Critiquing the September 23, 2015 Rapture Speculation

I was a critic of the theory that the Rapture would transpire on September 23, 2015 all the way back in 2011. Unsurprisingly, September 23, 2015 came and went without any significant event happening. The following was a video I posted back in 2015 critiquing a popular September 23, 2015 Rapture theory. If you are unable to see the video below, you can access it at the following link:

In this article, I want address why the September 23, 2015 Rapture predictions failed.

A Very Wrong Assumption

As I mentioned in the video, the September 23, 2015 Rapture theories were built on the wrong assumption that we were already in the tribulation (also known as the 70th week of Daniel and we had already seen the abomination of desolation. The claim that we have already seen the abomination of desolation is preposterous. Christ told us that the great tribulation would occur immediately after the abomination of desolation:

“(15) When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) (16) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: (17) Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: (18) Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. (19) And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! (20) But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: (21) For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. (22) And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:15-22)

The great tribulation will be a time of unprecedented persecution throughout the world (Matthew 24:22). If we were living in the great tribulation as some claimed, most of us would probably be already dead because the great tribulation will be the worse persecution in history. Claiming that we already are in the great tribulation shows a lack of understanding of how bad the great tribulation will truly be.

Joel 2:30-31

Some theories surrounding September 23, 2015 connected the date with the four blood moons, which was a series of lunar eclipses between 2014 and 2015 that some believed would usher in a major end time event (like the Rapture). I believed it was wrong to link the Rapture to the blood moons because Joel 2:30-31 indicates that the moon’s change in appearance prior to the Rapture will be due to the presence of smoke in the air instead of a lunar eclipse:

“(29) Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: (30) And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” (Matthew 24:29-30)

“(30) And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. (31) The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come.” (Joel 2:30-31)

Those who argued that the Rapture would occur on September 23, 2015 because of the four blood moons missed this key point from Joel about the cause of the change in the moon’s appearance.

Matthew 24:36

Finally, we should not forget that Christ said that no one knows the day and hour of His Coming. Only His Father knows:

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” (Matthew 24:36)

The proponents of a September 23, 2015 Rapture date challenged this verse by setting a date for the Rapture. Unfortunately, date setting gets a lot of attention these days and many people unknowingly get caught up in the hype. September 23, 2015 is not the only example of this. People hyped September 23, 2017 and nothing significant happened on that date as well. Be leery of people who set dates.

If you would like to learn how to determine if we are living in the tribulation, click this link for my article on the topic: How to Tell If We Are Living in the Tribulation

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Wayne Croley
Wayne Croley

Hi! I’ve studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to make Bible prophecy easy for you to understand while avoiding the sensationalism seen elsewhere. I am the author of several end time books, including Prophecy Proof Insights on the End Times, a comprehensive book about the end times. I hold an M.B.A. and degrees in Managerial Economics and Political Science.


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  1. instead of worrying about the end we should be working together to make this planet a better place. For it is written no man know the hour of our lord is coming , so make the time we have in making it a better place

    • Jesus Christ will come 3.5 years, or 42 month, or 1,260 days from the time the antichrist will stand in the temple and will declare himself as god.

      Now this is the surest way of date setting 🙂

      • There can be an up to ‘3 ½ year time difference’ between the beginning of the Tribulation for GOD’s children and the beginning of the Tribulation for the children of the “world”.
        Apostle Peter gave keen insight into this subject, reassuring that “judgment begins at the house of GOD”. Because HIS children shall be trialed and scrutinized first, their Tribulation period will end earlier.
        Consequently, depending on group affiliation the individual “Tribulation” experience for each human being will commence earlier or later. Please note: YAHWEH, that is, the ETERNAL ONEi (YHVH) has set an expiration date. Everyone can choose to “switch sides” until then (Heb 4:1).

  2. I have read the posts here with great interest from both believers and non believers alike and respect all points of view however I am an ex military man whose friends and family alike would say I would be the last person on the planet to become a Christian, but I came to faith through my own personal experiences which left me in no doubt of the existence of a living God and that Christ died to absolve us of our sins.
    As far as the huge debate on the proposed events for the 23rd of September, I do not profess to be a biblical scholar but I do have faith, so all the numerical calculations regarding dates and predictions leave me cold as although as Christians we have a duty to be vigilant, only God knows when this time will come, so really I feel that I should not try and figure out the “when” but just concentrate on living life in faith, and continuing to be as “Christ like” as is humanly possible until that day comes. There is a danger that buying in to a fixed date could further discredit and isolate people of faith as foolish, and I question the motivation of some who generate this as an attempt to further their own agenda in this regard. So be vigilant, but it will be when He is ready and not before.
    As for those who don’t believe, and pose logic and science as a reason not to believe I get where you are because I was in your shoes too, but even
    Hawkin has conceded that there must have been a creative agent at the beginning of the universe as quite rightly stated earlier in these conversations “matter cannot be created or destroyed” yet before the universe existed there was “nothing” so logic demands that there indeed was a creative agent involved. I really enjoyed viewing the lectures of Dr Hugh Ross Phd on You Tube, a Cosmologist who argues the case mathematically, logically and scientifically that God indeed exists. I would appreciate getting feedback on this from anyone who is interested in this debate.
    In the meantime, be vigilant, challenge everything, stay informed, do not be misled, live life and love one another regardless!
    God bless.

    • I concur with Steve. I am also Former Military (USMC) I have also read through all of the posts. I believe in God (even though at times I don’t think he believes in me) Then again I am reminded (the Devil believes in God also). The only point I would like to make is my own on here and just an opinion…I am confused by many things. The Human race has many religions all of which believe in God however the atrocities that we have performed against our fellow man/Woman in his name is unreal to me. Many wars have been fought over religion…who is right who is wrong… it seems that human kind has made one excuse after another to be at war. I am not saying I question faith and I would never presume to question Gods words… I find that I question “US” the human race. Why would we want to try and figure out “when” the rapture will take place? Do we think if we pin point the exact date then we can sin all we want and the day before drop on our knees and ask for forgiveness and be absolved of our sins? When I pray to God I do not pray for myself I always pray for my children and that they have a good and loving life. I do not blame God for my choices or find excuses in my actions I own them and if the time comes for the rapture to take place I am sure I will be looking at the empty places that my children where and be left behind to atone for my sins as many will be. Again I have NEVER posted on any site before. I found everything that I have read to be informative from both sides. I merely wanted to express my own thoughts as I have always kept it to myself and felt this maybe a place that I can share them. What ever may happen with ALL of our future on our planet we are all in this together…believer’s…non believers…sinners and pure hearted….. good and evil…. it has been the same since human kind took our firsts breaths. Our story is not over for our history it is still being written until the “lights go out” God Bless and may we all be safe.

      • Joe, when it is time for the Lord to return and rapture us, He will not be leaving any of His children behind to atone for their sins. Christ already did the atoning for us. As long as we accept His sacrifice and make Him the Lord of our lives, we rest on His atonement. We do need to abide in Him, and try to live our lives in obedience to Him, asking forgiveness when we do stray, enduring to the end, but as long as you are living in this way, you will not be left behind. I cannot guarantee that God will not ask you to suffer though, on His behalf, as many Christians around the world are presently doing. Non-believers on the other hand have not accepted that atonement and will have to answer for their sins themselves. They will be left behind to suffer God’s wrath. As for your children, I do not know their ages, but as early as possible they need to know about accepting Christ, for as soon as one understands right and wrong, one becomes accountable. Children learn their faith not by being told what to believe, but by watching us and seeing our faith in action. Live as if you believe in your faith, for that is how we are to live, and then they will believe it too.

      • Hi Joe,
        Please pray for yourself, you have to drink from the cup yourself first at times before you can quench the thirst of others.

        War is many times the result of man manipulating “religion” for their own ends and agenda’s as we know, however there are also just wars that fight against tyranny and evil as we have seen from history, however these are few and God generally takes the blame for man’s failings.

        The only reason I contributed here was because I felt it was not good for Christians to be viewed in such disagreement in an open forum. (Titus 3:9 “but avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless”) There are several events that must take place before His return, which may not even happen in our lifetime, so my intention is to live life and love all as Jesus did, and I will always fall short of this but hey it’s great trying! God has a plan for every one of us, and wants us to live an abundant and blessed life. There is NO sin that cannot be forgiven, it’s a gift, not earned and all we have to do to receive that gift is to ask Christ into our lives. How amazing is that! It’s such a positive message and one that we should all share at every opportunity. I will pray for you, your children and your family, that you may have clarity of thought, and grace and peace in your lives.

        God bless all here.

        Be encouraged!

  3. Wayne is an arrogant man who has no wisdom; only arrogance. It’s obvious that the seals are opened and the famine and plagues are here! Is he afraid? Possibly. Obama did stand in the place where Yeshua was born (instead of kneeling) and did say he was God! Or, did you all miss that?

    • It is sad that you have spent so little time here reading Wayne’s blog or you would know that your assessment of him is way off the mark, and that he has a far better grasp of Scripture and what is going on than the vast majority of so-called prophecy teachers out there. The first five seals of – antichrist(s), war,famine, pestilence, death by various ways, and martyrdom are things that have been ongoing in various parts of the world since Christ was here, but Christ also said that these things would be happening and we weren’t to assume that the end had come yet. “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet…. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and THEN shall the end come.” These things are going to get far worse at the end. There is as of yet no scriptural basis to believe that the end has come, and Obama has not done anything, according to Scripture, by which he should be labeled the antichrist. To call him that is to be very premature, even if he were to be that man of sin, which is by no means confirmed. It didn’t say the beast would stand where Christ was born (in Bethlehem), it said he would sit in the temple (in Jerusalem), “so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God” which has not been built yet. Did you miss that?

  4. Wayne, Since we are so close to this latest rapture date, and it will soon be shown to not be the rapture date, a brand new date is being put forth. This time they are not only giving the day, but the very hour down to within a couple minutes. Each prediction is getting more and more precise. This time the prediction is that it will be Oct. 5, 2017 at 18:40 (plus a minute or two), Greenwich Mean Time or UTC as they said. This view only works for those who teach a second half only, 3 1/2 year Daniel’s week and are pre-wrath, by the way. The reason for this date is not just an asteroid hit, as is predicted with this Sept. pre-trib rapture, but a planet twice the size of earth (which supposedly makes a fly by of earth every 320 years) eclipsing the sun and moon, and then grazing the earth. According to the calculations of this person, the stars will show Jupiter in the womb of Virgo, with the nine stars of Leo, plus Mercury, Mars, and Venus as a crown, the moon under her feet, and the sun will pass over her torso clothing her, on Sept 23, 2017. (Sept. 23 is a popular date isn’t it?) The next full moon after that date will be Oct. 5, which also coincidentally happens to be Sukkot.

    Since for the planet, appropriately named the Red Dragon, to eclipse both, it will have to eclipse the sun and moon on the full moon of Oct. 5, since the sign of the Woman in Rev. must precede the eclipse, but if the Red Dragon were to wait until November’s full moon, the woman would no longer be pregnant with Jupiter, hence it has to happen on Oct. 5, as he stands before her while she is pregnant, waiting for her to give birth. Again, according to this person’s calculations, the eclipse will end at 18:40 UTC, therefore the rapture will occur within a few minutes after that. It gets better.

    Supposedly it will take a half hour from 18:40 for the Red Dragon to go from it’s place of eclipsing the sun and moon to grazing the earth, hence the half hour of silence in heaven. Oh, it is going to hit in the Atlantic somewhere northeast of Brazil. Isn’t it great that people can calculate these things down to not only the date, but the minute, and longitude and latitude, when there isn’t even a celestial body in the sky from which to calculate these things yet? I’m impressed. Yes, that is sarcasm.

    • Another one!? The only “good” thing about this one is that if it’s Pre-Wrath based it shouldn’t be as popular as September 23/the blood moon predictions. However, this date should be easily refuted like the others proposed in the past.

      • Just saw another site’s view on this Oct. 5 date. Only this person said it will be the abomination of desolation that occurs and that the 70th week started in 2014. I must have missed that memo. Wish these people could get their stories straight.

  5. September 23 2015 is the release date for a new movie to come to movies and TV about the end of the world.

  6. What is interesting, besides the pope meeting with the prez, is that the USA is 239 years old 1778-2015. I suspect the event won’t be before 9/28/2015; rather 9/23/2015 is day for an important message. The actual event in rapture programmed US, if there is one, will be an inverse of 9/11/2001 on the day of 14 and 14 years after the first huge event. Use your wisdom and remember 42 is the answer (Hitch Hiker’s Guide).

  7. This is complete horse shit from y2k 2012 and now this dont believe these idiots its just classic fear mongering hey i got a date how about today and lets say its the end of world people might believe im full of shit but i base my beliefs and data on the same all others absolutely nothing so people get a job or hobby and live ur life dont listen to this crap

  8. The Bible says,we will all be told to take the mark of the beast, which will be an “implant”.This has not come to pass yet,therefore jesus will not return untill this has happened. Thanks.

  9. I love you man! I’ve been somewhat freaking out the last 3 weeks about this. There’s been a lot of videos showing blatant symbolism/warnings in movies, commercials,and tv shows pointing to the sept 21st-24th dates. These warnings are pretty much on par with the pre 9/11 warnings that everyone missed until after the fact (i.e. Gdzilla, Trading Places etc.). A lot of symbolism alluding to Cern it seems in particular. But seeing videos like yours is definately a breath of fresh air. If I had to take a guess what’s going on with all this, I would say a possible false flag event. Your thougts? Thanks for all the work.

    • This is not the first time that people have hyped a certain date and it won’t be the last time. People who get caught up in this stuff need to be careful about who they listen to. I think this September 23 speculation/hype is not from God. If it’s not from God, it’s inspired by something else…

    • I would like to say thanks to who ever did this video and article. I have done nothing but stress over the whole September conspiracies. After reading this I feel at peace for now until the next date is set. I have doomsday phobia so I freak out and stress really bad over this.

      • You’re welcome.

        Don’t worry about doomsday and the dates that are set by people. A vast majority of people who set doomsday dates have no idea what they’re talking about.


    Revelation 21:1-2
    A New Heaven and a New Earth
    21 Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,”[a] for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. 2 I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a BRIDE beautifully dressed for her husband.

    Revelation 21:9-10
    The New Jerusalem, the BRIDE of the Lamb
    9 ONE OF THE SEVEN ANGELS WHO HAD THE SEVEN BOWLS full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, “Come, I WILL SHOW YOU THE BRIDE, the WIFE (already married) of the Lamb.” 10 And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.

    Revelation 16:12-16
    12 THE SIXTH ANGEL POURED OUT HIS BOWL on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. 13 Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.

    15 “LOOK, I COME LIKE A THIEF! Blessed is the ONE (Bride/Virgins) who stays awake and remains clothed (OIL/HOLY SPIRIT), so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.”

    16 Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.



    All the elements are there. It’s that simple and clear, No need to allegorically interpret it.


    • I agree that the celestial goings on, including the asteroid strike, that are described from the sixth seal to the fourth trumpet judgment are not going to occur in September. Other than that, having gone to your website, I can say that this is about all that I would agree with in your writings. It would be well to remember the words of Peter, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation,” especially when claiming that the interpretation comes from Divine Revelation rather than diligent study. I have found that people who say they have been given “revelations” by God these days (and there are tons of people saying this, all with different messages that contradict each other) rarely end up with the truth. Makes you wonder from whom they are really hearing, doesn’t it?

  11. Ok as with many previous doomsday theories that proved to be untrue what are you going to do or say if this date passes with no event?
    if it does not happen will you accept that you are wrong?
    I have always wondered about the psychology of such beliefs and what the conclusions of such individuals are if the predicted outcome does not eventuate.
    Can you please let me know your thoughts.
    Kind Regards,

    • Aposticgravox, could you please designate to whom you are addressing your comment, for clearly it is not at Wayne, as he does not promote this Sept. 23 doomsday date? Unless you want him to speak on how he thinks others will react when this does not happen.

    • I’ll be perfectly fine if nothing happens on September 23 since I don’t believe anything will happen on September 23. Look up the term “cognitive dissonance”. It’s a term that I think is applicable to people who expect something to take place on a certain day only to see that nothing comes to pass.

  12. Our bad weather etc is caused by the “destroyer of the gentiles” Jer 4:7 or ‘planet7x’, which is incoming, due to hit earths orbit plane in September, and cause cataclysmic events on earth- all thats described perfectly in our Bibles around Passover next year 2016. We are to ‘look up’, when we see the beginning of these things come to pass. The sign of the prophet Jonah, will be given to an evil and adulterous generation before the great and amazing day of the Lord Matt16:4. all Jonah had to do to get an evil king and his city (Ninevah) to repent, was to point up!, no miracles required! Check it out for yourselves; Gill Broussards research on utube channel, type in ‘planet7x’

    • I believe there is an incoming heavenly body which will do as Gill Broussard says, because that is the only explanation for the sixth seal and some of the trumpet judgments, however, the date does not add up. Before the signs of the sixth seal, which herald the Day of the Lord can occur, there has to be the building of the temple, the rise of the antichrist, the abomination of desolation, and the tribulation. These things are not going to occur by Sept. this year nor do I think they can occur by 2016, as unless we are already almost 3 years into the 70th week of Daniel, which doesn’t seem likely, this can’t happen for several years yet.

  13. The only rapture that’s probably going to happen is your government, hidden or otherwise is going to RAP you on your backside, with continued bad weather, and other man made mayhem. It’s the same situation every few years, it’s coming, it’s coming,…yea, eventually, but not yet. If anyone wants to take you away, ask if that comes with a return trip ticket. Hotep, to you Black Brothers, and Sisters out there!

  14. If Jerusalem is no longer trodden down by the Gentiles on 7 June ’67 being 28 Iyyar 5727, then if there were to be 49years added to that date i.e. +49 = 28 Iyyar 5776 being 5th June 2016, it is not till 9 April 2016 or 1 Nisan 5776 BEFORE we get the LAST of 7x 7’s. As I understand, it is the Hebrew Slaves that are freed on the 49th year, but the Gentile slaves or only freed on the 50th year i.e. 5777 – the year all real estate is ALSO released to the former owner.
    I therefore cannot see any RAPTURE happening till 9 April 2016 or thereafter if the Hebrew Slaves are given release (144,000)as in Revelation 7:4 – Being the FIRST Fruits of Rev.14:3 From the Earth.

    • The time or fulness of the Gentiles did not end in 1967. Paul, Luke, and John all give us a piece of the puzzle to figure out when it does end.

      Romans 11:25-27 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.

      Luke 21:20-24 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto. For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled. But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

      Revelation 11:1-2 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

      From these passages we can see that Paul tells us that Israel will not be saved until the fulness of the Gentiles has come in. So when does the fulness of the Gentiles come in? Luke tells us that after the abomination, and the tribulation (great distress) Jerusalem will be trodden down until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled. In Revelation we are told that John was told to measure the temple of God (which will not exist until Daniel’s 70th week). He says for John to not measure the court for it will be tread underfoot by the Gentiles for forty-two months. As Luke designates that this begins at the time of the abomination/tribulation, and John tells us it is forty-two months long that this will occur, that takes us to the end of Daniel’s 70th week for the time of the Gentiles to be fulfilled. Then Paul tells us that all Israel will be saved.

