Book of Psalms


The Bible Prophecy Rich Book of Psalms

Few students of Bible prophecy realized that the Book of Psalms is one of the richest prophecy books in the Bible. I discuss this truth in this article.
Psalm 79

Psalm 79: Fulfilled During the End Times?

Some believe that Psalm 79 is a chapter that relates primarily to the past. However, I believe that Psalm 79 is a chapter that is relevant to understanding the end times, and I explain why in this article.
Psalm 89

Psalm 89: Spotlight on the Davidic Covenant

I wrote an article about how the Bible indicates that David may return to be ruler of Israel in the future (under the direction of God/Christ, who will rule the world). In this article, I focus on Psalm 89, which is an interesting chapter because it focuses on the Davidic Covenant and is a chapter that some wonder if it has relevance in helping us understand Israel’s future attack on its neighbors.

The Return of King David?

The Bible indicates that David himself may return to rule Israel in the future. I will review the evidence for David’s potential return in this article.