Year: 2012

How to Tell When the Mark of the Beast Is Near

I was asked a while back how we would know when the Mark of the Beast system is in place. This individual was concerned about the Mark of the Beast being given out to the public without anyone’s knowledge. I will address this question because I imagine that many people worried about the Mark of the Beast have a similar concern. In this article, I will provide an overview of several key indicators we can look at to tell whether the Mark of the Beast is about to be given out to the public.

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Multiple Fulfillments in Bible Prophecy

Author Mark Twain is credited for saying that “history does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme”. I don’t know if Twain actually said this or not, but the statement is pertinent to Bible prophecy as others and I have noticed that some future Bible prophecy events will parallel past Bible prophecy-related events in how they will be fulfilled. I discuss how some Bible Prophecy passages have multiple fulfillments in this article.

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Welcome! My name is Wayne. I’ve studied and written about Bible prophecy since I was a teenager. My goal is to help you to better understand Bible prophecy and what will transpire during the end times. Unlike many Bible prophecy commentators, I seek to avoid sensationalizing and hyping events and developments that take place in the world. Instead, I seek to present what I believe to be true about the end times based on many years of study and research.


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