      In Zechariah we see that Israel will look upon Him whom they pierced and God will pour out the spirit of grace and there will be a fountain opened to them for sin and uncleanness when the Lord returns. This is when Israel will be saved. Revelation confirms that this is at the Lord’s Second Coming by repeating the phrase that they will look on “him whom they pierced” when He comes with the clouds.

      Zechariah 12:8-13:2 In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them. And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon. And the land shall mourn, every family apart; the family of the house of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, and their wives apart; The family of the house of Levi apart, and their wives apart; the family of Shimei apart, and their wives apart; All the families that remain, every family apart, and their wives apart. In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness. And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land.

      In Rev. 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

      Therefore the end of the time (or fulness) of the Gentiles did not end in 1967. They will tread upon the city until the end of Daniel’s 70th week. The fulness of the Gentiles won’t end until Christ returns at the Second Coming.

  15. I find it hard to believe that if we are to measure the Temple (Rev.11)it would have to be the 50th year of the “Times of the Lord” – as it would be natural to assume that the GENTILE (Non Jew) times being FULFILLED on June 7th 1967 – It is not till the START of the 50th year (The FIRST year of the FOLLOWING 49y)that Slaves were freed, and Real estate Possessions reverted back to the former owners.
    If we count the years, September 23rd 2015 starts the 49th year, but the SLAVES and PROPERTY were NOT freed till the following (50th) year!
    I understood that when the “Woman” of Rev. 12 was cared for during 1260 days in the (Tropical?) Wilderness and Remnant of her “Seed” was pursued by Satan, the Woman was Raptured where the “Seed” went through tribulation. This distinction of TWO “rescue Missions” – The Bride (144k First-fruits/Wise Virgins) and Later Numberless HOST that no man could number is also depicted in Rev.7.
    The point I would like to make is, There is a RAPTURE and THEN the 2 Witnesses who convert the Foolish Virgins as Luke 12:36 tells that Jesus RETURNS to collect the resurrected as well as those remaining who are alive at the “2nd Coming”. This WAS also played out in the 1260days of Jesus’ Ministry – Wedding (Water/Wine) later Palm Sunday (Coronation) Then DEATH on Cross (Jesus was MADE SIN for us – Our Substitute like with Barabbas)
    I would assume that the Hebrew year 5777 would be the year of JUBILEE, when we could expect a Rapture.

  16. Rev 13:18. Counting numbers has all the answers to the realtime playouts of Kjv Bible prophecy.

  17. Wayne
    I hate to bring her back up but I came across this exchange that Renee Moses had with someone named Niko from that ministry. http:/ hopefully the link works if this is the same person then not only is she a false prophet because she made predictions in 2014 as well she may be following another Jesus.

  18. For anyone who will ans
    There’s a popular teaching of God’s 7000 year plan that I believe is base on misinterpertations of certain verses including 2nd Peter 3;8 and probably some other verses.

    • I am wondering if part of the problem in our discussion is that I am starting the next day at sundown, when God starts the day, hence when I say that the Passover is on the 15th, it is by the Gregorian calendar the evening of the 14th, which seems to be what you are saying, and I agree is is on that evening, but by the Jewish calendar it is the next day or the start of the 15th. Their day ends 6 hours earlier than ours as they don’t change the day at midnight the way we do. As God said that the seder was to be eaten at night (the 14th by our calendar) and the angel of death passed at midnight, the 15th is the actual day of the first day of Passover by Scriptural definition of the Jewish calendar. And the apostles wrote with that in mind. The actual Passover is not the 14th. The 24 hour day begins at sunset, not at midnight and not at sunrise. That’s why Matthew and Mark specify it is at dawn on the first day of the week, roughly 12 hours after the day had begun the evening before at sunset. There is a lot of confusion when trying to discuss things using the two different calendars simultaneously.

      • Yes I can agree that there is much confusion in this area regarding the times used in the west and the biblical times used in the bible. I can also agree with you that the passover continues through to the 15th Nisan according to the scriptures. When I said that Jesus eat the passover on the 14th I wanted to find out from you if you were going to deny it. As it is quite obvious that he must have kept it between the evenings of 13th and 14th Nisan otherwise he would not have been able to be the passover lamb at the correct time which was between the evenings of the 14th and 15th of Nisan as ordained by God.

        What you need to understand here is Just has Jesus died and was buried between these two evenings this is exactly how God stipulated it should be with the feasts. Although the Jews like to call the whole period passover God does make a distinction between the two as there wouldn’t be seven feasts otherwise.

        Let’s see how the scripture renders this.
        Lev 23: verse 5-7
        On the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight(between the evenings)is the Lord’s Passover.

        And on the Fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of Unleavened Bread to the Lord.

        You can’t get much clearer than that. So in you saying that the passover starts on the 15th of Nisan is incorrect and this is the only reason you can’t see the perfect timing of God and the time Jesus died and was resurrected as you always seem to skip the most crucial part.

    • The 6000 years are almost finished.
      Only 13 years left.
      This is the old teaching.

      Irenaeus held to the old Jewish tradition that the first six days of creation week were typical of the first six thousand years of human history, with Antichrist manifesting himself in the sixth period. And he expected the millennial kingdom to begin with the second coming of Christ to destroy the wicked and inaugurate, for the righteous, the reign of the kingdom of God during the seventh thousand years, the millennial Sabbath, as signified by the Sabbath of creation week

      Irenaeus declares that the Antichrist’s future three-and-a-half-year reign, when he sits in the temple at Jerusalem, will be terminated by the second advent, with the resurrection of the just, the destruction of the wicked, and the millennial reign of the righteous. The general resurrection and the judgment follow the descent of the New Jerusalem at the end of the millennial kingdom.

      In not many months all people will see GOG return to power.
      Iran will bomb the USA.

    • I believe the 7000 year plan is based upon 1) Ussher’s chronology of the Bible which says that the world is roughly 6000 years old. Creation science agrees that the world is a young one. 2)As we know that there is a millennium yet according to Revelation, and it would appear we are in the last days just before Christ’s return, that would give us a 7000 year span of time. 3) God’s counting of time revolves around weeks. Weeks of days, weeks of years, and it would appear from the first two conditions listed above that He also counts a week of millenniums. The last millennium starts off with the Day of the Lord. It is also called the Sabbath rest for God’s people just as the Sabbath day and Sabbath year are times of rest. Due to all these things, it leads to the conclusion that there is a 7000 year plan of God.

      • Your conclusion is correct but your assumption is wrong.
        The 7000 years plan is based on the 7 days of creation which God ordained and made known to us way before Ussher or anyone else.

        He told us in Isaiah that he declared the end from the beginning.
        This is the only way he could of done this. He also pointed to this when he told Adam that in the day (1000yrs) you he eat of it you shall surely die. As we all know that Adam lived over 900 yrs the meaning is clear.

    • Mike, I guess my answer was a little too succinct for some to understand, so for the sake of all I will clarify it.

      Starting with my previously positioned point 2 this time, God started out by creating a week of seven days. Now just from that first chapter alone we see that the word “day” means a period of darkness and light (evening and morning) or one revolution of the planet. The reason this is necessary to understand is that Christians have compromised with the theory of evolution. Some accept the Long Day Theory, which says that each day is a long period of time. This is where you have to be careful at the start when you get to the verse that says that the same day Adam ate, he died. From just the first few chapters of the Bible we have to define a day as one revolution of the earth as God states, otherwise if you make the day Adam died longer than a day at this point, we get people saying that all the days were long periods of time. So the first interpretation for that verse without any further research is that he died spiritually, for we know that he did not die physically that very day, although his physical body began its gradual decline toward death which would come some 930 years later. If we approach this verse metaphorically at this point to make a day mean anything longer than that, we have no guidance as to how long to make it. You could make it anything longer than 930 years. Whether a metaphorical day was 950 years or 7,000 or 100,000 there is nothing in these verses that would tell us to make the metaphorical day be 1,000 years long. We also know that the days of creation week cannot be longer than a rotation of the earth, because if they were longer than 930 years, Adam would have died before the seventh day, thus rendering it impossible for God to look at it all and say that it was good and rest a day.

      Just to cover the other base, the gap theory does not work either. In Ezekiel we are told that Satan was in the garden of Eden and walked up and down the mountain of God in all his perfection and beauty until iniquity was found in him. As God did not create the garden of Eden before verses 1 and 2 where they put the gap of Satan’s fall, it would be rather hard for a perfect Satan to walk in it. Not to mention that I don’t think once His creation was tainted by sin, whether on earth or in the heavens, God would pronounce it good. So all of that has been gone over to bring us to the point that God established a pattern of a seven day week here with six days for man, and one day of rest, the Sabbath, for both man and God. Just for info sake, the gap theory comes from the idea that the dinosaur fossils must have been from a previous creation, but when one investigates creation science, you will find that man and dinosaur fossils have been found together, and the book of Job indicates that dinosaurs were still around during his time, so both scriptural and true science backs up the face value interpretation of a creation week of seven normal rotations of the planet or one literal week.

      Next we see that God gives Moses a pattern of seven year weeks. At the end of these seven years, God gives a year Sabbath. This is a year of rest for the land, and for the animals and people having to work the land. Now we see a pattern emerging, but still there is nothing that yet tells us of the 7,000 year week pattern. What brings us to that conclusion is the history of the world as given in the Bible.

      Before the Flood, God was very careful to have the ages of the patriarchs recorded as to how old they were when they had their offspring, and how old they were when they died. We do not see Him being this meticulous after the Flood. Why not? Because we have no historical records that exist from the time before the Flood except those first few chapters of Genesis. That is all the information we have, and that information tells us how long the earth existed before the Flood came. Without that, any attempt to figure out how old the earth was would simply be an assumption without evidence to support it. After the Flood, there are other historical records and archeology, and all sorts of things besides the Bible which helps us to determine the age of the earth. A man called Bishop Ussher did us the favor of doing all that difficult research to make a Biblical time-line showing us how old the earth is. From that time-line we find that the world is approximately 6,000 years old. The information is not specific enough to determine the age exactly to the year so we don’t know when those 6,000 years will be up. We also know from Scripture that Jesus has a 1,000 year reign in the future. As from knowing prophesy and looking at the world around us we can deduce that the time of Jesus’ Second Coming to reign for that 1,000 years is not too far off, we then can see from this information that the world has a 7,000 year plan. Six thousand years for man and one thousand years for the Sabbath rest for God’s people when Christ will reign. Now we see where the pattern for the 7,000 years comes from by logical evidence. And we see that it fits the pattern that God has already established of seven “day” weeks – a day being either an actual day, or year, or now 1,000 years. And we see that the verse that says a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day, can not only be taken to mean that with God time is irrelevant, but we can take it in the way to mean that there is a “day” that is 1,000 years long when we see the 7,000 year week. Now after laying the foundation for all this, we can also look back and can understand that when Adam was told he would die in that day, that we can not only see that he died spiritually on the day the earth rotated one rotation, but that when taking it as a metaphor for the 1000 year days, he did die before the first 1,000 years were up. It is only after laying all this other information though, that you can go back and make that conclusion with confidence. One should not make leaps of assumptions when trying to understand the Bible. One must lay a foundation of logic, for God is eminently logical and gives us the information we need to do so.

      • Connie I commend you on your summing up and explanation of Genesis which I am sure will be of benefit to those that are seeking the Truth. Personally, I only look at extra-biblical material to confirm the truth of the bible. Josephus the Jewish historian also confirms the Genesis days as per the Bible.

        The only point I would disagree with you on is that you said we don’t know when the 6000 yrs finishes but there are clues in the bible that tells you roughly when this will be but without causing any more offence I will leave this subject alone.

        • Yes, I agree Robert, at this point it would be the better part of discretion to cease from either patting me on the head and telling me I am right, or “correcting” my comments.

          • u tube cloudbaserapture has all the answers in numbers regarding biblical endtimes playouts. Obama is The Antichrist and pope francis is his false prophet.

          • Unfortunately neither Obama nor Pope Francis will be involved. The Antichrist won’t rise up until around the year 2021. He won’t be married or have any children either

          • Cloudbaserapture has Daniel’s 70th week beginning back in 2009. I think we can all see that his understanding of Scripture is in serious error. Had he been correct, there would have been a purge of Christians from this world a couple years ago that would have made the holocaust look like a day at the beach.When your theories aren’t going as the Bible says they should, then you should abandon your theories, for they are obviously wrong.

          • Obama could be the Dummy Antichrist that the True Antichrist will defeat, to make the True Antichrist appear as the Messiah. This is another possible deception scenario. Checkout out the book of Daniel about the King of the South and the King of the North.

  19. I would like to simply point out that according to Scripture, the Passover occurred and is celebrated on the beginning of the 15th of Aviv, not on the 14th. The lamb was slaughtered then, but that was and is not the actual Passover.

    And they shall eat the flesh in THAT NIGHT, roast with fire, and unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs they shall eat it. Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with water, but roast with fire; his head with his legs, and with the purtenance thereof. And ye shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire. Ex. 12:8-10

    The 14th is the day of preparation for the Passover which occurred and is celebrated on the night of the 14th, which is actually the 15th by God’s reckoning. It appears that since they made a supper for Jesus, that He arrived in the evening. Six days before the evening of the 15th would be the evening of the 9th. It would appear that He arrived on Saturday night, when it would be fine for Martha to make a meal for him. Then according to Scripture He rode into Jerusalem on the next morning of the 10th, which would seem to have been Sunday as I previously said. So I still have no problem with how I view what Scripture says. I see no discrepancy. And again, Mark said He rose early on the first day of the week. I trust that Mark knew what he was talking about.

    When you force Jesus to be in the grave for a 72 hour stretch of time, from say 5 p.m. which is the hour you chose above to 5 p.m. on the third day, to achieve your 3 days and nights, you are using the word day and night as terms for twelve hour segments, which is what you say is the correct definition, rather than periods of daylight and darkness. You then have to include say one hour of daylight on Wed. which is the day you say it must be, and 11 hours of daylight on Sat., which are two different days of the week to get your 12 hour segments in. In fact, you have to divide each of your days and nights into 11 and 1 hours segments (11 hours day plus 1 hour of night, then 11 hours of night plus 1 hour of day)to have 12 hour “days” and “nights” if you go from a particular hour of the day that is not at sunrise or sunset (in this case you chose 5 o’clock although it says Christ died around 3 p.m.) to the same hour of the day at the end of the three days. You say that my and the Jewish definition of a day is not that of God’s, that yours is, but in Gen. 1, God said, and morning and evening were the first day. He goes by sunset to sundown or light and dark, not by the count of 12 hour segments. That is what the Jews considered it too, that a part of the light period would be considered a day and a part of darkness would be night. As Jesus was a Jew, and while He was there He did not seem to correct this “flaw” in their thinking, and He had a lot to say about their wrong teachings, I assume He had no problem with them believing what you call an erroneous definition.

    I am not really terribly concerned what you think of me, so you need not keep insulting me, as it is like water off a duck’s back, and quite honestly does your position no good in others eyes when you have to resort to ad hominem arguments, but I am concerned that others reading this see that for every argument you present, I can refute it with Scripture and logic, which is why I respond back. I am ready to quit this discussion whenever you are.

      • I have not intention of insulting you if you feel that’s what I have done I apologise.

        But just to correct what you have said particularly when you keep quoting Mark 16:9 Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week he appeared to Mary Magdalene.

        You have mistakenly taken this to mean he rose on Sunday. No scripture stands alone there is always confirmation from other scriptures. The other Gospels clearly states that when the women came it was still dark and Jesus wasn’t there.Matt 28, John 20, Luke 24 verse 6 “he is not here, but he risen”

        Which clearly means he had already risen previously which harmonizes with all the gospels. Even Mark which you are trying to take out of context.

        Basicly what Mark was saying which is in line with all the other Gospels is After Jesus rose, later that morning he appeared to Mary Magdalene John 20 verse 16

        This is when he told her not to touch him as he had not ascended to the father to complete the First fruits offering.

        Jesus ate the Passover with his disciples on the 14th Nisan not the 15th as you said as he was dead at that time.

        I don’t have to change the meaning of 3days and 3nights to make God right- he needs no defence. 72hrs that’s the allotted time by God not by me or by you. Even if you don’t agree that he was buried just before 6.00pm on the 14th. Let’s use your argument. If he was buried 6:00pm on 15th and rose 6:00pm on the 17th that would be the evening or beginning of Sunday so that still mean he didn’t rise early in the morning as you are wrongly trying to state.

        Please don’t think you have to interpret scripture for other people as I believe everyone can see the truth for themselves.

        You can continue as long as you like trying to refute the plain truth of God’s word but you will not be able to do so.

        • I don’t know what you call the first day of the week, but in my book (and in God’s too) it is what we call Sunday, which in God’s book starts Saturday night at sunset. When Mark says “early” or in Greek “proi” the word means “at daybreak or dawn.” That means halfway through the time from sunset to sunset, as the first day of the week would end at sunset Sunday evening. Look it up. If you are saying that the word “early” describes when He appeared, if you check you will find in the Greek that the word is attached as a description to the word risen, not to the word appeared. Thus it says that Jesus was risen around dawn on the first day of the week. That is Sunday morning. Jesus would have risen just before the women appeared, just before daybreak. It says in Matt. “In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.” The word “dawn” or “epiphosko” means to grow light. Matthew specifically says that the Sabbath has ENDED so that we know when he says “dawn” or “grow light” it means Sunday morning, not Saturday morning, just at the time it was going from dark to light. Right at daybreak the women appeared. They had set out in darkness, but as they reached the grave it was dawning. Jesus rose right before that. Probably minutes before. Mark was letting us know the approximate time, (early around dawn) so that we wouldn’t think He rose on the first day the evening before (or Saturday night) which was the start of the first day after sunset.Both Matt. and Mark make a point of saying it was at that time period just as dawn was about to occur that all this happened. That is so we would understand it was fulfilling the Feast of First Fruits. Mark’s not trying to designate a specific hour, the way you are, he’s just giving us the relative time within that 24 hour period of the first day, as does Matt. so nobody makes the mistake of thinking it was Saturday evening (the beginning of the first day of the week) when He rose. After Jesus arose just a bit before daybreak, He first appeared to Mary. That’s what it says, and I don’t see anything in Scripture that refutes this. The women arrived right after He arose, just as dawn was beginning to break. All the Scriptures seem to say this.

          By the way, since you have Jesus rising on Sat. afternoon, where does He spend the night, since He is no longer in the grave, nor has He ascended to the Father? And why weren’t the Roman soldiers out looking for Him if the stone was rolled away a good 12 hours or so before the women appeared? I don’t see anything in Scripture to back up the theory that He was around for a good 12 hours or so before anyone notices He is gone or sees Him. You say I don’t have Scripture backing me up, but I don’t see anything that leads to your conclusion at all.

