Economics and Finance

It’s important to be cognizant of economic and financial developments as they will play a role in preparing the world for the start of the end times. It’s also important to understand how the fulfillment of Bible prophecy events will impact the economic and financial events. The articles on this page provide insight on current events and Bible prophecy topics that impact economics and finance and vice versa.
New York

Is New York City Babylon the Great?

I was asked a while ago for my thoughts on the potential for New York City to be Babylon the Great City. I believe many people are wondering if New York City is Babylon the Great City, so I will share my thoughts on whether the city represents Babylon the Great City in this article.

The Antichrist & Oil During the End Times

In this article, I want to show how much of the world’s oil comes from the Middle East to provide some sense of how much economic and political clout the Antichrist would likely gain if he manages to conquer the oil-producing countries of the Middle East. I also want to show how much of the world’s oil currently comes from Europe and Russia to provide a sense of how more powerful the Antichrist could become if he also controlled these areas.
European Union

European Union Expansion & Bible Prophecy

Some believe the European Union will serve as an end time version of the Roman Empire. A key question these proponents must answer is whether the European Union's borders have finished expanding. I assess whether the European Union's borders have finished expanding in this article.

Faith During a Future Time of Global Crisis

The world will descend into a period of extreme crisis someday. When will that crisis arrive? I can’t give you a date. However, I believe the crisis is inevitable. I believe the crisis will be economic, political, societal, and eventually geopolitical in nature. I believe many people will depart from the Christian faith as times get tougher, and I will explain why in this article.
new world order

New World Order?! What Does the Bible Say?

I will address a topic that I do not write about a lot: the possible efforts to bring a New World Order. I will primarily focus on whether we can use the Bible to support the notion that there is an effort to bring a New World Order in this article.