays Croley’s tacit support of Trump. This is, at best, a misleading statement. FACT: Trump is made statements as they were escorting protesters out such as: “Boy, I’d like to punch him right in the nose. ” & “In the old days, they’d be going out on a stretcher folks, I gotta tell ya.” Trump also offered to pay the legal fees of anyone who might be tempted to rough up the protesters.

    This statement of Croley bespeaks one of two things: Either he is way uniformed concerning Trump or he is flat out dishonest.

    If you want to see plenty of information on Trump’s tendencies towards violence and self-worship, please check out the website for my book, RISE OF THE LITTLE HORN. (Also available on Amazon)

    • You and I have different views of Trump. That’s for sure! As for the quote, Trump did say things that you mentioned at rallies early in his campaign. But in later campaign rallies, his language softened dramatically. At the time I originally wrote this article, Trump’s language had softened dramatically.

      Why have large rallies now? I think Trump is most comfortable speaking to crowds of non-politicians and not reading off a teleprompter. It reinvigorates him and probably gives him a “rush” that he probably misses if he hasn’t done it in awhile. He probably enjoys the adoration as probably a lot of people would if they were in that position.

      • Wayne, just a few days ago Donald Trump called Chuck Todd a son of a b****. He also insulted several people. I’m not sure what Rally’s you are listening to or watching, but the ones I have seen in recent days, Trump is just as wicked and vile as he was during the campaign. The only difference is, there aren’t protesters around for him to get angry and hateful with, and then call on his supporters to beat up. So, no, I strongly disagree with you that Trump has softened.

        And just a shout out to my brother Jonathan Dane, it looks like the internet has brought us together again. Kind of strange how you’re the only person that I inadvertently keep crossing paths with on the internet.

  70. My continued refutation of Wayne Crowley


    Crowley’s quote: “Daniel 11 indicates that the Antichrist will not be someone who will desire women in his life”

    Mr. Crowley, you need to read the text a little more carefully. Is that what that verse really says? Let’s examine the verse.

    “Neither shall he regard (the God of his fathers, nor) the desire of women, (nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.”) (Dan 11:37)

    For the sake of clarity, I put the first and last clauses in parenthesis because our focus has not to do with the gods of the Antichrist, but rather the desire of women. When removed altogether, the verse reads: “Neither shall he regard the desire of women”

    Question: What is the object of this clause? Women or their DESIRE? Clearly, it is their desire. It does not say he does not desire women. Rather, it say he does not regard (care about, give attention to) the desire (the wants, the ambitions, the aspirations) OF women.

    Donald Trump is a sociopath. A sociopath’s concern for women extends to the woman merely as a trophy to show off. Donald Trump was quoted as saying, “”You know, it doesn’t really matter what [they] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” (Esquire Magazine 1991)

    I give many more examples of Trump’s disparaging attitude towards women in my book, RISE OF THE LITTLE HORN.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for responding. I wasn’t implying that you were a lightweight. It was a statement about me, not you. I am not an Antichrist hunter. I did not think Obama was the Antichrist–ever. Nor Reagan or Gorbachev. The book I have written stands alone — trust me. It’s one thing for people to add the letters up in a person’s name, claiming so-and-so is the Antichrist. It’s quite another to write a 400-page book detailing it as a profile from the Bible. I pull from nearly 1000 verses of Scripture. There is not another book written to compare it to. I would LOVE to send you a complimentary copy. You seem like an open-minded person. Interested?

    • We can agree to disagree here.

      I think Daniel 11:37 more likely reflects the Antichrist’s reaction towards the advances of women who want to be with him. I think of Hitler in this regard. Hitler was the most desired man in Germany during much of his reign with his hypnotic effect on people. He could have any woman he wanted. In public, Hitler would say something along the lines of “I’m married to Germany”. He had a mistress (Eva Braun) but he spent very little time with her (up until the end of the war when he did marry her I guess as a “reward” for her loyalty). She was so neglected by Hitler that she tried to kill herself on multiple occasions from the loneliness she felt. I think Antichrist is likely to neglect the advances of women too since he is likely to be focused on accumulating power on his path towards becoming the world’s ruler.

      • Bottom line: You say Daniel 11:37 “reflects the Antichrist’s reaction towards the advances of women who want to be with him.”

        I say, “Neither shall the Antichrist regard the DESIRE of women” (He cares little for what women care about; i.e. their desires.)

        I guess we let the readers read the text for themselves and decide who is reading the text and who is reading into the text.

    • the Context is about gods. So the desire of women is the Virgin Mary. They put her in high regard with their high esteem and devotion to her. Some women just need some god they can call their own to suit their Value in the Male dominated account of the bible story.

  71. As promised, I said I would be addressing the author’s comments. I don’t do anything lightweight. (My book on this subject, RISE OF THE LITTLE HORN, is some 400 pages.)

    Croley’s comment: “Trump is the farthest thing from being viewed as a messianic figure by the world.”

    For starters, that’s not quite accurate. Many of Trump’s followers in the Christian community are hailing Trump as a KING. They refer to Trump’s “reign.” People such as Mark Taylor are issuing heavenly threats to those who would even criticize their god-man.

    Watch Trump’s reception around the world in such places as Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Saudis honored Trump with their highest honor. Israel has issued a coin with Trump’s head overlapped onto the head of King Cyrus. Rabbi’s are calling in Israel are calling on him to build the Jewish third temple.

    What is the first reason Crowley gives that Trump is not a messianic figure? He’s polarizing. Let me see if I understand Crowley correctly. So, if someone happens to be a polarizing, he cannot be a messianic figure? This is laughable. Question: Who has been the most polarizing figure in the history of mankind? JESUS CHRIST — the MESSIAH.

    Regarding Rev. 6:1, I agree with Croley that that is a reference to the Antichrist. But he makes one gigantic and fatal flaw. HE’S READING INTO THE TEXT WITH A PRETEXT (preconceived point of view)!

    His quote: “Revelation 6:1-2 depicts Antichrist as a rider on a white horse, which indicates he could be so popular that he will be viewed as a messianic figure by the world.

    I’m sorry. Where does it say ANYWHERE IN THAT VERSE that the Antichrist will be “so popular”. It’s not there. In fact, THERE IS NOT ONE VERSE IN ALL OF THE BIBLE that says the Antichrist will be well-liked, or charming, or charismatic. Do know where people get this from? THE MOVIES. It’s not in Scripture.

    Is the Antichrist a polarizing figure? Yes — absolutely. In fact, you are either for him, or you are against him. Those how are against him will either be killed with the guillotine or in battle. In Daniel, we see the Antichrist uprooting three kings. And towards the end of his reign, the nations of the world will turn against him in the battle of Armageddon.

    Crowley’s quote: “Trump will never command the admiration of the world like the Antichrist will.”

    Really now? And how might you know this, sir? Again, THE ANTICHRIST WILL NOT BE LIKED. HE WILL BE WORSHIPED AS A GOD. Why? Because, at some point in the near future, the Devil will approach Donald Trump, just as he approached Jesus Christ in the desert. He will offer Trump the kingdoms of the world. Unlike Christ, Trump (the Antichrist) WILL ACCEPT. At that point, YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR, TRUMP WILL BE AS A GOD WITH SUPERNATURAL POWER. He will harness all the satanic wisdom and deception that is inherent in Lucifer. And yes, people will bow down and worship him. To not do so, will mean death. And the fringe benefits inherent for all in the Mark of the Beast will be irresistible to all but the saints.

    For more exhaustive biblical support on why Trump is indeed the Antichrist, please check out my book. RISE OF THE LITTLE HORN

    • It’ll be quite the feat for Trump to overcome the attacks of the media, the deepstate, including the Democrats who want to impeach him and the establishment Republicans who try to sabotage him legislatively, to become world ruler. I don’t see that happening, but time will tell…

      You are correct in linking the analogy of Jesus in the desert being tempted by Satan to Antichrist. Antichrist will accept the offer that Satan will present.