          Jesus would have had to eat the Passover seder on the 14th, unusually early (the evening of the 13th) if He were to die at the same time as the lamb, just a few hours before the 14th ended, for he was taken late in the evening and the trial went all night. That seems to be the only explanation that works, as we know He did eat the seder meal for He says He was going to. The only other interpretation available is that Jesus died on the 15th late in that day so that He could eat the seder at the beginning of the 15th as others were doing. Most people believe He was killed at the same time as the lamb. That doesn’t change the fact that the Passover Feast, when referred to as the holiday in the gospels and whether then or now, is on the 15th, not the 14th. The 14th ends before Passover begins. That is why the Pharisees were in a hurry to get Him crucified before the evening at the end of the 14th for they didn’t want it running over into the holiday which would upset the people, nor would they enter the building in the wee hours of the morning on the 14th lest they be defiled and unable to eat the Passover seder later at night after sunset when it became the 15th or next day.

          The 15th or the first day of Passover was Friday, all day until sunset. Six days before Friday is Saturday. Jesus went to Bethany probably late in the afternoon after observing the Sabbath services, and then was given supper at Martha’s house. I still don’t see a problem there. Unlike you, I don’t see that Scripture teaches that to refer to a day you have to mean the entire 24 hour period. So for Jesus to arrive late in the afternoon on Saturday, John would still consider it 6 days before Friday.

          And how do you reconcile that you have Jesus being in the grave, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Isn’t that four days?

          And while you keep insisting that to God a day is 24 hours and all days must be 24 hours long,and it doesn’t matter what hour of the day that 24 hour period starts (for you have it starting several hours before what Scripture calls the end of the day) I never see God refer to a day like that in all of Scripture. A day is any part of a time period between sunrise and sunset and a night is any period of time between sunset and sunrise. God always counts a day from the rising and setting of the sun, not any random 24 hour period starting at any hour on the clock. I see days referred to as days on the calendar ( i.e. 14th), periods of light and darkness, and as references to time periods such as the Day of the Lord. You are the one assigning a meaning that seems to have no Scriptural backing.

          You are right, I believe people can see the truth here. I’m not trying to refute God’s Word. I’m pointing out that it means what it says. “Now when Jesus was risen early (proi, at dawn) the first day of the week.” Seems pretty clear to me. Don’t see how anyone can misinterpret it, but I guess some do.

          • There is one thing I hate and it is false doctrine which you may or may not purposefully trying to teach.

            A lot of what you said I have already stated and with scriptures to back it up too.

            If you weren’t so caught up in defending traditions of men you would know that our arguments are not that much different if you only accept what God said.

            I specifically said that Sunday started on the Evening when Saturday finished at 6:00pm. I couldn’t have been clearer.

            Three blatant errors you are failing to let go of are that there was a palm sunday. There is no way in scripture that you can prove this is true.

            The next thing is that you don’t take God at his word when he said 3 days and 3 nights(72hours precisely) In fact your a calling him a liar as basically you are saying that he couldn’t accomplish this.

            The scripture clearly say that it was dark when the women came to the Sepulcher 6:00Pm after the Sabbath finished and Jesus had already risen at this time confirmed by scripture which I previously quoted

            What you fail to realise is that if God meant what he said and he certainly did the 72hrs was complete on the Sabbath just before the first Day started.

            This makes him the true prophet of God and he completed the Passover and The feaast of unleavened bread according to the scriptures. All the scriptures agree with this that he wasn’t there when the women came but he appeared to them afterwards.

            You also fail to realise that all the scriptures agree even though you try to use Mark 16: 9 out of context. This is not a point that I have an issue with but seeing that you keep using Mark, did you know that Mark 16 verse9-20 wasn’t in the original manuscripts.

            Anyway without repeating myself too much here you are clearly right that the readers can determine by themselves what is truth and what is error.

            You seem to think that it is not 3 days and 3 nights if God started the countdown just before the 15th of Nisan began but yet you can say that the Jews accept part day as a day what logic is there in that.

            The passover feast which starts on the 14th Nisan whether you want to believe or not is God’s ordination. The scripture clearly says that the sacrifice was to be offered at twilight which means between the evenings. Now if Jesus died and was buried before the 15th of Nisan even a child would be able to count of 72hrs from then.

            The only three signs that can be used to proclaim Jesus as a true prophet are: the sign of Jonah 3 days and 3 nights (72hrs) and that he was crucified and buried before the 15th of Nisan and that he was resurrected on the 17th Nisan at evening anything less than this and you would have a false prophet.

            If you use this information coupled with what the gospel writers said about it being dark there is no doubt when he was resurrected. If you had bothered to do this then you wouldn’t be holding on for dear life on the tradition of men.

            What you are trying to tell us is that men who don’t reaslise that Saturday is the true Sabbath or think that Jesus died on Friday or believe the Passover has been changed to Easter who also believe Jesus was born on 25th of December you expect in someone in their right mind to believe in the false doctrine of palm sunday which you can’t find anywhere in the bible.

            Please, get real.

            We will just have to agree to disagree here cause until you can let go of these false doctrines and take God at his word you will not be able to see the truth even though you are very close to it.

  20. Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils.

    I believe it says that Jesus was risen early the first day of the week. You are right. There is not point debating the issue. I’ll take Mark’s word for it.

    • I wasn’t going to respond further but just to try and help you out here as I think you prefer the traditions of men than the true word of God. If your eyes are not open now then you have willfully decided to keep them closed.

      There was no Palm Sunday as you erroneously think in coming to your incorrect conclusion.

      Consider this.

      1 Then, six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany…(John 12:1).

      Since Passover is on the 14th of Nisan, subtracting six days bringing us back to the 8th of Nisan (if it was six nights before the evening of 14th, as Jesus arrived for dinner, technically it could have been on the 7th in the evening). Jesus apparently arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey the next day (which is either the morning of the 8th or 9th):

      12 The next day a great multitude that had come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, 13 took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him, and cried out:

      ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’
      The King of Israel!”

      14 Then Jesus, when He had found a young donkey, sat on it; as it is written:

      15 “Fear not, daughter of Zion;
      Behold, your King is coming,
      Sitting on a donkey’s colt.” (John 12:12-15).

      Since Jesus died on what we call Wednesday on the 14th of Nisan, the 8th of Nisan would have been a Thursday and the 9th of Nisan would have been a Friday. Thus, there was no “Palm Sunday.” It seems to have been a “Palm Thursday” or “Palm Friday.”

      It would seem that next day (Friday/Saturday) is when He went to the Temple, overthrough the money-changers, and was praised by the children (Matthew 21:12-16).

      The Old Testament Passover lamb was selected on the 10th of the month (Exodus 12:3), and this may have been symbolically fulfilled by Jesus by entering the Temple on the 10th. Another reason, to conclude that this is so, is because in the Old Testament the lamb was kept until the 14th (Exodus 12:6), and in Luke’s account, Jesus continued teaching daily in the Temple (Luke 19:47; 22:53), until the time He partook of Passover (which was the 14th)

  21. I am surprised at some of your statements if you are suppose to believe in God’s word. You say that God does things perfectly and indeed he does but yet you are saying the Jews count a small part of a day as a day. So you are basically saying that the Jews know more than God who created the days and you are willing to accept part of days to fit with what you think happened.

    Indeed I too do not wish to get into any meaningless debate as everything that I said is clearly there in the scripture for all to see. It is not a theory as you may think. It is a shame that you cannot see God’s perfection in this. You seem to think there is a flaw in God’s perfect timing. Where do you see this? God did not say Jesus had to rise on Sunday in order to complete the feast of first fruits. All that was said is it had to be in the morning. Jesus was clearly there in morning to do this. Was he not? Of course he was all the evidence is there to say so.

    Anyway, there is no point in you responding to this as I have learnt over the years that some people will not accept the truth though it is right in front of them.

    God bless and take care

  22. I think I follow your reasoning, but for me, I find a slight flaw in it. Jesus died at or around 3 p.m.(the ninth hour according to the gospels), but He did not have to be resurrected at 3 p.m. In fact that would go against the very rules God laid out to celebrate the Feast of First Fruits, which was to be in the morning, specifically AFTER the Sabbath. The Jews considered any part of a day as a “day” whether it was 12 hours or 3 hours, so it was not required that He resurrect at the exact same hour He died, which is what I believe to be the flaw upon which you base your theory. Jesus came into town on the donkey on the 10th of Aviv or Nissan in fulfillment of the requirements to choose the lamb and put it on display for four days, so that it might be seen that there was no flaw in it. This seems to have been on a Sunday, if we are to believe the scholars when they say He did this on a Sunday(hence why we celebrate Palm Sunday on Sunday), thereby making the 10th a Sunday. That means the 14th would have had to have been Thursday in that particular case. Assuming that Jesus was killed at the same time as the Passover lamb, which is the assumption which is made, Jesus would have given up His spirit at 3 p.m. when the “official” Passover lamb was killed. The 14th was the “day of preparation” for the holiday Sabbath and the Sabbath both in this case, as the two would have been back to back on Friday and Saturday, leaving no time in between the two for any work or preparation for the weekly Sabbath. This is the mistake that is made when they believe the phrase “day of preparation” meant Friday, as they thought it meant the normal weekly preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, so therefore put the crucifixion erroneously on Friday. They ignore the fact that if they make the day that the lamb is chosen and put on display, which was the 10th, a Sunday, then the 14th would have to be Thursday. The 14th is the day of preparation for a Sabbath (2 actually), which begins that same evening on the 15th at sunset, as you said. The body was taken down very soon after 3 p.m. on the 14th or Thursday, giving the women 3 hours, or maybe a little more depending on whether it was March or April, until sunset in which to buy spices and ointments and prepare them. They then rested the two Sabbaths, and could have finished any preparations necessary on Saturday night after sunset, for they didn’t go to the tomb until just before dawn on Sunday morning. So far I see nothing in Scripture to refute what I am saying. Now Jesus would have been in the tomb for 3(+) hours Thursday during the day, which would have counted as a day, (as you can’t just ignore the time spent that day in the grave as being nothing just because it isn’t 12 hours long,and it would have to count as day, as it was before sunset), then 12 hours Thursday night, 12 hours Friday day, 12 hours Friday night, 12 hours Saturday day, and unknown hours Saturday night, rising sometime before the women arrived just before the break of dawn. He doesn’t need to spend 12 hours exactly in the grave that night for it to count as a night, just as He didn’t have to spend 12 hours in the grave on Thursday to have it count as a day, thus completing three days and three nights in the grave. He therefore would rise on the 1st day after the Sabbath sometime before the women came to the grave, as that was the third night in the grave, so He probably spent most of the night there, the Sabbath having ended at 6 p.m.the evening before. Just as the Feast of First Fruits was to take place on the morrow after the Sabbath (weekly Sabbath that is), He rose on the 1st day of the week, near daybreak, but before the women came, fulfilling the requirements for the Feast of First Fruits as directed by God to be on the 1st day of the week. By making Him rise on the Sabbath, you break the directive given by God that this Feast was to take place on the morning after the Sabbath. This is a flaw which I cannot get past, for God fulfills things perfectly. I am satisfied that what I believe fits Scripture and the requirements of the Feasts both far better, so I will continue to believe Christ rose sometime on Sunday, probably early in the wee hours. However, you are welcome to stay with your own interpretation by all means. I won’t argue the point with you. I’m just presenting my own.

  23. Ok this response is to clarify the query from Connie regarding the resurrection.

    The Resurrection was not on a Sunday

    Let us first look at what we know about the resurrection that is quite clear and should be obvious to most serious students of the Bible.

    We know that there are 7 feasts that God has ordained through the Israelites to accomplish his plan in the earth. These can be found in Exodus 12, Leviticus 23 and Deuteronomy 16 for anyone wishing to read about them. We will only look at the three that deals with the Resurrection period.

    These are the Passover, The feast of unleavened bread and feast of first fruits. Jesus completely fulfilled these to the exact time and date that the feasts were celebrated.

    I won’t go over what the passover represented as most people should know this by now.

    What we are interested in here is the exact timing of these feasts which many have missed because they have not believed that Jesus meant exactly what he said, specifically when he gave them a sign in Matt 12:38-45 (verse 40: For as jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.) comparing the length of time Jonah spent in the whales belly to the time he would be in the grave. 3 days and 3 nights. Keep this in mind as this is very important in knowing when he was resurrected.

    Now let us look at some scriptures about these feasts.
    In Leviticus 23 verse 5(In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the Lord’s Passover) God gave the exact date and time that the passover must be killed. The 14th of Nisan in the evening.(or between the evenings which is the correct translation)

    This is not a problem for most people as this is readily accepted. However, the start of the next feast, the feast of unleavened bread is where most people get confused. This feast occurs the day after Passover that is the 15th of Nisan for 7 days. What is extremely important to note here is that the first day and the last day of the feast of unleavened bread are Sabbaths.(rest days) The Jews called these days High Sabbaths. Leviticus 23 verse 6-8 (And on the Fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto the Lord; seven days ye must eat unleavened bread. In the first day ye shall have a holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work therein. But ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord seven days; in the seventh day is an holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work therein.)

    Knowing this fact we can see why they wanted to bury Jesus body quickly as the scripture specifically tells us that the Sabbath was approaching when Jesus was on the Cross and they had to bury him before it came. Luke 23:54(And that day was the preparation and the Sabbath drew on). So we can straight away see here that there were two Sabbaths on the week of Jesus’s Crucifixion and knowing this fact alone with what Jesus said about 3 days and 3 nights in the grave can help us to work out when he was resurrected. Even If this feast day had fallen on Saturday like some people believe we could safely conclude that 3 days and 3 nights would not have been completed and that would make Jesus a false prophet as well as a liar but we know he wasn’t any of these.

    But there is more. The scripture tells us that the Passover sacrifice must be offered between the evenings (correct translation in Hebrew). We know that Jesus died between the end of the evening of the 14th and the beginning of the evening of the 15th of Nisan. It is important to note here that a day to God always begins at evening. Very important in this study.

    We know that in Israel the day starts at 6.00pm. We do not know the exact time that Jesus was buried but what we do know it was before the High Sabbath of the 1st day of Unleavened Bread. St John 19:verse 31(The Jews therefore because it was the preparation that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day-for that sabbath day was a high day……)

    Therefore we will have to choose a time before the Sabbath started lets say 5.00pm to help us understand better what is going on. The Exact time doesn’t matter at this point as what we are trying to determine here is the day of his resurrection.

    So now that we know roughly when he died at evening we know that there have to be exactly 3 days and 3 Nights from that time to his resurrection. The scripture tell us that when the women came to the tomb it was empty and this was early Sunday morning before dawn it was still dark. St John 20:verse 1(The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early when it was yet dark…)

    Further proof of the two sabbaths can also be seen by the women buying spices after the Sabbath of the feast of unleavened bread and then resting on the weekly Sabbath that started on Friday evening. That means they would only have had Thursday to buy and prepare the spices before the Second Sabbath started. St Luke 23: verse 54-56 (And that day was the preparation and the Sabbath drew on. And the women also which came with him from Galilee followed after and beheld the sepulcher and how his body was laid. And they returned and prepared spices and ointments and rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment)
    St Mark 16: verse 1 (And when the Sabbath was past Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Salome had bought spices that they might come and anoint him.

    Now to sum this all up as we now have all the information we need from scriptures to determine the day of his resurrection without any doubt.

    We know that Jesus our passover had to be killed on 14th of Nisan between the evenings according to the scriptures. The following day the 15th Nisan was a High Sabbath. He was buried before this day at the end of the 14th Nisan when the sun was going down. It is therefore quite obvious from this then that Sunday evening(The period between 6:00pm and 6:00am) ( which is when the women came to his grave could not have been the day he was resurrected which was the reason the tomb was empty as he would have been resurrected on the third day at the same time as he died which was between the evenings about 5.00pm at the end of the weekly Sabbath -Saturday evening (according to our rough calculation for this study) and before 6.00pm which would be the start of Sunday the first day of the week. St Matt:28 verse 1(In the end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulcher)

    Therefore the third feast the feast of first fruits could then take place on the first day of the week in the morning which would be from 6:00 am onwards also according to the scriptures. 1Corinthians 15:20(But now Christ is risen from the dead and has become the Firstfuits of those who have fallen asleep)

    I hope this summing up has helped.

  24. Also 2011 Obama made a speech saying when our mountains crumble into the oceans we still have our faith and serenity in the lord….something is fixing to happen and our government knows about it…there are military training going on in major cities in Dallas phoenix and los Angeles… And the Carolinas are having homeless people locked up in what looks like prison camps…

  25. So how about the leader of France and john Kerry last year 2014 saying that in 500 days there will be a global climatic change….which 500 days from the time of there speech is September 23 2015

  26. 2 Thessalonions 2 KJV:

    1Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, 2That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. 3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

    The Rapture cannot occur until these things happen first. Therefore it will not happen on Sept 23 this year.

  27. Wayne
    Would Acts I;7 be another verse that supports that we can’t know the day or the hour or am I taking the verse out of cotext.

    Acts 1;7
    It is not for you to know times and seasons that the lord has in his power.

    • The context suggests that we can’t know the exact time when God will restore the kingdom of Israel (Christ’s response is to the question in verse 6). However, this is not to say that we cannot know the general time period during the end times given what we are told in the Bible.

  28. Wayne
    I read Renee’s book and saw how she dealt with Matthew 24;36 and Mark 13;32 which both say that No Man Knows the Day or the hour. Renee makes the claim that Jesus doesn’t know the Day or the Hour because he won’t be there.

  29. I would encourage everybody to check out this YouTube channel. I’m sharing the link for the ‘Introduction’ video that she has. She has a book, that you can download for free in the description of this series of video’s. She goes over how she came to the conclusion of September 23, 2015 as the Rapture event. Not only citing Daniel but several other verses as “scripture interprets scripture.”

    I don’t know if it will happen on that day, if anything, that but as I watch the news each day, I pray that she is right and that we will be going home soon.

    May God bless all of you.

      • Wayne
        It’s funny how people who set dates always deny the fact they didn’t set the date but it was something given to them from God.

    • Nevermore
      I have read her book online. I would be wary of her for two reasons one is she’s putting a lot of her own calculations in to this which is always a dangerous thing. Also while Scripture does interpit Scripture as she says I think she may be twisting and taking scriptures out of context to fit her timeline.

    • Renee claims that God revealed this to her in 2014 which is claiming a special revelation which means she’s in violation of Revelation 22;18 and 22;19 which talks adding and taking away from scripture.

  30. Wayne
    I’m curious how many scriptures the believers in this Prophecy took out of context it seems like the ones you point to in Daniel are the big ones that they use and they may be using out of context.

  31. Wayne
    I don’t know if you have the time to but you should make some of this in to a Youtube video of this Critique and would help people on Youtube out that may be falling for this.

  32. Wayne
    She has a video called Supernatural Confirmation of Sept 23rd and everything in the first part of the article I just read she mentions. About the encounters and everything the article is definetly her.

  33. Hmmm it would seem that a lot of the links you sent me match the stuff I read on her current website that I read definetly appears to be a False Prophet that just keeps trying to go back and change her mind whenever what she says doesn’t happen.

