Unfulfilled Prophecies

Many Bible prophecy chapters, passages, and verses remain unfulfilled at the present time. I seek to make many of the Bible’s unfulfilled prophecies easy for people of all levels to understand without the hype and sensationalism often found on other Bible prophecy websites and platforms. The articles on this page provide insight on many unfulfilled prophecies.

The Return of King David?

The Bible indicates that David himself may return to rule Israel in the future. I will review the evidence for David’s potential return in this article.
ultimate puzzle

Bible Prophecy: The Ultimate Puzzle

Some people like the challenge of putting a difficult jigsaw puzzle together. Others like reading the Bible. People who enjoy both activities are excellent candidates to study Bible prophecy. In this article, I will discuss how Bible prophecy is the ultimate puzzle.
replacement theology

Replacement Theology Is Wrong

Replacement Theology posits that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan and that the promises given to Israel are now intended for the Church. I explain why Replacement Theology is wrong in this article.