        • The rider on he white horse in rev 6 are Christian end time preachers, Christ’s body, that’s why the white horse. I believe this is also the man child of rev 14, who will be calling the bride. She is the woman is rev 14, who will listen to Christ’s body of believers,and be protected in the wilderness, away from antichrist. There she will prepare herself. The apostate Christians will reject this body of believers as they are a threat to the Christian establishment. They will follow after the antichrist, who I believe, yes, is Trump. But that part doesn’t matter, but you have to admit the Christians support Trump because Trump empowers them. But he will turn against them mid trib

      • Wayne, I believe Jonathan is correct. There cannot be a more obvious antichrist because Trump is prideful and brags like nobody’s business. He will take care of the dems and dissenting repubs in time, as well as the “deep state”. And very importantly, he is hugely supported by the Christians (apostasy coming. Trump can practically do no wrong with them. The stage is set.) as for women, his hatred must be growing because of Stormey Daniels and other “bitches” who are trying to out all these poor men. Women have never been taken this serious, never believed like this before in history. Trump will turn back that me too movement

        • Trump has a huge ego. I am not denying that. It would do him a lot of good to be more humble, apologetic, and to behave better around women. With that said, I believe the Antichrist’s ego will be MUCH greater than his. In other words, I believe there will be someone MUCH worse than him coming in the future.

  72. Donald Trump is, most definitely, without a doubt, THE Antichrist that will bring in Armageddon. I was made aware of this in March of 2016 when God laid it, very powerfully, on my heart and mind. It was then that I started my book, now published, called RISE OF THE LITTLE HORN. The book was written before the elections in the summer of 2016.

    I will be posting quite a bit on this site. I welcome any and all challengers to my point of view. Respectively, I disagree with Wayne Croley. I will address his points, one at a time.

    Before I do, I would like you to consider an excerpt at the beginning of my book. It is a profile of the Antichrist. I unpack every single point (and then some) in my book. Who does this sound like to you?


    A man with no military or political experience announces his run for the most powerful seat in the world. His promise? GREATNESS. He controls the flow of money, and is head over a military that is unmatched in the world. He is consumed with winning politically and fortifying his strongholds. Though initially thought of as a minor threat by his associates, he truly towers over them. He demolishes them by means of abusive and slanderous speech, tears down the character of those who oppose him and flatters and elevates those who admire him. He rises up as if by sheer will. He is an alpha male who plots and manipulates anything and everything to take down his opponents. He is seemingly unstoppable. To the utter amazement of the world, he succeeds at nearly everything he does, despite his lack of deep personal conviction on any issue except self-aggrandizement. His narcissistic pride is evident to all as he continually boasts, exaggerating his achievements and financial worth. He is characteristically disingenuous, so deftly twisting the truth that deceit becomes the norm rather than the exception.

    An aura emanates from him that seems to delude people’s thinking; making those―seemingly intelligent―unable to discern truth from falsehood. At some point, these deluded masses begin to view good things as evil and evil things as good. He is untamable, doing whatever he pleases. These characteristics cause other world leaders to fear him. He shows little regard for the support of women, yet boasts of his various adulterous relationships. Despite his inflated claims, he does possess considerable wealth, which he unabashedly flaunts; wealth accumulated through real estate holdings and building projects. Hailed as the consummate praised man of the city, he is a builder of great high towers, bedecked with precious stones and gold. He is obsessed with his name and plasters it on everything he touches.

    He is cunning and shrewd; playing his enemies like a game of cards. He is vicious in his desire to win. The concepts of grace and forgiveness find no place in him. Violence follows him wherever he goes; even to the killing of innocents who stand between him and his goals. His false show of religion gains the trust of people of faith―deluding them. He comes to power through the “simple folk” who have been discarded as insignificant. His supporters are unwavering in their commitment, for they worship the ground he walks on. His rise to power coincides with a political uprising and defection. Many will leave their former political affiliations.

    His ascension comes at a time of worldwide financial, social, religious, military and civil upheaval. But he will promise to restore law and order, and to soon put an end to crime and violence; a few of many extravagant promises he will never keep. He will establish an extreme vetting process to prevent illegals from gaining access. He will seek the wealth of Iraq as Russia shows signs of escalating military aggression towards the Middle East. Known for his ability to make deals, he promises to make a peace deal between Israel and her surrounding enemies. He plans a restructure of the balance of power in Europe in order to fight terror. The earth will be in global flux.

    Who do these paragraphs describe? This portrait was penned thousands of years ago. It is a biblical word picture of the most evil, ruthless killer of all time; a tyrant who will draw the world into the last great mega-battle known as Armageddon. The Bible refers to this man as the Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin, the Wicked One, the Worthless Shepherd, the Beast, the LIE, the Adversary, the Spoiler, the Willful King, the Lawless One, the Desolator, and more. This man’s wickedness grows until, eventually, Satan himself will possess him. He is known to most as the Antichrist.

    • Wow, if ever there was someone who was self-promoting, you win the cake. And you do it by trashing someone else. How much do you charge for your insight, sir? Quite honestly, I for one have no interest in buying what you are promoting. The only thing you have offered is your view of Trump, nothing more. And all the liberals will agree with you. So what. Wayne offers a great deal more than that, and he does know his Scriptures. You could learn something by reading some of his other posts.

      • I have not “trash talked” ANYONE. If I have spoken wrongly, then testify to the wrong. But if I spoken the truth, why “trash talk” me? If you have an actual “point” about something I specifically said, I would love to address it. If I have committed a wrong, then by all means, I will stand corrected. But all you have done is attack my character as some sleazy self-promoter.

        Connie, I don’t know you from Adam. But walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me. You accuse me of attacking someone by, in turn, attacking me. Christ says that before you judge, first remove the log in your own eye. Then you will see clearly to remove the speck in mine.

        Do I promote my book? ABSOLUTELY and unashamedly. I don’t do it because I am a professional author or because I’m in it for the money. I do it because I think it communicates the truth; truth that many would benefit from.

        I was very specific and Bible-based in my comments. If you have a question or critique about something I said, fine. Let’s hear it. If you don’t, I’ll assume my comments stand.

        Finally, regarding Wayne, he seems like a humble Christian man. We have been corresponding by email. There is presently no animosity between us.

        • Jonathan you are so right and I just explained some things to Wayne regarding that. Trump brags more than anyone, he’s ridiculous. Fits the antichrist bill perfectly on so many counts. Would imagine he also hates women and their me too movement and stormey Daniels, and all of them, who are “making trouble” for all these poor men. I don’t care for stormey but many others have valid points and even stormey is not a liar at least, like Trump is. He must want to bounce back all their achievements as this is the only time women have ever been believed and not been blamed for their own abuse, and it probably makes him furious! I knew he would win the election, honestly, because he seemed like the long awaited antichrist and I have been at this prophecy stuff a long time and never before, not ever, thought someone who came before ever was. He’s the first I ever thought that of, it’s him.

      • Hey Connie- based on arrogance alone- do you think the commentator on here may also see himself as the antichrist? I wonder if one were to turn these “attributes” around, would the description maybe also fit some of us? The guessing game is fun but Paul cautions us to only use words for the building up others- not the tearing down of someone you don’t agree with. Aside- I really got a lot from your article regarding milk and women’s meetings, lol. That is the reason people like me aren’t as knowledgeable about things that seem basic at times.

        • Hey Lauren,

          Is this an example of your above reply to me where you said that we Christians should “reflect love, patience or kindness. We are to be known by our fruits and our love for others.”??

          By calling me an Antichrist? Interesting….