  34. This article from FiveDoves suggests she thought October 7/8 2012:

    The article references a website of hers that no longer exists. However, it’s possible to find archives of that site from different time periods (the archives load slow sometimes and may require refreshing the browser). This link is her site in July 2010

    She posed three potential Rapture dates at that time and the last one she proposed was actually in September 13, 2015 rather than September 23.

    If you go to 2012 you find that she had been changing dates and argued for a August 3-4, 2012 Rapture:

    By December 2012, she argued for a December 8-16, 2012 Rapture date:

    There’s more evidence of change dating beyond that.

  35. I watched her so called Urgent video and noticed that the Pastor guy that was talking to the French Minister once he says Asteroid it cuts off before the question of what the Climate Chaos thing really is can be answered. I apologize if what I am talking about has nothing to do with the subject

    • It’s fine to talk about this. I’m curious about how this individual has gotten such a big following with her ridiculous videos and predictions.

      • She has a website and she also wrote a book that she wants people to read on Youtube because we all have that kind of time She claims to have gotten a message from GOD in 2001 and that’s what made her look to the Sept 23rd/24th date.

  36. There seems to be people that believe the Rapture will happen Sept 23rd which is pointed and critiqued here and very nice work by the way. They also believe an Asteroid is coming on Sept 24th which is the Day of Atonement there is someone named Renee Moses who seems to strongly believe this.

      • Wayne
        I’ve seen her videos floating around Youtube she seems to have a lot people believing in her “Prophecy” I’ve also seen her website and it definetly seems like she’s twisting scripture to get her prophecy which will be prophecy and she deflects the Matt 24;36 verse by saying that it’s not was Jesus meant my question if Jesus didn’t mean No Man Knows the Day or the Hour then what did he mean.

  37. I don’t expect it. People will look to 2018 as the next possible date. The root cause of these theories is the widespread belief in the Pre-Trib viewpoint. As long as most people hold onto to the Pre-Trib viewpoint there is going to be quite a lucrative market for date setters. I don’t expect Pre-Trib to become a minority viewpoint after 2015, 2018, etc because most pastors and most so-called Bible prophecy “experts” believe in it. They’ll teach their students and congregations to believe in the position, and who in the congregation would dare to challenge those that teach them?

    Beyond that, the Pre-Trib position is the most comforting Rapture position for people to believe in psychologically. At my church I see people finding comfort in the idea that Christ can come back at anytime when they’re dealing with difficult times. The Pre-Trib position has an institutional advantage over other Rapture positions and it has a psychological advantage over other Rapture positions. But, we must try at least to help open-minded people, those struggling to reconcile between what they read from what they hear, and those who are new at the subject.

  38. God is doing unusual things in these Last Days. He is revealing secrets He has carefully concealed in the Bible. “It is the glory of God is conceal a matter, it is the glory of kings to reveal a matter”. (Proverbs 25:2) Thank God for born-again Jewish rabbis Jonathan Cahn (“The Harbinger”) and Mark Biltz (“Blood Moons”) who brought the ancient Jewish mysteries of the Shemitah and blood moons to our attention which John Hagee describes in his book, “Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change.” Two things will happen in 2015: it will be a Shemitah Year in which God allows something to happen to get our attention – remember, warning comes before judgement! – and The Prophecy of Joel will be fulfilled. “The sun shal be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.” (Joel 2:31) Previous Shemitah Years saw the SEVEN buildings of the WTC destroyed in the Islamic terrorist attack of September 2001; SEVEN years later – in September 2008 – the Dow Jones fell 777 points in one day; SEVEN years from then brings us to September 2015 – The Prophecy of Joel! On March 20 there will be a solar eclipse followed by a blood moon on April 4 (Passover). There will be another solar ecl;ipse in eptember followed by a blood moon on September 28 (Feast of Tabernacles). Financial experts are predicting a financial collapse this Fall – what could bring this on? How about 100 million believers in the ord Jesus Christ disappearing from this mudball called Earth? Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

      • Do you think that perhaps when all these blood moons have passed without the rapture occurring that people might realize their theories aren’t scriptural and start to look at what you and I are saying?

    • God bless you brother Greg. You saved me a lot of typing, as the spirit would have me type the same exact post. God has confirmed to me directly that studying Jewish tradition, particularly the wedding and all the feasts described in Leviticus will prepare me for being taken up to be with the bridegroom, certainly before the Father’s wrath is poured out. I hope Connie’s heart is pierced by the spirit, that she may be overcome by a new and more accurate discernment of God’s Word.

      • Craig, I pray the same for you. That your heart would be pierced that you might see that God is going to ask His children to suffer as never before, for His glory, so that you can prepare your heart to be martyred if God so deigns this is your destiny. Perhaps you will keep an open mind and reconsider that those of us who do not accept this pre-trib/Blood Moon/2015 rapture are not wrong to say Christ is not coming this year, after it has passed without His coming. We are patient. Maybe a non pre-trib position won’t seem so wrong when Christ doesn’t rapture people out before the tribulation (which is not God’s wrath.) Not believing in a pre-trib rapture does not mean that we do not look for Him. We look for Him all the more, at the proper “watch” as He told us to do, knowing that the greatest suffering man has ever known will be stopped when He returns. God never promised us that we wouldn’t suffer at Satan’s hand and He warned us that we shouldn’t be surprised by His fiery judgment that will begin with His own house. That means the Church will suffer, as never before. He has said it will be so apostate in the end that He doesn’t even know if He will find faith when He returns. Does that sound like a bride that deserves to escape discipline? For persecution is not God’s wrath, otherwise God has been venting His wrath against His children for millennia. I don’t think you believe that is true. Persecution is Satan’s attempt to destroy us and our faith. God uses this as discipline to refine us and bring Him glory. This is not a new thing in the history of the Church. Persecution has always brought about revival and a cleansing of the apostasy. Why should the apostate church think it is better than all the other saints who have gone before us? Yet for some reason they do. There is one word to describe this. Laodicean.

      • This Sept 23, 2015 speculation is not from God as there is a lot of confusion concerning this topic “1 Cor 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” You’ll realize on September 24, 2015 who has been confused…

  39. Wayne, why do you have a picture of yourself with a caption “follow me?” Jesus said “follow me” and he is the one I follow.

    • “Follow me” is a commonly used expression used by many bloggers today to encourage people to subscribe to various social media outlets the blogger participates on. The idea is that people subscribe to Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, etc so that they are alerted when new content is published or when a blogger just has something to say. For instance, on Twitter, the number of subscribers a user has is represented by the number of “followers”. The number of other Twitter users a particular person is keeping track of is represented by the number of “following”. It has nothing to do with me wanting people to mindlessly follow me as if I were some cult leader. I hope this makes sense.

      As for the picture, many bloggers include a picture so people have more information about the author. It’s a quite common practice. I chose to show a picture so people have an idea of how young I am. Most people who study Bible prophecy are much much older than me.

  40. The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all. Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the housetops for all to hear!

    • Okay….. but I am not sure I understand what that has to do with the conversation that was going on as to what Wayne teaches. Your comments may make sense to you, but as I cannot see into your mind, they are not making coherent sense to me. You need to be a little less obscure and come out and say what you mean for those of us who have trouble following your non sequitur comments.

    • I would like to say happy new year to everyone here but as it does not correspond to God’s ordained new year I will refrain from doing so.
      It is worth noting here that we are all believers in Christ I assume and should be helping each other not trying to find fault but enlightening each other if the spirit as shown us light that others cannot yet see

  41. Sorry Connie, guess you are Wayne’s watchdog. I wasn’t speaking about him but about what he has to work with – his bloggers. There’s something fishier on here than the date of the rapture, that is the dates of these posts that jump back and forth from 2014 to 2011 and years in between!

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “his bloggers”. I have nothing to do with these date setters. If you’re referring to the articles that I’ve linked to in this article, over the years I have critiqued various Rapture dates that other people have set. There’s a lot of bad information coming from various people setting dates. I critique the work of certain date setters not to promote them but to show readers that there are problems with what they are teaching. The Blood Moon thing is particularly disturbing to me because so many people have bought into that theory. This is why I’ve posted multiple articles about the Blood Moon topic critiquing it from various angles (this article linked to four of those articles).

      The puzzle pieces that I work with come from the Bible: the Bible verses and chapters. Not the bloggers.

    • I see that Wayne has responded, but as you addressed me, I will too.I’m nobody’s appointed watchdog. I simply do not like people making comments which seem to be undeservedly uncomplimentary, so tend to not let them stand unanswered. Wayne is not one to get into a debate with people when they make such comments. I would do the same for anyone who is teaching truth, for truth needs defending these days with all the lies out there. There is nothing fishy about his posts. He often will reference past posts, or link to something as part of his expose or explanation, but your assertion that something is fishy because he has posts that go back several years doesn’t seem to make any sense. Articles get brought to the forefront when someone comes along and comments on a post that is years old. That often starts new discussions. Most people’s blogs work that way. He has no other bloggers. I don’t know where you got that idea.

    • If you are speaking of the general muddle out there in other people’s writings, I will totally agree. I see some pretty unscriptural stuff floating around. On the other hand, Wayne is one of the most competent and well-researched writers that I have read in many years. Being a researcher myself and digging deep to check things that are said, I find that while there may be infrequent times when I do not agree 100%, his knowledge and understanding far exceeds a great many people’s, including most of the well-known so-called prophecy teachers.

  42. Hi Wayne – Looks like you have a bunch of loose pieces here that no matter how hard you cram, will not fit into your puzzle. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to work a puzzle with the wrong pieces.

    • I’m working with the wrong puzzle pieces if I don’t agree with September 23, 2015? Does this mean I’m working with the right pieces if nothing takes place on September 23, 2015?

    • I’m curious Carol. Exactly what puzzle pieces do you think are a problem? As far as I can see, none of the puzzle pieces will fit into Sept. 2015, so I don’t see how Wayne has a problem. Just the people who are looking forward to this date. Wayne hasn’t set a date.

  43. Problem is that there are so many prominent Pre-Trib teachers that the vast majority of people will either believe in pre-set dates or won’t challenge the validity of certain pre-set dates.

  44. Only pre-trib people are setting dates, which is kind of ironic since they preach you can’t know the day or hour. Other viewpoints know they have to wait for the 70th week to begin.

  45. No wonder the scriptures said many will be deceived in these last days because it is clear that not many people want to study and research God’s written word. How can you even begin to set a date when the last 7 years have not even began. The rise of the antichrist and the opening of the first seal is what signals the start of Daniel’s 70th week or final 7 years. Knowing this fact can dispel and erase all false date setting.

    So to conclude we just need to wait until the first seal is opened and then we will have a better idea of when the time will be. The seals represent the final 7 years for those who don’t know.

    • Everyone I’ve encountered recently is worried about everything beginning at a moments notice. I’m not so worried about things since I too believe we need to wait for that first seal to open.

      • Just remember that it is Jesus who is in control here. He will be opening the seals in heaven first before anything happens on the earth. Matt 24 and Rev 6 confirms this as well as other scriptures that can be mentioned. It is interesting to note here that in seal two peace was taken from the earth therefore it can be concluded that peace was established at seal one.

    • Hi Robert,

      The seven seals covers the entire prophetic timeline.

      Seals 1 to 6 started from pentecost and ends at the second coming of Christ. Seal 7 is the millennium. Bowls judgement happens during the sixth seal, while trumpets judgement happens at the end of the millennium.

      Try dividing the book of revelation into two segments: Rev. 2 to 11 and Rev. 12 to 21. View it as seen in two different angles considering both having the essence and substance of the entire prophetic end time story.

      The key point I based my claim that the seventh seal is the millennium is found in 1 John 2:18 and Rev. 8:1.

      • Hi Eaglet

        Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment.

        However, you are way of in your assumption with the seals.

        The seal covers the whole period of Daniel 70th week which for your information has not begun yet. I am simply here to enlighten people that are searching for the real truth and encourage myself by people like Wayne and Connie who are being enlightened by God’s word through the Holy spirit.

        There are still some things we still need to understand but certain things like the seals and trumpets are very clear.

        The 7th Seal has you mentioned does not represent the millennium as you may think but when it is completed it does start it the millennium.

        If you want to understand Revelation and the last days and you have time please check out the link below as this pastor understand the last days better than anyone I have come across to date. May be he can open your eyes to the truth that is hidden from many.

        • Hi Robert,

          Revelation 5:2-7

          2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

          3 And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

          4 And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.

          5 And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

          6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

          7 And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne.

          1. What does to loose the seals THEREOF means?
          2. How about the word THEREON?
          3. Does it really have to take 2,000 years of waiting for the seals to be unsealed from the time that there was already someone found worthy to loose the seals?
          4. Where in scriptures does the Dark Ages, World War 1 and 2, Great Economic Woes, the Great Plagues, Great Famines, and Great Earthquakes were prophesied?

          Revelation 6:2
          2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

          This scripture does not pertain to the antichrist. The white horse can not and must never be associated with the antichrist.

          My interpretation to this is, it is the preaching and spreading of the Gospel (Covenant, Bow) throughout church history and throughout all the nations.

          So if you will take it as that, then it would not be hard for you anymore to interpret the next three seals.

          God Bless.

      • Furthermore, Song of Solomon suggests PENTECOST as a likely time for the Rapture. That’s NEXT MONTH, May 24. Of course, the problem is that we don’t know that the Rapture will occur THIS year. Hopefully it will.

        • The spring feasts have already been fulfilled. Christ’s Second Coming will be fulfilled in all of the fall feasts. You will need to look for the Second Coming and rapture during the autumn when the proper year comes.

          • I am always pleased when other Christians can see the plan of God through the 7 feasts that he has ordained for this purpose. Indeed the next 3 fall feasts will be the culmination of his master plan. When I first became a Christian I use to be frustrated with certain beliefs of the church like Sunday, Easter, Christmas and our 365 day year. I thought if God is perfect and had all wisdom and knowledge why are these things so far away from what the bible says until I research further to find all the errors and demonic doctrine that has crept into the church. Most people don’t even realise that Jesus died on a Wednesday and rose on the Sabbath and that there is no such thing as Good Friday. Which confirms perfectly what Jesus said about being dead for 3 days and three nights. Due to the complete perfection I now can see in his word no church doctrine of men or women will ever confuse me again

          • Based on what Scripture do you believe Jesus rose on the Sabbath? I believe He rose to fulfill the Feast of First Fruits (He was the First Fruits of the resurrection), just as He fulfilled Passover and the Holy Spirit fulfilled Shavuot. As the Feast of First Fruits is the morrow after the Sabbath, that would mean He rose on Sunday, even if you believe He rose on what we would call Saturday evening as if He rose before that, He wouldn’t be fulfilling the Feast of First Fruits on the right day.

          • Without a doubt Jesus fulfilled the feast of first fruits as God is perfect in all that he does. What you must realise here that there is no conflict in him rising on the Sabbath and still fulfilling the feast. What needs to be understood here is that The time a day begins and ends in Israel is different to how we see time in the west. The day starts with the night first as you may already know then the day part comes next. It is more than likely that the two days would have intermingled at some point when viewed through western eyes without conflicting with God’s plan

          • But based on what Scripture (verse please) are you asserting that He rose on the Sabbath, (before dark Sat.)? The Feast of First Fruits which is actually the morrow (morning by God’s instruction) after the Sabbath is the designated time for this feast, not on the Sabbath or even the evening following the Sabbath (Sat. night). It would have been the wee hours of Sunday morning at best to fulfill God’s feast accurately. And I think Christ did it accurately. And while it would be Jerusalem time that would be the exact moment,and therefore still be night here, for the sake of our celebration I think God expects us to celebrate on Sunday morning for our day would still be measured from sunset to sunrise by God’s mandate. I think He expects us to live in the time zone we are, not by Jerusalem time.

          • Give me a little time Connie and I will show you from the scripture so that you will have no doubt

        • The Pre-Trib assumption is that the Rapture can occur at any time, including this year. However, there are other positions out there like Mid-Trib, Pre-Wrath, and Post-Trib which disagree with the idea that the Rapture can occur this year. I don’t anticipate the Rapture starting this year nor the start of the seventieth week of Daniel.

  46. It’s been three years since I posted last, and a lot has happened in my understanding of things of the bible. I now do not believe that there will be a pre-tribulation rapture. This is taken from the bible doctrine of dispensationalism which tells of separate promises to the Jews in distinction from Christians.

    God is no respecter of persons….Acts 10:34, for one.

    Due to the Zionist plans for world domination, many of the teachings of the dispensationalists view bible scripture from footnotes rather than from the context of the verses. This is “private interpretation” of which we are warned in II Peter 1:20.

    Also, the interpretation of Daniel 9:27 has been misinterpreted. The “he” is a reference back to the word “Messiah” and not the “people” in the previous verse. One must interpret the English written grammar that “people” cannot refer to “he”….as one is plural and the other is singular.

    Dispensationalists also talk of a “peace treaty” to be signed in the “middle of the week”. However, this “confirm the covenant” refers to what Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary. This is verified in Galatians 3:17. Scripture has to be compared with scripture for proper interpretation.

    Nothing seems to signify a pre-tribulation rapture. We are told it will be at the last trumpet, and there is nothing pre-tribulation about that. What the bible tells us that we are to watch for is the manifestation of the sons of God. This is told to us in Romans 8:19. Whether this refers to the “man child” in Revelation 12….I am not yet sure.

  47. There is nowhere in the Bible that supports the argument that the rapture occurs before the tribulation. I urge you to re-read Matthew 24:29-31 where it says the following: The rapture doesn’t occur until after the tribulation. Any preacher who is teaching a pre-trib is leading Christians to accept a false Christ who will show up at the beginning of the tribulation. Do not be deceived. (KJV) Matt. 24: 29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

  48. I agree with Connie with regards to the use of the all caps button. Using all caps consistently does not leave a good impression when seeking to gain credibility from your audience.

    Anyway, I don’t mention the Rapture or my views on the issue often because it’s a divisive issue that can turn a certain segment of people off if you don’t agree with them. Based on your reaction I suspect you think I am Pre-Trib, which isn’t the case.

  49. Wayne can certainly speak for himself, but I felt the need to say something here. First, there is no reason to use all caps because “that is just me.” Just turn off the all caps button. It is really annoying to read all caps and you automatically set people’s backs up against anything you want to say before you even say anything. Second, did you read his article? From what you wrote, it would appear that you think he holds to a pre-trib view. If you bother reading his articles you will find he does not, nor does he even mention his view in this article. He was simply commenting on the speculation some people have made about the date mentioned above. i know as a blog writer that nothing is more annoying than people not reading your article thoroughly, assuming that they know what you have written when really they have no clue, and then making foolish comments because they have NOT read the article thoroughly. If you are going to go to people’s blogs and make critical comments, at least have the decency to read them first to know what they are saying.

