Bible Prophecy Study Resources

Do you need help as you try to learn about Bible prophecy? The articles on this page provide you with Bible prophecy study resources to aid your efforts.
fall feasts

Jewish Fall Feasts Dates & End Time Significance

Some people who study Bible prophecy believe significant Bible prophecy events will take place in connection with the Jewish fall feasts. I provide information about the timing of the Jewish fall feasts of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkoth over the next twenty years in this article.
Book of Revelation

Why Study the Book of Revelation?

Why should people study the Book of Revelation? What value does it have in our daily lives? How should I study the Book of Revelation? I explain why it is important to study the Book of Revelation and how you should study the Book of Revelation in this article.

Why All Bible Prophecy Matters

I explain why we should try to learn as much about Bible prophecy as we can-even if some parts of Bible prophecy may not seem relevant.

Questions About Our Proximity to the End Times

I pose many questions that are important to consider when assessing where we are in relation to the end times. The main purpose of these questions is to help you think about where we stand on several issues that potentially impact where we are in relation to the end times.
How Bible Prophecy Events Impact the World

How Bible Prophecy Events Impact the World

A reader a while back noted that many prophecies throughout the Bible only affect Israel and its people. The reader asked if this trend carried over to the Book of Revelation or if the Book of Revelation and the signs we are watching for are broader than that. I will address this question and explain why people should monitor events around the world and not just the Middle East in this article.
ultimate puzzle

Bible Prophecy: The Ultimate Puzzle

Some people like the challenge of putting a difficult jigsaw puzzle together. Others like reading the Bible. People who enjoy both activities are excellent candidates to study Bible prophecy. In this article, I will discuss how Bible prophecy is the ultimate puzzle.
replacement theology

Replacement Theology Is Wrong

Replacement Theology posits that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan and that the promises given to Israel are now intended for the Church. I explain why Replacement Theology is wrong in this article.
study Bible

Why Many Christians Neglect to Study Bible Prophecy

Many Christians believe we are getting closer to the start of the end times. However, many of these Christians do not study Bible prophecy. Why do so many Christians neglect to study Bible prophecy despite what is transpiring in the world? In this article, I explain why many Christians do not study Bible prophecy.