          • Sir, you are too disdainful in your speech and do not represent my beliefs and so I will not engage with you further. I simply point out that you may want to re read my comment, so as to be accurate, I merely mused on whether some of your alleged attributes might also apply to not only yourself but also others. I wondered about your arrogance and disdain for others and about how you might want to examine that. There is a way to speak to people and a way not to- your way Sir is not right for being a fisher of men. Check out the comments thread- no one is really responding to your arrogance because it is off putting. Any useful info you have is drowned out by your pride- which both the common man and our Lord equally hate. As for calling you the Anti Christ, well, again, a careful reading of my words would indicate ponderance not statement. I would like to reiterate that I have no further use in discussing anything with you, as the Bible says one is to simply move on and shake the dust from their sandles. You have already proven yourself unwilling to be humble and thus I can see nothing to be gained from further disparaging discourse. I wish you well!!!
            P.S. This would be an example of patience, love and kindness

          • Lauren,

            Your reply is characteristic of the replies I get from followers of Mark Taylor. Rather than discuss any particular points regarding theology (or whatever), they are content with spewing forth invective. I twice read over your comment. The entire reply is nothing more than an attack on my character using bald assertions. How does one respond to a statement like, “You’re just a prideful person, full of disdain for people.” What am supposed to say that? “No, I’m not.”??? Tell me Lauren…. how does one respond to an attack on their character? If I deny it, doesn’t that simply justify my stubbornness and pride in your eyes? Kind of puts me in a lose-lose situation. Does is not?

            In your reply, you say that I am:

            — disdainful
            — not of your beliefs (by that, I assume am not a Christian)
            — arrogant
            — do not speak to people in a “proper” way
            — off-putting
            — prideful
            — one who is against Christ (based on your “shake the dust off” analogy)
            — unwilling to be humble
            — disparaging

            And you end your tirade saying that that is an example of being “patient, loving and kind.” I’ll tell you what — Thank God Almighty I am the recipient of your “love”. Because with love language like that, I surely would not desire to be the recipient of your “hate”!!

            Question for you: Have I treated you like that? Have I disparaged YOUR character as you have mine? It’s REALLY EASY to attack someone’s character with nothing more than bald assertions. You gave NOT ONE EXAMPLE of how I am this disdainful and prideful person, as you claim. Tearing someone down is easy. Lifting them up — not so much. To my knowledge, I have not attacked anyone’s character on here. My target is always a person’s ARGUMENT, never their person.

            I would never to say to a person that they are not to judge. Everybody judges — every day. You have every right to judge me. The Bible doesn’t tell us not to judge. But it does warn us to judge righteously. For how you judge me, the same judgement shall accordingly be poured out onto you. (Matthew 7:2). However, I will stand with the apostle Paul when he said, ” it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you,” (I Cor. 4:3)

            Now — I confessed and apologized for initially coming on too strong on this blog. Since then, I have toned down the rhetoric, for sure. And what’s your response? You “ponder” whether I qualify as the Antichrist. When I called you out on that, you followed up with the above, hateful, reply. That was COMPLETELY unfair and uncalled for. Again, did I EVER characterize you in such a fashion?

            I will admit that I have used “sarcasm” with Connie. Was I being sarcastic, just for the sake of sarcasm? Not at all. Connie said (and I quote) — [” If you haven’t seen books (like your own) on the antichrist being other people, perhaps you have not searched far enough. Or perhaps you aren’t old enough to have knowledge of these books and they are no longer in print, because people have seen the reality that they weren’t true. I have seen books like yours by the dozens, so don’t think you are the first and only one, because you aren’t. I’ve been at this almost 50 years and have seen everything.”]

            I knew the above statement to be false. IT’S A FLAT OUT LIE! I pressured her (sometimes sarcastically) to back up her above statement with evidence. So far, none has been forthcoming. One month later — I am still waiting.

            In the end, if you want to judge me as “this and that kind of terrible person,” have at it. I knew from the beginning that this was the road that I would be traveling, because the Lord told me as much (no…not in audible words.)

            Until such time as Wayne blocks me from this site, or pulls the blog down altogether, I will continue to speak out, AND THAT — BOLDLY AND UNASHAMEDLY. If you perceive this as pride, I am sorry you feel that way.

            If you are so convinced that I am a prideful person, then quietly pray for me. Announcing my supposed shortcomings and sin to the world is not helpful.

        • Lauren, I’ve been unable to access this website for a while, so it took me a while to comment. I’m glad you got a lot from my articles. As for the other issue mentioned first, I have learned that sometimes no matter how much evidence you present to people, if they have their minds made up about something you are just banging your head against a wall, so it is best to walk away from them and ignore their taunts and comments. I see you have just received a dose of “prove it” yourself on one of your comments. Sometimes it is easier to just let people show themselves for who they are just by sitting back and letting them talk and remaining silent yourself. Often the more they talk, the more they verify other people’s comments.

          • I will actually be shooting an email to ya soon Connie- there are some things I’d like to run by you. Yes, once you have been patient with someone, shown them love and kindness, it is best to walk away. Jesus knew the heart and knew not to cast his pearls before swine. After all, you can lead a horse to water…

      • Erin, thanks for your support on here. I don’t want to play the martyr. God didn’t force me down this path. That said, it gets lonely at times. I rejoice to see one person who is supportive. Thank you and God bless you. At the end of the day, the identity that matters most is that Christ truly is the Son of God. In that, I pray, we can all unite.

    • There is buzzing in my spirit. I keep asking God is that me or Him. Jonathan, I requested a book from you via email but I will buy it if I haven’t heard back from you by pay day. Anyways, TODAYS NEWS Trumps green card policy!! It seems you are on to something and from the very beginning, I looked at Trump sideways, bewildered why fellow christians seemed almost giddy to have them as their president. Finally a president that will reestablish good christian morals they say….um what? He has revealed the rot in all of us. The left and the right are working together whether they know it or not. I don’t have any revelations or visions or anything else. For some strange reason I’ve been quickened in my spirit in the last 6 months that the time is NOW. I wonder if that IS the Holy Spirit giving us a heads up. Like a dog with a bone I can’t seem to quit this curiosity, borderline obsession with figuring this all out. As if I actually could. I don’t make bold statements. I usually cower back and withhold any of my opinions for fear of being wrong or offending. But I wanted to comment to Jonathan directly and say he has my attention, I have read every comment prayerfully. I do not see arrogance at all. And I consider myself to be extremely intuitive although, I know that means squat to anyone reading this since I am just a stranger on the internet. Anywho, Jonathan keep on it man.

  73. Another interesting study by Irvin Baxter – Daniel 7 mentions beasts, and verse 17 says that these beasts represent empires. The end of the chapter reads as though these empires are in existence at the time of Jesus’ return.
    The lion with eagle wings plucked off from it – this represents England/Great Britain (a lion is their national animal); and the plucked off eagle wings are America (the eagle is our national bird, and we were plucked off from England/Great Britain. (The verse is 7:4 too – our independence day).
    The 4 headed leopard represents Germany and its 4 Reich. The Holy Roman Empire was the 1st Reich of Germany, the Hohenzollern Germany was the 2nd Reich, and Hitler was the 3rd Reich. The 4th Reich or head is in the making now since the Berlin Wall came down which reunified Germany again. When the wall came down, the Daily Mail said the wound appeared deadly; but it was not – instead it was healed. It was almost word for word from the Bible (Revelation 13). The 4 wings on the leopard represent France (a rooster is one of their symbols) and they are on the leopard (Germany) thus representing the Franco-German relationship. Dominance was also given to the leopard. Germany has been making the Leopard Tanks since WWI.
    The bear – of course – is Russia. The 10 horns – are the dominant EU states.

    In Revelation 13 these same exact beasts of Daniel 7 are mentioned. However in Revelation 13 these beasts are all combined together representing the one-world global government. The “wings of a great eagle” (America) are not mentioned, though, but they are in Revelation 12:14 and they are taking care of Israel for 3.5 years (tribulation).

    I have been watching Trump pull America out of the UN (global government) bit by bit. I have been watching Trump support Israel.
    He is also very intent on accomplishing a peace deal (confirmation of the covenant???). How will it all play out??
    The war that starts at the Euphrates River is brewing too ….

    Time will tell ….. I thought this was a very interesting study …. I thought you might find it interesting too.
    I keep thinking too – Trump may very well be in office for “7” more years – the confirmation of the covenant is for 7 years. Time will tell …. it is all so interesting.