  50. Jer 25:4 And the LORD has sent to you all His servants the prophets, rising early and sending them, but you have not listened nor inclined your ear to hear. Jer 35:15 I have also sent to you all My servants the prophets, rising up early and sending them, saying, ‘Turn now everyone from his evil way, amend your doings, and do not go after other gods to serve them; then you will dwell in the land which I have given you and your fathers.’ But you have not inclined your ear, nor obeyed Me. Dan 9:6 Neither have we heeded Your servants the prophets, who spoke in Your name to our kings and our princes, to our fathers and all the people of the land. Dan 9:10 We have not obeyed the voice of the LORD our God, to walk in His laws, which He set before us by His servants the prophets. *****Amo 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. Zec 1:6 Yet surely My words and My statutes, Which I commanded My servants the prophets, Did they not overtake your fathers? “So they returned and said: ‘Just as the LORD of hosts determined to do to us, According to our ways and according to our deeds, So He has dealt with us.’ ” ‘ ” Rev 10:7 but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as He declared to His servants the prophets. (YOU’VE GOT TO ASK YOURSELF WHO ARE THESE SERVANTS??? BECAUSE IT SURE LOOKS LIKE HE-“YAHWEH” IS REVEALING HIS SECRETS TO! LET ME ALSO SAY THIS….YOU SAY THAT YOU LIKE RESEARCHING AND ANALIZING….GO AND RESEARCH THE ORIGINS OF THE RAPTURE, AND HOW IT CAME TO BE…, AND WHY. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS BUILDING AN END TIMES ARMY, FOR WHAT? TO FIGHT IN HEAVEN??? WHY WOULD FATHER RAPTURE US TO FIGHT IN HEAVEN? DO YOU NOT THINK THAT FATHER CAN HANDLE WHAT HAPPENS IN HEAVEN? IT’S EARTH THAT’S WHERE THE BATTLE IS FOUGHT! FATHER WISHES THAT NONE PARISH….OUR LEAVING EARTH WITH SO MANY LEFT BEHIND IS NOT LOVE….AND IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE INDIVIDUALS THAT’S LOOKING TO FLY AWAY WHILE THERE ARE LIVES TO BE SAVED THEN THE LOVE OF YAHWEH IS NOT IN YOU AND YOU’VE PUT YOURSELF ABOVE HIM. LOOK, I MEAN NO OFFENSE BY USING LARGE LETTERS, I’M NOT YELLING OR SCREAMING AS PEOPLE ASSUME. IT’S JUST ME. OH AND THE LAW HAS NOT BEEN DONE AWAY WITH AS SOME WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE…..FIND OUT WHY THE JEWS MISSED THE FIRST COMING OF MESSIAH, AND WHY THEY ARE STILL MISSING IT TO THIS DAY…IT’S ALL IN THE BOOK. WHAT REALLY CAUGHT MY ATTENTION ABOUT YOU IS THAT YOU LIKE RESEARCH, IF YOU TAKE THE WORD OF YAH BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL ORIGINS AND WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, LET HIM TEACH YOU THE TRUTH….JUST ASK HIM.)

  51. What concerns me is that at the very end of the last two Jewish sabbatical years (7year periods) we have had a disaster. The first one was Sept 2001, and seven years later in 2008 with the housing/stock market crash. Both of these events happened exactly at the end of a sabbatical year. What resulted after these events, in my opinion, matches the description of the first two seals of the scroll in Revelations. For example, since 9/11 the spirit of conquering and to conquer has gone out into the world. Nations and ideologies have been defined, battle lines have been drawn and no one sees a solution to any of it except conquering. In 2008 the housing market crash exposed the fiat currency deception world wide. Peace has been taken from the earth over economic strife because we all know now that money is no longer real, but assumed. It is based on debt, not hard assets. The reality of money no longer exists for any nation, and the fall of the worlds currencies is only a matter of time. The next sabbatical year will end in Sept 2015. If we are seeing the seals being opened, then we will see a disaster that will result in global economic downfall and famine or food rationing. Just throwing that out there, and only time will tell.

  52. Let’s take an honest grammatical look at 2 Thess. 2:1-4

    [1] Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, (this is clearly referring to the 2nd coming, as that is the only “coming” spoken of in the New Testament) and by our gathering together unto him, (the rapture – notice that the 2nd coming precedes the rapture in this verse.)

    That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit,
    nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ (another name for the Day of the Lord) is at hand. [In other words, Paul is saying don’t be afraid that the 2nd coming has happened (which initiates the Day of the Lord) and that you have not been taken in the rapture. Now why should they NOT be afraid that they have missed the Lord’s Second Coming and being taken? Because there are signs that they will see beforehand and thereby know.]

    [3] Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day
    (to what day is he referring? The day mentioned in the first two verses. The day when the 2nd coming occurs, Christ gathers (raptures) His elect, and then the Day of the Lord begins) shall NOT COME, EXCEPT there come a falling away FIRST, (the 2nd coming, the gathering, and the day of the Lord/Christ cannot occur until AFTER has been a falling away first, an apostasia, BEFORE the 2nd coming/rapture) and that man of
    sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (the antichrist or beast is revealed at the abomination of desolation. This must occur before the 2nd coming, the gathering, and the Day of Christ/Lord.)

    [4] Who opposeth and
    exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so
    that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is
    God.(the abomination)

    Some pre-trib say that the falling away is another way of saying the rapture, but the word “apostasia” means forsaking, so obviously it is not referring to a rapture. Not to mention that gathering together is not the same as falling away. They are opposites.

    Let’s look at another clue.

    1 Cor. 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: (the last trump is the last trumpet, the seventh trumpet) for the
    trumpet shall sound, [Rev. 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven,
    saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, (Christ is crowned king of kings and takes the earth back from Satan’s reign)
    and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.] and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, [Rev. 11:18 And the nations were angry, and THY WRATH IS COME, (Day of the Lord) and the TIME OF THE DEAD, THAT THEY SHOULD BE JUDGED, (resurrection) and that thou shouldest GIVE REWARD UNTO THEY SERVANTS the prophets, AND TO THE SAINTS, (rapture and Bema judgment) and them that fear
    thy name, small and great; and shouldest DESTROY THEM (God’s wrath, Day of the Lord) which destroy the
    earth.] and we
    shall be changed. Clearly Rev. 11:15-18 describes the 2nd coming and resurrection/rapture event, followed by God’s wrath.

    And yes Paul did know about the last trump. It is a Jewish teaching that three events occur at the last trump. The coming of the Messiah, the resurrection of the dead, and the Day of the Lord. It is the traditional teaching surrounding Yom Kippur. Even if he didn’t know to what it referred, God does and God is the true author of Scripture. Daniel did not understand what he wrote, but he wrote it for our benefit. Paul gave us the essential clue for timing, but everyone ignores it.

    • The Day of Christ (Savior) is Jesus Second Coming before the start of the Millennium.

      The Day (a thousand Years) of the Lord is Jesus reigning as King of kings and Lord of lords in the Millennium.

  53. Your confusing the rapture– meeting the lord in the air, – Not Jesus’s second coming. With Jesus’s second coming which will occurs at the end of the tribulation. This confusion is what created the two Pre-post trib theories in the first place. Jesus does not come in the pre trib. We are however raptured in the pre trib.

  54. Tell where the word trinity is in the bible, its not.. Its a modern word we use to describe the divinity. Same goes with Rapture. In the original Greek the word is -snatched away-.. Use some common sense in the one taken and the other left parables. . You come to the “Mystery” which was clearly described yet not named. Hense the modern word rapture.

    • type this in your search engine:

      crown of life, crown of righteousness, crown of glory, crown of rejoicing, and incorruptible crown.

  55. there are 5 crowns for believers-1for those found watching and 1for those found rejoicing at his return we are commanded to know to earn these crowns . only the sleeping church will not know the day or hour.

  56. Dear brother and sisters!

    Yes, Jesus come back at Yom Kippur 2015, on
    23./24. October 2015! This date is right, but it is “only” a
    time-prophecy, but there is no special messeage in.

    So there is another study, which confirms
    also this return of Jesus Christ on that day, but with a message of repentance
    and reversal, als written in Relevation 18:1-3, which will enligthen the
    whole earth in the last 3 years!

    Please come and study it too! Read

    Thank you and give the Holy Spirit the
    possibility to change your character (Rom 12:1).

  57. It sounds like you and them speak completely different languages…

    I don’t know how the layout of the comments system changed. If it proves to be a problem I’ll see if I can get the old layout back.

  58. I don’t think I’m ever going to get an answer to the questions I asked this group. They got off on going into some bizarre teachings on the abomination of desolation.  First they tell me the temple is our bodies, then they say the the first half of the 70th week was Christ’s ministry, and his crucifixion was the abomination, but only the first of a list of abominations that somehow all fit into this mid-point, and the second half of this week is about to begin. They totally lost me with their reasoning.  Talk about spiritualization.  I gave up on them.  Couldn’t compete with their reasoning or lack thereof.

  59. That’s exactly where I am in understanding as well. I hear many talking of a pre-trb rapture but the Bible clearly states that we (saved Christians) will be united with Christ at the last trumpet sound, and after the dead in Christ rises first (first resurrection). Thanks for the response.

    • I think that there is a bit of confusion with regards to the two harvests (First Fruits and Main Harvest)The 144,000 are Pre-Trib and the Main harvest (Multitude no man could number)coinciding with the Resurrection of the Just – Mid Trib.- before Plagues. Rev.7 makes the distinction. The “Bride” is the one who escapes (Rev.12)and Seed (Multitude of Children) are pursued by Satan. The Bride/First-fruits – Rev.14, sing the song NO-ONE else can learn – Multitude sing the OLD song of MOSES Rev.15. …Because Moses & Elijaj are the 2 Witnesses of Rev.11

  60. I’m glad you think they do.  A lot of people would naysay you on that opinion. 😉  I’ve got one dialogue going on now with a group who feel the temple (that the abomination is set up in) stands for our bodies or hearts.  Can’t wrap my head around how they can think that given some of the Scriptures about the event and the fact that if AC sits in the temple (and they think it is their heart), they are basically saying he is sitting in their hearts, meaning they accept him and forsake Christ. Don’t think they’ve taken that idea to its logical conclusion. Also waiting for an explanation about Rev. 11 where John is told to measure the temple and the altar, etc.  Should be very interesting to see how they spiritualize it.

  61. As for your second set of questions, my answer although some would disagree and that is their right, is that yes, God does give us signs to watch for and warns us not to take the mark because there is no pre-trib rapture.  That is a hopeful idea which is actually based solely on the spiritualization of a verse in Revelation 4 which has no reason to be spiritualized, except that to make the idea of pre-trib work one has to force the verse to mean what it does not.  Christ gave us the sequence of events in Matt. 24 and Paul gave the same order of events in 2 Thess. 2:1. 

  62. I answered this question for someone on this blog once before and Wayne didn’t seem to mind, so here we go again.

    The word “rapture” does not occur in the
    Bible. It is a word that was believed to have been coined from
    something that William Shakespeare wrote. According to Etymology of the English Language
    by W.W.Skeat, Shakespeare coined the word “rapture” from the Latin term
    “raptus” which meant “to be seized” or “transported,” (both of which
    describe the event that the word “rapture” is used to describe today.)
    Shakespeare used the word “rapture” to mean “to be transported by a
    lofty emotion or ecstasy.” One
    can only assume that whoever coined this term to apply it to what
    Scripture calls the “harpazo”  a Greek term which means “to seize, catch
    up or away, take by force, pull, or pluck up” and which is translated in
    English as “caught up,” (found in 1 Thess. 4:17) thought that it was a good description of that
    event, as no doubt people will not only be transported, but one can only
    believe they will be in a state of lofty emotion or ecstasy upon its
    happening.  So if you are in a debate with someone over the reality of an event called the rapture, you can tell them that just because English word that we have coined to describe it is not there, does not mean the event doesn’t happen. 

    The word “Bible” is not in the Bible either, but we call it that don’t we.  It is from the word “biblos.”  Biblos was the Greek name for the papayrus plant that was used to make paper.  In time the word “biblos” came to be associated with the scrolls themselves (kind of like how we use “Kleenex” as a generic term when it is really a brand). The word “Bible” was invented by scholars from the plural for biblos, “biblia” meaning “little books.” It is from the word “biblia” that the English word “Bible” was created by men to describe the Scriptures (given it is a collection of a lot of little books).  So neither of the words “rapture” or “Bible”  are in the Bible, but everyone understands what is being referred to in their usage.  For those that argue the no rapture scenario, because the word is not there, I say that then there also must not be a Bible for that word is not there either.

  63. Could someone please tell me where the word rapture is mentioned in the Bible? Also doesn’t God warn us to watch for the signs and not to take the mark, which occurs during the Tribulation. Why would he do this if there was a pre-trib rapture?

    • The word rapture is in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. The greek is ἁρπαγησόμεθα, which means to seize or snatch and is often translated as “caught up”. In latin the word is rapiemur which in the English Vulgate is translated as “taken up”. This is the source of the word “rapture” which comes from medieval Latin and French. Variations of this word are typically translated as snatch or seize or plunder.

  64. You are counting your days wrong.  In Daniel’s time, a year was 360 days; not 365.  Do it again and it fits—Perfectly.

  65. April 1, 33 AD was a Friday on the Gregorian calendar (the one that is used today). The April 3, 33 AD Friday date comes up in the Julian (Roman) Calendar.  I think the 69 contiguous weeks could possibly have ended with the ascension of Christ on May 13, 33AD in the Gregorian calendar (May 15 33 AD in the Julian calendar). Going back 69 weeks, you’d end up with April 19, 444 BC on the Gregorian calendar (April 21, 444 BC on the Julian calendar). April 19, 444 BC on the Gregorian calendar was Nisan 23 on the Jewish calendar if I’m not mistaken.

  66. April 1, A.D. 33 was not on a Friday; it was on a Wednesday ( April 3, A.D. 33 is the Friday you are looking for. Jesus arose on Sunday, April 5, A.D. 33. The previous Sunday, March 29, A.D. 33 was Palm Sunday known as “until [y](AX)Messiah the (AY)Prince” (Dan.9.25). If the seven and sixty-two prophetic weeks are contiguous, that puts the “decree to restore and
    rebuild Jerusalem” (Dan.9.25) on Sunday, March 8, 444 B.C. Going forward from this date the 17,640 days you cited we land on Sunday, June 24, 396 B.C. My question is what is the significance of the end of the first 7 of The Seventy Weeks?

    If these dates are accurate, Resurrection Sunday was April 5, and the birthday of the Church occurred seven Sundays later on May 24, A.D. 33. So on Tuesday, May 24, A.D. 2033 is the second millenial birthday of the Church. That would be a good time for the Rapture of the Church. The Church began with the fall of the Holy Spirit and it is fitting that is will end with the removal of the Holy Spirit to usher in the Seventieth Week.

  67. I’m glad you were able to form your own stance on the Rapture and not rely totally on mainstream Bible prophecy scholars and preachers.  It’s hard to form a stance on an important Bible prophecy topic which is at odds with what mainstream Bible prophecy teachers push.  That’s why it is so important for people to do their own studying of the Bible.

  68. THANK YOU! I recently came across this discussion and could not agree with you more.  As a born-again Christian raised in a fundamental, evangelical Baptist church, I was taught to believe in the pre-Trib secret Rapture along with all of the verses that supposedly supported it.  Something about it always bothered me, but I did not question the teachings because those were from Bible scholars and educated preachers so they must be right, right?  Hours of reading Scripture and online articles for and against have enabled me to stand firm in my belief that we WILL be called upon to endure great hardship during the Tribulation period, but we WILL pass through this refining process.  At NO time in history have the followers of God been removed from suffering for their faith.  The early Church deserved preservation from the Tribulation more than we weak, spoiled apostates!  God does not save us FROM, but He is able to save us THROUGH persecution.  Noah, Abraham, Lot, Jonah, Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack & Obednego, Elijah, Jeremiah among others were supernaturally preserved THROUGH their trials–“…a thousand shall fall by thy side and ten thousand by thy right side but it shall not come nigh unto thee…”.  Revelation speaks of God’s angels calling forth  His Elect from the 4 corners of the earth just prior to the pouring out of His wrath upon an unrepentant world.  When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she does not know the day or hour of her child’s birth, but does that mean she cannot know the month and the year so she can prepare?  Like a pregnant woman, all of Creation travails together until the day of the Lord’s return.  True, the Great Physician has not told us the day or the hour, but I believe he will, though His Word, give diligent seekers of His Truth the month and year of His return in glory and power.

    • The refining process was what Christ endued for you blood sweat tears the whole nine. Don’t allow your feelings of guilt or what ever that unsettling feeling is/was cause you to feel that His sacrifice was inefficient. The devil is that unsettling feeling. Because if you feel that His blood and death was not enough, how are you saved? Father has not appointed us to wrath. You spoke of thorough online research, I would advice that you research your research. Because before dying for you, His very last testimony to us was, “It is finished.” No more sacrifices or purification needed. Read the Book.

      • Advantageous Rebel,

        I agree with MRSVASS. I would add some more on her argument by asking you this questions:
        1. Is sticking out your neck (head chopped-off) for Jesus an ACT (work?) of Faith or good works (sacrifice?)?
        2. Is receiving the Crown of Life means you gave up your life for Jesus, physically and spiritually? (No other Love is greater than this, to give up your life for a friend)
        3. What makes us so special from our early christian brethren who were ravaged by the lions and were torched to serve as lamp posts on the streets of Rome? Were they not saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ?
        4. How is Gold and Silver Refined? (Natural and Spiritual Principle)
        5. How can the Bride be made pure, white, and spotless?
        6. Does the Bride will still have tortured, raped, and beaten up bodies when they get to the Wedding Banquet? Will not Jesus transform their bodies into glorified bodies?

        In Exodus, the Wrath of God was poured out on the entire land of Egypt. The Israelites were in Egypt, but they were not harmed (Dual Fulfillment and Typologies). The same for those great men of the bible that was mentioned by MRSVASS. So I believe God will do the same for us in the end times.

        I hate to say this but I believe the great delusion in the end times is the pretrib rapture doctrine. Many will fall away, if this will not pan out or worse Satan will make a fake pretrib rapture scenario exactly as the movies and books portrayed it by doing miracles, signs, and wonders. Satan is more in to destroying the believers, for the unbelievers, it’s just so easy for him.

        Please be a Berean in receiving the message and interpretations taught by bible schooled pastors from baptists, presbyterian, evangelicals, pentecostals; from best-selling prophecy books; Prophecy Websites; Bible and End Time Movies done by Holywood.

        Or better, have a heart, a mind, and a discerning spirit of a 7 year old or a 12 year old child in understanding bible prophecy. We have the Holy Spirit to guide us.

        An Ex-Pretrib Rapture Believer

  69. Maybe The Sept 2015 Date Has To do With The Following:
    The Harbinger By Jonathan Cahn
    The Harbinger:
    the Ancient Mystery that holds the secret of America’s Future.

    The Harbinger with Jonathan Cahn Part 1

    The Harbinger with Jonathan Cahn Part 2

    1 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part 1 Jonathan Cahn

    1 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part 2 Jonathan Cahn

    1 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part 3 Jonathan Cahn

    1 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part 4 Jonathan Cahn

    2 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part.1 Jonathan Cahn

    2 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part.2 Jonathan Cahn

    2 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part.3 Jonathan Cahn

  70. That all seems like a big stretch to me.  We can’t change the interpretation of Bible prophecy just to fit things with a certain date.

