the end of the world

When Is the End of the World Coming?

You may be wondering when the end of the world is coming. With a lot happening in the world, it may seem like the end of the world is coming soon. Did you know that the Bible talks about the end of the world in detail? I will tell you what the Bible says about the coming of the end of the world in this article.

Babylon the Great Mystery Babylon

Babylon the Great: Insight into Mystery Babylon

Babylon the Great (or Mystery Babylon) is an end time topic that many like to talk about. Those of you who are new to Bible prophecy may wonder what Mystery Babylon is and what is so mysterious about it.

In this article, we will look at three important aspects of Mystery Babylon.


Revelation 6:12: the Blood Moon & the Atmosphere

Revelation 6:12 describes the moon becoming as blood after the sixth seal is opened. Some believe that a lunar eclipse will take place. I provide a counter explanation to explain why the moon will become as blood in this article.

fallen angels

The Difference between Fallen Angels and Demons

You often hear the terms “fallen angel” and “demon” used by people. You may hear these terms so often that you might wonder if there is any real difference between them. I believe fallen angels and demons are not the same thing. I will explain why fallen angels and demons are different in this article.

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