    These dates are all fascinating too. (I’m sure I have already mentioned them somewhere – but they are fascinating!)
    1917 – Balfour Declaration
    50 years later in 1967 – Six-Day War
    50 years later in 2017 – Trump declares Jerusalem the capital
    Every 50 years in the Bible was a Jubilee, and land was returned to the original owner or his descendants.

    In 1948 Israel becomes a nation again, and 70 years later in 2018 Trump is supposed to be moving our embassy to Jerusalem on the date! Fascinating!!!

    • Vicky thank you for your comments in what you learned from Irvin Baxter…I have been watching his program and enjoyed his point of view and which makes sense.

      Like Daniel he was given visions and explanations but did not truly understand 100 percent…so it is the same with us here in the 2018’s…we have many “ideas” that this or that will happen at such a time. It is good that we pay attention to it but we must not loose sight of the most important thing we should be doing–warn our friends who are lost or who have not heard gospel and give them God’s message…before its too late. It is not for us to know exactly when, where, nor how the Anti-Christ comes–we do have a general picture of what he will do—if we pay attention we could perhaps glimpse the possibility of that person (who ever he is) might be the Anti Christ and to be on the high alert keeping our minds, hearts, body focusing on the LORD and what He desires for us to be doing.

      It is good that we can have groups like this discussing God’s Word…may we all be of one accord united in spreading His message, teaching others more about the love of Yeshua (Jesus), fellowshipping with one another while we have the liberty of using the computer for sharing thoughts and encouragement–the time could come when someone in authority could take away this freedom –then we will need to pray for one another.

      I hope to chat via this website more about interesting facts that the LORD has been revealing to many people and how God’s Word re-emphaize His Truth.

  74. Please understand that I mean no disrespect towards you, for you seemed to ne part of the fallen 80%. Col. 6:4-5

    This has given me great sorrow, yet I understand this and feeling my spirit to reach out to the fallen, regardless of their reactions. Most prophecies as in Daniel are not, peole, angels or demon, but timeline, with some exceptions.

    In Daniel 11: 2-31 is also a prime example of this.

    Verse 15
    15 is Russia, the king of the north who invades the Ottoman Empire who is too weak to stand against the Russian forces (starting in 1878) Russia also capture a city and built forts.

    In Verse 16-17 the invader was the United Kingdom 1917 which was the ones who came to an agreement with the Ottoman empire
    and gave a daughter in marriage was the Daughter of Zion. See the Balfour declaration, It was the UK intentions for both sides to destroy each other.

    In verse 18:
    is after WWII as the UK turned their attention to the
    Mediterranean where they captured many European Jewish refugees fleeing to Palestine.

    Verse 19
    19 after the UK lost, the UK returned to their own country, where they stumbled and fell to no longer be the UK.

    You are sorely mistaken when you came to Revelation chapter 6 for if you open your eyes this is recognizable as a timeline and nothing about Trump.

    The 1st seal is of the white horseman who is given a crown (Indian Chief’s headdress?) who has a bow with no arrow; I see this as a timeline as we see a powerless king. This is a recognizable event that lasted a long time (abt 1830-1917)’s Manifest Destiny in which
    President Andrew Jackson in 1830 had ordered the new law of Manifest Destiny in which the U.S. had set out to north America, in which included Northern Mexico, the Caribbean an parts of the Pacific Ocean, which white American white thought it was their god given right (so he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. The
    This was the 2nd seal is of the Red horseman I believe that represented WWI from at least 1917 to 1918, (Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other . This is an example of armies fighting each other. (to him was given a large sword)..

    The 3rd seal is of the Black horseman I believe this time period starts after the after WWI ended and the European allies sought to harshly punish the German people from 1919 through 1939. (Its rider was holding a pair of scales which represents the starvation of Germany and then the rest of the world. The second part I believe represents Hitler’s Germany, as he put Greece under his thumb, as Greece had a 70% export rate of several Items including Olive Oil and Wine. Which Nazi Germany used to rebuild their country?

    The 4th seal is of the last of the four houseman whose rider was on the pale horse and his name was named Death and Hades followed.
    They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword,
    famine and plague and by the wild beasts of the earth. I believe this represents WWII (1939-1945), which not only slaughter millions of soldiers but civilians a like. We can easily see that this battle field could be seen to affect a forth of the earth which included much of the
    seas as well.

    The 5th seal is of the believers seen under God’s alter in heaven.

    The 6th seal is believed to be the Israel becoming a nation in disbelief which happened in 1948. , as this scripture spoke of a shaken leaf in a strong wind . In Matthew 24 : 32-35 (32 ” Now learn this lesson from the fig tree : As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out , you know that summer is near . 33 Even so , when you see all these things , you know that it is near , right at the door . 34 Truly I tell you , this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened . 35 Heaven and earth will pass away , but my words will never pass away . About trump, your observations are wrong for a man who while off script, finds that he gets easily distracted where his aids get him refocus. When on script, the alt right is responsible in destroying our democracy. He is so distracted that is cheat sheet where it said things to encourage gun violence victims was visible to the cameras showing his lack of empathy.


    This he has continually demonstrated as he loves to boast and be worshiped. He demands loyalty!


    He has demonstrated and proclaimed, he alone can get things done.


    He was considered Cyrus the great, which he seems happy to accept.


    He wants all desirable woman and he wishes that he himself would be king of the world as he has hinted about himself being like a god.


    After moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, it’s only a matter of time.


    (Revelation chapter 13 says it all, likeness of a Leopard, feet of the Russian Bear and a mouth of a lion. He has boasted and express world dominance as he admires dictators and presidents for life, as he wishes it for himself.


    This is yet to come due to the desire of 80% who wants to force Christ to return, to the damnation of their soul, unless they repent and turn from their sins.

    Your conclusion is just misguided!.

      • To each his own, for time will tell and if Trump is the one, which I pray I’m wrong, we’ll know for sure.

        Explain to me one thing. If you think Trump is the White horseman, why doesn’t he have arrows with his bow, for as per today, he has plenty of arrows with bow and was never elected king, though time will tell. Why no arrows?

      • I too understand and read scripture as well as in the book Daniel, Book of Matthew and Revelation as well as others. I’ve been well verse qs a Messianic Jew since February 19, 1977. I’m not judging you, but just trying to reason with you as the spirit of God moves in us! Daniel 11 is a perfect prophetic historical timeline.

        Tell me another thing. in that if the Tribulation didn’t happen how can you explain 3 things. 1 Israel becoming a nation in disbelief in 1948, 2 Chernobyl happened in April 1986, which when translated in English means Wormwood Star and radiation poisoning can explain bitter waters and many have died, from some reports have it from 30,000 to 1,000,000 and 3 the damming of the Euphrates river. Also in Matthew 24 where Jesus mentioned when Israel becomes a nation (in which how did he know as well as others). He said that would be the last generation. Most theologian who believe this, say that we are in a 120 year count down clock that started in 1948 (we are currently approaching year 70) . So if these happened prior to what you believe that the Tribulation hadn’t happened, what say you to this?

      • If I’m right and your wrong, your helping to blind many to the possible truth. If I’m right and your, wrong, as pastors, you’ll be responsible for your flock. All I’m doing is suggesting a possibility, though I don’t say I’m right, but that it could be a possibility. It seems to me that your speaking in absolutes!

        • This is meant for Wayne Croley. I’d wish you would answer my questions, for they are very important? I’m giving you a chance to admit, your speaking in absolutes and want to correct that. Or if your not speaking in absolutes, then you need to correct the fact, for in other postings it seems you are., Now if your wrong, what would happen to you when you go before God. For me, I’m not speaking in absolute, though I pray I’m wrong, for we have a way off in the count down clock!

          • I do not believe that Trump is the white horseman of the first seal. I’m not sure how you thought that I did.

            The creation of the state of Israel in 1948 is significant because it has enabled many to migrate there. In the end times, the people of Israel will be scattered from the land of Israel to places around the world. Its creation helps to set up the arrival of the end times, but its creation is not a sign that we are within the seventieth week of Daniel or in the last generation.