  71. What does Sept. 13, 2015 look like as a rapture date if 1/2 of the 70th Week was fulfilled at the crucifixion of Jesus, the abomination of desolation is a past event because the Dome of the Rock is the abomination standing in(or on) the Holy Place, there is no “peace treaty” because Christ was the One that confirmed the covenant (He died to save us) and there are only 3 1/2 years left of a “great tribulation” period that has been going on since Jesus died? 

  72. I think the 70th week is most likely going to start in the fall period of a given year and I do not believe in a Mid-Trib Rapture, so I’ll have to disagree with you.  

  73. “The proponents of a September 23, 2015 Rapture date are challenging this verse in my opinion by telling you that September 23, 2015 is the date of the Rapture.”Not so. This Holiday begins at the sighting of the crescent moon of which allows for a 48hr. period of time. No one knows the day nor hour. Also, the rapture occurs sometime “after” the revealing of the man of sin. If the 70th week begins before the end of April 2012 then the rapture could occur after the revealing of the man of sin mid-week in 2015.

  74. It is said in the book of Daniel to seal up these words until the times of the end. Basically what he is saying is no one will understand the prophesies until the times of the end. WE ARE LIVING IN THE END TIMES. No one will know the day or hour because according to Jewish Feast of Trumpets A.K.A Rosh Hashanah no one knows what day the NEW MOON will rise thus starting the feast of trumpets celebration. The  Jewish will watch for the new moon over a period of three days. It could be the first day or the second or third. They don’t know until it rises. This is what Christ was talking about when he said no man will know the day or hour. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we will not know the week month year or even a couple of days before. God said there would be signs in the Heavens and Mathew 24 describes in vivid detail of what to expect in the last days. Christs words exactly. I can assure you He is coming quickly. Repent and be right with God and do it now before it is too late. God Bless you all.

    • You are correct in your observation. Christians have become blinded by false interpretation. The fact is, through prophecy, those with an ear to hear and eyes to see will know when it is coming. Daniel’s words are specific to the day and the words of Christ are also specific to the feast day in which prophecy is to be fulfilled. Only the sleeping church will be caught unaware like a thief coming in the night.

  75. I agree with should rightly divide the word of truth, which is precisely why I do not believe in a pre-trib rapture.  It simply is not in Scripture.  But you are certainly entitled to interpret Scripture any way you want. Christ promised us that we should expect to suffer, and I see nothing in Scripture that contradicts that. In fact I see this last generation being Laodicean and apostate, which is just one more reason that they do not merit escaping Satan’s worst persecution of God’s people ever. They need to be purged and refined and made white. 

    I have found from much experience that lengthy explanations are not worth the effort when debating with people who are pre-trib in particular, so I won’t spend the time doing so here as it would only lead to more of the same arguments and it most certainly would not alter your beliefs.  Just so that you do not spend fruitless time doing the same, I will tell you that I was brought up pre-trib and know every defense, argument, verse, etc. that is used to defend it.  I am versed in all the viewpoints, as I have spent decades studying them and tearing them apart as I subjected them to the test of “does it line up with ALL the Scriptures”.  I know now what I believe, and can reconcile all the Scriptures to that belief without having to stretch them out of context, alter their order, or make unwarranted assumptions, so I am content with that.  If you are content with yours, there is no need for further dialogue on this.

    • The word rapture isn’t even in scripture apparently no one reads their bible and the support passages for are so vague that it refer to anything

      • I am getting so tired of people saying that because the word “rapture” isn’t in Scripture that the concept does not exist. All the word means is a “catching up of people in the air” to meet Christ. Here is where the concept comes from 1 Thess. 4:16-17 “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” This is pretty clear, not vague. After the resurrected are caught up, then the living saints will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. It says so. The rapture itself is not about a particular timing, nor what happens after the catching up, it is simply the concept of Christ harvesting the saints to meet Him in the air before God pours out His wrath. There are different ideas as to when this happens, which is why you have the prefixes such as pre trib, post trib, pre wrath, last trump, etc. The prefixes have nothing to do with the concept of being caught up in the air. They simply designate a time frame. There are different ideas as to what happens immediately after, and those ideas also have nothing to do with the catching up. The rapture is simply a term that has been coined to refer to the event of Christ gathering the elect (dead and alive) and meeting them IN THE AIR. So please stop saying there is no such thing as a rapture. God says there will be, so that is what will be. Whatever moniker has been applied to the concept of “harpazo” (“catching up” in Greek) doesn’t matter, for the concept is Scriptural. Call it the Great Escape if you want. The name is irrelevant. The event is real.

  76. Much confusion comes from not “rightly dividing the word of truth”…II Tim.2:15.  All scripture is given for our reading and understanding.  I never said that John represents the church.  Believers are the church.  The crowns are given at the judgment of believers before the Tribulation begins….see I Cor. 3:10-17.

    The Tribulation is known as the “time of Jacob’s Trouble…Jeremiah 30:7….it is judgment of the unbelieving world (Jews and Gentiles).  The church consists of believers and will be removed prior to this judgment…at least the “bride” will.

    So, if the crowns do not represent rewards for believers, then you tell me what they represent. There are many crowns given as rewards to believers, and you should know what they are if you expect to earn one.

    There is much difference between the “last trump” in I Cor. 15:52, the “trump of God” in I Thess. 4:16, and the last of the 7 trumpet judgments in Revelation.  There are different purposes for the different trumpets.  See Numbers 10.

    There are those in the church who will not go through the time of earth’s trial….see Revelation 3:10.  However, there will also be those in the church who probably will…see Revelation 3:20 (they will be at the marriage supper, however)

    I only understand the way the bible reads to me with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Luke 21:36 assures those who are “watching” that they will escape these things that are coming during the Tribulation.  Those that will be here will be scared to death at the things that will happen during this time on earth…Luke 21:26.  I do not believe that Jesus would call out His “bride” and then scare her half to death before He comes for her.  That makes no sense at all.  That time will be horrible beyond imagination.

    This time of “grace” will end at the rapture before the Tribulation begins.  During the Tribulation, it will again be salvation by faith plus works as described in the Epistle of James (to the 12 tribes, which is not the church).  Again, we should “rightly divide the word of truth.”

    • Well spoken. And i feel led by the spirit to agree 100 %. I am writing this in Feb of 2015 and i believe Christ will come for his bride on a jewish festival day. This year May 24 is BOTH penticost for christians and festival of harvest for Jews. Extremely Rare that they fall on the same date. much more to say . I strongly believe if you are not watching for Him, Then He is not coming for you!
      Look up, your redemption draweth nigh. Be blessed

    • Absolutely SPOT-ON Arlene. I have spent close on 3600 hours of study in God’s Word and your conclusions are exactly those that I came to a long time ago. If you understand why the Tribulation exists, you will understand why the Church does not go through the Tribulation. The Tribulation is there, for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to drive Israel’s backs to the wall so that they can finally come to the correct conclusion that Jesus is their Messiah and so that God, who is a just god can fulfill His promises, to His elected people. God Bless you.

  77. Revelation 4 does not say that we will be with the Lord before the seals are open.  It says that John (and only John) is called up to heaven to view the proceedings so that he can record them for the book of Revelation.  There is no precedent or reason for making the assumption that John represents the church in this passage. If he represents the church there, then he would have to represent the church everywhere else in Scripture, which would mean that we are to accept Mary as our mother, (Mariolotry) as Jesus specifically assigned that job to John.  Also, John was told that the events of Matthew 24 could apply to him, namely that he should expect to possibly endure the tribulation.  Pre-tribulationism says that the Olivet Discourse is aimed solely at the Jews because Jesus was speaking to the disciples (who were actually the first Christians when you think about it), and it does not apply to the Church, but applies to unbelieving Jews (which the disciples were not in that category so that doesn’t work), but then they make one of the very Jews that it is supposedly aimed at represent the church when it is convenient for their theories. (Not to mention that Jesus did have Gentile disciples, so it was not merely aimed at the Jews.) You can’t have it both ways.  Either he does represent the church or he doesn’t. And the crowns on those elders do have alternative explanations. In Revelation 11 we are told that the time for the saints to be judged and rewarded comes after the two witnesses are martyred and resurrected.  That is at the time of the last trump or 7th trumpet judgment according to Scripture, not before the first seal is opened, so those crowns could not come from the rewards at the judgment of believers.

  78. Perfect explanation!!!  We are told to “watch” for something, and the Feast days are “shadows of things to come” in Col.2:17.  The next Feast of Trumpets comes up on September 28/29 of this year.  It’s not difficult to watch for one time every year.  Matthew 25:6 says that at “midnight” the “bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.”  Perhaps it will be then.  If not this year, we can always “hope” for next year at the midnight time.  This time is called “the blessed hope” in Titus 2:13.

    Many have claimed that it could happen at any moment….but, to me, it’s difficult to live that way.  Revelation 3:3 says that if we “watch” we will know when He is coming.   According to Revelation 4, we will be with our Lord Jesus before the first seal is opened in Revelation 6.  Those around the throne have crowns on their heads.  I understand those to be the crowns given during the judgement of the believers who have been raptured.

    • By saying September 28/29 you have just made that date irrelevant. God will do what he wants when he wants and use trying to figure out his plans is us trying to play God. I think you are all missing the point seriously we don’t even know how he will carry it out. So drop it and focus on loving each other and following his word. You all remind me of the Pharisees out in public bragging about what good acts they do. Smh

  79. The day that no man knows, Jesus is speaking about the feast of Trumpets and only my father only “knows” is also a Jewish idiom of which a Jewish groom would say when asked when is he going to get married ? When asked when are you getting married, the Jewish groom response back would be “only my father knows” So Jesus is speaking about the wedding feast of the Lamb of God and this will occur on the feast of Trumpets, shortly after which He will return to claim the body of Christ as His bride.  
    The Feast of Trumpets, or Rosh HaShanah, is also known as the feast that “no man knows the day or hour.” This is a Jewish idiom describing this feast because it occurs on a ” new moon “.

    • Jon, you pretty much summed up this “no man knows…” scripture. Thanks for posting this.

      Oh, and since this blog was written in 2011, and seeing all the activity in the middle east. You could very well deduce that the prophecies are coming together right before our eyes at record speed – which in my view points exactly towards the date of September 2015. I won’t say that it will be the 23rd as I think the trumpets and the blood moons are all just a sign rather than a imminent appointment.

      • An article should not be refuted because it was written a long time ago unless it states things which cannot be supported by what’s taken place in the world since the time of its posting or cannot be supported by the Bible. This article could be updated but its criticism of September 23, 2015 is still valid.

  80. I agree totally that no man or women is going to know the day or hour of his coming as the Bible clearly states that.  What really confuses me is why people can’t figure out that Jesus did not say that no one will know the Year, month or week.

    If someone was to say I know the week Jesus is returning then everyone would be quoting the scripture about the day and hour as if that includes week, month and year.

    It is clear and I think all wise bible students will agree that the last days cannot start until the first seal is opened by Jesus and the antichrist rise and brings peace for 3 1/2 years. This first seal will start the last Seven years mentioned in Daniel and confirmed in Revelation.

    Anything outside of this does not signify very much. 
    So until this happens all the speculation that is going on do not mean anything.

    What we must realise is this – why did Jesus die? You will get many answers to this question and most will be true to some extent but the answer that ties in with God’s plan is the one that will help us to answer when he is coming back.

    Jesus had to die because of God’s unchanging words.  Once God has spoken, is word remains unchangeable. Therefore the breaking of his commandments will always bring the curse of death. Jesus cancelled the curse by dying an innocent man because the commandments were not broken by him.

    What does this have to do with his second comming? It means that whatsoever has been spoken by God must take place, so it is no use speculating about anything. Let’s just stick to the original words of the Bible and watch as the events unfold.

    It is clear something is going to happen soon but we can’t be sure until something specific happens according to God’s word.

  81. To clarify, I believe we can get an idea of the general timeframe (Christ gave us some indications of what we would see prior to His Coming), but not exact date or hour.

  82. I disagree that no one can know the time of the rapture or second coming.  Jesus was angry because they didn’t know the time of his first “visitation”.  He tells us in Rev. 3:3 that if we “watch” for the clues and signs, we can know.  Nobody could possibly know until Israel became a nation again in 1948 but  now we can know….and we should know.   According to Matt. 24:32-34, the generation seeing Israel become a nation again…and then regaining Jerusalem, will see both the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ. We just have to figure it out.  1948 +70 (generation in Ps.90:10) = 2018. Take away 7 years for Tribulation and look for rapture in 2011 connected to the harvests of the Feasts of God.  The church will be the wheat harvest, BUT the “bride” will be the barley harvest…..we are now in the counting of the omer.  It is day #29 today.  Jesus was taken up in a cloud on day #40.  The wheat harvest begins on Pentecost AFTER completion of the barley harvest.  Why does God tell us these things if He wants us to ignore them?  Figure it out!!  Pentecost and Trumpets signify wedding preparations.  See Matthew 25.

  83. I was asked to assess this issue.  I did not even heard of this date until someone asked me to look at it.  Same thing applied to the Blood Moon speculation.  I did not even know about it until I was asked to assess it.  I probably would have never discussed these issues if I was not asked about them.  If people want to believe in these theories go ahead.  I am only raising some issues with these theories that I found while assessing them.    

    I am working on trying to put the puzzles together.  The Ezekiel article from earlier this week is an update on my efforts to put together several pieces of the puzzle together.  This weekend I plan on working on it more.  

  84. This site is very informative but what I have noticed is a tendency to try and debunk other revelations that has been given by God for all of our benefit. Just remember that what God has done is to give a bit of the puzzle so to speak to various brothers and sisters and it is up to us to put these pieces together. God will never give all the pieces to one person as it will make us arrogant and proud.

      Isaiah stated”…For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little (Isaiah 28:9-10).

    In Genesis 1:14
    And God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years…”

    If we fail to see these clues that has been left all over the bible and the revelations given to our brothers and sisters around the world we will surely miss what God is trying to show us.

    Let us remember that the religious people of christ day completely missed the mark because the thought the new it all.  The wise men of the east were the only ones that were using the heavenly signs to tell them that the time had come.

    Please let us stop debunking and put the correct pieces together so we know what God is saying.  This surely will help all of us.

    God bless you all

    • I feel sorry for you all , Why can you not see the planet and science for what they are . There was no Adam no Eve Fact so that blows your idea of evolution right out of the water , If only you could open your eyes and see but you seem to be blinkered having come up with any excuse when challenged with science Fact . Why force this on your children, The world is not seen through Gods eyes and led by his word as this is impossible when its fiction . Submitting children to this is easy it sounds magical and they trust an adults word as truth , Poor souls . Religion causes war-death and corruption ,Like the Jews when it all comes down to it ,its about money the higher you get up your religious ladder the higher the corruption !!

      • If I’m not mistaken, some of the deadliest regimes in history were atheist (i.e. the Soviet Union under Stalin). And for the record, I don’t do this for the money.

        • For the record the deathliest of all regime is not Athirst….but the Roman Catholic… Read history….the Nazi got the support and blessings of the Vatican, the genocides of many barbarians in Europe done by Catholics, the genocide of many S American Indians done by the Catholics.

          • It would be interesting to know who are the best people in the world since we are clear on who are the worst.

          • No human or race or religion should be considered the best, we are all humans on this planet together and the fact that we still put others down for any reason what so ever is totally absurd.

      • It’s unfortunate for you that you have confirmed yourself as one of the fools the Bible talks about and have become self deluded because of your resistance to the truth that God has placed all around you but it won’t be long now before you will have to bow either to the true Christ or to the false one

        • Robert,

          Wayne is not resisting the truth. He is testing a so-called prophetic teaching by the Word of Truth which he is called to do. Test all things. Hold fast to what is true. There is no doubt we are in the last days of this age. The antichrist is soon to be revealed etc. But this Sept 23, 2015 rapture theory is NOT Correct. It does NOT hold true when tested by the word of God as he humbly points outs.

          Yes, [t’s highly likely the 1st has been opened but NOT the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th… This so called prophetic word is NOT according to Scripture. She has not heard from the Lord on this. This is of the flesh… The saints (true remnant church) will go through the great tribulation/persecution of Satan. The pretrib, itching ears, doctrine of demons does not make a distinction between the wrath of Satan)the great persecution against the saints) and the Wrath of God (judgment against the Christ rejecting/antichrist following world)

          The wrath, indignation, and judgement of God begins at the day of the Lord which the 6th Seal announces and the 7th Seal begins. The peak of the great tribulation/persucution of satan against the saints is at the 4th Seal. In the 5th seal we see the results from heaven and even gain insight into God’s impending judgment when the martyred saints cry out HOW LONG O LORD UNTIL YOU JUDGE AND AVENGE US?…. Why? Because the Wrath of God has NOT begun yet. Notice at the 7th Seal opening (Rev 8) God begin the wrath and answers the prayers of the saints before the altar that were crying out at the 5th seal.

          Although persecution against Christians has been ramping up all over the world, we have NOT seen the mark of the beast tribulation, persecution days yet in full force. But it’s coming soon. Jesus said, of this persecution against the saints, there will never be another time like it nor has there ever been a time like it in all of human history. And if He had not shortened the day no flesh would be saved. Rapture of the elect…the saints…we who are alive and remain (survive)

          What we shall most likely see next is the opening of the 2nd seal causing a global civil war.

          In America, this will start civil unrest, martial law, and America losing her Constitutional government forever. What Sept 2015 will most likely bring is an economic collapse of the American dollar as the world reserve currency. Perhaps an EMP attack knocking out her entire power grid, or perhaps a plague, or series of natural disasters… OR a combination of some or all..

          So get ready saints. Stand in Jesus and do not fall away. Do not take the mark of the beast nor worship the image of the beast. WE MUST BE PREPARED to stand in Jesus in this evil day. Being close to Him will be the only way any of us shall make it through to the harpozo….

      • The Holy Spirit is knocking at your heart otherwise you wouldn’t be curious enough to be on a rapture discussion. Listen to Gods call before it’s too late, whenever He comes.

      • You are right! Really bad communication. The religious text are messed up and don’t make since, especially for a god that desire to have a close personal bond to those whom he created.

        There is a basic message though that doesn’t even take God to realize. Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, and seeking, while trusting in a higher power will help you transition though difficult situation in a more positive way. If you go deeper into physics, you know then energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So if your thoughts and feelings are in good order, I bet that there is something in the cosmos in which you will be apart of now as well as later also. I am betting their is an after life that is timeless and yet, may only last a few seconds, but is forever. Having a higher and more stable energy level , will help you on a personal level, to have a better experience in the after life. This really does not need religions. Right and wrong is written on your heart and so the task is to find your path that will lead you to the best outcome. Don’t be pissed though if someone still prey to Jesus for you though. Just accept it in good humor, as it is better to have positive energy flowing on your side rather than not.

        • I don’t know whether you or others will accept this, but I at least have to try to share what I believe is the truth. I do not share this out of malice, but out of concern for you and for others that have a similar mindset as what you expressed. I am not trying to claim moral superiority or trying to push this down anyone’s throat. I am just trying to help people even if they feel that have no need for it. So here goes:

          The problem for mankind is that everyone is a sinner. We all fall short of a divine creator’s standards. We all mess up, ESPECIALLY ME. It is not possible for any of us in our own strength to meet those standards. Romans 3:23 states “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. This sin leads to physical death and can even lead to spiritual death if it’s not atoned for (Romans 6:23).

