Book of Ezekiel

Ezekiel 39

Gog’s Ezekiel 39 Army & Joel 2’s Northern Army

Ezekiel 39 describes an alliance led by Gog of Magog attacking Israel and heading to its defeat. Meanwhile, Joel 2 describes a powerful northern army attacking Jerusalem before its demise. Could these armies be related? I will address this question in this article by sharing some of my observations about Joel 2:20 and Ezekiel 39:11.

Do Ordinary Angels Have Wings?

Most people believe that ordinary angels possess wings, but is this belief biblical? If not, what might be a ramification(s) of such a misconception? I’ll attempt to provide answers/resources to help address these issues in this article.

The Return of King David?

The Bible indicates that David himself may return to rule Israel in the future. I will review the evidence for David’s potential return in this article.