            Chernobyl isn’t Wormwood. Wormwood will impact 1/3 of the water WORLDWIDE. You’d likely have tens of millions of people dying from drinking the waters from the aftermath of the third trumpet.

            The Euphrates River is not dried up like what is described in Revelation 16. The world will be in a much worst state than it is now when the Euphrates dries up as indicated by what Revelation 16 describes in terms of the first five vials.

            Many people misconstrue the parable of the fig tree when they link it to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 and the last generation. I have an article on that at the following link:


            I am not trying to lead people astray. I am trying to help people. I look at events as objectively as I can without sensationalizing them. Many Bible prophecy commentators sensationalize events these days. I try not to be that way. I’ve dealt with people over the years who have been unnecessarily worried about events because they heard someone else misusing Scripture to hype an event.

            I don’t speak in absolutes. I speak in likelihoods. I am not a prophet. I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow, so I’m definitely no prophet. If I make a definitive statement, it’s based on what I find Scripture to support.

            You may disagree with me on many things concerning the end times. If so, I hope we can at least agree to disagree.

          • Dear Wayne Croley

            Thank you for getting back to me.

            1. I read to quick and we both agree that Trump isn’t the white horseman nor could he.

            2. According to Daniel 11:41 (He will also invade the Beautiful Land. Many countries will fall, but Edom, Moab and the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from his hand.) I doubt the jew will once again go throughout the world again, though for those like me still not in Israel. But Jews who had survived getting south after the anti-christ goes hog wild in Jerusalem, the only places that are under God’s protection is Edom, Moab and Ammon as per what I know it the Word of God, if the interpretation is True..

            3 I disagree for when radiation spreads up into the clouds, it spreads farther then the 30 or so km’s. When the rain from the radiate clouds pour down to the ground and waters, it’s not contain within the immediate area. So this would make it possible to injure the upwards to 2,000,000 people that are infected as between the 30,000 to 1,000,000 deaths. So here’s is a link to what it looked like as the radiation spread and tell me if it’s not possible that a third of the earth couldn’t had been affected by Chernobyl?

            4 google maps of the Euphrates,46.8603657,8z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3fdcd9745f38c1e5:0x685e3334f33f66e8!8m2!3d35.2764957!4d42.6289045river and if this is any indication, do you think there is enough room for massive armies of 200,000,000?

            5. About the fig tree, is a biblical recognition throughout both the New and Old Testament Bible of the meaning of the nation or the People of Israel.. But yes one can either accept or deny anything they want, but for me, I follow hard after the Word of God, for I’ve found the Word to be true, though many doubt. Remember the Word is true, though the interpretation can be questionable.

            6. I’m not judging you of if you are or aren’t helping or hurting the children of God as well as others who don’t know what we know. Col 4:5-6. All I was saying, is to do all things through fear and trembling when it comes to spreading the Word of God and that we are careful in what we share is true. Never take lightly what we share. When ever I share something, I always let the reader know that though this may be my opinion, I can’t say it for 100% that I’m right. Though what I’ve seen in the book of Daniel 11:2-31, I can’t say if it is in deed Trump. I pray that it isn’t, though in time, we’ll know for sure as it seems to be happening sooner than later. May 2018 the US Embassy will be opening and so indeed it may be sooner. Again I pray I’m wrong. unless God revealed it to me, you or someone else otherwise. For now I see as through a see in a mirror darkly 1 Cor 13

            7. {I’ve dealt with people over the years who have been unnecessarily worried about events because they heard someone else misusing Scripture to hype an event.} I too can say the same for the last 41 years that God give me discernment as I’m sure He gave you as well.. The Bible tells us to test what we hear and not to take it at face value! (paraphrase).

            8. {I don’t speak in absolutes. I speak in likelihoods. I am not a prophet. I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow, so I’m definitely no prophet. If I make a definitive statement, it’s based on what I find Scripture to support.} This is good to hear, though some of what I’ve read, did seem to say otherwise. All I’m saying it’s good to preface what your saying isn’t an absolute. As I’m saying, I’ve seen worse, and a friendly reminder is just that. I would pray you’d do same for me. This is why I asking questions.

            9. On the last part, it’s not that it matters if I do or don’t agree, what does matter is that we defend our faith when asked and for those reading be encourage to ask the right questions. With this said, I enjoyed talking with you and that we be willing not to allow ourselves to be surprised and ready and able to admit if we are wrong and pray that God gives us the wisdom to know better. I’m saying this to myself as I’m saying this to you as well as the ones who reads our exchange

            10. Sorry for my poor grammar, for I suffered from the 1960’s lousy NYC Education system who didn’t give me an IQ test when I was 6 and I suffered the lost of 5 years of formal education. So please forgive me for English is my weakest subject. Sincerely Edward Blume

          • Where is what I posted? I put a lot into answering your questions and not to be allowed for readers to read is not for me to suffer! But your readers will think you said had scared me away which you know it isn’t true! Unless you post what I wrote, your showing only what you want to show, which is one sided.

          • Sorry about that. That was the comment system holding the comment for me to review (which I didn’t see until now). Nothing nefarious. It happens from time to time with others.

          • Okay and I thank you for re-posting my response to yours. I have no problem you taking time to look over anyone post, for that’s your privilege and job, I appreciate that it would still be posted as I respectfully answer our written exchange for other readers have a right to see as we can both educate them that there are different opinions out there that give each person a more wider view of what happening and also may happen. After reading our exchange, they can then pray to God and ask Him what to believe, or even if not to believe us as well.

            Thank you for understanding my difficulty when it comes to my grammar.

            The two links I had giving you are both interesting if not alarming.

            1. The first shows the affect of the spread of radiation caused by the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant (Wormwood Star which is the English translation of the Russian word for Chernobyl, whether one thinks it is in Revelation 8:10-11 or not.). This link clearly show that it is indeed possible due to the weather pattern that can spread the radiation throughout parts of the world.

            2. If my insertion on Revelation 8:10-11 of Chernobyl being the manifestation of that scripture and Revelations 9:13-16 of the spiritual and the heavenly view of what has now happened with the Euphrates River as well as Revelations
            6:13, Matthew 24:32-35, Daniel 11:31 and others which states that the 3rd temple will be built and so this claim has also been made possible as Israel became a nation in 1948. This is not only just about a fig leaf or fig tree reference as per Revelation 6:13, Matthew 24:32-35 as well as other scriptures.

            My assertions aren’t my personal opinions, but what God’s Word actually states and has been proven out in our history.

            Here is a link of what is possible as some are waiting for the US Embassy being moved to Jerusalem and what they desire to do in regards to a third Jewish Temple and how fast can Animal sacrifice could begin:





            There was a place I had found before, referring that where the Dome of the Rock is where the Gentile court would be so the rebuilding would be located else where on the temple mount as per Revelation 11:1-2:

            1 I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, “Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, with its worshipers. 2 But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city for 42 months.

            What I had read that Animal sacrifice could start immediately as they’d set up a tent temple as Moses had, while they are constructing the actual building.

            Here is one link on this subject:


            Thank you for allowing our continued conversation.

          • Thank you Wayne, you just described me to a tee about my English! LOL As I said before that my (New York American) English is so horrible, when I was in college. I had 2 A’s 4, B’s, 2 C’s and in my pre-college writing class, I got an F! Wild huh!

          • Thank you Wayne, you just described me to a tee about my English! LOL As I said before that my (New York American) English is so horrible, when I was in college. I had 2 A’s 4, B’s, 2 C’s and in my pre-college writing class, I got an F! Wild huh!