          Following your heart to find your path in life is not the most advisable way to proceed because the human heart is capable of a lot of evil and deceit:

          Jeremiah 17:9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?

          Matthew 5:18-20: (18) But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. (19) For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: (20) These are [the things] which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.

          An afterlife exists, but the truth is that where one goes in the afterlife is not determined by the good deeds or works that they do in life on Earth. One cannot “earn” a spot in Heaven for the things they do on Earth (Ephesians 2:8-9). Unfortunately, many people do not recognize this or realize that the way or path to everlasting life is a narrow one:

          Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

          According to the Bible, the way to everlasting life requires that an individual believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for their sins and rose from the dead.

          John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

          John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

          Romans 10:9-13: (9) That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. (10) For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (11) For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. (12) For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. (13) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

          Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

          I would not leave my fate in the afterlife up to chance. I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour because I recognize how I’ve fallen short of God’s standards, recognize my inability to save myself, and recognize that God has shown mankind the way to achieving everlasting life. If you would like to learn more about how you can know for sure if you’ll go to Heaven when you die, please check out this link:

          • Wayne I would never put a date on the coming of the lord I do like and find interesting to listen and read what people do have to say I love every part of the bible Genesis to Revelations before I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior I always went to church and was very interested in revelations because I do believe we are living in this book. With that being said I don’t care how many degrees or doctrines anyone has or has a IQ of 200 I know these people are very intelligent way more than I but anyone who can read and has a bible knows that no man knows the time or date yes god gives us signs to watch for and these things to must come to pass and yes he gives us signs in the heavens to look for and he does you have all these things. going on in the world with earthquakes volcanoes natural disasters and in the bible says these are birthing pains you have these higher ups trying to form a one world government one world currency and making chip to take in the hand or forehead all these things all taking place or have already taken place my advice that if anyone who isn’t saved by the grace of god through our lord Jesus Christ who is god reincarnated in the flesh who died for our sins on cavalry shed his blood for us and defeated satan by rising from the dead 3 days later and sent the holy spirit for any man that shall call upon the name of the lord will and shall receive the spirit and shall have everlasting life not life of the world but life through Jesus Christ if your a born again sinner that has been forgiving then just keeping spreading his word and teachings and help others and lead them to him it won’t matter if its today tomorrow sept of 2020 or whenever because when comes you will be ready to meet him I’m not saying don’t take his signs that he is giving us he’s not giving these signs to us for predicting a date he’s doing this to warn people if your not ready you better get ready because he will come as a theif in night and will happen as fast as a twinkle of a eye. I know I didn’t punctuate or use correct grammar I done this over my phone sometimes it won’t let me space so I use a period to get that space between words so the grammar patrol can take it easy I didn’t write this to be politically correct I done this because I felt like someone may needed to read this. By no means did I do this to start a fight or say someone is stupid this is my personal belief this is what I think is correct which doesn’t mean anything I’m no one special or,important I’m just fleshly sinner who has accepted Jesus Christ as his one and only personal savior I hope this helps someone not trying to cram this down anyone’s throat if you don’t believe in god the father god the son and the holy spirit then that’s your choice god gave us free will so we can choose what we believe. My belief is from the grace of God that he gave me faith and stored it in me that I may have not seen his face in person but I speak to him daily through prayer and he speaks back to me through the holy spirit which was a gift from god when Jesus went to be with father and sit on the right hand of the father thank you for taking your time to read this I pray someone gets something good out of this I know someone will have something out of the way to say which in john Jesus said they will hate you because your not of this world I know this because they hated me first because I am not of the world but remember I conquered the world I know. This isn’t exactly word for word I didn’t have my Bible on hand but it means because we believe in Jesus and the world hates him and they hate us to anything to do with Jesus Christ people finds it offensive and if they find what I say offensive then I must have said something right.

          • Thank you for your comment. I share your sentiments. Also, I’m impressed you typed all of this by phone since I struggle to use smaller keyboards to type.

          • Thank you….keeping a grip on it all through the true perspective of what we are told in scripture…. Blessings to you

          • Wayne, excellent words of encouragement. I too find it odd that any follower of Jesus Christ would be willing to set a date pertaining to the rapture (Harpazo) of the church. I have written a couple of posts regarding the Harpazo of the church and I challenged a couple of people, who appear to be followers of Christ, with Mark 13:32 where Jesus says, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. And where I challenged them is taking this one scripture, which I believe speaks volumes, and try to connect this with the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Every believer who has some knowledge of the end times knows that the 7-year tribulation will begin once the antichrist, Israel and all the surrounding Nations enter into a 7-year peace agreement. Once this is established exactly 7-years from that date Jesus Christ will return to earth. Well with this being the case then Mark 13:32 cannot have any bearing on the 2nd coming of Christ, so it must have something to do with another glorious event, and you and I both know that this even is the rapture (Harpazo). I also added to my first post a number of scriptures that describe, in detail, the rapture of the church. I also asked two (2) questions. The first one was, if there is no rapture then please share with me when and where the marriage supper to the Lamb will take place and the 2nd question was again, if there is no rapture then when and where will the judgment seat of Christ take place. These two (2) events are critical. We know that they will not take place on earth during the 7-year tribulation and we also know, by the scriptures, that these events will not take place at the end of the 7-year tribulation. We also know, by scripture, that these two (2) events take place in Heaven, so if they are to take place in Heaven then my question to the folks that do not believe in the rapture, when to they take place?

            I accidently stumbled onto your web site and I have to tell you its an awesome and extremely informative site. Please continue to share what the Lord has and will give you as it pertains to the end times and prophecy. Be blessed my friend.

          • What about 2 Peter 3:8? It says a day is like a thousand years to God in other words we do not understand Gods concept of time so feasibly seven years could mean 2555000 days not 7 exact years – it doesn’t matter when Christ returns but that he does and too many people try to take their own interpretations and make it fact when it is not. Quit trying to predict his return and focus on sharing his love til
            He returns

          • Since 70 ad there has been approximately 170 rapture predictions that were all wrong and there are 15 future ones but we all know this number will rise as each person tries to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Quit the fear mongering and focus on what we know and show his love. All those who focus on predicting the rapture only make Christians who are doing what God commanded look like idiots. love each other and spread Gods word!

          • Hi Wayne,
            I would just like to say Amen to everything you posted. Thank you for sharing the truth of God’s word. God bless you.

          • I accept your words. They are words of life. I think it would be terrible for a doctor to not diagnose, and give the proper prognosis to a drunkard with a terrible liver problem simply because that man thinks he is fine. You have a job to do doc. Tell us what is wrong, and point us to the right medicine. Those of us humble enough, will admit we are sick to the core, and reach for medicine that we might live.

          • Seriously, if you use a book of fiction to base your predictions, which nobody can do by the way, then you wont only be wrong, you’ll be known thereafter as stupid or a liar or both.

        • Maybe they don’t make sense to you because you haven’t opened your heart to receive. It can be a curse if you don’t ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help you understand. Besides man has removed many important books try the Septuagint and check into Tom Horn path of the immortals on YouTube there isn’t much time the star of Bethlehem was just seen a few weeks ago. The pope is addressing congress on day of atonement Sept 23 just after international day Of peace on the 21. You may end up falling for the UFO alien/fallen Angel deception about to be disclosed. Aliens are demons they did Not create man. Praying for your soul time is very short.

          • I will pray for your soul you are obviously very lost. The focus should not be on figuring out when he’s coming but on showing his love til he comes. You are a fear monger which makes you a tool of the devil. Christianity evolved from Judaism and per our Holy Word is the truth of Hod so why would you think that his coming would be tied to a Jewish holiday. The sad reality with each of these false claims you are misleading people and fulfilling prophecy regarding false prophets. We do not know how he will take his people only that he will after all the world rapture does not e Iat in the Bible for all we know he takes each of us into the air when we die maybe that’s the rapture. As for me I will read my Bible and study his true words not my interpretation of them.

          • You are aware that God gave the Feasts of Israel to point them to the comings of their Messiah, right? That’s why Christ came in fulfillment of Passover, and the Feast of Firstfruits in His first coming, and the Holy Spirit came at Shavuot or Pentecost in fulfillment of that Feast. The Fall Feasts all have to do with the Second Coming with the crowning of the King, the harvest of the “wheat” and resurrection of the dead, and the marriage celebration. They were given to foreshadow the Second Coming. That’s why they will be fulfilled by Christ’s Second Coming at that time. Just because the Jews didn’t accept Him doesn’t mean that the meaning that God created these feasts for has disappeared. The meaning of the spring feasts didn’t, did they?

        • Look, all you have to do is accept Jesus as your savior and admit that you are not perfect and that you are not god, that Jesus is god and can save you. And you’re saved. It can’t be taken away. For the rest of forever you are going to heaven. Isn’t that beautiful? Shame it’s so hard for people to admit defeat, and surrender to Christ. Nah they gotta keep struggling, keep trying to prove they are god, and know how everything goes. It’s so much easier to give up to HP.

      • Steve,

        Please ask a scientist to proofread your next post.

        Better still, capitalize every letter so we will just think you’re really mad.
        Please don’t bother punctuating either, you just make it worse by guessing.

        Ignorance is bliss Steve, just really hard to decipher.


      • Who knows, maybe you are one of Gods Chosen for the Kingdom. If You are predestined for Salvation he did give you the FREE Will to chose so. Nothing is forced upon us.

      • Reality lies somewhere between Robert and Steve. The Darwinists and the Raptureites are extremes of obsession. Although the rapture obsession is easier to make fun of, and the scientific magic people are more dangerous to society.

      • If i may say something, These posts about the asteroids coming to earth and smashing everything to bits and Jesus is coming. Dont get me wrong i’m shitting myself if it is true what you say! But something deep down inside me tells me that the Scientists that have predicted these combings and the priests and whoever else are claiming these prophecies. they are going to look like fools, so the government can make fools of the conspiracy theorists who have been proving them wrong for years.these people mean nothing to governments and are extremely expendable. so why would the government allow these things to come true? and why if they can control weather as they say they can not stop an astriod or for see what is to come?? please has anyone got an answer. i am not some special person who can see into the future or anything but correct me if i am wrong, these people have been controlling things since the middle ages or even prior to that.
        why stop controlling now? why all suddenly are people allowed to say what they feel. and speak the truth. There is something greater going on not just a concentration of asteroids or JESUS!

        • There are many who take the Bible metaphorically, and therefore do not read Revelation in a literal manner. I think they are too scared to do so. If you don’t mind hearing my take on it, it is my belief that these things are very literal, for they are what leads up to the Lord’s return and God’s wrath. The Bible’s prophecies have always been proven to be true. None have failed. Therefore those to come will come, and none can stop them any more than the ones that have been fulfilled could be stopped.

          The Bible tells us in Rev. 8:7-12 that the earth will first be hit by “hail and fire” which will burn up a third of the trees and all the grass. This will be followed by a great burning mountain falling from the skies, which hits the sea and decimates a third of our oceans. This is followed by a burning “star” which poisons a third of the fresh waters. Then a third part of the earth does not see the sun, moon, and stars, which is what you would expect from the ash cloud covering this section of the world after these impacts, which clearly describe meteors, and what appear to be an asteroid and/or possibly a comet. If you back up to chapter 6:12-17 you see that these things are preceded by the sun and moon being eclipsed at the same time (which can only happen if another celestial body comes into our vicinity and blocks the sun in such a manner that both eclipse at the same time), the stars fall to earth (falling stars are meteors, so this would seem to be a meteor shower), and there are great earthquakes (the gravitational pull of another celestial body would created earthquakes on our planet). And from the way people react, they think it is the end of the world, which it isn’t, just the end of this age. There will be survivors. This is the prophecy, and all God’s prophecies come true.

          There is presently a lot of hoopla that this very event is supposed to happen this September 23/24, but as this event has definitive things that must precede it according to prophecy, and we have not yet begun to see the beginning of those events, it is highly unlikely that something of this magnitude is going to happen in the next few months. I think God would have told us if He intended to do this twice. And no matter what man may do to stop it, when it is time for this event, it will happen, because it is God’s will. No man can stop God’s will.

          Now with all this hoopla, is there a possibility that a hoax is going to be perpetrated on the world to usher in the New World Order? Well, I’m sure they have meticulously planned one, they are always planning one, but they have been trying to usher it in using other so-called cataclysmic portents before and have failed. The last few were Y2K and 2012, just as couple of examples. God is not going to allow anything to start until He is quite ready for it to happen, so all of their planning can’t bring it to fruition until He decides it is time, nor can they do anything to prevent His plans when He determines He is going to do it.

          As for being scared, I believe everyone is a little on edge about what the future is bringing us. Being a Christian and having faith in God does not negate our feelings. Even Christ sweat drops of blood and asked if He could not have to go through what He had to go through. If He could feel fear, I think God allows us to also. But as Christ trusted Himself to God’s will and knew His Father would see Him through what had to be, we too can trust God to give us the strength to endure.

          I think everyone can feel in their spirit that there is something big about to happen. I think even atheists can sense there is something happening to this world. The only safety net we have is in having a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ as our Savior. He is the only protection we have available, for nothing we do can guarantee our safety. Through Him we know that whatever befalls us, even death, we will be saved, for we will have eternal life with God in heaven.

          Before these catastrophic events occur that seem so upsetting, there will be a purging of almost all who believe in Christ, so that should be more of a concern to believers than these environmental happenings. Many do not think their faith will be tested. It will, to the point of death. But better to endure this testing and end up with God, than live through the terrible times and still end up in eternal punishment. For to turn against God to save your life will not result in saving it in the end.

          If you don’t believe in Jesus as your Savior, then I would ask you to consider making Him your Savior and Lord of your life. Wayne has an article at the top of the page titled “Are You Going to Heaven?” I would suggest you read this and make your future secure with God, if you have not already accepted Christ as your Savior.

          • Amen!!!! Thank you for reminding me that my relationship with Christ is the only thing that matters

          • Thank you for taking the time to write here. I find your words wise, and not full of “sensationalism” like some Christians, especially the ones who make money off predictions. I’d say watching for signs is altogether different than predicting Christ’s return.

      • Jesus also despised religion

        “…every abominable act which the Lord hates they have done for their gods, for they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods.” (Deuteronomy 12:31)

        “I have had enough of burnt offerings…Bring your worthless offerings no longer…I hate your new moon festivals and your appointed feasts; they have become a burden to Me… So when you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide My eyes from you… I will not listen…” (Isaiah 1:10-15)

        “I hate, I reject your festivals; nor do I delight in your solemn assemblies…take away from Me the noise of your songs; I will not even listen to the sound of your harps.” (Amos 5:21-24)

        People who don’t believe the Bible is all God breathed do not know it’s origin and have never read the whole book.

        • I beg to differ I’ve read the Bible cover to cover too many times to count- my first time as at the age of eight. Although I brlueve the Bible is the word of God I do not believe that each word is specifically placed there are too many deviations from the original texts too many translation errors – after all it was written by men inspired by God to write

      • Steve, welcome to the world of limited thinking, where few are the ones finding the path to intelligence and illumination as you and I certainly have. These biblical people fail to just realize the first failed prophecy, was that of the Messiah claimant himself, Jesus, when he failed to return as expected by Paul in the letters to Corinth. “We” shall not all die, etc. He wrote to his audience at that time, including himself. 2 Timothy 4, he tells Timothy to “bring the cloak and parchments”. Clearly the letters of the New Testament are geared at those people in that generation long ago. It failed to happen just as all folklore fails, it lacks science, reasoning, and humility regarding our feeble existence compared to the rest of the universe.

        The planet is fine, it’s not going anywhere, if anything the earth will eventually and hopefully shake us off like bad fleas, just like the dinosaurs, and give the planet back to the only race that keep it clean and reproductive, the animal kingdom.

        • Hello, I’ve read the whole article and all the comments and it was what I expected to see. The usual conflict of ideas between those who believe and those who don’t or don’t want to think much about it.

          I read and write about “mysteries” for almost 15 years and I’ve seen this happen over and over and it’s perfectly normal.

          I came across this post, because in the past weeks there have been a lot of apprehension about upcoming events, specially in the USA. So I made a search on Google for the “September 23rd 2015” and I limited the time from 2011 till 2014 to see if this was something that is being talked for long time or if it’s something “modern” and created due to these events.

          And I was quite surprised to see that this “theory” started more then 5 years ago and in some cases the references go way far.

          Now what I’m talking about is about the weird operation “Jade Helm 15” that will populate the US with military personal and army vehicles along other things, and all the mystery involving it, also the fact that for the first time in History the Pope will be in the USA, exactly in September 23rd and according to the press words some important message will be made (some people speculate about the 2 headed demon and the anti-Christ in Babylon)… USA the Pope and the US President. And there are plenty of other things that for some odd reason actually aim to this time frame.

          Anyhow, this was just a small introduction for my reason here and the background information I’m curious about.

          But with all I’ve seen here and based in my personal experience I have a question to make to the experts here, maybe you can clarify my doubt.

          I’ve been educated as a Christian, I’m baptized and I took part in other religious celebrations for which I don’t know the name in English. I was “forced” to go to the church by my father when I was a kid, I liked Jesus and I believed Him but I wanted to play and church was a place very boring for me.

          When I grew up I started to go there on my own, but along the years I stopped going. By my own choice and after seeing how people behaved there and with all the “religion BS” I’ve seen, I decided I was a believer in my own way. Faith and religion for me are very different things and I have my own way of seeing and believing in things.

          Now, with all of this explained on my own research I found something a bit disturbing. Once I was reading about “UFO’s in the Bible” and it was said that the Bible as been rewritten over and over to make certain things less evident and in some cases to change their meaning.

          I remember primary school when teachers told us about inquisition when books were destroyed and others “restored” by the enclosured monks.

          And I’ve wondered if that wasn’t used to hide something and to change peoples perception of the world to their own reality, hiding the real messages?

          I’ve made the experience myself, in my house my mother had 3 Bibles, one from 1960’s, one from 1999 and one from 2006. And in all of them the texts were different, in some cases gave a different perspective of what was written.

          The passages I’ve read were related to Moses and when they were wondering in the desert and it mentioned “pillars of fire” an other things that some people relate to UFO’s. And in the earliest bible the terms were replaced with things like “colored clouds” which had nothing to do with the older one.

          So my question is this, how reliable are these texts we have access now and that we know as “sacred”?

          Can we actually be sure that they were like this originally and weren’t changed to fit certain “leaders” purpose? The Church for example was always in command and that because of religion. The peoples need of protection and scare of some “punishment God” made them follow the rules t avoid going to “hell”. The church was always wealthy and powerful and they always did things against what they proclaimed to be right. Despite of having Billions, they don’t use that money to help the poor, they kill in Gods name, wars happen because of these “God’s conflict”, they own shares of companies that make money with war … so how can we trust this religion been telling us the truth and not manipulating us to do what they want and to expect what they want?

          Sorry for my long text but I’m known for writing a lot, but I like to explain very well when it’s important. Also my main language isn’t language so forgive me if I made grammatical mistakes.

