Today I want to provide an update on what I’ve been doing.

It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed the topic of Bible prophecy directly.  I want to let you know that I have not stopped working on completing a series of articles relating to Ezekiel 38, Ezekiel 39, Revelation 17:16, prophecies concerning Egypt & Libya, the identity of Babylon the Great, when Babylon the Great will be destroyed, the End Times siege of Jerusalem, Armageddon, etc.

Recently, I’ve focused on the Coming of Christ and the Rapture.  The two topics are of significant importance since the events that take place in the world will ultimately lead to these events and many Christians are waiting for these events to occur.  I’ve been reevaluating my own views concerning these events after studying some interesting chapters like Psalm 18, Psalm 79, Psalm 97, and Psalm 102.

Please understand as I work on completing these studies that I am not afraid to admit I’m wrong if I find that I am wrong about something. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past studying and writing about these topics and others, but I am not afraid to alter my views concerning these topics and others when new information comes.  I am not attached to certain Bible prophecy positions to the degree that I am unwilling to change my views or unwilling to consider evidence that is contrary to the positions I’ve adopted in the past.  I strive to provide as accurate information concerning Bible prophecy topics as I can.

Thank you for your patience and your readership.  I did not anticipate that these studies would take this long to work on when I began them more than a year ago.  I hope to be finished with these studies in the near future.  I hope the results will be worth the wait.

I plan to write about a Bible prophecy topic in my next article unless some major news event demands immediate attention.