            What I’m looking is someone who could both explain why and how the following is possible?: For the Greek word διὰwhich means “For” But when I had translated it (by several online translators), into Hebrew, the Hebrew word come up as the Hebrew word: ביקש which means “ask” or “seek”. For some reason these two words translates from Greek to Hebrew, but not the other was around. For if I could find someone who is an expert at both languages, maybe they could tell me why this is and how ביקש comes to the Greek words’s meaning of ‘For”? Eddie

          • Thanks Wayne! I’ve been so confused on all these end time prophecies with ppl claiming that God himself showed them the date of the rapture. Dates like, May 17th, May 8th, March 16th or 17th, June of this year, it’s all so confusing. I know that God can’t have revealed the date to these ppl because it was said, “Now concerning that day and hour no one knows – neither the angels of heaven nor the Son – except the Father alone.” Matt. 24:36 (CSB) also, “You’ll recognize them by their fruit. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes or figs from thistles? In the same way, every good tree produces good fruit, but a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit; neither can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that doesn’t produce good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So you’ll recognize them by their fruit.” Matt 7:16-20 (CSB). Their “fruit” is the dates they claim will be the rapture, but they vary so much (with a lot that I’ve seen claiming that God told them the date) that it’s hard to believe that it is the correct date (plus they have said before that it would be a date such as Sept. 23rd, 2015 which was false). Even if they were told by God that their date was correct, it wouldn’t make sense because of Matthew 24:36 and Matthew 24:44 which states, “This is why you are also to be ready, because the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” If God had given them the date of the rapture and possibly told them to proclaim it to others via YouTube ect then people would then be expecting the rapture to happen on that day they had just been told it would happen on. So I tend not to listen to these people claiming that God told them the day it would happen on because, in actuality, they don’t know.

          • For this hies told of me by your friend mike and then your deleting my proper response leaves me only one choice before I delete your false and misleading site from my computer:

            14 If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. 15 Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.

            16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

            With this I say bye, for it’s sad for me to leave such a sad site and I will pray that my God will open your eyes so will repent before it’s to late!

          • For the record, I did not believe he was referring to you when I read his comment. I thought he was referring to people in the past who have made predictions that did not come to pass like September 23, 2015. Also, I didn’t delete your response to him. It’s in the comments section. If you still don’t see it let me know. I’ve been considering getting a new comments system for the site.

          • Mike, Being that you have replied on my strand, makes me think that your saying that I’ve done or said things I haven’t.

            When it comes to end time prophecies, again you have me wrong, for unless I misspoke (for I’m not going to read all that I wrote), I’m not foolish to think of myself something I’m not. At what point have I given you a date or even said when Christ is going to call the saints home? Again I’m not God and I’m not foolish to think of myself something I’m not. If you took care and time to read what I wrote and not assume, you would see that you are the one who are putting words in my mouth and so if someone just read what you wrote and not what I had, you are the one who would be doing the fabricating of lies.

            Another thing I warn against the error in using absolutes and that your lumping me with people that you say that I am, when I’m not.

            What I’m saying is about the end times of not when it’s happening for I pray it still I while off, as long as some of our so-call leaders who have encouraged the president to move the Embassy to Jerusalem, in order to force Christ to return sooner and in so doing, maybe damning their own souls for God isn’t stalling but giving everyone an opportunity to be saved.

            What I also have done was to point out as in Daniel 11:2-20 as there is highly similarity to this prophetic scripture if you look at it as a historian. When it has come to Daniel 11:21-30 again there are many of this that can be seen as possibly happening,.

            Never did I say this is true, in fact I’ve said that I pray I’m wrong, But for someone to say something when I didn’t is putting words in my mouth and so trying to mislead other away from what might be happening.

            So stop putting your lies in my mouth for you can believe what you want to believe, but you don’t have the right to tell someone else what to believe.

            I’m not telling anyone what to believe, but just sharing what I’ve seen as a Messianic Jew for the last 41 years, since I came to Yeshua!!

            What is your motivation and before you answer that, know that God knows what’s in every ones heart including mine and we’ll all have to face him one day soon, so let all our testimonies be true!!

        • Enough already with this focus on Antichrist. Truth be told, there’s a glut of the spirit of Antichrist to go aroun everywhere, including in each living soul, even on the most sanctified of souls. Best focus on and ovetcome it there, and let the personified version of same emerge in its time.

  75. Emmanuel Macron ticks more boxes to be the Antichrist than ether Trump or Putin
    But maybe there is one person yet to be elected into power we have not seen yet

    • NOT

      For Catholic Rome is considered the king of the north (west) Russia) king of the north (east) one of the 3 horns. the middle east and growing up in between the 3 Africa if the king of the south and area I believe is the king of the west and the us is in the middle as per Daniel 11:30 where it talks of the ships of the western coastland and they will oppose him. He would lose heart. This is so evident of Trumps reaction, which I believe Trump is of the forth horn who has grown to be a threat to the world! See what I wrote!

    • If you follow the Book of Daniel 11 and Matthew 24, I don’t think you’d be so happy for the bible says there would be a great delusion and now 80% of evangelical are excited for he’s moved the embassy to Jerusalem to force Christ’s return!

      • You do realize that nobody can FORCE Christ’s return. This is just God’s timing for these things to happen.

  76. This is Awesome! You’re Right! PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thanks for your thorough clarification on President Trump.
    The former fake president, Barack Hussien Obama is actually, the AntiChrist 100%.clarification.
    The question is, who is Donald Trump?

    Thanks bro,

    God bless

  77. Couldn’t he be the antichrist if the rapture happens , and predicted world war breaks out, and he gains control of the area? Once a man thinks he’s been raised from a fatal head wound and satan possessed he might claim to be God afterwards, and decide to take over Israel and wipe out resistant Muslims.

    • I think he is for if you read Daniel 11:21-30 which is indicative of what’s been happening in the past year. I post a large posting under my name, and please read it I’ve been a learned Messianic Jew since February 19, 1977 I pray I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

      • Forgive me for saying this, but being a Messianic Jew does not give you some sort of edge over any other Christian who studies God’s Word. In Christ there is no Jew or Gentile. Nor does time automatically give one discernment and knowledge. I know a lot of older Christians who are totally ignorant of what the Bible says. I’ve been studying eschatology intensely for 50 years, and I also do not agree with your conclusions, for you are trying to interpret prophecy in a preterist way, rather than as prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Prophecy is not up for private interpretation, according to Peter (2 Peter 1:20), and the only way to avoid that is to take it at face value and literally as much as is possible, and for most of it, that is possible. As such, a great deal of it clearly has not occurred yet. You can only come to a preterist view by spiritualizing everything, which is against the instruction of Scripture.

        As for Trump, the antichrist curses God and shakes his fist in God’s face. Trump on the other hand surrounds himself with people who pray for him daily. I may question some of their doctrines, but the fact remains, he wants Christians near him and chose a Christian VP. He even asks random Christians he meets in various places to pray for him. Not to pray later, but right at that moment he will bow his head and let them pray for him. He supports Christianity and is pro-Israel. These are things the antichrist would never do, for he hates both. Trump is in the place he is, because God has chosen to place him there for the purposes of fulfilling the prophecy about Babylon (which I believe America is) being “great” when she is destroyed. She was headed in the other direction and needed to turn completely around to fulfill prophecy. Trump is making this country economically great again in the way that Revelation describes. Is that propelling us toward the end? Of course it is. Somebody had to do it, because God says that is what is she is. It doesn’t make him the antichrist. It merely makes him a tool in God’s hand. Every day and every event around the world is propelling us toward the end and is fulling prophecy. Why should Trump’s administration be any different? It just tells us where we are in the prophetic timeline. It would seem that things will have to begin after she is made great again, but before someone else can get in office who wants to take her back down that previous road she was on. It leaves a small window of time, in my opinion, for things to get going. Will his administration lead to the rebuilding of the temple? I think it will lay the groundwork for that to happen at some point, yes. But that doesn’t make him the one who arranges for it to be built.

        Also in your first comment up above, you put the reference Col. 6:4-5. There is no Colossians 6. Just saying.

