Babylon the Great

Babylon the Great is a topic of much speculation. Some believe Babylon the Great represents a country while others believe it represents a city. The location that will represent Babylon the Great is also a subject of much speculation. The articles on this page provide insight on Babylon the Great.

red heifer interview

Interview on the Red Heifer & Other Topics

After publishing an article on the red heifer and end time prophecy, I received an invitation to come back as a guest for Michaela Renee Johnson’s podcast. She wanted to discuss the red heifer and other related end time topics. I accepted the invite since she is a very good interviewer and my experience with her last time went well. The podcast is now available for people to listen to.
bowl judgments

The Bowl Judgments of Revelation 16

The end times will not be a fun time to be alive on Earth. Many unpleasant things will transpire all over the world during the end times. The bowl judgments (or vial judgments) of Revelation 16 are a series of end time events that will make life miserable for those directly impacted by them. In this article, I will give you an overview of the bowl judgments.
end times book

My End Times Book Is Now Available

I want to announce that I have finally finished a task that has taken me many years to complete. As a teenager, I not only wanted to learn about Bible prophecy so that I could understand what will happen, but I also wanted to learn so that I could someday help others to understand what will happen. This desire to help others to understand what will happen ultimately led to a desire to write a comprehensive book about the end times. After many years of work, this comprehensive book about the end times is finally complete. The title of my book is Prophecy Proof Insights of the End Times.
Babylon the Great Mystery Babylon

Babylon the Great: Insight into Mystery Babylon

Babylon the Great (or Mystery Babylon) is an end time topic that many like to talk about. Those of you who are new to Bible prophecy may wonder what Mystery Babylon is and what is so mysterious about it. In this article, we will look at three important aspects of Mystery Babylon.

Is Tyre Babylon the Great City?

Some speculate that Tyre may represent Babylon the Great City in the Book of Revelation. I provide insight on the potential for Tyre to represent Babylon the Great City in this article.
Book of Revelation

Why Study the Book of Revelation?

Why should people study the Book of Revelation? What value does it have in our daily lives? How should I study the Book of Revelation? I explain why it is important to study the Book of Revelation and how you should study the Book of Revelation in this article.