          Best regards.

          • With regards to the Bible, I believe God has the ability to preserve His Word through time. I believe God can do all things, so preserving His Word is not too difficult for God to do.

          • S1lv3r Wolf, your question about the differences between various versions of the Bible might be answered by my article found at
            Wayne doesn’t mind if I share my articles, so maybe this will help you know how you can trust God’s Word. God has promised that He will preserve His Word. But the question is, where is it preserved? I hope I can shed light on the subject for you.

          • Actually the blood moon prophecy ( September 2015) goes bs k only to 2008 and uses historically significant events that didn’t even occur in the same year as the blood moon to prove its theory. As far as the end of the world or rapture coming on a Jewish holiday when the New Testament came out it trumped the rules of the Old so therefore why would the Christian rapture take place on a Jewish holiday and fyi blood moons always occur on Jewish holidays cause guess what the Jewish calendar is lunar

      • Hi Steve,
        The Lord Jesus himself is reaching out to you in ways that none of the rest of us can know. He has piqued your curiosity to look for answers otherwise you would not be on this site. Ask Him to show himself to you.
        He speaks in wonderful, quiet ways. Gentle ways. Listen. Please, listen.

      • I believe the Bible has proven itself over and over again so for a demon to come onto the site and debunk what is said is even more proof to logical thinking. What made that person come to the page and make such a statement when it is Christians giving there point, but no Satin needs to try and put a word in and say this is a bunch of fabricated materials and lies. How naive and immature of a person to say science as proved anything. If anything science as shown just the opposite as what this demon is saying.

      • FINALLY someone whos not a complete moron. All this talk of the rapture and god and blah blah blah.. People need to open their eyes and realize the universe doesnt work the way the bible wants u to think. One simple fact that wipes away every statement in ever religeous belief is that, pay attention now, ENERY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR DESTORYED ONLY TRANSFORMED, therefore is INFINATE, no beginning, no end… If we are all made of energy, THERE WAS NOTHING TO CREATE.. Flesh is just another transformation.. Poor weak minded people that just need someone to tell them what to do.. And we wonder why this planet us full of idiots.. Ppl cant think for their damn self

      • Please don’t feel sorry for anyone that waiting for Christ’s 2nd coming. It will happen one day. Please consider studying this further & give your life to Jesus-I will pray for you

      • I do agree with you….. just think of the long ago before the evolution and before Christ. All people are illiterate and east to fooled…..there are no such things as eve and was only a story that brought up by old people to young generation. And the story continued added, deleted, altered changed just to have something to believe in.. everything is a myth that all I can say….open your eyes………I believe in aliens……

        • Just as a heads up, your belief in aliens will be sort of rewarded. At some point in the future, unless you die first, or change your mind about God and the gospel, you are going to be tortured for five months by some pretty ugly locust type creatures that you will believe are aliens, but are actually demonic. Log this into your memory bank and remember it when the time comes, that the Bible told you in advance. Oh, and when that is over, don’t breathe a sigh of relief, because that is followed by another hideous army that won’t stop at torture. Just letting you know so you’re prepared. Oh, and if you should survive that, which is doubtful, the worst is yet to come. You have quite a bit to look forward to.

      • i will pray for you because there is a hell and if you don’t accept the Lord you are going to be there. may God have mercy on you

      • I just read this and noticed you said “poor souls.” If you are an atheist, then you can’t believe we have a soul can you? God said he breathed life in man and made him a living soul. Can’t have it both ways. You believe it all or you don’t believe any of it.

        • Athiests brlueve that there is a God but they choose not to follow him – agnostics believe that there is no proof either whether God exists – so therefore an atheist does technically believe there is a God

    • In another part of the Bible it gives two time frames, 390 days or years and 40 years. It sounds like it means 390 years followed by 40 years. However, my own opinion for my own reasons is that the 390 years started in 1620 and the 40 years started in 1970. Both ended in 2010. My point concerning the 69 weeks is that it is split up. So instead of it being just a period of 69 weeks it might be 69 weeks (62 + 7) plus 7 weeks (7). This is just a thought and I have no idea how it could change anything.

      • Quit trying to figure out weeks and His sense of time he clearly states that a day is a thousand years to him so your 40 years could really be 14600000 days ont literal 40 years

    • Hi I’m John I was christened as a child and went to church but as I have gotten older I haven’t really been true to my religion I have sinned and not done things right I always beleive in god and Jesus but always seem to do the wrong thing I have recently started to sort my life out but reading about all this is very scary to me I have children and a partner who I love but seeing the end of the world and hearing that satan will unleash hell has me really worried can someone help me thanks

      • Hi John,

        The most important thing you can do is to make sure you’re saved. If you’re unsure whether you’re saved it’s a good opportunity to get saved. This webpage can help with that:

        Also, if you have any unconfessed sins in your life make sure you confess your sin to God. Everyone is a sinner, including me. It’s important to confess your sins to God because He will forgive you and it can help you restore a relationship with Him. I think Psalm 51 is a very good chapter to read as a model for confessing sin.

        In addition, the Bible tells us to not worry/be anxious. For instance, Christ said in Matthew 6:33-34: “(33) But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (34) Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.” We have enough issues to deal with each day. It doesn’t do us much good to be anxious about the end of the world. Although I often write about Bible prophecy I am not worried about the end of the world. I rarely ever dream about the end of the world or stay awake at night fretting about it.

        Instead of worrying about events you cannot control, you should instead focus on developing and growing your relationship with God, sorting out your life, taking care of your children, etc. Based on what you wrote, it sounds like you have some important, pressing issues to take care of in the present. Deal with those issues first. Once you do that then you can begin to focus a little more on learning about the end times. With regards to the end times, we’re getting closer, but it’s not time yet…

      • Read a King James Bible and study. Pray and ask God to reveal the truth to you. Believe in Jesus Christ, turn from sin, and get baptized. Ask God to give you the Holy Spirit to guide you into the truth. Don’t believe everything you hear, but pray for God to show you Himself. He lives and is not silent if we seek Him in spirit and truth. The fact that you are concerned shows me God is already tugging on your hearts strings. Don’t harden your heart, but be open to His calling. My prayer for you is that God reveals Himself to you to protect you and your family. Steer clear of Catholicism and the pope. Hope to see you and your family in Heaven, my friend.

        • I’m sorry but I’m quite offended by your comment. I’m Catholic and a fervent follower of Christ. There’s nothing wrong with being Catholic. I’ve leRned more and grown more as a follower of Christ since I converted. It’s not what denomination but where your heart is.

          • While there are true Christians in every denomination, what the doctrines of that denomination are can vitally impact your relationship with God, cause obstacles in your understanding and knowledge of God, or even prevent you from coming to the Lord. Sometimes one has to take stock of what is being taught and avoid those churches. For instance the prosperity gospel leads many astray. One should stay away from those churches. Likewise Mary is not a co-redeemer of Jesus Christ, cannot save anybody, and cannot sneak them in the back door of heaven. That is a really dangerous teaching, don’t you think, to give their worship to her when God has strictly forbidden worship of anybody but Himself? Anyone who relies on her is going to be out of luck. A church is not about our comfort level and what we enjoy. It is about worshiping God in truth and the things we are being taught need to be Scriptural truth.

          • Try studying the seven churches in the book of Revelation. This somehow taught me not to think highly of myself.

            Jesus warns those churches who has problems with their faith and doctrines and He knows that there are still among them who are faithful to Him and worthy to be saved.

            I will give you some major point to ponder and hope you might want to belong to those churches that Jesus Christ commended:

            If you believe that the attributes of God are He is All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and All-Present; and you know it will be detrimental to His Godhood if someone from His creation has even one of this attributes, then answer this: How can Mary or any other Saints can hear and answer the prayers of the believers at the same time and at different places? This is not yet considering the truth that no one has gone to heaven yet and all the saints are still sleeping and just waiting for Jesus to come down from heaven to gather them in the clouds someday.

            Scripture said: Jesus Christ is the firstborn among the dead.

            And Jesus said: No one has gone to heaven except the one who came from heaven.

            (The case of the thief on the Cross, Abraham’s Bossom, Stephen, Enoch, Elijah, and Tombs were opened at the time of Jesus death, is not a valid argument, because it’s all just speculations)

      • Dear John,
        You do not need to worry about the end. The end of the Picean age ended prior to 1996, at which time, Lord Of The Supreme Council returned to earth and isdued forth God’s Judgement of eath enties. The only peoples here at this present time that God is unhappy with are the inferior, muderous earth entities, who continue to destroy nature and God’s creations. God, is not a Martyr, yet as earth politic entities do not want God’s divine entities to interfer with governments who use,war and yet continue to create more and more complexities, God wants to know why, when what these goverments do is murder, and die in remorse, ever more. But why,the Lord asks, when with all the senses we as humans were given,to know right from wrong, yet choose to destroy the life process and resoures that all were given in which to live.

        Because there is now a consorted effort to stop terrorizm and to establish a higer standard of livingness, God is hoping for the best for those of us here deemef worthy, even among those politic figures who are working diligenty toward making this world better by making adjustments, that God will keep an account of what we are all doing here and that He will return in the future to bring forth others as He did now(1996) and before.

        But if earth entites, do not succeed to put an end to that which has gone rampant, then God is determined to not allow these earth enties to remain as an ongoing, living earth entity here.

    • Though I do not agree with the entirety of this article. I do believe that what you have determined about the rapture is correct. Matthew 24:36 is very clear. Neither angel, nor man, nor the Son of Man knows the day or the hour. The reason that is, at least for men, is because in Rev. 10:6 we see an angel come down from heaven and take away time. Well if time is taken away, how can we know the “time” that Christ is coming in the clouds. It’s quite clear that Sept. 23rd is NOT the rapture. On the contrary, something is going to happen on the day of atonement 2015. Especially when taking into consideration that the year 5776 on the Hebraic calendar is the year of light (lucifer) to the Kabbalah. To them, this is the year that Horus takes his place in his kingdom on Earth.

    • Why does God need to give us a puzzle, when he is fully capable of sending us an angel or a burning bush at any time. Religious text is silly and a waste of productive time. In fact I think it borders on witch craft when it comes to prophecy. People just feel scare lost and led astray when prophecy does not work out. It is far better, to be a good person , living by the simple true logic of”, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
      Jesus, god son, God or whatever, that was a good philosophy to live by. Also if the law is already written on our heart, then we really do know right form wrong, and honesty is the name of the game in finding your higher power. So if religion makes you feel good, that not so bad. Just don’t expect any one else to hold your views and your ideals, since we know for a fact, religious text were written by man, not god, and if it doesn’t benefit us , than it is not of God.

      • The Bible was written down by men who were inspired by God to write what they did. If you were to sit down and study it you would find that the same things are said over and over in many cases, which would not be possible given how many men wrote the Bible over centuries, and the different walks of life they came from, which would change their writing styles enormously. Yet many times word for word, passages are repeated. That is because God is giving them the words to write down, not because they are carrying around a copy of what has already been written by another prophet. The prophets may not have even seen each other’s writings at all. Lots of times they were contemporaries of each other living in different places. Yet the message stays the same. That’s only possible if there was one unseen author, God. It is not a waste of time to read the message that the God of the Universe has given to us.

        Whether you want to accept Jesus or not, the truth is He is the only one who proved He was from God by the miracles and mostly by His resurrection from death, which no other religious figure has ever done. He stated clearly and emphatically that HE was the only way to God and that without going through Him you would never get to God. His life, death, and resurrection prove His words to be true, as do the changed lives of people who accept Him as their Savior. People can accept or reject this truth, but that won’t change the fact that it is truth, and rejecting it has serious consequences.

        • Connie, so God inspired Paul to say:

          2Ti 4:9 Do your best to come to me soon.
          2Ti 4:10 For Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica. Crescens has gone to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia.
          2Ti 4:11 Luke alone is with me. Get Mark and bring him with you, for he is very useful to me for ministry.
          2Ti 4:12 Tychicus I have sent to Ephesus.
          2Ti 4:13 When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments.

          Sounds more like a personal letter from one man to another and not so much “God inspired men to write” this…

          Care to revise your bullshit?

          • No, I do not care to revise what I said. Your lack of understanding and disbelief doesn’t change the truth. One day you will have to acknowledge that Christ is Lord. It will be sooner than you think. What awaits your future is beyond description.

        • Also, what you mean to say is, “The authors who wrote the bible and quote Jesus claim that Jesus said he was the only way to God…”… Hearsay. Jesus didn’t write anything on his own, all the New Testmament gospels are copies of copies of hearsay. It might be different if we had a manuscript written by a man named Jesus on his own accord, but as long as we’re putting our trust in the quotes of other men we don’t know or have never met, we might as well hire babysitters off Craigslist.

          See the audacity in putting blind faith in a book character? Surely you can at least sympathize with those of us never brought up on the bible who are on the outside looking in… We question extraordinary claims and insist that extraordinary modern day evidence be presented, otherwise we’re not taking God’s word that the bible is is will for us, but rather the people or institutions telling us so… I won’t value Jesus, a book character over my living breathing family, sorry (Matthew 10:34-37), “You must hate your parents and hate your brothers and sisters, I came to bring a sword not peace, a man’s enemies will be those of his own household”….Sorry Jesus, we all love each other in my household. At thanksgiving I say a prayer to the farmers, truck drivers and grocers who provided my food, not an imaginary book character who has done NOTHING for society but cause wars and inquisition.

          • The fact that there exists plenty of modern evidence proving the truth of the Bible seems to have escaped your attention. But it appears that you are not interested in hearing the evidence anyhow, or you would have investigated it for yourself before now. Having experienced conversations with people with your position before has shown that no matter how much evidence is presented to you, it would be a futile effort to convince you of the truth, for you, by choice, do not want to believe in God. Therefore there is no need to try to make that effort here.

        • How would you explain the different versions and interpretations of the Bible then? Because the Niv version that most people carry around is not the most accurate version it’s not the specific words but the meaning of the words that God wishes to convey.

      • Prophecies in the Bible do come to pass-some are incredibly precise (i.e. Daniel’s 69 week prophecy). One of the main problems is that man often misleads themselves and people when they try to interpret prophecy to fit some agenda that they have. Many prominent Bible prophecy commentators today have an agenda where they seek to sensationalize events. Most people do not have time or take the time to check their claims with what is found in the Bible.

        Now I’ll repost something I posted in a previous comment just in case.

        I don’t know whether you or others will accept this, but I at least have to try to share what I believe is the truth. I do not share this out of malice, but out of concern for you and for others that have a similar mindset as what you expressed. I am not trying to claim moral superiority or trying to push this down anyone’s throat. I am just trying to help people even if they feel that have no need for it. So here goes:

        The problem for mankind is that everyone is a sinner. We all fall short of a divine creator’s standards. We all mess up, ESPECIALLY ME. It is not possible for any of us in our own strength to meet those standards. Romans 3:23 states “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. This sin leads to physical death and can even lead to spiritual death if it’s not atoned for (Romans 6:23).

        Following your heart to find your path in life is not the most advisable way to proceed because the human heart is capable of a lot of evil and deceit:

        Jeremiah 17:9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?

        Matthew 5:18-20: (18) But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. (19) For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: (20) These are [the things] which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.

        An afterlife exists, but the truth is that where one goes in the afterlife is not determined by the good deeds or works that they do in life on Earth or by being a good person. One cannot “earn” a spot in Heaven for the things they do on Earth (Ephesians 2:8-9). Unfortunately, many people do not recognize this or realize that the way or path to everlasting life is a narrow one:

        Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

        According to the Bible, the way to everlasting life requires that an individual believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for their sins and rose from the dead.

        John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

        John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

        Romans 10:9-13: (9) That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. (10) For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (11) For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. (12) For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. (13) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

        Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

        I would not leave my fate in the afterlife up to chance. I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour because I recognize how I’ve fallen short of God’s standards, recognize my inability to save myself, and recognize that God has shown mankind the way to achieving everlasting life. If you would like to learn more about how you can know for sure if you’ll go to Heaven when you die, please check out this link:

      • Oh well, I tried… Everyone is free to believe what they want. The truth will be revealed in just a few months from now. Please don’t do anything drastic just in case nothing happens.

        • Wayne, examine Matthew 1. Look at Isaiah 7:14 being quoted. It’s a hijacking of the prophecy of the birth of Hezekiah. Isaiah 8:3 is the entire fulfillment. Ahaz’ sign does no good if it’s not to take place until 700 years later. Matthew steals the prophecy of the prophetess’ son… tons of NT claims of OT prophecies are hijacked.

          The NT is a lie. Jews know it.

        • Wayne, regarding the year of Jubilee. I believe that at the end of every 7-years is a Shmita and 7 X 7 is every 49-years is a Jubilee year. I could be wrong but I believe I am correct on this. Please let me know. Blessings.

      • He didn’t have to debunk it. The second people date set, it’s already debunked. Date setters always have and always will have a 100% failure rate. God is not bound to time, our calendars, or our research. He is only bound to His Word. The sad part is if and most likely when September passes, a new set of dates will be thrown around.

        • You’re right. The passage of time will prove people right or wrong. I make the effort to write about the date so people don’t do anything drastic like they did in May 2011-things such as commit suicide, divorce their spouse for not believing, give away their life savings, etc.

          • Of course anyone and everyone who has ever set dates has always claimed special knowledge from GOD. So they can say i’m not date setting this is something the LORD gave me.

          • When someone told me that God had confirmed to them that Harold Camping’s date for the rapture was going to happen, I told them that I hoped they would remember after it didn’t happen that they said that, so that they would realize it wasn’t God who was talking to them, and they should question to whom they had been speaking.

    • Don’t forget….the bible was written by man and is nothing more than stolen real black history. The events of the bible are actually those of Horus and Osirus and Isis Maria…..Egypt shall rise again. Christianity is a man made religion which was instituded to control the masses…mainlyAfricans…..Africa will rise…..ANKH

      • The Mystery Babylon religions all steal from eachother, but Judeo-Christianity is unique. Genesis doesn’t tell a tale of how the top god became god by fighting the previous top god.

    • This is nothing more than just another example of what happens when people let their problems overwhelm them. They delude themselves into thinking that the end of the world is imminent, and that as a result all of their problems will go away. Only God Himself knows when the end times will occur, and no one else. Stop worrying yourselves into an early grave!

    • Omg get a fucken life really the world ends when u die please people stop believing this shit the bible will never predict the end of the world if nothing happens on the 23 he should jump of a building I challenge him please people what happen on December 24 2012 or September 8 or y2k please get a clue

    • Enjoyed reading article and comments. I think important to focus on what Jesus said about his return in Matthew 30 (I think). He says he will not return until all nations have heard the gospel. We are not there yet. Check out the Joshua Project to see how many unreached people still in world. We have lots of work to do.


    • I knew nothing about the prophetic significance of September 23, 2015 until it happened. I went to see “War Room” at the movies. My friends couldn’t make it so I went alone on Sept. 23, 2015. During the movie my life changed, a spiritual rapture of my own occurred. I have begun to read my bible like never before. Bible prophecy is occurring daily. Praise God for the saving grace if Jesus Christ.