I was asked to write an article on “how to talk to our ‘falling away’ fellow Christians” as these last days progress”. I’ll attempt to address this issue in several parts. In this article I’ll give you my view on why so many Christians are not being watchful at the moment so people have some idea of what the mindset these Christians may have when it comes to watching events.

Perhaps the main reason why most Christians are not being watchful is that they are wrapped up in their daily lives. Like most people, most Christians have families to raise, careers to maintain, bills to pay, a social life, etc. As a result, they do not have much time to devote to watching what is going on. It is certainly understandable because life is not easy and spending your entire life monitoring what is going on isn’t much fun.

Another reason many people are not being watchful is that they do not want to be watchful since Bible prophecy terrifies them. Most people do not want to think about the notion that the sun is going to turn black and the moon is going to turn to blood as many people die in the process. Even though people might think they will never see these events there is a psychological connection that links watching current events which may relate to Bible prophecy and the actual horrible stuff that is going to take place during the End Times.

  • The fear is real. I have seen people get scarred when prophecy concepts are discussed. They become so afraid they hint they want the discussion to stop. I was like that when I was younger…

Another reason why so many Christians may not be watchful is that many Christians hold the mindset that they will be removed from the Earth before the tribulation begins. It’s understandable why many Christians would not care about Bible prophecy or care about what is going on with that mindset since most of the events in Bible prophecy would not concern them (in their minds). Why should a person worry about horrible things they believe they will not see?

  • Of course, there are some watchful people who believe they will be removed before the tribulation so I’m not saying or trying to imply that all people who believe that do not care about Bible prophecy or are not watchful because clearly that is not the case.

I’m sure these are not all the reasons that many Christians are not being watchful. The three items I listed are the major reasons that stick out in my mind. I’m sure people are not going to agree with me on every reason, but this is my opinion. If you want to object to anything I wrote or want to share your own thoughts please leave a comment.

I’ll theorize on why many Christians are falling away from the faith in Part 2.