Arab Peace Initiative

The Arab Peace Initiative: Potential Insights Into Daniel 9:27

I highlight some of the items discussed in the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative. It’s worthwhile to examine the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative because it may provide us with some idea of what an eventual Middle East peace deal (Daniel 9:27’s “covenant with many”) might include

European Union

European Union Expansion & Bible Prophecy

Some believe the European Union will serve as an end time version of the Roman Empire. A key question these proponents must answer is whether the European Union’s borders have finished expanding. I assess whether the European Union’s borders have finished expanding in this article.


Questions About Our Proximity to the End Times

I pose many questions that are important to consider when assessing where we are in relation to the end times. The main purpose of these questions is to help you think about where we stand on several issues that potentially impact where we are in relation to the end times.


How to Tell If We’re Living in the Tribulation

A reader a while back asked me something along the lines of “how shall we know when the “tribulation” has definitely begun”. This is an important question to address because there is a lot of speculation about when the seventieth week of Daniel (the seven year time period that most people refer to as the “tribulation”) might begin or what people are going to see before it begins. It would be useful for us to have some definitive signposts that we look for so we do not get caught off guard when the seventieth week of Daniel does begin or get caught up in premature proclamations that the seventieth week of Daniel has already begun.

I’ll provide a few definitive signposts that the seventieth week of Daniel has begun or is about ready to begin in this article.


Faith During a Future Time of Global Crisis

The world will descend into a period of extreme crisis someday. When will that crisis arrive? I can’t give you a date. However, I believe the crisis is inevitable. I believe the crisis will be economic, political, societal, and eventually geopolitical in nature. I believe many people will depart from the Christian faith as times get tougher, and I will explain why in this article.

new world order

New World Order?! What Does the Bible Say?

I will address a topic that I do not write about a lot: the possible efforts to bring a New World Order. I will primarily focus on whether we can use the Bible to support the notion that there is an effort to bring a New World Order in this article.

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