  78. Thank you for your post— I quite agree, and find it highly doubtful (and laughable) that the true Anti-Christ would ever be so obvious, or clunky, as Trump can be. The Anti-Christ would hardly succeed by drawing that kind of negative attention to himself in the way Trump often does. Many live to call Trump a buffoon and con man (so please raise your hand if your think the Anti-Christ will win nations being called a buffoon and con man?! LOL). And let’s not overlook how much the mainstream media absolutely HATES Trump. (Surely not one of the signs of the apocalypse). I mean—PUH lease explain to me how THAT would work? ????. If anything, the media will LOVE and promote the Anti-Christ, like a father loves his son (makes sense since I’m pretty sure the far left MSM is like a vacation home for Satan). Very fair to say that those supporting Trump understand all of this, and would like to delay having to meet the Anti-Christ anytime soon, as they know that rampant globalism is the time of the Anti-Christ. Trump feels like we’re putting the breaks on the crazed march toward one world government (and leftist fascism). Also, want to note that there are additional anti-Christ identifiers in Rev 13: 1-2, such as the anti-Christ being: “like a leopard,” with “bear feet” and a “mouth like lion” — often thought to mean: England (lion), Russia (bear) and Asia (leopard). How that figures into who or what the Anti-Christ is, I’m not sure? Will the Anti-Christ will be from all of these nations, or is it a sign of these nations coming together? It’s scary to think that when it seems we have peace, it will actually be the signal for the end. So let’s all just be happy for the dumb tweets! The end of the world can wait a few more years.

  79. Sure, I believe!”I determined: is the time for Jerusalem”. He only failed to mention: “I didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword! D. Trump the more clumsy President of USA until today.. The man of division, discord, of lies, provocations and inconsequences is really in the wrong place in our history and totally inconsonante with the highest position he occupies. The world is perplexed by the actions and words of Mr Trump. Is a very dangerous man for peace and for the planet. In the world, now, we have two crazy: “the world Emperor D. Trump” and the North Korean dictator. How the world is going to get rid of them?

  80. Trump is most likely the anti christ or its Jared Kushner either way he is involved with satan ,,,us christians
    are easily deceived especially in the USA, Trump has blasphemed several times and no christian even says anything
    , Trump is a liar he lies constantly , he is setting up Israel obviously, the bible says he will be a hero to Israel
    then betray Israel, wake up, the writer of this article was wrong “the desire of woman” peolple dont understand, this does not mean that, it is talking about what every woman desired back then which was to be the one who gave birth to Jesus the Christ..and Trump does not desire Jesus , Trump openly says he has never repented,,,Trump recently denied Jesus is the son of God, but rather the son of Joseph…Trump is the anti christ.. Israel rejected Jesus, “but another will come in his own name and him they will receive” , they rejected the real messiah and now they are going accept the false one ….it is over folks get into the secret place of the most High …in other words get under the precious blood of Jesus!!!

    • Trump referred to Jesus Christ as “our Lord and Saviour” at the lighting of the national Christmas tree last week. Of course, only God knows what is truly in Trump’s heart, but I thought I would mention it.

      • I am concerned that Satan can mimic… don’t confuse true confession and acceptance of Christ as our Lord and Savior versus a mere statement for lighting a tree for his base… Do you not think the AntiChrist can and will deceive millions be because of perception . When he is asked about “asking God for forgiveness, Trump
        comments “”I am not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so,” he said. “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

        A critical part of our christian faith is repentance… and acceptance of God’s Grace. Don’t confuse “mere utterance” with “true confession.” Remember Satan can quote scripture…..Trump could have just quoted…. versus believe.

        • We don’t fully know what he believes and what he doesn’t believe and if his beliefs have changed since he made the statement you shared. I’ve heard people with some inside knowledge who indicate that he has trusted Christ as His Lord and Saviour, but it’s nothing I can verify. As I said, only God truly knows what’s in his heart.

  81. Great article I shared it on my podcast and gave credit to you for my listeners to check it out. Podcast entitled The Sacred Hour on and the track is entitled Is Donald Trump the Anti Christ? Great info you shared.

  82. I wrote a similar article on Bible Blender (see but came to slightly different conclusions on some of your points. I think the most important thing to consider is that biblical prophecy is not expected to be interpreted beforehand. Only when the events begin to occur will the prophecy’s fulfillment be recognized. At this point in time, I think several events described in Revelation and Daniel appear to be coming together. That does not however, cause me to conclude that President Trump is, or is not, the Antichrist.

    • Unfortunately, it’s common for people to try to force fit current events and people of our time into their interpretation of Bible prophecy passages. This has led some to mislabel people as the “Antichrist” over the years.

  83. Trump IS viewed as a messianic figure by millions !! No matter how evil, they overwhelmingly support him.
    Trump IS lusty and IS an adulterer, he has NO desire for women, they of only the objects of his conquests.
    Globalism is cooperating with other countries, while Trump does seek to dominate the world under himself !
    What the hell is wrong you WC ? Very terrifying considering in a few minutes this madman, monster, sociopath, who places little value whatsoever on human life, other than his own, possibly creates a nuclear holocaust killing millions, or tens of millions, or perhaps hundreds of millions and that could even cause a nuclear winter and the end of civilization.

    • I don’t know anyone who views him as a messianic figure. There are some supporters who may like him a lot but they also understand that he has flaws like the rest of us. His disapproval ratings are very high in the U.S. and internationally. In contrast, Antichrist will be able to garner the worship of most of the world. Trump will never achieve that kind of adoration across the world.

  84. Absolutely not.

    The reasoning is that he does not possess the pedigree.

    Both the Christ and the anti Christ will rise from the dynastic House of David.

    While Trump’s wife is from the House of David, I am shown that Trump himself is from the House of Jesher.

    Which ironically is the same House that Jesus rose out of and why he was not the person that the church made him out top be.

    Jesus knew and readily admitted that he was not the son of God, and this is made clear in the Islamic texts. But, the council of Nicea really wasn’t worried about the truth. They were trying to create an industry, not a spiritual dogma.

  85. Trump’s not AC, but his son-in-law might be. I’ll be keeping an eye on that guy fo sho.
    Why would the Jews embrace a Gentile like Trump as their messiah anyway? Not sure that makes sense to me..

  86. The anti-christ in late DANIEL came and died almost 2,000 years ago. The “beast” in early DANIEL came and died almost 2,220 years ago. Therefore Trump is not the anti-christ. However, he is anti-jesus and anti-christianity. He has rejected every teaching attributed to Jesus/.

    • The “beast” in Daniel was a foreshadow of the beast that will come in the future. What has happened before will happen again only on a larger scale. I am not of the opinion that Trump is born again, but how would you know what teachings Trump has accepted or rejected? Have you sat down and asked him a list of questions? It would seem from what I hear of his generosity and charity toward people that he understands that concept at least.

  87. Trump is either in for a rude awakening, or is speaking with a forked tongue(i.e. lying through his teeth). You don’t get to become president, much less stay president, if you do not intend to play ball with the power(s) behind the throne, so to speak. The orchestrated push towards globalism has been so strong for the past 20+ years, I can’t imagine one lone president undoing it all, especially with the amount of resistance he would face. This isn’t to say there’s a grand conspiracy. Its just the way things have been going politically & economically in our country.

  88. I still am not convinced Trump is the AntiChrist, but he is awfully close. You mention Daniel 11, saying, “Daniel 11 indicates that the Antichrist will not be someone who will desire women in his life:” But that is not true. The Torah has it “37. “And he will not contemplate the gods of his fathers, and the most desirable of women and any god he will not contemplate, for he will magnify himself over all.” This is talking about gods, that is the context that sentence is describing.

  89. Donald Trump took over the known Republican party by a hostile take-over. He shoved everyone on the Republican platform off the stage. What we are now seeing is, an almost dictatorial actions by his cabinet and himself. He has and does move in all the deadly sins, by virtue of his mouth. We are called to know the times that we are in, and to judge the fruit that we see in individuals. Therefore just quoting the word, without a good balance of Wisdom, will tend to lead everyone astray, by reasons of flattery. To pray and be ready to take action, if need be, will be necessary for the Christian. Watch for the coming move, to move our embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. This will be one of the most powerful signs of the start of Troubles and the return of Christ to come. I can’t tell you how important this is to the starting of God’s timetable. He who does this, watch very closely, as he or she, will be in ties with the Anti-Christ, or be the Anti-Christ. The Trump regime is, already planning to move our embassy. It has been said, it could be done in one night. Remember the passages in Matt; 24; 15-22, everything happens suddenly. The trap will be sprung, before your very own eyes, and Christian’s and Jews alike, will be found in the balances and come out wanting! See who wants the land, above it and below it, as they will be the brokers’, who will determine who gets the land, and the power of !st ruler of Israel. Who calls himself the dealer? Who brokers deals and brags about them? Who is always looking for a conquest? United States, you are looking for the wrong persons to occupy the Holy Land because, He might just be of our own nation. While there is enough time for blame to go around, no bodies looking at what’s happening right in front of our own noses. Believe me, the person who can dominate, and thereby rule from Israel, will also dominate the world. We will give it to him, before we know what we have done. (And there are people who rule this earth, by their wealth and stealth, who you will never know.) Who the cross of Calvary will not change their ambitions or their desires. So,be as wise as serpents and comely as doves, because these days ahead will be evil personified! Jn

  90. Obama was a Muslim–right wing clap-trap! You are better than that Connie–also–what if he was? He is gone and arguably left the country in better shape than it was in despite epic racism, obstructionism and hatred. Not to mention the many “predictions” that he was , nay ,HAD to be the various looney tunes ,synchophants and 400 lb. guys sitting on their beds posting … We now have a (possibly illicit) president who personifies the seven deadly sins–whether he is the AC is beside the point right now and can’t be proven or disproven by you , Wayne or anyone else posting here. I suggest we all take J.D.Salinger’s point that the most important word in the Bible is ‘Watch” and go out after praying/meditating in our room and volunteer at your local food pantry or with Habitat for Humanity or at the hospital nearby–ie. spend much less time in Daniel and Revelations and Leviticus and more time practising the Sermon on the Mount skill set…

    • Obama has said his father was born a Muslim. Obama’s stepfather was from Indonesia and was a Muslim, Obama went to school in Indonesia which is a Muslim country. These are verifiable facts as are the fact that he was blatantly pro-Muslim and very anti-Israel. The evidence kind of points to him being one, maybe not a great one, but still the fact that Muslims accepted and liked him kind of also points to it too, for they do not like Christians. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, there’s a pretty good chance it is a duck.

      I do not see Obama’s moving our country further into more socialism and the New World Order as leaving our country in better shape. But then, I believe in Christian values and democracy, not socialism. I don’t say Obama was the AC any more than I think Trump is. My point was that if anybody fulfilled the criteria laid out by the Bible, between the two, Obama is far closer to it than Trump is. Muslims hate him. No way he could be their Mahdi.

      Spending time in any part of the Bible is not something to be shunned, for it is how you learn about God, how to live for God, and what is going to happen as we approach Christ’s return. We are commanded by God to study, especially the book of Revelation. I do the good works that God appoints for me to do, so please save your criticism for someone whose life you do know personally and therefore have the knowledge to criticize

      By the way, Trump is not an illicit president. Perhaps you need to revisit the country’s laws, constitution, and history. He is our rightfully, legitimately elected president. Nobody can say otherwise no matter how much you may hate him.

      • Connie et. al.: Somehow I knew you’d bring up O’s very early upbringing and ignore his many years of Christian church attendance and declarations of being a Christian–no doubt he isn’t the type of Christian many posting here would have preferred but he has been, by all accounts and appearances, a wonderful (once) married man and father. which should count for a lot come Judgement day. My reference to “possibly illicit” was based on the still to be determined influence of Russia.Wikileaks ,FBI etc. Whether Obama’ moved us toward socialism is a political argument, as is your reference to him being anti-Israel/pro-Muslim and perhaps better kept to a political blog.
        My reference to focus on some “Sermon on the Mount” type service was my attempt to get folks to remember what being a Christian really means (to me) and not to denigrate the discussion and study of the Bible on this site… You are right, I don’t don’t know you or anyone else here and if I sounded judgemental I apologize wasn’t my intent.., God Bless, May God be with you,Peace, Namaste…

        • Attendance at a Christian church for many years does not indicate anything about a person’s relationship with God nor does a convenient declaration that one is one. The word “Christian” is used extremely loosely these days. . I judge him by the fruits that a Christian should have. He was taking us into the New World Order which will be antichrist’s rule. He is pro murdering babies for starters, he is pro homosexual, he is pro transgender, He quoted the Quran all the time. All real Christians know that Jesus is the only way and would never say the things that he has said about Islam and the things he has done. He allowed Muslims in by the tens of thousands but refused refuge to Christians. I’m sorry but to say he is Christian is just being blind.

        • I forgot to add that being a good husband and father counts for nothing on judgment day. What counts is if you made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and you endured to the end. That is the only thing that matters.

        • Oh, and I also forgot to add, that while you may not accept that a whole lot of people voted Trump into office without Russian’s influence, the fact is, they did. Russia had nothing to do with people being fed up with the liberal agenda, the social agenda, and the moral decay of this country.

          • Despite my better judgment to not reply: ok Connie and others in agreement and manifesting ODD (Obama Derangement Disorder . You win–those You Tube things are so convincing!!! I’m glad your obvious eschatological erudition qualifies you to judge a man’s heart and salvation. That must make you feel good and a bit (well maybe a lot) superior….
            I never said Trump wasn’t president–FACT: more than 13 million people voted for someone else rather than him, and 2.9 million of those voted for Hillary over Trump–but that’s our system and I accept it. The deepest levels of our intelligence services and plain facts show the hacks and Russians had an influence …
            I wouldn’t dare argue with you about what constitutes salvation and you can have the last word(s) since I won’t be visiting or posting here again…

            Patrick–a Thomas Merton ,Pope Francis, Jim Wallis, Jimmy Carter, Dalai Lama ,saved (1972), Bible reading cover to cover, practicing cafeteria Catholic sinner…..

            Peace, Shalom, Pax, God (and dare I say Allah) be with you!

          • Patrick, you are truly an ignorant man. Obama left this country in ashes. He left a divide so big that it will never be closed. He is sitting back and laughing at the damage that he did. The church he attended in Chicago: This is one of the many places where he learned hate. From a pastor of hate. I feel sorry for you Patrick. You should just tune back into CNN so you can keep learning lies.

    • Patrick,
      Serving is “key” however, discussion is good and healthy.
      I recommend that we pray for discernment. However I do know that Trump doesnt bear the fruits of the spirit.
      Matt 7:16
      A Tree and its Fruit
      15Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? 17L ikewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.…

  91. Trump has the spirt of the antichrist…. He has deceived millions and will deceive more…
    The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Moreover God is Love, according to 1 john 4 7 and 8.

    Be Watchful my friend. because there is a prophecy that exist in addition to Daniel..

    Pope Francis (current pope) will be the last pope. I do believe that WE ARE IN THE ENDTIMES.
    we are need to rejoy in Christ Return and not fear….We still do know the dates or time. Just Love…. Be anxious about nothing…. Love the least of these…those who are seeking shelter from war etc..

    Otherwise, we need to remember Matthew 25:40-46
    40 “The king will answer them, ‘I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did for me.’
    41 “Then the king will say to those on his left, ‘Get away from me! God has cursed you! Go into everlasting fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels! 42 I was hungry, and you gave me nothing to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me nothing to drink. 43 I was a stranger, and you didn’t take me into your homes. I needed clothes, and you didn’t give me anything to wear. I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t take care of me.’
    44 “They, too, will ask, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or as a stranger or in need of clothes or sick or in prison and didn’t help you?’
    45 “He will answer them, ‘I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you failed to do for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you failed to do for me.’
    46 “These people will go away into eternal punishment, but those with God’s approval will go into eternal life.”

    • St Malachy’s prophecy falls into the same realm as Nostrodamus. Interesting, but not Scripture, therefore not to be trusted. And while they “make” the prophecies fit each pope, the same is done with Nostradamus. Vagueness is great for making things work. As for Trump having the spirit of antichrist, that is a long shot. Antichrist will be accepted by the Muslims as their Mahdi. I might have believed that of Obama, as he was a Muslim, but they hate Trump. How are you going to get past that little problem?